Tahir And Brad's Hidden Camera Adventure


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Scene Title Tahir and Brad's Hidden Camera Adventure
Synopsis It may not be the kind of prank Kristen can appreciate.
Date December 27, 2010

Dorchester Towers — 5th Floor

The door to 504 opens a crack only to get stuck. Undoing the chain lock would be useful. The door closes again while the unlatch is heard on the other side before it opens again. This time its sole occupant peeks out. Pale blue eyes glance up and down the hall before he actually walks out. It's cautious. Russo had attracted more paparazzi attention with his recent actions regarding one Nicole Nichols. He bends down in his khakis to retrieve the newspaper resting outside his door, knowing full well that this is, relatively, old news. But there's something comforting about the smell of newsprint.

He cracks a smile as he tucks the paper under his arm only to pause. With a high pitched whistle, he catches a particular headline and actually unfolds it, inspecting the 'yesterday's' events before his cup of coffee. This rarely culminates into anything good.

The hall itself is brighter than usual thanks to the window at the end allowing light to flood into the fifth floor of the building.


Tahir Avery Dunham is coming down the hall, with his clothes in a stupor and his hair a mess (but it still looks good that way) and his tie wrapped around his head, ninja style. There may be quite a few different shades of lipstick on his face and neck, not to mention the collar of his shirt and the light gray suit he's wobble-walking in. It's all very much the image of pulling an all nighter party!

Whether or not he has a hangover, that's the part that's hard to get. He is certainly sleepy or worn out or something, though, as he's trying to get his keys out of his pocket, while wandering down the halll and likely past his own apartment door. The moment he gets his keys free, he starts bopping his head to the side in celebration while adding more to his bad, but loud, singing, "WHAT IS LOVE! BABY DON'T HURT ME!!"

The commotion has Brad peeking over his newspaper at the source of the noise. With a sharp and clearly mischievous smile. His eyebrows escalate on his forehead as he actually closes his apartment door behind him, the smile gains ground across each of his features. He presses his hands over his chest like he's holding his heart, "Don't hurt me no more~" not that his singing is any better than Tahir's, just less drunk and scream-sounding.

He leans against the frame of his now-closed door and crosses his ankles, assuming a bemused posture, more bemused because, for once, he's not the intoxicated one clambering into his apartment.

His eyes narrow a little, however, when he actually examines the other man. "Hey… " there's a short pause, "Do you work at Studio K?"

"Do I what?!" Tahir is not exactly stable right now. And he's leaning up against a door that is clearly not his. Mostly because it has some kind of holiday decorations on it. Which is something that he would never do! Anyway, he gives a dismissive wave of his hand, keys jingling as he does. "Dude! I fucking own Studio P, alright?! If it wasn't for my show… there wouldn't even BE a Studio J!" Yeah, he's lost it. He's just randomly picking letters now.

"Don't tell me you want an autograph, dude. Cuz you ain't got the chest for it! Hahahaha!" Oh, he's so loud.

Russo raises a hand to his forehead and shakes his head with an even bigger mischievous smile consuming his lips. A single dimple craters his cheek while his head shakes just a little, just enough. He's been there. "It's— Studio K. And— " his eyes narrow slightly while he examines the keys. "I work there." He issues the younger man a small salute in greeting, a distanced version of a handshake, "Bradley Russo, The Advocate." With another twitch of a smile, his hand lowers to his chin, "You're a game show host, aren't you?"

His pale blue eyes close momentarily while Brad finds himself asking, "Dude. Do you need some coffee? I have a pot on." Beat. "And no, not interested in an autograph." He coughs idly. "Although," he coughs again, "that line does tend to work on the ladies, doesn't it?" Bemused he leans heavier on the frame. "So what's it gonna be? Coffee?"

"Bradley Russo. You're the next contestant on I Have No Idea!" That's when Tahir's keys fall from his grip and he automatically cups his hands over his mouth to make that 'crowd goes wild' sound effect that doesn't really sound like anything but Tahir breathing heavy. He also hasn't noticed his loss of keys. "I'm only the greatest game show host in the history of hostology, man!" He's stepping right over his dropped keys to make his way off in the direction of wherever this Russo dude is trying to get him to go. Coffee is probably a good idea. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Put your hands together for the City Boy Pretty Boy… TAHIR AVERY DUNHAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!" Oh lord.

"Sounds like the kind of phrase someone would use to prove their more valley girl ways," he winks. Russo actually cringes when Tahir dropped his keys. Been there before. He trudges towards his neighbour's door, picks up the keys and gives a vague nod for Tahir to follow him back to Brad's apartment. Where there is coffee to clear out the alcohol fog. The door is left open for Tahir while Russo disappears into the kitchen only to return with two mugs of coffee. Black coffee.

The apartment itself is relatively bare, save for some furniture, almost like the political television host only just moved here when he's actually lived here for nearly four years. With a vague smile the cup of coffee is passed to Tahir.

"So, where was the party?" he finally asks. "And was there a lady involved?" there's always a lady involved.

"Some club. I don't remember names." Tahir has made it about a foot past the door, before he turned to close it and then finds himself leaning against the wall next to it. And there happens to be a mug of coffee in his hand. "I ain't good with names. But the female quotient was off the meter." Tahir just jabbers on and on. Clearly not worried about drinking the coffee or anything. He's more interested in just getting on with the conversating. "Wait. Hol' up. Did you say you were The Advocate? Get the hell outta' here! I don't even watch that show but I've heard good things!" Mostly because he wanders around the same studio lot. "Yo. Man, we should totally just become like best friends. Do you know the kinda' shit we could get up to at S.K.?"

"Clearly not a good club then," Russo muses to himself quietly. "Honestly, if a person is going to have a night club they need to stand out. Like something unique that actua;ly grasps someone's attention." Unlike Tahir, he gulps his coffee, not that he needs to clear his head, unlike a much drunker person. "And yeah, I'm Brad— and thanks, I guess? For the good things. I like hearing that people hear good things." His grin broadens even more. "Ha! I'm sure K would love to have two hosts getting along so well." His smile turns downright wicked, "Do you play practical jokes?"

"Yeah, man. I got a dream. Someday, I'm gonna' open up my own club. And it's gonna' be so off the hook, I'ma' have to name it: Disconnected. And that's no bullshit." Tahir is about to take a sip of the coffee, before he realizes that he's just been asked a crazy question. "Do I what?!" Oh the laughter that comes out of Tahir in the next moment is hilarious in and of itself. He almost spills the coffee. "Dude, I almost got expelled my last year in high school for blowing up the principal's office. Well, not exactly blowing it up but filling it with popcorn was so much cheaper." Tahir starts to recount. "Oh man and during my first couple weeks in boot camp? Man, we used to have our commanding officers thinking we were batshit crazy. I'm tellin' you, pranks are so my passion…"

Brad holds up a hand, "Hold up! You were in boot camp? OH MAN! I was in the military, too! During my first couple of weeks of boot camp we got the guys in the bunk adjacent us in so much shit because of our pranks." The coffee is abandoned to a coffee table, "We need to play an epic prank on K! She needs it. Seriously. She loves my pranks! And it's been too long because I didn't have a partner in crime." His smile brightens with a shiny flash of white teeth, "You and I— I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…"

"Excellent!" Tahir is still out of it, so he kind of spills the coffee all over the place while doing his Air Guitar impression. Granted, he hasn't really noticed that it spilled anywhere but on his hand because it's kind of still hot. "Ow!" And then he's licking his hand, before realizing that the truth is what Brad is speaking at this very moment. "Dude. I think I got it. Why won't we fix her car so that the locks only work from the outside, paint her parking space as a 'no parking' zone and then have her car towed…" Dramatic pause, with a side of coffee sipping. What's left of it anyway. "… with her inside!"

It's probably a good thing that Brad isn't a neat freak because the coffee spills along the carpet, staining that cream coloured rug a dark brown in several places, and displacing the apartment's owner momentarily to retrieve a paper towel and cloth to soak up said coffee.

"That might work. As long as we hire the two truck company." His smile turns lopsided. "Plus it could make for a good laugh. But man, we need to get it on camera. If this is something we're gonna pull we need to make it incredible. I mean, we really need to sell it. Like Ashton Kutcher punk'd, except better. We can just throw it in as a segment on something. Your show. My show— event hough it might not be the most appropriate material for it…"

"Ooooh. I think I might have an even better idea, if we're going for a Punk'd style prank." Tahir finishes off his coffee and sets the mug on the first thing stationary. "What's the worst thing in the world for a television executive to have besides bad ratings?" Tahir doesn't even wait for an answer, because he's getting too excited about the prospect of what is going down right now. "Having a new boss." Smiling, the sobering up one continues, "All we gotta' do is hire somebody to come in and start changing stuff around. You find out what her most prized shows are and we'll make sure he cancels 'em. Things like that."

"You mean like a network exec? I mean the woman has her own production company, but she needs the networks to pick up the series…" Russo snaps his fingers and then points at Tahir, "Buddy, I think you may be onto something here! Hire someone to fake a network exec and we have them start saying they're dropping shows left, right, and centre…"

Tahir nods! "Exactly! Especially if those shows happen to be ours. Because then we can help sell it! Which would make it even more awesome!" Tahir taps at his chin, while his mind starts working on everything he could possibly come up with while still being out of it. "Of course, we'll need to get some hidden cameras and install 'em all around the studio. That way we don't miss a moment of the action. Especially our exec's arrival!"

"And pray to God she doesn't fire us after," Brad chuckles as he extends his hand to shake Tahir's. "Now we just need someone to play the role…." it's his turn to tap his chin, still grinning. "Good news our ratings are good so, she's unlikely to react that harshly…"

"Sometimes, we just have to take the big risks. Besides, maybe we can spin it as a 'interactive way of pitching her a new show'. Brad and Tahir's Excellent Hidden Camera Adventure!" Tahir has no idea where the hell he comes up with half this stuff. Maybe it happens to be because half the time when he comes up with it, he's drunk off his rocker of injustice. "We just gotta' make sure that she laughs with us when we do the big reveal."

"Right. The laughter is the key here or really the key with any prank." Brad's lips curl into a grin, "There's a male stripper— some nameless twenty-something guy that she's used for pranks before. We need to make him show up at the end. I almost guarantee it'll make her laugh— "

"Maybe that can be our Trick Exec's final straw. Or final moment. He gets her a stripper to welcome her to his new order. I dunno. Then when she sees him, she'll know the jig is up and laugh and we still have jobs." Tahir probably should drink more coffee so he's thinking straighter, but he's having too much fun planning out evil things for the Trick Exec to actually do.

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