Taxi Ride To Normal


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Scene Title Taxi Ride To Normal
Synopsis With power coming back and the temperature rising, residents are heading for their homes.
Date May 26, 2010

The snow, it was over and for once, Adelaide's bags are packed and one her back and over her shoulders. "Finally I can go home." she checks her cell phone and then starts to walk out the door.

Also heading home from his winter prison cell, James Silver is pulling a suitcase behind him and has a laptop case in his other hand, stacked with several folders, trying to carefully navigating his way out to a waiting taxi that will take him back to Fort Greene. Of course, not watching where he's going, there's only one outcome here as he collides with Adelaide and his papers flutter into the air and begin to scatter about the foyer. "Oh my God. I'm so sorry." He begins to scramble around trying to collect some of the legal paperwork he's collected while working here the past several weeks.

Adelaide smiles. She grabs a few of the loose papers. "It's fine." she begins. "I think we've just had a small collision. The sound of a laptop falling though the case-pads its landing she sighs. "I hope I didn't ruin anything." she adjusts her few items and begins to pick up the loose papers.

Starting with the laptop, he emits a small curse as he starts to stack the papers one more time. He smiles over at the woman and nods. "Oh, I'm entirely certain I was not watching where I was going. I hope I didn't hurt you or anything." He's a tad annoyed at himself as he accepts the papers she's collected and adds them to his stack.

"Are you heading out as well? You must be glad to finally be able to head for home." He gives a check to his stack this time and tries to make sure they're going to stay put this time before standing and offering his hand, "I'm James. Do you have far to go?"

Adelaide nods. She hands him a few papers. "Yeah… Upper West side." she explains. "Well," she smiles, "I am Adelaide… it’s a pleasure to meet you James, and I have a car, though it’s probably buried under the ice and snow…"

James nods to her words, taking the rest of the papers from her and added them to the stack. "Well, you may have to come back for it. Luckily for me, I take a taxi pretty much everywhere." That and public transportation on occasion. "If you can't get your car running, I'll be happy to share my ride with you. I'm heading towards Brooklyn, myself, but I don't mind taking a detour."

Adelaide shakes her head. "Hardly I'd love the company." she smiles. "I need it really been telling stories to kids and I think I need to regain the adult conversation skills."
James leads the way towards the taxi that's waiting for him. He has the driver pop the trunk for their luggage which gets placed in the back, assisting her with her gear as well. "Well, I cannot promise to be a more entertaining or even more adult conversation than what you're currently used, but I'll give it my best shot." He walks over and opens the door for her to slide on in. "Heading towards the west side, she'll let you know where," he tells the driver.

Adelaide smiles. She moves into the cab and begins directing the driver. "So what is it you do James?"

That's the question. Not that he's embarrassed to be what he is, but most give him that disdainful look upon the revelation that he's an attorney. He cocks a smirk and shrugs, sliding in and shutting the door as the taxi takes off heading towards the west side. "I'm a lawyer. And you?" James leans back in the backseat, relaxing for the long ride.

Adelaide smiles. She moves to sit in the chair and listen. She closes her eyes listening to the car ride “I am student."

"Which college?" Silver watches her for when she closes her eyes and he turns to watch the scenery fly by as the taxi maneuvers through the city. He knows that he'll be in court within a few days more than likely now that the power has come back. He's felt sort of lost without all of that, so there's a part of him that's rather excited at the prospect.

Adelaide nods. "Columbia University though I take a few classes at several other colleges, double majoring in Pre-medical and psychology."

James nods several times. "Impressive. Must keep you very busy, I imagine. I guess it doesn't leave you much time for socializing or doing a heck of a lot of fun stuff." Granted, it's been nearly a year since James Silver did anything that might remotely be considered fun.

Adelaide nods. "Yeah… but I have Evolved Anonymous to look out for… and trying to find a guy… and… going out."

He nods. "I've heard about that meeting. How funny that I would run into you by pure coincidence." James reaches into his pocket and plucks a business card from his wallet. "I've made a habit of out defending those with abilities, so if you run into anyone who might need some help, please send them my way. My fee is very negotiable as I try to help as many as possible." He holds out the card towards her for her to take.

Adelaide nods. "Thanks. Do you have business cards? I can leave them on the table and that way it still remains 'anonymous'." she smiles.

James has already started putting his wallet away, pausing at her request and pulling it back out and digging through it. "Well, I have a couple more." He hands the two that he has left to her. "If you give me and address or something, I can have my office send over a regular supply when you need them." The taxi is already pulling in front of her complex. The lawyer nods to the driver, "I'll take care of it when we get to my place," meaning the cost of the ride over here. "The ride's on me," he smiles to her. "Do you need help with your bags?" The driver is already out of the cab and opening the trunk for her.

Adelaide nods. She begins to get the bags next to her. "A little help would be nice." She smiles, placing the cards into the pocket of her jeans. "Now this is going to be blunt…" she pauses.”Please tell me you’re not trying worm your way into my heart and house…" she says in a warm voice. "Sorry… that was probably pretty rude sounding…”

Silver takes a few moments to get what she's saying and then shakes his head and chuckles. "I'm afraid that my intentions are far less self serving than that." After helping her with her gear, he gets back into the taxi and is quiet the long ride back to Fort Green. Perhaps now, he and everyone else can get back to some form of normal life.

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