Tap! Tap! Tap!



Scene Title Tap! Tap! Tap!
Synopsis Aric dreams to find him in his worse nightmare.
Date January 14, 2011

An Unknown Cell

A small cell! Dark. Dank. Smells of dirt and Iron! A small bed with thick black restraints on it for the arms and legs!

The darkness surrounded him. He could not see his hand in front of his face. His heart pounding in his ears as he listened for any familiar sound besides thump….thump….thump. As he slowly began to reach his left hand forward when a piercing scream echoed behind him. It was a child screaming in pain! The screaming continued to grow louder and louder. It got so loud that he searched for his ears in the darkness to cover them.

Silence! The child had suddenly stopped screaming. It was an uncomfortable silence that caused Aric to hold his breath in hopes to hear something from that child once again. However, it was not the child he heard but heavy set doors opening and the soft tap….tap…tap…tap of shoes along the floor. His chest swelled in fear as he felt the desire to get away from the oncoming tapping of the shoes coming in his direction!

Light! The white illumination of thousands of lights pushed back the darkness. Aric brought a hand to his eyes to get his barrings to see where he was and to his horror he was in an endless hall way of cells! He turned left….cells…he turned right…cells! Tap…tap…tap! The sound was growing louder! Aric had to get away from the tapping! His feet began to walk away from the oncoming tapping sound as he past cell upon cell.

People! The cells had people in them…and it was people he knew. “Help us…please!” they cried out to him…reaching for him. “Aric…Aric.” A voice he knew…it was Liz. Aric stopped and he saw Liz. She looked so haggard. She reached out for him. “Liz! Oh my god…what happened.” “You did this to us…you lead them right to our door.” Tap…tap…tap! “He’s coming…you have to run!”

Death! The beast came out of one of the cells. Its huge nine foot frame covered in tattered clothing and covered in blood. He was dragging something behind him. Liz coiled away in fear, “Run.” She whispered as she hid in the shadows away from the edge of the cell. Aric turned to face the beast his muscles tighten from fear…exhaustion…and a slight curiosity. The thing the beast was dragging was a corpse. It was Aric’s parents corpses tied in a human knot.

Running! As he turn to run, the endless hallway going on and on the Beast snickered as it began to chase it prey. Aric did his best to run as fast as he could looking over his shoulder ever so often to see the looming figure getting closer. The muscles in his legs burning from the pain of trying to get away from his unknown attacker when suddenly the floor below his feet giving away and he is falling!

Life! As he grips the edge of the broken ledge with one hand Aric looks into the unknown darkness below. “Fuck my life.” escapes his lips as he prepares to let go before the beast gets him when a HUGE black hand closes around his wrist and pulls him up. Aric’s body goes tense as he is faced with Richard Cardinal. As he grins a wild smile at his prey, Cardinal’s voice hoarse and dry grumbles to Aric, “I see what you become….this is for your own good!”


As he slowly opens his eyes, the smell of iron and dirt fills his nose. The world has a purple haze to it. Aric makes an attempt to sit up and he can’t. He tries to get an idea of where he is as the flickering of the florescent lighting above makes it difficult for him. The first thing he is able to make out are the bars. The cold iron metal formed in front of him to keep him in his cell. He shifts his hands and they are held down by thick black restrains. He tries to pull weakly at the restrains but the drugs make it nearly impossible for him to move. The need to close his eyes begins to take him again, as Aric sees a figure in the shadows behind the bars.

“That’s right Gibbs…go back to sleep. Do not make me come in there and slap ya around.” snickers the guard softly. As he opens his mouth to say something he senses how dry his throat is before he just surrenders once again to the darkness…. The darkness surrounded him. He could not see his hand in front of his face. His heart pounding in his ears as he listened for any familiar sound besides thump….thump….thump.

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