Sympathetic Flesh Wounds


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Scene Title Sympathetic Flesh Wounds
Synopsis After a successful mission, Lawrence gets a pat on the back and a 'have a nice day' from Len. Oh yeah, don't tell anyone.
Date June 17, 2009

Deserted Rooftop

Len finds the greatest places to hold meetings.

Memorandum For Record: Agent Minea Dahl
From: Senior Field Agent Len Denton

As of 1300 EST on 17 June 2009, Agent Minea Dahl's clearance for this facility has been revoked. Her status as Agent has been revoked and her employment has been terminated. Former Agent Dahl is believed to have stolen classified documents from this facility in order to turn these documents over to Phoenix Operatives. Former Agent Dahl should be considered dangerous. She is a highly skilled agent with extensive combat training and experience. If you come across her, you are not to engage her except with the intent to bring her back to this facility for debriefing. The first order of business will be to secure the documents taken, which will require that Former Agent Dahl be taken alive. Even under fire, you are not to engage to kill unless we have the stolen documents back in our possession.

(Memorandum continues with more official terms and stipulations.)

The rooftop is quiet in the city. It's location was picked for that purpose alone. Not much traffic, foot or motor or otherwise. Seems Len has been looking around for places such as these where he can have clandestined meetings to discuss Company issues without ears around him. He really should try and get Liz Harrison to come aboard. Or someone with a similiar ability. He likes privacy. He waits for Lawrence. His reports indicate that everything went according to plan. His memo was sent moments later to all agent Blackberries.

Being out of the office keeps him out of the way of the ripple effect that will surely come from this particular assignment. He never likes putting his agents at risk, but sometimes it's unavoidable. But, the ball is in play and he already knows the moment that Agent Cook gets that memo, he's going to have questions. Plenty. The lawn chair sinks a little as Len takes a seat. There's a second one next to him. He stays away from the ledge and waits.

Lawrence climbs up onto the roof, swinging a leg over the edge once he reaches the top of the ladder. To his credit, he's not winded. Then again, he spends a lot of time on rooftops. Just usually with a gun in his hand. It's not in hand now; it's still disassembled in its case at his side. He keeps away from the sightline of the street, glances about with watery blue eyes before coming to a stop by Len. "It's done. I managed to graze the side of her head." His voice is flat.

"I've heard. Good job. I know it's not something you wanted to do, but it had to be done." His manner is somewhat cool, detached. Not typical Len at all. Of course, the last couple of days have been emotionally stressful for the typically jovial cowboy. "Sorry that it had to be you, but I trusted no one more. I'm certain you've seen the memo that I've recently sent out. I'm sorry to say that Agent.. Former Agent Dahl has flown the coop, and taken some documents with her. This all has been building for some time, starting with her incident with Goodman. I think it was then she decided that she was ready to get out and join the other team. There have been signs. Which is why I was able to get you into play." Lens's thumbs are tucked into the pockets of his jeans as he sits quietly in the chair. His words are pretty damn soft, knowing that Agent Cook can hear every word.

Depending on what sense he's keeping up; it was sight, but he frowns at Len, takes a breath, and concentrates. Fifteen seconds later and he'll hear everything. Maybe a little too much. Lawrence digs into his pocket for his pill container. "I missed. Twice," Lawrence says, shaking his head. "We're actually kind of lucky I managed the shot I did. I'm not perfect. But then I wonder how lucky we are to have a renegade agent out there that's apparently not going to be reigned in."

The cowboy hat turns as Len looks up at Agent Cook as he nods. "We don't need her reigned in. In fact, as much as I like Minea Dahl, her defection will actually work in our favor. I can't elaborate on much more than that at the moment. So, for now, leave her be. What questions do you have? I'll answer what I can."

"Her defection and her new, highly sympathetic head wound," Lawrence says, eyes narrowing. "I don't think I have any questions, sir. Unless you want to tell me something? Otherwise, that's all. Task accomplished."

Len shakes his head. He turns to look back out at the skyline. "I've nothing else. Looks like you'll be needing a new partner. Go talk with Agent Castillo and see if you two will get along. If so, get back with me and we'll make it official. If not, then we'll work around it."

Turning to look back up at Lawrence, Len dips his head. "Oh. The details of this assignment are highly classified. YOu are not to discuss this with anyone without coming to me first for a list of approved receivers." So, if Lawrence needs a shrink, he should let Len know. "Otherwise, Good work, Agent. No shit." That would be a dismissal. His head turns back towards the skyline as he gets lost into his own thoughts up here on this rooftop.

Lawrence's round head bobs on his thin neck; he turns back the way he came and starts angling his lanky legs and arms back over the edge and down the ladder. His dress shoes ring quietly hollow against the metal rungs of the ladder, lost in his own thoughts and suspicions.

Reaching under his chair for the brown paper bag he set there, he detaches a beer from it's six pack ring and brings it up to him, popping the top as he glances at his watch. 5:01. If that isn't timing, he doesn't know what is. He takes a hearty swallow of the brew. Len had already decided he was going to stick around the rooftop for a bit. At least five more cans worth.

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