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Scene Title Talk Back Radio
Synopsis Debate and discourse is had on a local radio show.
Date April 20, 2018

Over the airwaves

RADIO: {bzzz-zz-eeee-zz}

RADIO: {bzz-tk-zzz}

RADIO: {zz— } "…black and white. It's a grey area," comes the voice of Oscar Nyström as you tune into his show on a lazy Friday afternoon. "Reparations for the atrocities commited against the Evolved can't be at the expense of the majority of innocen—" {zzzrr-zz}

RADIO: "…like Yamagato Industries, which already demonstrates the kind of preferential pro-Evo treatment that no one is willing to talk about. The head of their private security force? Evolved. Chief technology officer? Evolved. Even their translator with their obligatory charity tax write off has the superpower of understanding and speaking any language she wants, for Christ sake. It's not a question, anymore, about whether Evolved people can have the same opportunities as us — it's the inevitability that their advantages will supersede the hard work of people who don't have those advantages."

RADIO: Another voice chimes in, older than Oscar is, judging by the timbre, and English accented. "It's made altogether more stark when you see the conditions of the rest of New York City. Having toured Yamagato Park— "

RADIO: Oscar says, "Oh, they let you through the gates?"

RADIO: Ricketts laughs. "Yes, yes, no issue there. Why, have they banned you already?"

RADIO: Oscar says, "Not yet. You were saying, Jon?"

RADIO: Ricketts says, "Well, it's almost another world, isn't it? A private industry can do as as they please, spend their money how they choose, but as the benefactors of a city in which its citizens queue for food as a part of their weekly routine— well, I'd say the fact that their power plant provides the only source of power available to New York City makes for a compelling metaphor."

RADIO: Oscar gives a low-key laugh. "Yeah, poetic."

RADIO: Ricketts says, "But to return to your point — it isn't my personal belief that the issue of Expressive advantage is one we are facing in this moment of time, but one we ought to address ahead of time before we find ourselves on a road we don't wish to be on. Your example of the— translator, was it? Is a key example of the potential for an advantaged upper class where innate genetic ability supersedes education and experience, due to its cost effectiveness and convenience."

RADIO: Oscar says, "A lot of people might argue that the Evo community is a minority and not a big deal, right, but for how long? Is there anything we can do about it?"

RADIO: Ricketts says, "That remains to be seen. I'd say the best we can do about it at the moment is talk about it."

RADIO: Oscar says, "I couldn't agree more. Now, we have some callers on the line who I'm sure would love to feed into the discussion. Leroy Jackson, you're on the air. How're you doing, Leroy?"

RADIO: Leroy says, “I'm great. Just sitting here listening to some interesting stuff. Hey, did you know I was a Yamagato employee who is non-SLCE and works directly with the head of technology?”

RADIO: Oscar says, "I did not, no. How's that working out for you?"

RADIO: Leroy says, “Pretty great. I'm on that whole bootstraps kick. I mean, I'm not a big fan of bootstraps, but sometimes there's merit to it. My specialty is computer science, particularly with machine learning and security, among other things. You're probably wondering how I feel about technopaths.”

RADIO: Oscar gives a light, easy laugh. "Yes, you got me. How do you feel about technopaths?"

RADIO: Leroy says, “I think technopaths are a very interesting phenomenon. When it comes to security, there's probably nothing I worry about more. That said, being a technopath doesn't mean that you thoroughly understand computer science, it means you can talk to computers.”

RADIO: Oscar says, "I'm not any kind of tech expert, so bear with me, Leroy, but isn't 'talking to computers' cutting out the middle man in terms of educating yourself to do exactly like that?"

RADIO: Leroy says, “There's a limit, Oscar. There's always a limit. A technopath, any kind of path, has an upper limit. Do you think that they were actually born with the ability to talk to computers? Of course not, that's silly. But whatever their ability actually is, it happens to work very well with computers. Eventually technology, most likely my technology, will outpace technopathy. Computers can evolve infinitely, SLCE abilities are limited by the human mind.”

RADIO: Leroy says, “Hey, let's talk about reparations. Did I mention I was black?”

RADIO: Oscar, who sounds like he was about to say something, audibly hesitates. "You did not. You want to expand on the relevance of— "

RADIO: Leroy says, “Yessss?”

RADIO: Ricketts cuts in, primly; "I believe Mr Jackson is making an implication as to the matters of intersectionality and advantages, Oscar. But do correct me, Leroy, if I have the wrong end of the stick."

RADIO: Leroy says, “You're correct.”

RADIO: Oscar says, "Sure, okay." He sounds a little exasperated, but otherwise professional. "I do consider having a superpower, one that advantages you in the work place, in life in general, as a privilege, regardless of the war that came and went. Do we owe Evos something? Absolutely. But not at the cost of how we progress as a society."

RADIO: Leroy says, “Here's the thing… being SLCE, if you've won the genetic lottery like, I don't know, being able to turn literal bricks into gold or you're Literally Hana Gitelman, you're probably Captain Mega Farts, and no one likes your mega farts. But my point is, being SLCE isn't an inherent privilege, it's a genetic lottery. But the mere state of being SLCE is perceived as being a privilege, and is used to justify denying anything like reparations. Now, you're probably wondering why I mentioned race, still, but I'll let you get a word in before I get to that.”

RADIO: Oscar says, "I suppose I'd just like to point out that Hana Gitelman is a credible potential in that lottery, as you put in, but please, go on."

RADIO: Leroy says, “Well, here's the thing, being black is also a minority status, and people use all sorts of examples for why things like slavery are no longer relevant and thus reparations aren't necessary. They'd use examples like me, someone who has a free five million dollar apartment with holograms, who had many opportunities for education and ended up with an amazing job. They'd say 'Well that guy has privilege, so everyone else, get on those bootstraps'. It ignores the, according to my holograms, 246 years of slavery, the following 89 years of segregation, and then they're like 'Well, since 1954, I don't think we've had any particular problems with race', just like people are denying that reparations would be necessary for the literal Civil War that just happened. Though I don't think reparations should be in a purely monetary form.”

RADIO: Oscar says, "Listen, I am absolutely sympathetic to your concerns and your point of view, and I'm not denying that Evolved aren't deserving of reparations in whatever form is fitting for what some of them suffered prior to the war. But the war was a country-wide catastrophe that hurt both sides, and the longer the shadow of it looms over us as a society, the less we can move on towards equal status. But thanks so much calling in, Leroy, and sharing your point of view. Next on the line, we have Eve calling in. How's your day going, Eve?"

RADIO: Eve says, “O.. h-Hello! My tongue works! *ahem* vad ligger på taket ladan

RADIO: Oscar— laughs, in a puzzled kind of way. "Well, that's different. My Swedish is very rusty, so let's stick to English, okay."

RADIO: Eve says, “Fineeee, as you wish master of the ceremomy, if I could see I would say you're handsome, word on the street is that you're a hot pants”

RADIO: Ricketts says, "It seems like you have a fan, Oscar."

RADIO: Eve says, “Well it doesn't seem like he's a fan of mine or my privilege”

RADIO: Oscar says, "I don't know, maybe I will be. What kind of privilege do you have, Eve?"

RADIO: Eve says, "I use to be able to see the pieces of the puzzle, the way the boomerang might whirl. If your lover was sleeping with your sister, the end of the world. The usual things." There's a sound of a puffing noise

RADIO: Dead air, for a second or so.

RADIO: Oscar says, brightly, "Thanks so much for calling in, Eve. Next on the line, we have Mr Sanders. Take it away, sir."

RADIO: {audible apple crunch}

RADIO: A staticky voice, "You w— have — so ma — pl — ace?"

RADIO: A male voice, audibly British. "Sorry, I was going through a tunnel. Good evening Oscar, how's your world? Long time listener, first time caller. I've got a question for you."

RADIO: Oscar says, "Welcome back to the airwaves, Mr Sanders. My world is getting by. What's your question?"

RADIO: British man: "Okay. Hypothetical worst case scenario…"

RADIO: {another, louder, audible crunch of an apple}

RADIO: {chewing noises}

RADIO: Mr. Sanders: "What's the worst thing you fear, when it comes to… people with SLC-E people?"

RADIO: Oscar says, "I think 'fear' is one of those words that's gotten a little political. If you don't mind me using the word 'concern', I'd say that my concern is that SLC-Expressive people will, eventually, inevitablly, lead to a power imbalance that we won't be able to rectify. The haves and the have nots."

RADIO: Mr. Sanders: "See? I don't see why people give you so much hate, Oscar. That's a very realistic possibility. You know, I was siting here… wondering why people listen to you, to your… whatever this is?"

RADIO: Mr. Sanders: "Anyway. You're very prescient."

RADIO: Oscar says, "So it's a concern of yours too."

RADIO: Mr. Sanders: "Oh, absolutely not."

RADIO: Mr. Sanders: "You see, I was born in… what, 1620? 1621? I forget. I've been around long enough that The Rolling Stones wrote a song about me. I've seen people like you, terrified people. Usually it's without concern."

RADIO: Mr. Sanders: "One day soon, Oscar? You'll be lined up against a wall, or ok your knees. Because this world wasn't ever really yours… it was just on loan."

RADIO: Mr. Sanders: "Its just a matter of time. You're the Neanderthal. You're yesterday's fashion sense, soon to be in the garbage."

RADIO: {Interrupting apple crunch}

RADIO: After a beat of silence, Ricketts says, "One prank call after another, it seems— "

RADIO: Mr. Sanders. "Your fear is founded, Oscar. It's real. Enjoy the short time you have left."

RADIO: {click}

RADIO: Oscar clears his throat, and says, sounding very distracted: "Thanks for your illuminating perspective— ah, he's off the air."

RADIO: Ricketts says, "I'd like to point out that most SLC-Expressives I've talked to about such things have commonly— " But Oscar interrupts, the sound of shuffled papers under his voice as he says, "Well, what's say we take in a few more calls. We have— Lia, on the line. What've you got for us, Lia?"

RADIO: "Hallo! Lia here. I must say that Mr. Sanders seems rather harsh doesn't he? *dutch accent* he has the air of someone with a grudge"

RADIO: Eve says, “I mean”

RADIO: Eve says, “Don't all of us want to live together in peace by now? That's a long grudge to have bro”

RADIO: Oscar says, "He's not the first with a grudge, and he certainly won't be the last — not for a long time."

RADIO: Ricketts says, "I don't think that— "

RADIO: Eve says, “Well he comes off cheap doesn't he?”

RADIO: Eve says, “Half a bottle of sake?”

RADIO: Eve says, “Not even full?!”

RADIO: Eve says, “We got back, I mean you only lopped my head off back in the who knows when of Japan, and not even a picture or something. A FULL BOTTLE”

RADIO: Eve says, “Oh, I'm sorry”

RADIO: Oscar says, "Friend of yours, 'Lia'?"

RADIO: Eve says, “Yea, he's been dodging me for six years”

RADIO: Eve says, “neuker

RADIO: Eve says, “He's not wrong though”

RADIO: Oscar says, "In what sense is he 'not wrong'? The part where we get lined up and shot, or…"

RADIO: Eve says, “He has every intention of fulfilling his promises, silthering like a snake, sleek with the blood of the ruined, he thinks I didn't see! I saw!”

RADIO: Eve says, “Look for him, watch his movements. The horse was a WARNING”

RADIO: Eve says, “No! Stop that Gilly!”

RADIO: Oscar says, "Okay, Lia, thanks again for your contributions to our discussion tonight, they've certainly taken an interesting turn. We have time for a few more calls, but I would like to make a requesr that we keep Evo supremacist rhetoric off my airwaves. Fear, I believe, is something that stifles robust debate, and we've been fighting against that tide ever since the Midtown Man blew our city to hell. Okay, next on the line, I'd like to welcome Kitty. How're you doing today?"

RADIO: Kitty says, “I'm doing well, thank you for asking. What a show tonight, huh? So many just don't understand… Thank you so much for taking my call, by the way!”

RADIO: Oscar says, "No, thank you for calling in. You had some thoughts to share?"

RADIO: Kitty says, “I did! I think you're very right about all of this. The Evo- I mean, the SLC-Expressive, excuse me - They really do have this miraculous advantage over so many of us, right? Although for every person who can fly or bench a bus, there's fifty more who can only tell you what the next song on your iPod Shuffle's going to be. I think this is a very important issue we're all facing! We need to think about how we're going to look out for each other. That's what this is about, right? It's all very civic minded. Do you consider yourself a patriot, sir?”

RADIO: Oscar says, "Of course. Anyone entering into these discussions in good faith should have the state of the country as their foremost concern. One in fifty is pretty significant odds, though. It only takes one person to change the world at a whim, these days."

RADIO: Kitty sighs, concerned. "So, so true. I'm so glad to know someone else is thinking about these things. Thank you so much. Really. I just wanted to tell you to keep up the conversation. You're definitely appreciated by your like-minded listeners."

RADIO: Oscar says, "I'm glad to have you as a listener, Kitty, and thanks again for calling in. Okay, let's see who we have— "

RADIO: Abruptly, Ricketts starts coughing, until his mic is muted. Distantly, "So sorry."

RADIO: Oscar says, "No problem, Jon. Okay, Alister, you're on the air — how're the discussions so far treating you, sir?"

RADIO: Alister says, “I always love a good debate, Oscar! For those of you who don't know, I'm Alister Black, president of the Staten Island Trade Commission. And I just honestly want to say that there are two sides to every story. I don't advocate for the oppression of the human race or the supremacy of the Evolved. To be quite honest, Oscar, I don't see abilities.”

RADIO: Oscar says, "Well, to be honest with you, Mr Black— " He clears his throat. "— excuse me — some might say that not seeing abilities is a form of wilful blindness. In this town especially, they're everywere you look."

RADIO: Alister says, “That's where you're wrong, Oscar. You see, when a man raises a fist, I don't see a fist, I see a man who has had a hard life, a bad day. When a woman hammers a nail, I don't see the hammer, I see a woman building a new life, or repairing a house, or anything of the sort. An ability can be many things, but I only see people. And when we receive donations from generous donors in this city, and repair the first water treatment facility, all people will have access to water on Staten Island.”

RADIO: Oscar says, "Not everyone has the same— " Cough. "— philanthropic instinct as you, Mr Black. I— gosh, I'm so sorry." The distant sound of more coughing, which progresses very rapidly into retching. A distant, muffled voice follows the sudden dead air that consumes the transmission.

RADIO: {We apologise about the technical difficulties you are experiencing. Your regular programming will return shortly. We apologise about the technical difficulties you are experiencing. Your regular programming will return shortly. We apologise about the technical difficulties you are experiencing. Your regular programming will retur}

RADIO: And then only static.

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