Talk Amongst Yourselves


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Scene Title Talk Amongst Yourselves
Synopsis Cat engineers a meeting.
Date October 24, 2009

Little Italy

Noon approaches on a Saturday, and Cat wants food. She also desires to make an introduction and maybe handle some business, so text messages go out.

Hungry? Getting food from Piccoli's in Little Italy. Will buy. Join me.

Then she waits nearby, clad in ways designed to obscure her identity. It might not be so good being spotted; what with an agency or two perhaps looking for her, Humanis First, and maybe even the press now too. This daughter of a mayoral candidate doesn't know when the media might dig up a photo of her somewhere and start publishing it, but she estimates it's a when situation and not an if.

She's chosen a spot where she can see them approaching and already bags of food to hand out when people show up.

Wow… it's a weekend. How'd that happen? Elisabeth's wearing a pair of jeans and a heavy sweater beneath a lined denim jacket. It's right chilly out lately. Her hands are shoved into the pockets of the jacket as she walks toward the deli, a faint frown furrowing her brow as she wonders what Cat's got on her agenda today.

Sparrow has been told of Piccoli's and has been meaning to go by there and check it out. So, when the message comes through, she ties up her meeting, and heads out towards Little Italy in a cab. Paying the driver, she slips out the back, pulling her leather jacket on a little closer around her as she moves from curb to the place to enter it. Dressed in jeans with a silk shirt, the young woman pauses inside to glance over the patrons already seated at tables, trying to find the one who sent the message.

She isn't actually inside the place, and thus Sparrow doesn't sight her when she enters. Cat shakes her head a bit, and taps spots on the iPhone screen to send another text.

Outside place, entrance to alley at end of building. Am woman in Yankees cap pulled low with bags of food.

And on spotting the detective, Cat lifts one of the bags as a gesture of greeting without words. Here I am.

Wearing his usual outfit of a faded blue Superman t-shirt, an unbuttoned black denim jacket, some black jeans and black sneakers, Magnes flew over to Piccoli's as soon as he got the text message. He needs to get out more and stop being holed up in his room, worrying all day. Of course he needed to meet Cat anyway, but those reasons will have to wait until later.

He lands in an alley about a block away, walks the rest of the way, and enters the shop, nodding at the geek-faced woman. "Hey."

Wearing his usual outfit of a faded blue Superman t-shirt, an unbuttoned black denim jacket, some black jeans and black sneakers, Magnes flew over to Piccoli's as soon as he got the text message. He needs to get out more and stop being holed up in his room, worrying all day. Of course he needed to meet Cat anyway, but those reasons will have to wait until later.

Landing on a dumpster in said alley, he hunches slightly and eyes the woman. "Hey. Uh, I needed to see you, but I guess we can relax a bit first."

As another text comes through, Sparrow blinks, and then ohs, excusing herself to turn about and head out of the place. A glance about and she soon finds the alley, and begins to head down it, though spying Magnes, a smile appears on her face, "Hey again."

Elisabeth glances at the text and walks around to the alley in time to see Magnes drop down. "Hey, lady," she greets Cat, and then nods to Magnes as well. "What's with the cloak and dagger? Probably not a good game to be playing with IA potentially on my ass — the guy's got a friggin' smoke form, sorta like Shadow's. Could be anywhere." She pauses. "And yes…. I'm still taking the meds for acute paranoia." She grimaces.

Eyes shift to settle first on Magnes as he arrives from above, then Sparrow when she finds them, and finally Elisabeth. Cat's demeanor is entirely nonchalant. "Cloak and dagger?" The head tilts, she plays it off as if there were nothing of the sort happening. One bag of food is handed to the detective, it has what she knows is the blonde's favorite from Piccoli's. Then one each is offered to Magnes and Sparrow as she remarks "Sparrow was present at the recent undertaking in Chinatown. Mentioned to me she wanted to run across you again, Magnes, but maybe she already did.

Perhaps tellingly, she avoids mentioning Elisabeth's name to the terrakinetic. Leaving how much to share about herself in Elisabeth's hands?

"Ah, yeah, we met. I introduced her to Terra comics, both Terras, not just the one who died." Magnes says as if he expects everyone to know exactly what he's talking about, and takes his bag of food. "Chinatown was just me doing my job." Elisabeth is also given a nod, and a friendly smile.

"Yeah, we ran into each other.. had interesting conversation." Sparrow offers, and thanks for the food offered to her. Taking the bag in hand, she glances to Magnes, offering him a quiet smile before turning to Cat and the other woman there to study briefly as what is said is overheard.

Elisabeth takes the bag Cat offers and looks toward Sparrow. "Nice to meet you," she says easily enough. "Liz." She opts not to give her last name for right now. She moves to lean against the wall, though she doesn't open the bag with the sandwich in it. She's curious about the motley gathering.

Her plan has succeeded. Cat has successfully engineered putting Elisabeth and the terrakinetic she mentioned in the same place, and brought the native woman together with Magnes too. Not that it was needed, it turns out, but it's all good to her. The panmnesiac's demeanor remains nonchalant as she leans against a wall and glances out across the street to check faces and people. Anyone she recognizes as having been there the last time she checked is compared with memory from that scan to spot anyone who's still around and judge if they seem surveillant.

After doing so, she doesn't seem troubled by anyone's presence. But she is alert, thanks to the detective, for the presence of smoke. "Seems to be a quiet Saturday," she offers affably. "Did you talk with the persons I told you about, Sparrow?"

"Gabriel can turn into smoke too." Magnes points out as he takes a seat on the dumpster, starting to open his food. "Thanks for paying, by the way." he says with a nod, glancing over at Sparrow and Elisabeth again. "So, how do you and Sparrow know eachother?"

To Cat first, Sparrow shakes her head, "I tried sending a message, but haven't gotten anything in reply yet. Figured they've been busy." The young woman offers before brows furrow slightly at Magnes' comment, "I don't actually know Liz. First time meeting her." Though, she does add, "Unless you talking of me and Cat? I met her on the street just as I did with you."

There's a moment of hesitation, and Liz looks toward Cat. "You sent her to Redbird?" There's a vague frown about the fact that there's been no response, and the blonde pulls out here cell phone to fire off a quick text. R - meeting w/terrakinetic. Behind Piccoli's if you want to join. "Dunno if that'll get you anywhere," she admits mildly as she tucks her phone back into her jacket pocket. "We'll see if he's busy." She rummages into the bag and finds a foil-wrapped Reuben. "Oooh, Cat… you spoil me."

"I know lots of interesting people," Cat replies dryly to the question from Magnes, "so I had her name. Things clicked when she told me hers. I let them know she and I met." Then she turns slightly toward Elisabeth, remarking "Mr. Redbird and I haven't spoken yet, but we will." Saying this, Cat hopes, tells Elisabeth who she meant without naming them. And, finally, there's a grin as the sandwich comes out. "As if I could ever forget what you like from here."

"Cat, I've got something very important to show you later, if you'll meet up with me." Magnes says with a nod to Elisabeth. "I'm sure Elisabeth can attest to that. So uh, is there anything I can help you with?" this, asked to Cat, with a slight tilt of his head. "I mean, sitting on the bench is alright and all, but I still feel pretty out of the loop."

Sparrow glances to Magnes before she shrugs, "I'm still learning things, you could say, but.. I'm beginnning to get a better idea as to whether or not I want to stick around in the city?" The comment is given to him before she finally reaches into the bag to see what sort of goodies has been left for her. To the others, she glances to Liz and Cat in turn, "Redbird? I.. don't remember if you passed that name or not, sorry. I've been meeting too many people here lately."

Elisabeth chuckles and keeps her sandwich in the foil so it stays warm. She nods to Sparrow. "Not terribly surprising, if you're hitching your wagon to this wagon train." She glances at Cat. "So….. was this merely a meet and greet, lady?"

"More or less," Cat replies to Elisabeth with a chuckle. "I think the three of you can figure it out from there." She feels certain Magnes knows what ammo Sparrow has in the bag, and Elisabeth was told directly. Magnes, for his part, well, all one needs to have an idea of his ability is not be blind.

There are two bags left in her hands, and with that in mind Cat begins to make her exit. "Talk amongst yourselves," she who never forgets invites. "I'll be in touch. For you, Magnes, sooner rather than later." Her work here is done.

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