Taking The Initiative


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Scene Title Taking the Initiative
Synopsis The second shooting in only a few days takes Rebecca by shock — Aude is there with the news, which changes Rebecca's entire outlook on being a cop.
Date June 1, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

The precinct is pretty somber. It's how it usually is after there's been a cop shooting. Everyone worrying about whether they've lost another to the streets of New York and whether they had to dust off the dress uniforms. That and the knowledge that there's some guy out there who set a trap for the detective in question. Aude is playing gofer in the precinct, and fresh from a coffee and donut run, she plops down the three pink boxes, and the two huge to go cardboard encased bags of coffee. mugs are a dime a dozen here. "Come and get em, maple glazed was the special today!" and snatching a cruller, lodging it between her teeth, Aude if grabbing herself a cup of non engine oil coffee. As the bearer of the goods, she's allowed first dibs.

"Whats the status on Shelby?"

"Stable they said. Got out of surgery late last night. More scars to add. Watch, workhorse will be back in a week and doing all our paperwork"

Aude just snorted through her nose as she moved back to the temporary desk she was assuming for the day, looking to the messages on her desk.

Rebecca Nakano has exited the mass transit system and walked the rest of the block to the precinct. She steps into the room and almost immediately senses that something is wrong. She glances around as the mention of donuts, then she hears Aude mention Detective Shelby, and surgery and almost immediately she starts to panic as she rushes over towards Officer Castalides.

"What happened to Detective Shelby? Why was he in surgery?"

The woman pushes her glasses up onto her nose, eyes wide behind the lenses as she waits for news.

Aude glances over at the forensics expert. "He got shot twice in the chest yesterday. Behind Old Lucy's that dancing girls bar I guess, over in Greenwich. I don't got the specifics. Can try and pull up the file though" The donut is put on a napkin and on her desk. Another used to wipe her hands.

Rebecca went home late, went to bed. Now she's regretting going home at all. If she'd been here, she'd have known sooner. "I.. "

She really has no idea what to say here. First Myron, and now Coren. Are cops being targeted? Her first thought was this was related to the Tyler Case case, but she doesn't recall Coren being involved in that. Was this unrelated, or is someone just running out gunning down cops? These thoughts all wage war inside the lab-tech's head as she sits down next to the officer's desk.

"But he's going to be okay, right?"

"Yeah, they say he's pulled through, he'll be fine" Aude looks over at Rebecca as she takes a seat. God. Evo. Sitting right beside her. Play nice, be nice Aude. It's not that she hates this particular one. Hell, best of her knowledge the woman didn't even know until recently. "You okay over there?" Aude takes a deep breath and a soft sigh before passing over her coffee to the woman.

Becca's fingers comb through her long black hair as she pushes it out of her face and looks at the officer. "Maybe I'm getting paranoid, but I think someone is following me. This —"

She stops.

If she mentions this all to her, then she could be putting Aude as risk too. She glances around, first one direction, then the next. Maybe there's no one following her and it's all in her head. Maybe there is and she could be next.

"I.. do we know who shot Detective Shelby?" She decides to ask instead.

"Nope. Give me a moment" Aude turns to her computer, plunking her ID and password into the computer and bringing up the file that had been inputted so far. "Nope. There was a witness though, a bartender from Old Lucy's. Perp came in and left a phone, we have her fingerprints on file so they can easily eliminate hers. She should be coming in at some point to give a statement. Know that much" More buttons are pressed "One Abigail Beauchamp. Says too that there's a piece of paper in evidence that has the guys description, the cell phone as well. No more than that. You may need to go and talk to the detective himself, or his partner or the investigating team on it"

Aude looks up at Rebecca. "You think your being followed? You need to get a detail on you? Have you filed a report?" Probably some spank happy perv who got his jollies off of Asian looking chicks. God knows there's enough pervs who came through here on a daily basis.

"We're already stretched pretty thin. They don't need to waste any resources on me."

Rebecca leans back in her chair. "I should probably go see him and make sure he's okay. Maybe go check out the scene of the crime." She needs to do something. All this stuff is going on and she could help. She really could, but instead she sits in her little lab and processes fingerprints.

She stands abruptly and looks to Aude, "Can you take me to the hospital?"

Aude glances to the paper work and shutting down the window and logging out, Aude nods. "Yeah, lemme see what squad car is open. I'm on duty or I'd take mine." Shuffling the evo around. great. She could have said no but.. a quick call points them towards car 15 that's waiting out in the parking lot. "Lemme grab the keys, we'll get you down there to Bellevue"

Rebecca stands. She is going to have to stop waiting for this to come to her. She's going to have to start taking the initiative. When Aude is ready to roll, Rebecca stands to follow. If someone wants to kill her — they're going to have to do it before she finds a way to stop them.

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