Switching Sides


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Scene Title Switching Sides
Synopsis There's talk of plea bargains and daughters dropping surprises over a semi-balanced meal at the Corinthian.
Date May 23, 2010

The Corinthian - Chambery Restaurant

If feels like it's been months. Months and months. Finding solace in the New York's version of Winter Wonderland, James Silver is starting to get a case of cabin fever. He's had some time to work on a few of his postponed cases, but other than that, it's been a whole lot of nothing. Reading, reading, reading. However, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel as rumor circulates about the rising temperature in the city and there is hope that soon things will start getting back to normal. Which also means that the cases that were continued will be back on the docket.

There's one case in particular that has been bothering Silver for quite some time, but he'll deal with that when the time comes. He has decided on dinner and he steps into the Corinthian's Chambery Restaurant, walks up the window placing his order and carries it to his seat. He pulls out a worn novel from his back pocket and begins to read, while he picks at pieces of his meal.

"They say that freedom is right around the corner, but that with it, we'll need a boat to sail back to our respective apartments, and life preservers" Comes a voice near his ear, Joanna leaning over to look over his shoulder at what he's reading before straightening back up. "I wonder what the judges will look like in life preservers. Wonder if Statler will be able to fit into his seat with the red foam around his middle aged spread"

Silver doesn't seem to be expecting the voice from behind as he does jump just a little at her words and lays his book down, open to keep his place. "Lady, you will find yourself knifed one of these days. These butterknives might not look too dangerous, but they can hurt like hell." The novel is an older Perry Mason type that he found in the pile of loaner books that those stranded in the hotel have started to keep from having to read the same book over and over again. "Have a seat, if you're eating. Even if you're not. How are you holding up?" They've passed each other time and again, but it's been a few days since the last time they spoke and there have already been some crazy cases of cabin fever hitting the location.

"I fear the spoons more than I do the knives. Though, maybe it might have been the polar bear" Joanna takes a seat, her own tray with the food being shoveled out from the back to the residents until electrcity starts coming back and they can all return to their homes. "Heard from my daughter finally" He'd already heard the other times they'd come across each other about the missing daughter, somewhere in the area but not telling them where.

"Tell me, if you and April had had children, and your daughter came to you and told you that she was bringing someone home for you to meet, but it wasn't a boy. What would you have done?"

There's an internal twinge at the mention of April, though he does a really good job at keeping it on the inside. Really, he's been told, he should have moved on already, but it's been very tough. He covers it up with a small grin. He's probably not the person to ask, being more accepting of alternate lifestyles as anyone, be it evolved or sexual preference or occupation. He fully believes people have the right to make whatever choices they want as long as they're willing to accept the rewards, risks and consequences of those choices.

He shakes his head. "I'd have been supportive. I'd have been proud that my daughter was willing to strike out and try something new as opposed to stay pigeon-holed into the typical stereotypes. Probably not what you want to hear but, I really have no real advice to give on children, I'm afraid. Besides, who knows? A few months down the road, she may change her mind, right?" He nibbles on some food as he grins over at Joanna.

"True. May be some guy named Peter another month after, and she's not too fresh off of dating a guy. Maybe this is her rebound" Maybe. "How are you holding up James. With everything, and the storm. Preparing for that case?" There's one not too long in the future, on the docket with him defending, her prosecuting. "We could spend the time here, hammering out a plea bargain" She offers, more a jest than a real offer.

Jest or not, James doesn't pass up the opportunity to try and strike a deal. "Well, unless you're willing to drop the charge from Burglary to Larceny, I don't see as we have anything to talk about. My client continues to insist that your victim fell after he took her purse." Of course, Silver also knows that no jury is going to believe his 'thief' of that particular story. The only reason Silver will try for it is that he happens to believe his client, which is something he doesn't often do. "Accident after the fact, doesn't equal burglary. This is simple larceny." He doesn't expect her to go for it, not with the evidence she has at the moment, but it's worth a shot. "You can spend more time with your daughter and her girlfriend," he teases.

Denied, she won't go for that. Helps that his client did this to a woman of stature and means and New york celebrity. The thought is dismissed with a wave of her hand. She'll let the jury decide. She doesn forward though, fork sinking down into the bowl of stew as she does so. "What if she's ugly?" Loudly whispered. "What if she's someone I don't like, and I don't want her anywhere near her?"

"So, it's all about you, is it?" Yeah, just a little bit of sarcasm between friends. He's still picking at his food. In the last year, he's lost a good chunk of weight, mostly from the lack of a proper diet. It doesn't keep him from keeping in shape though. "Let me ask you something," he lifts his eyes towards the woman across from him. "Does she sound happy?"

"She sounded like she's okay. I don't know about happy. She was apologizing for saying things to me over the phone, that they were meant for her father and I was telling her that she was going to start paying rent if she planned on staying at the condo still and with her girlfriend" One hand rises, an I don't know gesture and a stab at a square of beef. "If she is happy, and it's something that she hasn't been in a while then, can't be bad"

Joanna nudges his tray towards him. "Eat, you're too skinny. I refuse to prosecute a man who's lawyer is in need of ten more pounds. How are you really holding up?"

Granted, he doesn't get bossed around too awful much, but he relents and takes a bigger bite of his food, just to placate the district attorney, lest she charge him with Malnutrition or some such nonesense and try to put him in jail. "Happy now?" He takes another. "And no, it can't be bad. If it's a rebound thing, she'll snap out of it or she'll realize it's what she really wants and either way, it can only be good for her to get out and about some." He lifts his fork, pointing it towards Joanna, "What you need to do is be supportive of her. It'll all work out in the end." Not that he knows from experience or anything, but he probably read that somewhere.

"I'm doing well. Got about four cases I'm working on right now, some that you needn't worry about." Meaning they're more civil type cases rather than criminal cases. "But overall, things are good." At least this week. Next week.. next month, that'll be a different story as they get close to the one year anniversary of April's death.

"You should come over for dinner, when the world stops freezing and it's actual summer. I'll even cook, won't talk about cases and we can just.. I don't know… watch the Finale of Lost or something" Joanna offers. "Meet the daughters new girlfriend and give me your professional opinion on her, help me hammer out a rent contract for her." Not that she'd really need help, but it's an offer to help the guy, a friend outside of work. Do her part to start helping him get on with his life.

Nodding a little, "Well, I appreciate the offer. If Hell does stop freezing over, I may take you up on that." He finishes his meal and pushes the tray to the side of the table. "If you have the information about the rent, I'm more than happy to work on it now. It's not like I'm going anywhere just yet. Rental agreements are a piece of cake." He knows it's kinda of a hand-me-down and that Joanna could probably do one in her sleep, but he's happy to help. His life? Well, his life depends on the well being of others at this time, so helping out is quite the medicine he needs at the moment. He glances over at her and grins. "Sure you won't take me up on Larceny? You remember that last time we battled in court, don't you?" He did beat her, though more on a technical blunder than anything else.

Come on up to the suite, get your laptop, I'll get mine, we'll raid the minibar and see how strict I can get this contract down and maybe I'll think about taking Larceny instead" Joanna offers, the corners of her mouth turning up. "Besides, more space in my suite than whichever 7 other people they've shoved you in with here" The perks of having an ex and his bigwig boss.

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