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Scene Title Tapout
Synopsis The humbling of an ego occurs, when Katherine spars with Minea.
Date February 5 2009

Golden Gym

It's the afternoon, and Golden Gym and Agent Katherine Marks is currently on the treadmill. The speed is set at 7 miles per hour and she trudges down the line. She's wearing an athletic gray tank top, with navy blue shorts and ankle socks tucked in to her white running shoes. There is a definitely sweat line around her neck as she's been running or about 55 minutes and there shows a 5 minute time limit left. She has earphones tucked into her ears attached to an MP3 player on the dash of the treadmill. While she works out every day, she hopes from one club to the next, so as not to set a pattern of behavior. She picks up her towel, already damp from her sweat and wipes her brother. The treadmills on either side of her are vacant.

Minea eases up onto the treadmill to Katherine's right. The deep 'v' of sweat decorating her double layer of tank top, thin white bottom underneath grey racer back, black yoga pants and Sneakers. Her left arm is bandaged up around her forearm, the white of the gauze. Fresh from the weights, and the speed bag. She hasn't found a sparring partner here in the city, unless you count Flint Deckard. Buttons are pressed, water set into its slot, and the ISA agent is settling in for a brisk walk. No running for her.

Charlie is really bad at 'days off'. He doesn't have many hobbies other than drinking, which is a pretty crappy hobby and one that isn't too great in the early afternoon. He likes work. Work keeps him from thinking. Working out is probably the next best option. He's not wearing anything fancy - just old sweats and a t-shirt. He's in and out of the locker rooms soon enough; after that, he's taking up a place by the treadmills but not on them. He's also taking up quite a bit of space, what with being kind of gigantic. Some stretching occurs. Warming up is good.

05… 04… 03… 02… 01… FINISH. There's a beep and for another minute the speed on the treadmill slowly decreases until it comes to a stop, reaching zero once again. She grabs her towel with on hand, her iPod with the other and steps off the machine. She turns off the gadget and pulls the ear buds from her ears before winding them up and tucking them away inside her pocket before reaching for her water. Sweat continues to run down her face as she begins to lap around the treadmills, slowly allowing her heart beating to come back to normal while she wipes her face. She nods to Minea as she walks by, before walking up to an employee for the gym. "Anyone around I can spar with?" The man shakes his head. 'No one at the moment. All the females are off or have left for the day." The agent shrugs. "Doesn't have to be a female." The man shakes his head. "Gym policy. No male employees can spare with female customers." "Right." she curses silently under her breath.

She's not got any ear buds on, and it's a polite nod to Katherine as she does her laps. Charlie's eyed, but then, she eyes' everyone, quickly, then away, situational awareness ingrained in her from military and of course her job. She can't help it though, to hear Katherine's request and no one there to help her. "What kind?" the older dark haired woman asks, though she doesn't stop her quick walking pace on the machine. "Of sparring"

Charlie turns his head at Katherine's request; he also snorts, which is a bad sign. And then he calls out, "You two should go at it!" at Katherine and Minea. Because hey, girl fight. Stretching done, he makes his way toward one of the big punching bags, angling himself for a good view of any sparring that may or may not go on between two reasonably attractive women.

Kat turns her head when the woman overhears her conversation, and then interjects. She shrugs. "Oh, anything really. Just some hand to hand combatives." She walks over towards the other woman, sizing her up. "Just trying to keep in shape. You never know what you might run into one night walking home alone." she offers a smirk towards the older female. If she wasn't walking, Kat might offer her hand in greeting, but it would be awkward, so she waits. "Have any training?" The man's comment is ignored for the moment. For the moment.

Brown eyes flicker to Charlie then back to Kay as more buttons are pressed by Minea. French manicured tips though they're kept short. "I have some. I can't go hard, but I can do some today" A lift of her left arm and gauze wound around it. "What style, if any, do you favor, so I can adapt?" Her gaze goes back to Charlie, and his boxing bag. "Big man. With the mouth. You wanna spot us?"

"I will spot you fine," Charlie says, cracking a huge, dumb grin. He has no neck. "Perfectly willing. Charlie, by the way."

Kat glances towards the big guy and grins. "I prefer 'big man with the mouth' myself, but I'm okay with him spotting." she turns back to the other female. "I'm Kat. Katherine, if you must. Never Kate." She nods towards the ring off to the side. "I can go light today. Not a problem. Got any rule preferences?" She rolls under the bottom rope before pulling herself up to her feet inside the ring.

"Minea, call me Min. Easy on my left side. You got any?" Charlie's motioned over as she wipes down with a towel. "They got gear if we want to use it. If not, I’m fine with just taps" She offers her hand to Kat and then Charlie in turn. This might actually be interesting.

Charlie shrugs, still smiling genially. Because hey… chick fight. Seriously. "No hair pulling," he suggests. "Or nails."

Shaking her head, Kat nahs. "I'm not used to playing with rules, but I can be friendly when the time comes. Kat shakes Min's hand and glances to Charlie one more time. "I am almost certain you don't have to worry about that stuff." Back to Min, Kat motions to the mat. "Prefer to start on feet or knees?" She hops from side to side, staying warmed up. "I'm open to either."

"Feet. Friendly it is then." The brunette's already warmed up and starts in towards the mats. "What about you Charlie? You have a style you prefer? Or are you just a boxer? Or do you like to just watch two ladies and wish it were a wading pool of Jell-O?" There's a wink to him as Minea situates herself on the mat.

"Mud's a little sexier," Charlie informs Minea and Katherine both. "But not great in gyms. There are other places for that, fortunately." He shrugs massive shoulders. "Nothing in particular. Boxing, I guess. Some other martial arts here and there, but I never stuck with one long."

Kat stretches one arm across her chest one way, then the other in reverse then shakes them out. "Okay. Fair enough. Ready when you are. Big man can say when it's time to go." She reaches behind her to make sure her ponytail is tied in tied.

Minea's feet are positioned, to steady herself, ready to move if she needs to, hands loose and at her side, moving her fingers just slightly. "When Charlie says go" Though Minea's already shifting her weight from right to left, studying the woman in front of her and her body movements.

Charlie folds his arms across his stomach, surveying this with the air of someone who lets a little responsibility go straight to his head. His gaze flicks to the clock. "And…. go."

Kat doesn't rush in right away. She isn't sure exactly what skill the other female holds. She moves in cautiously, though confidently. She holds her hands up, the right higher than the left and she moves in staying to the right at the Min's request and move towards her ungauzed arm, attempting to move by her and then reach around her waist from the side to pull her down.

She's expecting movement to her right side. Minea's not about to let her get a hand around her and wrench her to the ground. Ground means bad and ground means she's failed. So she lets Kat get in close at least, give her hope. At the last moment, the arm that's going for her is attempted to be grabbed at the wrist, bend it inwards towards forearm gently since it is a friendly fight, Minea's left hand making for her forearm in another playful wrench up towards her back, so that the woman’s arm is up and as if scratching at some itch and herself behind the company agent.

The unfortunate thing about joint locks is that options are severely limited if you don't manage to snake out of them before they take. So Charlie's eyebrows go up; he doesn't look terribly surprised, but neither does he look impressed.

It was a simple miscalculation, but indeed Kat ends up with her arm up behind her back. She can't drop down because it would wrench her arm even further upwards, and pain isn't really her pleasure. She grunts and widening her stance before reaching down with her high flexibility and attempts to grab and ankle to pull her off balance. If she goes down, then Kat will be ready to spin around and grab a leg.

Which pulls Minea over a bit, and with that a grimace from the pull in her abdomen. Minea grits teeth as Kat succeeds in getting her ankle and pulls. Minea bends her other leg, try and shift so Kat doesn’t land on her, wouldn't be a good thing. The arm that was grasped is pulled to the side, to aid in the shifting so she'll land on her right side, roll with the other brunette get her on her stomach and switch that arm again, turn and lock it behind her back.

Grappling. There is a God, and for once He smiles down upon Charlie, who is watching without bothering to conceal a little smile. "Awesome," he murmurs under his breath.

She knows she's going down, and in this position, all she can do it tuck and rolls, pulling Min over the top of her and flipping her to the other side. Kat's arm may still be held by the other female at this point, so she does a second roll to straighten out her arm, then attempts to wrap her legs around Min's arm while grabbing her wrist with her free hand. She's going for an arm bar, if she's not blocked first.

It's friendly. There's no bruises, not deliberately, nor is Minea going for quick strikes that would otherwise be her Modus Operandi. Her elbows and knees usually get a lot more work than her hands. But Kat's getting her into an arm bar. Great, she hates those. Something about faces in asses and other parts that you shouldn't have your face in unless it's in special circumstances. And she doesn’t know Kat that way. Minea waits, judging when the woman's going to be balancing just so when trying to maneuver her and brings a knee up, crash into the woman's side and back and flips her, pull her own arm out of the woman’s reach and roll away as she's knocked her away.

Charlie raises an arm to point. "You're getting close to the edge of the mat there," he says. "Also, I am very much enjoying this."

Kat feels the arm slipping out, then the knee hits her side and she oofs, releasing the hold completely. When Min rolls away, Kat does as well, though she's a bit slowly as she rolls to get onto her knee. "Nice shot." she comments, with a hint of annoyance in her voice. Yes, she hates losing. Of course, it is a friendly bout, right? She snaps a look over towards Charlie before turning back. She pushes herself back up to her feet, though favoring her side. "Your move, Min." she eyes carefully.

Minea takes the moment to get back to her feet as well, a dip of her head in thanks. "Your pretty good yourself" Minea wipes her forehead with her left arm, a grimace before she gives a false start forward, see if Katherine will fall for it. Her feet placed ready again, arms and hands loose.

Charlie grins at Katherine. "What? I'm spotting! I'm paying lots of attention!"
Kat rolls her eyes at the male. She'd probably flip him off, if that were her thing. She rarely engages in the art of spewing profanities. She considers it beneath her. She doesn't fall for the false start this time, and arches a brow in the female's direction. "Problem?" she asks, keeping her stance firm. "Don't be scared."

Minea grins, widely. "None at all" Offering a wink to the other woman, She moves forward as she's speaking though, palms open, moving with her right hand to come down, slap a shoulder, distract the woman so that at the last minute she can swing a foot out, hook it around a calf and yank it upwards, cause Katherine to fall on her back.

Charlie smiles genially; he glances at the clock again, then back at the women.

Well, in theory that set of moves would have worked had Kat not originally seen the slap to the shoulder. She had intended not to be taken down twice, and so she decides it's time to put an end to this once and for all. She ducks under the slap as she charges forward to wrap her arms around Min's waist and try to force her down to the mat. At least that's her plan.

Tricky tricky Kat! With the duck, the older brunette is already moving, letting the arm go round her waist this time, though quick as lighting she twists, lope an arm back and around Kat's head and push her weight back, all of it, into the agent. This would force the woman to fall down, Minea working her legs to hook under the other woman’s, pin them as well. The hit to her waist causes another grimace, a groan from beneath gritted teeth but Minea forges forward, her left hand clamped on her right arm, Kat's chin resting atop Minea's elbow as she applied a choke to the woman, flexing her right forearm to press on the jugular, cause Kat a little dizziness. "Give?"

"Tap out if you're going to," Charlie rumbles, approaching the pair. Hey, sometimes speaking's not possible.

Not as if she can speak with a forearm pressed against her throat. Kat already feels dizzy and there's just enough stubborn in her where she struggles for a moment. But that moment doesn't last too long as it isn't long until she start tapping her hand on the mat, calling 'uncle' and handing the win over to Minea.

The second Kat's hand taps the mat, the pressure is eased up and she's unfolding herself from around the woman, even going so far as to offer a hand up to the other woman. "Good move there. Trying to get behind me. Thanks Charlie" The guy was doing his job.

Charlie grunts, nods, and says, "No problem. Any other time you two wanna wrestle, call me. Or even if one of you wants to wrestle." That just doesn't sound wholesome. Pig.

There's a flicker of frustration that passes over the woman's face. Kat gets to her knees and sits there for a moment as the red face returns to her normal color. Kat does not like to lose. She snaps another glare at Charlie, before turning back and forcing a smile, accepting the hand and getting to her feet. "Thanks you too. You're tough. Nicely done. I hope I didn't reinjure you. I was trying to be careful." Well, it's a little saving face, but it's still a defeat. She'll be back to training again soon now, to improve her skills and become better. "I should get going. I've stayed out far past my lunch hour." She offers a hand to Minea.

Minea doesn't have the heart to tell the woman that she was going easy. "Don't think I pulled anything. If I did, it was because of my stupidity and pushing. But I’m around if you ever want, or need a sparring partner, or to work on your skills" Her hand closes around Kat, giving it a firm squeeze and shake. "Let me get you my business card" when she lets go, motioning to the grated lockers that run along a wall. "I was in the military, and I kept up my training after I left" A couple towels are snagged, one thrown to Charlie, one offered to Katherine and one for herself. 'Charlie, no offense, but I’m in no shape to be taking you on. Once my stitches are out, I’ll hand you your ass okay?" Balls, Minea's got balls. She looks to Kat, another wink and low enough for only her to hear. "Bet I could get him down on his knees at least. Don’t' think I could take him down but I can keep him dancing"

Charlie shrugs. "I don't fight girls," he says. He catches the towel, giving it an amused look. "Thankfully, just watching a sparring match doesn't make me break into a sweat."

Kat smirks at that comment, then takes the towel, wiping herself down. She accepts the card and tucks it into her own locker. "Gonna grab a quick shower. I'll see you two later." She shuts her locker and disappears into the women's shower, tossing off another wave before slipping through the door.

"Not in the kind of way I’d offer, that's obvious. See you 'round Charlie." She kneels down, grabbing her bag and jacket, movements careful, tucking her wallet away again and the business card holder. She was gonna feel that later, that's for sure. "Take care Katherine" before the woman disappears into the lockers. Minea’s getting ready to head for the exit. She'll shower elsewhere.

Charlie rolls his shoulders in a shrug; he turns toward one of the full-body punching bags and starts to warm up on it.

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