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Scene Title Talking Veronica Sawyer
Synopsis Kat calls in Elisabeth to find out what she knows about Veronica Sawyer.
Date March 10, 2009

A Playground somewhere in the City

It's a playground. With children. Certainly there will be no bloodshed around small humans. Actually, it's been relatively calm between Liz and Kat since the day they had lunch. Of course, that could be due to the fact they haven't crossed paths. They are about to do so now. The call placed at the hospital was to Liz. She picked this location because she had no idea where this conversation was going to go and therefore probably the safest bet for the two. Plus, she was not too keen on being overheard by ears that didn't need to hear the topic of this particular conversation. She stands next to her car in the parking lot and waits for Liz to show up. Kat is up to her neck in evolved cases somehow all of a sudden and she's started to feel the pressure, just a little. It's pushing at the front of her head like a migraine, which is why she pops a couple of aspirin and drinks it down with half a can of diet Cola. Her gaze turns to the children playing, with mothers watching. How many of those children will test positive for evolved? She's been rather reflective as of late in regards to this and only recently spoken a word to anyone about it. She takes a deep breath. Fresh air pours into her lungs and she lets it loose.

Elisabeth's car pulls up in the lot near Kat's and she climbs out. Today she's being all casual cop (laundry issues again) — jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, knee-high boots, tan blazer and her black jacket that cover the shoulder rig she's wearing. She looks around and walks toward Kat with a puzzled, wary look. "Hey. What's going on?" Cuz if the agent says something ugly's happening in the park, Liz is leaving… no, seriously. She's seen too many kids die this month, she can't even be here if something bad's up this morning.

Where to freaking start? She eyes Harrison for a long moment. She doesn't waste time, as she's quite known for getting right to the point. "Veronica Sawyer is a friend of mine." Okay, so it might surprise folks to learn that Kat can actually have a friendly relationship with someone. "Tell me about Tylar Case and what he's messed up in." She keeps her gaze on the SCOUT officer as she looks for a reaction.

Raising an eyebrow, Liz replies, "Is… which means she's alive. Which is good news. I figure Homeland already has the DNA report in their hands, and I didn't feel like looking stupid by reporting her dead when she wasn't. And I didn't figure they'd tell me if she was alive." She shoves her hands into her pockets. "Why're you interested in the Case case?" She rolls her eyes. "I hate saying that."

"I heard from her last night." Not entirely true, but she did hear about the Deckard wipe. "The problem is, somehow another Agent has it in her mind that Veronica Sawyer might not be Veronica Sawyer. That she's some sort of carbon copy running around with a Homeland Security badge. I was told that NYPD was working on a suspect.. Tylar Case, and you're the only one I really know in there, so before I go to my boss with some sort of wild accusation, I need to know that I have all the information possible." Kat kicks at a rock, watching it bounce across the parking lot as she leans against her car. "Like I said, she's a friend. If she's not who she's supposed to be, I can hardly approach her about it, which means I go over her head. You can imagine how this puts me in an awkward situation. Can you tell me anything?"

Elisabeth blinks, looking totally thrown off guard. "The short version is that he's some kind of Evo serial killer — which we've thus far managed to keep out of the news because the MO's are different enough. It's been an NYPD/FBI case for a month or so, but Sawyer's name came up as a possible victim. I can give you the forensics report… not like I haven't been told to cooperate fully with you, Kat." She hesitates. "But I gotta tell you, I never said any such thing. Anything I know about Case's ability at this point is complete speculation. We originally thought he had a bodymorph ability of some kind… or that he activated or amped latent Evo powers of other people. The last scene was a horror show — looked like pureed human, enough DNA for a couple of full bodies. *All* the DNA evidence came back as Sawyer's, but it was apparently also similar to amniotic fluid. Like…. she tried to split her body apart into clones or something, is one of the possibilities that sprang to mind. Witnesses from one of the earlier crime scenes said they'd seen a 'demon' — and I do mean demon, red eyes, the whole nine yards — running from the scene. Which might or might not have been Case. Or…. maybe whatever tried to climb out of Sawyer?" She shakes her head. "Honestly, we really have absolutely *no* idea what we're dealing with."

Shaking her head, Kat smirks. "I never said you said anything Harrison. In fact, the agent I talked to refused to name their source, so unless you're talking to another agent besides me." She glances over curiously, ".. then it's probably not you." She reaches for her soda and takes another drink, setting it back down on her car. It's still fairly early in the morning and she's seriously considering the possibility of getting stone-ass drunk. "So, the FBI and NYPD are only interested in Sawyer to find out if she's alive or not? Wait.. did you say pureed human that had Sawyer's DNA? This makes no damn sense. This makes my brain hurt."

Elisabeth smirks faintly and merely refuses to comment on who she might have been talking to. "Yeah, tell me about it. The *entire pool* of pureed human had amniotic fluid and Sawyer's DNA. Like I said — sort looked to me like she was birthing copies of herself based on the report, though the detectives who picked up that scene indicated it was just a massive pool of goo. So yeah — before I ran off and told Homeland 'hey, your agent's dead', I wanted to get my ducks in a row and see if she's even been seen since she chased my suspect into the alley. And since it sounds like she has, I think maybe she ought to file a report with us so we can continue to follow up on our leads." She eyes Kat with that expression. The bitter one. "Unless, of course, DHS has decided that it's a matter of national security and they're taking over the investigation," she adds in a tone that doesn't quite hit neutral.

Kat offers a nonchalant shrug, "I haven't heard anything about that, so keep on with what you're doing. But take this into consideration." She turns her head to the side, towards Liz and a small smirk forms on her face. "Sawyer is not a registered evolved. She has no ability. So, why is this Tylar Case running around with a Ragu jar full of her DNA?"

Now Liz looks thoughtful. "Now *that* is interesting. It lends more credence to the idea that either Case is ramping up latent abilities or that something else is going on. One witness said they thought she looked like something was trying to CLIMB out of your agent in that alley. Hence why I wasn't sure if we were looking at the agent's death or just the leftovers of something that he *did* to her that sloughed off when he was out of range. And believe me, we're talking far, far more than a Ragu jar. We're talking…. the forensic expert literally said something like three whole bodies worth of DNA. Like…. Sawyer was three times bigger than she is and exploded or something."

Kat shakes her head. "I hate to be the one analyzing that crap." She gives a soft chuckles. "What I wouldn't do for an old fashioned murder right about now. Robbery? Something simple." Sigh. Dramatically so. "I guess I need to find Veronica Sawyer and find out for myself. See if she knows anything. I'll get back with you. I'm not sure HomeSec is going to offer up their agent for your investigation without putting their fingers into the jar, so to speak." Kat pushes off her car.

There's a very real grimace when Kat talks about the analysis of that stuff — yet another small thing they agree on. Ick! "Well, I don't want DHS mucking about in my case at all — I'd love to know just what Sawyer was *doing* in the alley in the first place. Cuz if DHS is *already* involved, then I'm going to let my captain know that either we all need to be on the same page, or someone needs to bow out. Too many foxes in the henhouse, you know." She smirks. "And believe me, I already know that just by telling you about my case, I'm likely to get it yanked out of my hands…. it seems to be how things are working about half the time lately."

The look that Kat gives Liz is incredulous. "You think I'm not already up in my eyeballs in evolved cases? I don't need another. I think handing the Sawyer angle on this will probably be the extent I get involved, unless word goes higher, and I have no choice in the matter. For all I care, you can have it." She opens the door to her car and starts to slide in when she recalls. "Oh.. that agent I was talking about. Seems to be a friend of yours. Might want to visit her. She's in the hospital. Apparently got drugged or something from being touched by an evolved. You know, Dahl? She speaks highly of you."

Elisabeth doesn't look surprised — the only person she told Sawyer's name to was Minea Dahl. She does, however, look concered. "Shit! We're not exactly friends, I've run into her a few times…. seems like a good person. Is she okay? Up at St. Luke's?"

Katherine nods as she starts up the car and rolls down the window before shutting it. "Yup. She was a little loopy for a while there, but looks like she's going to be just fine." After a little detox, maybe. "Heading over to Homeland to see if we have anyone on file. I would have gotten the girl if Dahl hadn't reached for her weapon to start shooting at giant purple spiders." She smirks.

There's a blink and a raised eyebrow, and Elisabeth tries not to chuckle. "Giant purple spiders…. you know…. " She fails, the laughter rolling out of her quietly. "Words fail me." She shakes her head and then says, "Thanks Kat. If you know for sure Sawyer's alive, that's all I really needed for my report. If you can find out anything else — like whether she's actually working my case so that I at least know that I *could* wind up tripping over agents out there while I'm doing my job, that'd be helpful. Otherwise, the report's already filed and I'm sure your superiors have already seen it, since she was ID'd in it. If they're working the case, a sharing of details could be in order… if they want to know what I already know. If not…. no big deal to me. My priority is Case. Whether it's uncontrolled or merely self-defense — which given the situations surrounding each of these deaths — he is still a POI. I'm leaning less toward murders, though, given the rest of what I know about the case."

Kat puts the car in gear. "I'll find out what I can. Then find out what I'm allowed to share. May just need to set up a meeting between you and Sawyer and you two can hash out what needs to be shared and what doesn't." She offers a wave. "Thanks for coming out. I appreciate it." She backs the car up and heads out of the parking lot, leaving behind the laughter of children. An actual civil conversation. Who would have thought?

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