Taking Liz For A Ride


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Scene Title Taking Liz For A Ride
Synopsis The bike, not the woman…. well, actually both.
Date Oct 1, 2009

Out on the streets

The night is starting to get late, and as usual, Liz has worked into it's weeest hours. And yes, weeest is a word. Don't thwart the power of narration. There's a shrill whistle and an arm wave as she steps from the station house, the blackest of black skies only just starting to lighten in the east. A familiar form sits atop an unfamiliar bike. Alec. She would surely recognize the helmet. He flips up the visor and grins at her waving her over, "Get your fine ass over here kitten!" he bellows, loud enough to any other cop to hear. He holds up a bike helmet, bright pink, and smirks a bit, "I wanna show you something special!" something about his tone is just evil. Which of course it's intended to be. Cause it's Alec and he has to get his kicks in somewhere.

She's maintaining a semblance of 'normal'. Elisabeth is going to work, leaving again. She's making every effort not to behave any differently. It's not easy. The sound of the whistle brings her head around sharply in the darkness, and his rather provocative greeting makes her look around furtively to see if anyone else heard!! Because if she has to deal with being called 'kitten' in the precinct on top of everything else…. hell, maybe that would be better than what they call her right now. Eh. Whatever — she can't bring herself to care much. She steps down off the stairs and walks toward him, her eyes skimming the bike with a longing look. It's a beautiful machine, built for speed not really a pillion rider. But she reaches for the helmet — Gawd, really? Pink??? — and looks at him, her blue eyes lightening just a little. "We're going now?"

Alec nods his head, "I got just two things I want you to see, then I promise I'll drop you off anywhere you want to be dropped." he grins, "Got you a jacket too." lashed with a bungie cord to the back seat is a matching bright pink leather jacket with kevlar pads. One the back in black silver and pink gothic lettering it reads, 'Queen Kitten'. The helmet has the same message on the back as well. Alec was apparently feeling creative and slightly evil. "Come on." the bike is new, a gorgeous machine is large powerful bike to which the term 'super' is not a boast but a fact.

There's actually a soft smile, though not really a grin or a laugh out of Liz. She does roll her eyes at the insane jacket. "God, Alec… that's just too wrong for words." But her words lack heat. Her enthusiasm for the ride is muted but there's a spark there. She wants to go. It's the first thing she's wanted to do in a couple of days now. She unlashes the jacket and slides it on with a roll of her eyes. And then she holds out her hand for his, for balance as she climbs on.

Alec takes her hand and helps her on, he grins over his shoulder, "Feel free to talk, helmets are wired with mics for sound." gadgets are also his thing. One never need be bored when Alec's feeling playful. "We need to head to the bus station first. You know the rules, hang on, lean when I lean, blah blah blah." And then with a burp, the bike heads off down the street. The engine purrs, the peaceful sway of turns and the passage of the world around them in the predawn hours is in an of itself a beautiful thing. The city, like any living thing, is changing it's guard. The night crowds are disappearing, slinking off to their respective dungeons and holes while the day people sleepily being to drift into the world, the smell of coffee begins to waft from the occasional street side vender firing up his cart and it's just quiet enough to make the hum of the bike the most prominent sound around. A rarity if ever there was one. When eventually they pull up to the bus terminal Alec lets the bike roll to a stop, "Come on, I need to show you the men's restroom." his smile remains impish, proving that yes he did in fact just say that sentence.

As the bike zips away from the curb, Elisabeth's body molds itself to Alec's back, her arms settling loosely around his waist to rest on his hips. She moves easily with the bike, a good rider — it's not her first time around the block on a motorcycle, clearly. It's like riding a bike, no pun intended — once learned, easily remembered. She doesn't speak a word to him as they ride, the silence of the pre-dawn darkness, the freedom of riding in the cold morning air… they are a kind of freedom she has rarely found. He can feel the tension in her body relaxing as they travel, as if the ride and the silence are a balm. By the time they pull up in front of the bus station, Elisabeth's muscles are finally comfortably loose against his back. "You want to show me…. the men's room in a bus station? Alec…. " If it weren't ALEC, she'd be ready to smack him for kinky sex ideas. Instead, she dismounts the bike using his hand for balance, and pulls off the helmet. "Seriously?" She looks askance at him.

Alec just smiles a bit, "Have you ever known me to kid about a good public restroom?" as it's likely the first time the topic's come up? No. She prolly hasn't known him to kid about public restrooms. He heads over to a small door in the side of the terminal and he opens is, stepping aside for Liz, "After you kitten." he quips, adding a gracious bow and sweeping arm. Inside it's exactly what one would expect. It reeks of urine and other things best left unmentioned, it's 'neat' but not necessarily clean. No clutter of paper or towels, the soap dispensers are empty, all in all it's another germ infested hole with a toilet in it occasionally swept up by a worker paid to little to care how bad the shitter stinks. "Heya kitten, long time no fondle." comes a familiar voice from inside. Alec awaits her inside, or one of them, though this one is a little more edgy then the Alec that is holding the door open for her. Leather jacket, boots, jeans, his head is shaved and he sports a goatee. There's some recently healed bruising on his face and a few minor cuts, leftovers from a fight a few days old. He winks at Liz and gives her a full 'up/down' look, offering a little mrowl for good measure. "Behave." comes from behind her as Alec 1 steps in and closes the door. Using a screwdriver he jams the door shut, 'locking' it. "Liz, meet me, me Liz." he grins, "Wanna see something cool?"

She's a cop. The reek of the bus station's denizens and their restroom is not exactly new territory, though Elisabeth wrinkles her nose slightly. The sight of a second Alec — and his state — disturbs her. Her expression goes wary and uncertain when goateed Alec weirds her out, and when Alec 1 jams the bathroom door, Elisabeth steps sideways. Not that she doesn't trust Alec because in spite of it all, she does… but this feels strange and odd and she's hesitant. "Okay… sure," she replies with watchful blue eyes.

Alec chuckles, "Don't worry kitten, if I was that kind of sexual narcissist I'd think more of my self in so far as our time together was. He's just fucking with you." Alec walks over and reaches out, the other one just sighs, "You're such a dic-" the word cuts off the instant Alec 1's hand hits Alec 2's face. The clothes fall to the ground, empty, the thing that occupied them simply gone, the air rushing into the space it was in sends the clothes into a mini short lived spin. Alec stands upright, every muscle in his body rigid, his jaw clenched, and his eyes while still open, are now rolled completely back inside his head, the whites all that show. He teeters ominously.

What the fuck?? Elisabeth stares at the two men and then drops the helmet on the floor, jumping into motion to put a hand out and steady the one remaining Alec. "What the hell are you doing??" she demands of him.

Alec twitches once and lets out a sigh, her hand is likely the only thing that kept him from toppling over. He shudders once and reaches out to grip her arm, clinging for a second, "What a rush…" he murmurs, shaking his head as if to clear it. He turns to eye Liz, a grin on his face, "I'm sorry, what did you say? My head is still ringing a bit." he squats and pulls all ID from the clothes before wiping down the boots buttons and any surface able to carry a print before kicking them all into the corner, obviously discarded. "Doing? Oh. I was learning. He was a three month clone, had some pretty rough times in there to assimilate." he grins at her again, "Wanna see what I learned? Other then how to take a bar stool to the face." he rubs his jaw as if it hurt, though there's not a mark on him.

She blinks. And stares at him. "You…. what?" Elisabeth frowns slightly, releasing him once he seems stable on his feet. "You learn things from them just by absorbing them?" she asks thoughtfully. She's not sure if Brian's works the same way, but … "Sure… what'd you learn?"

Alec chuckles, "It's more complicated then that." he says, "But essentially? Yes. Ask me how old I am." he says as he heads back out, stopping to point at the floor, "Don't forget your helmet, it's the law." then he's off, heading for the bike and trusting she'll catch up.

Sweeping the helmet up in her hands, Elisabeth follows him out murmuring, "Do you always leave clothes all over?" And then she asks obediently, "How old are you?"

Alec chuckles a bit, "I do. It totally screws with people. Occasionally I'll set them up in front of a urinal and torch them, then call some reporter with a story about spontaneous human combustion." he smirks, "What? I can't have a little fun? It's not like I leave DNA behind." which is true. he tosses a leg over the bike, "If you count years I'm your average thirtysomething, if you count lifetimes? I'm a little over ninety-six. Hop on." he patpats the bike and takes a deep breath, rolling his neck with an audible pop.

Elisabeth eyes him thoughtfully, and then she mutters, "I hate that. You and Richard both do that, and it drives me up a fucking wall… cuz I can't!" She pulls the helmet back on and takes his hand, waiting until she's settled to actually buckle the helmet this time. "So what'd he teach you?"

Alec just grins a bit, "You're gonna wanna close your visor and hold on tight." he suggests. He waits until she's done just that before, with a flick of his wrist and a jerk of his foot he brings the bike from a purr to a roar and white acrid smoke fills the air like tear gas. With a foot he spins the bike a full 180 degrees and drops a gear. The machine surges forward like a thing possessed, the front tire coming up off of the asphault with cat like grace and stays there for a full two hundred feet before he lets it drop and kicks it up another gear. Into the helmet he says, with childlike glee, "How to drive."

The bike's tight turn has Elisabeth instinctively molding her body inch-for-inch against Alec's, and as the front wheel comes up, she's glued to him like his shadow. When he leans forward and practically stands on the pegs, she might as well simply be an extension of his body. The gasp in the mic, though, gives away the sudden spike in adrenaline. "You lay this fucking bike down with me on it, Alec, and I will kill your ass!" she hisses.

Alec just grins, "What? You don't trust me?" the roar suddenly dies as he drops it down a gear and takes it through a wheel squeeling turn that has their knees close enough to the road to feel the echos of the vibrations from the engine rebounding. Then the other way, then another new one. Not break neck speeds, but at break neck curves, Alec navigates the city, trusting the early morning emptiness and his own skills to keep him from hurting anyone. Blocks shift by in blurs, the world twists and changes with every stomach lurching corner taken. The only thing louder then the engine's scream between their legs is the laughter from his lips passed through the helmets sound system.

Liz is not laughing…. but there is little time for that in her mind cuz we're gonna freakin' DIE. When it's all done, she might be laughing, though. For now, her entire focus is not on the relaxation of riding — it's not relaxing anymore. It's…. exhilerating. Amazing. The control it takes to make the turn with TWO bodies on the back without dropping the bike? Yeah… something to behold. And early morning bystanders are just as stunned as Elisabeth herself, if the heads whipping around to watch — what few there are — are any indicator. "Don't get pulled over!" is all Liz orders from behind him, her body still absolutely glued to his like white on rice. Her weight shifts automatically with his minutest body movements, mirroring exactly.

Alec chuckles, "What could catch us?" he points out as he stops the sudden twists and turns and merely cuts to an open straight away. Obviously this is what he was getting to, what he was heading towards. A strech of road between warehouses. The engine guns again and what was before a well driven moderately fast drive becomes a drag race against anything and everything the pair of them have need to leave behind. What was a blur before vanishing into a whitewash, leaving only the world before them in focus, only what's ahead remains clear while everything beside is stripped of detail. The sound echos off of the tall warehouse building walls, making the air vibrate with the powerful whineing scream of the Ducati. With acceleration like this they should be experiencing tank slap, but they're not. The front end seems glued to the ground despite Liz's weight on the back, giving Alec all the reason in the world cut loose. Sadly such speeds cannot be kept up forever and as they near the end of the straight away Alec just grins more, "Don't fight this." he suggests as he suddenly hits the brakes and sends the bike into a wild fish tailing slow down, the wall of the perpendicular warehouse ahead comeing closer with alarming speed. At the last moment the bike seems to stand up on it's front tire and with a twist of his body he spins it around, swinging the back end, complete with Liz, around through the air. When it falls back to earth they're facing the way they came, a scant three feet away from the wall. "Awesome." he states before once more kicking the bike into a desperate death hurtle down the straight away.

Elisabeth is literally part of his own body, holding him tightly with her arms wrapped around his chest. She feels the intent just before he does it, and she screams. She can't help it — her own weight, if he doesn't compensate properly for the extra body weight, will carry them both right off the bike. Possibly killing them both. By the time he sets it back down, Liz is stunned. And she has just enough time to punch him in the kidney from behind before they're off and screaming down the straightaway once more.

Alec OAF'S! loudly into the helmet mic, "Woman! I'm driving here! Punchy later!" luckily the blow didn't exactly hurt him otherwise they'd be street pizza. The next two hours are a complete blur of near death experiences and harrowing nerve wracking feats of daring do. Alec's skill on a bike is everything Hollywood has led the public to believe an action movie star's should be. His handling is exceptional, his control laudable, his calm even when zipping through holes a sane man would avoid or bobbing and weaving through traffic barrels is stone like. The morning is in short, to short and entirely to long all at once. As the pair, slightly breathless, pull to a stop before a Starbucks, Alec offers Liz a grin, "So. What do you think? Nice upgrade right? Coffee's on you by the way, I figure one cup of coffee in exchange for the jacket and helmet is fair enough."

Two hours of freedom… bliss. Elisabeth feels for the first time since Monday night like she's a whole person. When they finally stop, she actually is smiling. She hasn't spoken to him much at all for the past two hours, just… existed on the bike behind him. As she dismounts the bike and slips the helmet off her head, she looks at him with color in her cheeks and a bit of a sparkle in her blue eyes. "That sounds fair," she acknowledges. "C'mon," she says as she steps back from the bike. "And thank you." The last is very soft, but he'll hear it easily enough.

Alec leans in and kisses Liz's cheek softly, "Sure thing kitten." he says with a grin, "Besides, this totally just added to my awesome quotient and someone needed to know. Oh, you should totally see the shit I can do with a car too." he beams and holds the door open for her. "And no, I don't mean in the backseat you perv."

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