Taking It Out On Cooper


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Scene Title Taking It Out On Cooper
Synopsis It was all going so well, till Cooper and Audrey get to a suspects house and find out that it's already been swept.
Date April 7, 2010

New Jersey

thump goes the pink box, short nails with a layer of clear polish breaking the seal of the cube filled likely to the brim with powdered sugar confections that harden arteries with just a glance.

Or maybe a horse head or two

But it's no horsehead. It's literally 2 dozen powdered sugar donuts sitting now on Coopers desk soon followed by Audrey's butt taking up the corner of it, adjusting the greatest dad mug and peering down - she does it so well - her nose at Cooper. "Well. Did you break anything?"

Glancing up, from his deck and the report he's filling out, a dubious look goes to the box of donut and then up at the woman who brought it. Pale eyes narrow at her as he tried to fathom how nice she's being. Crutches lay across the desk bumped up against his. Hand press at the edge of the desk and Cooper pushes himself out far enough to swig his legs out from under the desk, one leg encased in a cast. "When a roof falls on you, it's rare to come out of it with a bruise."

He eyes the donuts again and has to ask, "Is this you apologizing before you tear me apart? Cause I swear to god, I was too busy being buried under rubble and protecting kids to know our guy was there trying to take a girls head off." Cooper's banking on the fact the grapevine has been working.

There is some hesitation before leaning forward to try and snatch a donut out of the box, so much for the laying off donuts. "Oh.. by the way. Thanks for the gift." He jerks a thumb as the newly reglued knight chess piece sitting on his desk near the photo of his daughter. In fact some of the wrapping paper from it is sticking out of the trash can."Some of the guys freaked though, something about some possessor that used them as a calling card."

"Really? Even with The chess set with it?" Audrey picks up the little horsehead chess piece to roll it between her fingers. "No, I'm not here to rip you a new one Cooper. You can't help being under a ton of roof rubble. Sometimes, it just happens. Don't know how many times Sylar's probably been under my nose and I didn't know it, or didn't get to him in time" A few times.

"Besides, a dead coop is no use to me. Dead Coop can't come with me to some place eeeven better. It's where dreams come true! New Jersey!" Audrey smiles, pushing the box of donuts closer to him. "Go ahead, they're not coated in cyanide. They're my get better present to you as well as my we got fingerprints and identification on who the smoke man is"

"Who are you and what did you do to Agent Hanson?" Brows raise upwards, Cooper isn't use to nice. Nice on this Home sec agent could be a very bad thing. He takes a bite of the donut, fingers of his other hand wipe away the white powder on his lips, "And the rest of the set is at home on my coffee table. That one…" He points at it, with a smirk. "Is to remind me, you are actually somewhat human. Scary… but human."

Tongue working at donut in his teeth, he sets up in his chair. "So… what is this magical place? I don't imagine your bedroom." That is probably a torture chamber. Cooper doesn't comment on that though. "I know it ain't mine." He gives her a matter of fact look, before taking another bite of donut.

"Never getting into my bedroom Cooper and only my legs are robotic" From her briefcase she slid to the side, two thin filed are put down on top of the donut box after closing it. "His name is Samson Gray. Sixty-Five year old male, resides in New Jersey as his last known address. Also know as Oliver Abrahms. Who we know he is not because Mr. Abrahms was dead in his backyard six feet under"

"Last name familiar? I know it is for me. Genetics is a wonderful thing" Up from Coopers desk Audrey rises, leaving him to peruse the files while she goes back to her donut. "Mr. Gray Senior, is a taxidermist. Taxidermists are skilled at getting things like pesky brains out of things. Though, I'd think normally they'd just stick a big ol heated metal rod up the nose and just rattle it all around the skull, buuuuuut. Well. He needs the brains obviously" Cooper may not be wanting his donut after this but Audrey seems to be picking bits off with her fingers, waving it around while talking.

"Aww… No fuzzy federal handcuffs for me?" There is a mocking tone in Cooper's words, but he pretty much lets it go from there, "Father and son with just about the same ability? Damn." Cooper sounds kinda impressed. "I guess crazy runs in the the family as well." The last of his donut goes into his mouth, hand brushed off on his jeans, he picks up the file and starts to flip threw it, stopping at a photo. The face did seem familiar. He probably got a glance of it and it never registered.

"So… we're going to this guys house." The detective perks up a bit at the idea, looking up to watch her pace about and talk about brains like it is an everyday thing. "Please, tell me we are going to this guys house?"

"We're grabbing warrants, THEN we're going to his house" Because things still have to be done legally damnit. "Saddle up cooper, we're hitting the jersey shore and it isn't to see this…snookie.. girl" Or orange skin and pouffy hair. Though some would argue that Audrey could do with some color. She's striding off, leaving gimpy to catch up with her.

"Let me find my cowboy hat and stirrups." He calls after her, as the file is dropped on his desk, Cooper is working to his feet, grabbing crutches, knocking over the top of his file pile. As he tucks crutches under his arms, he glances around to see if anyone saw that, and sneaks off as fast as he can after the home sec agent. He didn't do that, nope!

After a quick trip back for the files that Audrey reminded cooper were not supposed to be out for just anyone to read, the two of them were ensconced in her black fed vehicle that promised to at least make it through the snow. She'd snagged the ubiquitous black SUV for this trip. She didn't want to deal with stuff like Staten Island again. Warrants acquired, tucked away safe just in case there was someone who might object.

"He was at the shelter then, what can you tell me about it?" She's driving, cooper gets to relax in as much as he can with her driving which isn't bad but one has to wonder what she's like in a high speed chase. I'll sic Ivanov on talking to witnesses. Did you see who he went after?" She'd already put in a call for trace evidence off the 'victim' to be collected.

"I can't say much about it." Copper says almost apologetically, "I was busy with the kids." Eyes squint in the light of the day, glancing out the window of the vehicle, crutches leaning against one shoulder, making him a bit cramped. "I might have glanced his face in the line, but we never had a pictures so much. And there were a lot of smelly old guys with bad teeth there."

Glancing over at Audrey, he reaches in his coat to pull out his little notebook, flipping to the right page, "He went after a young woman named Adelaide Naimarc. Registered Evolve… Um… Memory Manipulation." He had looked it up as soon as he got in. "I saw her after when they were loading her in the ambulance. He was a smoke cloud only his hands out of it, cutting her…." He does the typical Sylar move with those two fingers, since it was described as such. "I guess he was stopped by someone with some sorta Jedi like red and blue kinda thing from some teenager…" A page is flipped as he looks at his notes. "From what the witnesses said, Samson was burned bad enough that he came into full view and dropped the girl and left. And the boy that stopped him gone as well."

"Bad enough he'll be seeking medical attention you think?" Her fingers drum on the steering wheel as she picks up a bit of speed, trusting her driving in this weather. Some people don't have the training that she has. The federal bureau is good for some things. Like advanced driving. "I'll put in a bulletin to be on the lookout for burns. Do you know where on his body he was burned? Hands obviously" She murmurs. The drive had taken ages already but they were almost there, NJPD once again, meeting her at a scene when they turn the necessary corner to come to the taxidermy shop.

Another page flip, "Ah… sounded painful… lets see… red and blistering. Hands and face." The detective glances up to look out the front of the car. "But I don't think he's that stupid to go to the hospital, do you?" Shutting the notebook, Cooper tucks it in his jacket.

Pale eyes watch the passing of places looking for the taxidermy in question. "So.. you think he's keeping the brains as a trinket of conquest?" Like most killers do, thought they usually take jewelry, a piece of clothing, not a major living organs.

"If he's like his son, he may need the brain. We've never quite gotten our hands on him long enough to inquire as to how exactly he works his mojo. Soon though. We're observing a copy or a clone of him, that's popped up on radar and doesn't know that we've found him. We'll get our hands on him and we'll get the rest of him" So confidant, so determined that catching the clone parked in the lighthouse will be the answer and the bait for her trap.

Other cars are there already as Audrey pulls up. kind enough to make sure that Cooper's not getting out in a snowbank. "They must have went in already, there's tape up" It's unusual to do that but it's not clicking wrong to the homesec officer.

Recognizing some of the faces of NJPD cops milling about, Cooper glances at Audrey out of the corner of his eye. He wasn't exactly a favorite person in the New Jersey police as well as the NYPD. "I hope not, isn't as fun if the uniforms go in first." He pops open the passenger door, wrestling with the crutches, slipping a bit on the ice, before he successfully gets out of the car.

"So… there is more then one Sylar out there?" Brows lift as he carefully swings his way around the car to join Audrey. Each step is carefully felt out before taken, last thing he needs is to break an arm too. "Why haven't we been seeming more of his type of crime out there? Double the Sylar, double the fun." He quips sarcastically.

Christ, he's making bubblegum jokes. "Maybe he wasn't like his son and have this need to slice open heads. He did go through radiation and chemo treatments for cancer. Maybe he's gathering abilities that he needs for something. Maybe… I dunno, trying to find a healer? He can do that now, since he picked up Hunter's ability. Memory manipulation. Maybe to screw up the memories of others around him. Going to be hard to stop him. Rassmussen had danger sense." As Audrey approaches the place, dark brows start pulling down more and more. The cops are all outside, even in this cold weather and the crime scene tape is over a closed door and there's…

"Son of a bitch"

She's still approaching but digging out her phone, happy mood plummeting faster than Wile E. Coyote. "Look at that" She points to the door. "God dammit to hell and back I want to know who did this" DHS paper on the front door. Crime scene, do not enter etc etc. Audrey got scooped. By her own department.

"True." Cooper comments thoughtfully, his eyes on the door, ignoring the whispering from the cops. Of course, as Audrey's mood drops like an anvil, Cooper nonchalantly shifts away from the woman. He doesn't trust her not to want to hurt something… or one.

"I didn't think Home Sec poached from Home sec?" Brows lift up as he leans forward to squint at the wording. "Seems a bit… dumb." Turning slightly to look at Hanson, he looks a touch confused.

"They don't. We each have our own cases. If someone gets put on a case that someone else is already on, we get told, introduced, start dating in the work sense and work together. I don't know what is up with this shi-" Audrey cuts off as someone answers and the brunette immediately launches into her question in a far more severe and clipped tone than she uses even in interrogations. The address for the place is rattled off while Jersey Pd watch with brows raised. "What's going on here? I get to my suspect's residence and business and it's already been taped off" One of the guys steps forward "Detective Cooper. Thomas took a look inside already. Place is clean. It's been cleared out of any evidence"

"Okay… so… someone neglected to tell you who your new date was. Good to know." Cooper comments, before a familiar voice grabs his attention and he clumsily turns to look back at the guy. A quick glance to Audrey, he motions the man backwards, moving to join him. "Your serious? They completely cleared the place out?" The detective makes sure to keep his voice down, as he asks it.

He bites his lip thoughtfully, looking back at the agent. "Alright. I'll take one for the team, but…" Cooper pins the guy with a look. "You owe me a box of donuts." That said he moves closer to Hanson, waiting for the moment he can drop the bomb on her. They just wasted the gas and time to get out there and chances are the donuts are gone too. Sigh.

They'll gladly buy donuts to not have to deal with the woman without the surprised and outraged look on her face. First Samson gets right under the nose of a detective and he can't do shit about it since he's pinned and now this. "What do you mean Special Agent Sawyer ordered it to be sweeped? Who gave her permission to do that?" The answer on the other end is something that doesn't satisfy the Homesec agent and she motioned with her hand, forefinger out and pointing towards the place for the cops to go in.

"Go see if they left us anything" Which will amount to furniture and stuffed/mounted animals and bupkiss. She sends a withering glare to Cooper before a sharply pointed "thank you" is fired off to the person on the other side of the line and she jabs at the end button viciously. That tongue is doing double time, pushing against the back of her teeth and grinding said teeth.

"Good news." Cooper keeps his voice bright, as he shifts uncomfortably on his crutches, even though he's tempted to go back and shove the cop in front of him. "I can't quit freezing my nuts off here. Bad new…" A glance goes over at the Jersey Cops, who suddenly look elsewhere, "The place is totally cleaned out of evidence. Not even a crumb for a mouse."

Turning back to Hanson and then looks at the notice on the door again. His eyes glance over at the agent as he offers up, "Shall I call out the Lynch mob for Agent Sawyer? I'm sure the SWAT team still has a few pitchforks and torches from that barn raid a few months back." Kill the beast?

"I really don't care about your testicles Cooper. I was just told that another agent came in and swept the place" The bobble head of cops in support of what Cooper said gets a flare of white around her nostrils as she turns and kicks the tire of the SUV with no small amount of force. "Fuck. No to the SWAT team" She wants to say yes. "I'll deal with it. Tell them to get back in their cars and go about their day, we don't need them" She's already storming to the drivers side.

"Oh boy…" Cooper says under his breath as he turns back to the boys. He gives a circling of his hand above his head. Mount up. "We're done here boys and girls." He calls out, before he works his way carefully down the steps. "Nothing to see here, move along."

"Dude… Coop. I do not envy you that ride." One of the cops quips from behind his car door.

"Yeah yeah… All in a days work, guys. Remember! Donuts. Sugar. You know my favorite." Cooper shouts over his shoulder as he moves to get into the car. As he settles into the vehicle, he has to play with his life one more time. "I ever tell you how hawt you look when you get all pissy bitch like that?"

What did he just say?

Audrey looks over at cooper with a confused look as to why the hell he just uttered those words. "Get out"

If there is one thing Cooper excels at it's putting his foot in his mouth. He excels in it. The door isn't even shut yet, as he looks over at Audrey. Yeah, he realized his mouth open before he thought about it. So there is no argument as Cooper says simply rather upbeat, "Getting out."

And he does so.

"Call a taxi or get a ride with the jersey cops" She honks her horn to make sure that not all of them take off, and motions for someone to stop and then points to Cooper. "Make comments about your testicle and all that shit with them" She's kicking an injured guy to the curb. Audrey waits for the door to be closed, metal and glass between her and him before she turns on the engine and starts away.

Leaving him to the mercy of his former employers to get home.

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