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Scene Title Switches
Synopsis Molly and Matt discover what happened to Molly in Los Angeles and discuss possible ways of fixing it.
Date January 4, 2010

Matt's Apartment

"You've got to be kidding!"

Can be heard along with a long frustrated scream as a certain young teenager sits in the living room, staring down at her almanac with balled up fist. Molly Walker is not happy.. she's pissed, she's tired, has a headache and she's also scared. Really scared actually.

"I cannot believe, how the hell.." she says softly and then she screws her face up in concentration and is trying to do something. That doesn't work and the teen opens her eyes, stares ahead at the window and places her almanac neatly on the table in front of her.

Eyes staring ahead, she walks up to the window and when she gets near enough, she just hits her head repeatedly against the cold surface of the glass gently. Her breath making it a bit foggy.


Is written on the fog stained window and she's doing her best not to cry. Something Miss Walker's panties in a bunch.

It's not that Dorchester isn't the sort of residence that doesn't allow takeout up to the apartments, but Matt Parkman wanted to meet the delivery boy at the desk rather than have him come up. Or, really, Matt wanted to meet the delivery at the desk, not the boy. When he comes back into the apartment with the jangle of keys and the thump of the door as it falls back into the catch, Matt's quick to call out to his daughter.

"Molly!" he shouts, letting the syllables of her name elongate. "Dinner!"

The thoughts that accompany teenage angst aren't new to him, so Molly's broadcasted frustration doesn't earn that much attention. After the soft rustle of plastic bags and the opening of cartons, Matt enters the dining/living area with two plates, each with a smattering of Chinese takeout favorites, chopsticks shoved unceremoniously into each mound.

That's when he sees her at the window, and narrows his eyes with concern that's suddenly more than just passing. "Mol?" he says in a softer tone as he sets the plates down on the small round table. "You okay, hon?"

"Daaaadddddd." Is said by the teen as she wheels around to face her father and she sighs. With a light stomp of her foot, "I'm freaking broken." She says in all seriousness. Is this a new lyric to some goth dark song.. maybe she shouldn't be able to use the Internet anymore. "And I don't know why! Wait." Molly says and then she's checking her pulse.

"I don't think it's the 510.." then she throws her hands up and comes to fall back on the couch. "FML." There it goes again. "I mean, what did I do to deserve this? I try to help everyone and then I get punished. Well.. the world can just blow up now for all I care. She looks around the apartment and says louder. "I hope my dad's bosses are listening. BLOW UP."

With a lazy look over to her father, "The CIA and secret service agents will be here any moment to take me away and lock me in a tube with green liquid and tubes connected to my brain. You might want to run." Deadpan.
"Like that movie you made me watch?" Matt asks with a slight lift of his eyebrows as he moves over to the couch and around it to sit at one end, lifting Molly's feet so he has room. He watches her, and it isn't hard to pick up why she's really upset.

But it's something he has a hard time believing.

Narrowing his eyes, Matt turns his head slightly away from Molly as he looks at her. The last time this happened, it was Arthur Petrelli. But Petrelli is dead. Or, at least, hasn't been anywhere near Molly. And if it was someone else…

"When did it happen?" he asks, his own deadpan tone carrying much more somber for it's lack of sarcasm.

"In LA." She says with a sigh, "I thought it was strain from looking for that Broome guy or whatever but then I realized. Dad," she turns to face him and her facial expression is one of.. irritation. "It's not like I just can't see anything.. or anyone. I'm off. Like someone flipped a switch, or som-." Her eyes widen as she says these things to her father. "No.. way."

She buries her face in her hands. "You've got to be kidding me!" Comes muffled from Molly's hands. "Great.." she breathes out. "We need to see Janice and my baby bro again." She says through gritted teeth and she gives her father a sidelong glance.

The thought that her little brother has the power to do this.. is astonishing, there's no way to prove it yet. But.. it's the only option. How else did she just lose her ability?

It is the only thing that makes sense, but Matt has a hard time swallowing such a concept. He frowns at Molly, then shakes his head. But there's no better answer. But the fact that little Matty can do something like switch off someone else's abilities on top of the potential that he might take out a city block if he throws a big enough tantrum…

Even if Matt hadn't handed his son over to the Ferrymen, there's a chance he'd never see the boy again.

"We can't, Molly," he says slowly. "We can't know where they are, let alone go see them. That's what being in hiding means. They were watching him." He hardly needs to remind her - she saw that sedate sedan just as well as he did.

"So.. how are you gonna help me fix this one old man?" Molly brushes a blonde hair out of her eyes, the dark red tips just adding more intensity to her freaking bad mood. "Because if you're gonna say, oh wait! Where's that lady! Remember, remember!"

The young clairvoyant smiles brightly, the one that fixed us before. When Arthur messed us up and her name was like.. Delpino? I thought she was a mobster. Or Delphine." The young teen looks at her father hopefully, "I wish I could just find her.. oh but yeah. I'M OFF!" She growls and digs out her phone, content to tapping on her touch screen, doing it is whatever it is. Teens do on their phones, text, tweet, facebook. She doesn't have too many friends though, so the applications are closed with a sigh.

"If we don't go to Matty.. I'll kill someone." Pin drops.

Without Molly's ability or any of the contacts he had in the aftermath of their imprisonment, Matt isn't sure how likely it is that they'll be able to locate the woman who turned their powers back on. He rubs at his jaw, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his thighs.

"I hate to say it, but it's possible I might be able to find someone at the Institute to fix you, but…" and Matt presses his lips tightly together and shakes his head. "No. Hell, how do I know if take you there you won't disappear in some back room and I'll never see you again either?"

And for once, Molly sees it - clearer than she did even when stuck inside his head.

The fear of losing her. Of losing anyone so close to him.

"I'd rather not go to them. I.. dad. What the hell, I mean.. I'm gonna kill Matty. Wringe his neck and his eyes are gonna bulge like this," she demonstrates. "And then he's gonna fall over like this," And then she's falling on the floor. As she looks at her father through lidded eyes. "Daddy."

She hops to her feet and there she goes barreling herself into her daddy's arms. "Stop." She says softly and holds her dad tight, head pressed into his shoulder. "I'm not going anywhere and neither are you. We're fine and no matter what you say.. we're gonna get Matty back. Maybe not today.. but one day. Kay? Cheer up old man. I'm the drama queen remember?" she teases her father lightly and closes her eyes, content for this moment to be her daddy's little girl.

"So.. I guess, we should explore alternative ways to get my power back, maybe.. maybe I can like.. free my mind and then yeah. Or if I drop acid, that's sure to take me on a trip outside my body. Right?" She's asking you Matt.. have you done acid?


Matt's strong, parental balk against Molly's even joking about drug use is quickly followed by him enveloping her in his arms and hugging her back. A low, tense sigh that's half growl eases out of him, audible only because of Molly's proximity.

"Yoga, yes. Drugs no. Don't even let me catch you thinking about drugs."

"Oh stop it, you know I would never." Molly smiles at her dad and she nods her head. "I'll do yoga. If you do it too, after we have doughnuts. I hear they fart a lot in yoga. So maybe doughnuts after actually." The young teen smiles up at her dad and then escapes his arms and walks over to the dining table.

"Maybe you can ask around.. still? See if there is someone that can help? Just in case, though I don't think Matty's thing is something that wears off." She says softly and then she's getting water from the kitchen, this trails to Matt's ears. "I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna freaking kill him."

Matt looks over his shoulder, following Molly's progress into the kitchen and narrowing his eyes as she continues in her stream-of-consciousness speech. "You are not going to kill him," he interjects with a frown. "He's a little kid. He probably didn't even mean to do it."

Then again, it's not as if Molly can relate as far as new, ungangly abilities go. Finding people isn't exactly something that can get away from you.

"If you find a DVD or something," he adds, rising and moving toward the dinner table where the Chinese food is in danger of getting too cold to be palatable. "But first - dinner. Bring me a beer from the fridge, would you?"

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