Taze Me



Scene Title Taze Me
Synopsis Said nobody.
Date January 18, 2020

Park Slope

Park Slope was a prime example of a world reclaimed by nature. The way vines curled around man made structures or brush finding cracks and crevices to thrive, it was breathtaking compared to other parts of the slowly recovering city. If she didn’t like her electricity, Kaylee might have considered settling into this part of the SafeZone, but also partly for the quiet from a sparsely populated area.

Instead, she surrounded herself with its beauty when she jogs, ignoring the potential danger in the shadows of derelict buildings.

The black SUV, she arrived in, was parked near a railway bridge that had long about been overgrown. A few other cars were parked there, meaning they wouldn’t be totally alone on this trip. Using one of the bridge’s concrete supports, Kaylee grabs behind her for her ankle and pulls it towards her body. She can’t help but look in the direction that Luther normally shows up from. How many times had she looked? Too many. Brows tip a bit lower as there doesn’t seem to be anyone else coming.

Luther, her reluctant jogging partner, was running late.

Letting out a white plumed sigh in the crisp morning air, Kaylee looks back at the two men that had been assigned to her, while Bob dealt with some important and official Co-Security Head business in Detroit. He absolutely hated leaving her, not unlike a parent with a child which might explain the - in her mind - overabundance of bodyguards.

“Chuck,” Kaylee calls to the heavier of the two. “What time is it?”

"About seven past five-thirty," the one bodyguard, Chuck, reports as he tries to suppress a yawn. Tries and mostly succeeds, but the man pulls his face into a funny set of angles in the process. With Bob out of town and Lou making sure the RayTech branch office was up and running, the two men assigned to security detail had not exactly known that part of it would entail getting up at o'dark thirty to exercise.

Barry, the taller and slimmer bodied of the two, rolls his shoulders back in slow stretching movements. He cracks his neck from side to side and adjusts the loose jacket fitting over the thin armor vest underneath it. "You want to get a headstart on Bellamy, Ms. Thatcher?" They all knew the route by now, surely.

A face peers down from the trees above, partially covered by googles and a mask that covers their mouth and nose. Wild strands of platinum blonde hair sticks from the dark hood pulled over their head.

Kaylee Ray, Telepath
Threat Assessment: HIGH

There's a light quirk of the figure's lips and she dips her head.


She would have to be quick about it. Thirty seconds.

The guards are analyzed, the HUD pulling up their firearms they have stored on their bodies. Emerald green eyes flick to and fro as her hands go to her back and unlatch two things that were hanging from her belt. The pins are pulled with her teeth and she tosses them out on either side of the group of people to the ground below. They land with a clang that's echoes through the area. Birds caw, dogs bark.

The rope was for added protection, the young woman grips it behind her back as her Talon flashes in her dominant hand. Smoke begins to plum from the grenades, one black mass of smoke mixing with a red toned smoke. The world grows hazy as Tibby leans back and allows herself to fall directly over the group. Aiming for the telepath's back, the three bodies outlined even in the smoke.

Engaging targets

Her Talon is raised in the air as she comes falling down quietly, aiming to embed it in Kaylee's shoulder.

The telepath gives a short laugh, “If we get a head start, he’ll never catch up. He might decide we left and part of all this is to help him.” Kaylee glances down that way again. “A few more minutes.”

Homeless huddle in tents and nearby rundown structures, probably watching each person that comes through to jog the trails. It makes up enough minds in Park Slope that Kaylee rarely thinks to look closely at any of the ones hovering nearby. It’s this overconfidence in her ability that may be her undoing…

There are only a few moments of warning as Tibby’s mind suddenly and very rapidly moves towards her. In fact, the woman twists and looks up, eyes widening in surprise before the metal of the Talon embeds in her shoulder.

In the past, Kaylee was able to flee into the mind of her attacker, however, that must have been a fluke. The woman can barely get a clear thought through as a sharp jolt of electricity courses through her body, locking up muscles, and sending her tumbling bonelessly to the ground.

Chuck and Barry share the laugh, but the two guards keep it quiet. More out of respect than out of paranoia that the infamous sharp hearing of their former security head will catch the chuckles should Luther appear. He doesn't, yet. Instead that laughter dies off the moment the sound of a pair of metal clinks against concrete follow with the hiss of gas and smoke.

Anybody alive during the Second Civil War, having fought in it, would know the noise.

"The fuck?! Move! Back to the car!"

The bodyguards seek out the telepath, but the smoke obscures their vision, the tears and coughing start to affect their movement.

"Kaylee!" Chuck calls out, being nearest to her he sees Tibby slip down from the trees around them. Too slow to prevent the initial stab, the guard nevertheless is on the move and grabs for the assaulter from behind.

Barry coughs loudly, circling around the other flank and reaches down to grasp Kaylee's arm to pull her away, unwittingly jostling the injured shoulder.

As Tibby is grabbed from behind she doesn't squirm, instead she takes a deep breath and throws her head back to slam it into Chuck's nose. Freeing her arm to rip her firearm out she swings it upwards and unloads a dart at Kaylee's shoulder and Barry's thigh.

Tranq darts.

Three for her three targets.

WARNING: Head Trauma! Head Trauma!

The South African ignores it and stomps down on Chuck's foot and leaning forward so that she can bend forward and look up at the man from the space in between her legs. Hello. The masked woman lifts her tranq gun and fires the other dart towards his chest.

There is a sharp sounds from the telepath when her arm is grabbed and pulled. That smarts! However, she can’t seem to find the words to express her displeasure… Nor can she throw the thought at the guy.

Kaylee is still trying to gather her thoughts together when there is a sharp pinch in her shoulder.

The f—.

The end of the dart taps against her cheek as she tries to look at the source of the pain, but it doesn’t quite sink in yet when she feels the walls around her mind start to crumble, no matter how she struggles to keep them up. Without the walls to protect her mind, the voices around her slam into her. It’s like sticking an airhorn next to her ear pushing the button. Her hand jerks out of the Barry’s grip so she can press both to her head with a whine.

It felt like her head wanted to explode and soon a thin line of blood seeps from her nose. Mercifully, it’s not long after that the tranquilizer takes effect and she slides down into the black abyss of unconsciousness.

Chuck's nose emits a short crunch beneath the thud, while the man himself swears loudly and lets go to clutch a hand to his bleeding face. The guard isn't downed by a broken nose though, spitting out blood onto the sidewalk and yanking his Banshee pistol out. The first fired beam of sound screams out to where Tibby had been, but she's soon too close and personal again. Chuck starts to shuffle back, grimacing at the foot stomp but the man's boots are sturdy enough to withstand the attack. Chuck forcibly pushes back away from Tibby as she aims the tranquilizer gun at him, and she gets the shot off… but the bodyvest underneath his shirt takes the hit instead. Still, it takes the man a moment to realize that he's not been shot by a more lethal weapon.

Barry's busy lifting Kaylee up to her feet, but it leaves him exposed to the incoming dart. He tries to twist to take the hits for the telepath, but the tranq dart strikes true into the meat of his unprotected thigh. He and Kaylee share similar reactions at first to the sting, but while her world crumbles by a roaring press of minds, his starts to blur into numbing silence and paralyzing darkness. "Rrrun, Kaaaylee," the guard's speech slurs as his grip falters and he drops to his knees hard before slumping.

There is one mind that Kaylee might pick up before her world turns black, and its owner enters the physical vicinity at speed. The smokey gas in the vicinity suddenly explodes in a fiery ball, ignited by an unseen spark as Luther sprints in with the force of a charging bull. His path aims straight for the unknown woman with the gun-shaped weapon in her hands, throwing himself into her like a full on defensive linebacker body checking a quarterback.


Tibby's eyes widen as the gas ignites and she's forcibly thrown off her feet.

Oh baby, don't you know I suffer?

Oh baby, can you hear me moan?

You caught me under false pretenses

How long before you let me go?

The small woman goes flying with arms thrown out in front of her. She hits a tree with a loud thud and falls to the ground. Clothes on fire, head ringing but mercilessly spared a broken back by the augmented bones she was given.


The platinum blonde woman's mask slips off as her head lifts and she stares ahead at the unknown man, her eyesight finding his face and her emerald eyes widen even more.

Target: Luther Bellamy, Head of Security, Raytech, War Veteran
SLC-E Status: POSITIVE, Registered Ability: UNKNOWN
Threat Assessment: EXPONENTIAL

"Fok jou. Die beer." Rolling over and over as she pats her body down to dispel the minor flames. Tibby eyes the men and the two that lay on the ground knocked out. She only had the one dart that was embedded in the bodyguard Chuck's armor.

Talon Charge: 50%


You set my soul alight

You set my soul alight

Shaking her head and cracking her neck from side to side the woman stands and pivots to where her quarry lies. Flexing her hands and rotating her wrists her back cracks loudly as she stretches. That was going to leave a bruise and she could already feel the burns she had sustained. This was supposed to be quick and clean. Tibby sneers, her lip lifting in a snarl. Reaching behind her back she whips out a baton, thrusting it outwards so it fully extends. Her shoulders hunch forward and she bows her head before she begins charging forward.

With a warcry she leaps into the air aiming for Chuck, going to to wrap her legs around the man and throw her elbow into his face. She goes for the dart that's embedded in his armor and yanks it out as she tries to use her weight and momentum to bring him down on his back.

Luther huffs roughly, exhaling a grunt as he also recovers from the body slam. Newton's laws of motion culminate on the point where his shoulder and upper body had taken the brunt of the forceful tackle, and he rubs at the sore spot briefly. It gives him a moment to study the masked woman as well, but then he sees where Barry and Kaylee lie slumped against the cracked, broken sidewalk. Worry spikes. His anger flares again. Luther moves, positioning himself between Tibby and the unconscious pair. He shoots a look over at Chuck, checking on the guard. "Krejci, you alright?"

"Fuck no, my nose…" Chuck snorts wetly. "Get Kaylee outta here!" he snaps. His Banshee trained on Tibby, the bodyguard curses again as Tibby comes charging his way with a baton. A sonic beam screams at her, but soon Chuck abandons it in favor of trying to twist enough to 'catch' Tibby as she leaps. The guard lifts an arm in anticipation of the elbow, protecting his already injured face from the blow and not realizing she's also going for the dart stuck in his vest. She's practically wrapped around him now. With her being so close, Chuck grabs for her clothes to keep her held up when he rolls to try and get atop her.

In the meanwhile, Luther backs up and kneels beside Kaylee in a spot-assessment of the downed telepath. “Come on, Kaylee…” The dart in her shoulder gets yanked out. He looks at the projectile, then back up to Chuck struggling with Tibby, teeth gritting.

Kaylee is unresponsive to Luther’s inquiries. Twin trails of blood from her nose tell him she might be down for the count, at least until the drug has run its course.

A yell escapes Tibby as she is grabbed but the woman doesn't stop her tussling with Chuck instead she lets the dart drop into her pocket and lifts her hand around his arm as she goes to knee his groin, not to punch at him but instead to stab her Talon into his neck sending a charge into his body. "Slaap Oke," It'll be better for you this way Tibby thinks. Ignoring the blaring warnings going off in her head.


Locking her legs around him to gain the leverage she twists to send them to the ground.

Maak gou!

The small woman can almost hear her father's voice in her mind, telling her to keep up. Not to let her size decide her power in this world. U sal dit moet neem. Tibby had learned her father's teachings well and they only kept coming back. The memories only growing stronger. Something was calling to her, in the far reaches of her mind. These men would not deter her.

A strangled grunt barely escapes Chuck's throat. If the sharp point of the Talon didn't shock him, the actual electrical charge seizes his muscles. He's easy to kick off of once he's out, left prone and vulnerable much like Barry and Kaylee.

It leaves Luther as the remaining adversary. And he's angry.

When it's clear Kaylee isn't waking up and the other bodyguards have been laid low, he pushes up back to his feet, turned to face Tibby at full height. He doesn't have the protective armor the way the guards do, clad in running gear - a t-shirt, sweats, athletic shoes. Yet, the air around the man comes off menacingly heated - literally.

"I'm givin' you one chance," growls Luther, "Walk away, now."

Silence answers Luther as Tibby slowly works to remove the Talon, her other hand reaching over and gripping the firearm her senses gathered earlier that Chuck held onto. Her resolve is absolute. Three shots are fired as she charges forward, going for a leap to the side to gain the distance necessary to get to Kaylee.


The noise would draw attention, this was the Safe Zone. She was over thirty seconds already. Pitiful display. An unknown variable would obviously add more time to her objective but still, she was supposed to be better now. She held the power to take men like Luther down. Righteous anger and all.

Chuck’s backup sidearm, a snubnose revolver with six shots, is a thing of mechanized projectile lethality at short range.

Without any cover or body armor for protection, Luther has but moments to dodge out of the way. Except, he doesn’t. The first two bullets impact not on the man himself, but a sort of energy manifestation that bursts with heat and light like miniature fireworks. The pops are short and loud just like them too, and in seconds following it’s as if she’d fired at some kind of force field.

But the third bullet strikes, penetrates through what unseen protection Luther had utilized and he stumbles back. A pained grunt escapes. He crumples to a knee heavily on the concrete, hand planting on the ground beside Barry.

Tibby gains ground to her target of the telepath.

Luther hasn’t given up yet, however. He spots the Banshee and the battery for it on Barry’s prone body, and grabs for it with a bloodied hand to yank off the pistol’s wired connection and press it to his palm. Much like his opponent’s Talon, he draws upon the electric energy stored in the sonic pistol’s battery pack. It doesn’t look like much, but his eyes are focused, following Tibby’s movement as she reaches the telepath.

"Bloody hell," Tibby whispers as she sails past Luther, watching as he quite literally stops bullets. Leave it to The Rays to have these type of friends. It's that very bond that Tibby is banking on as she skids to a halt and hops over Kaylee's prone body, facing Luther with those emerald green eyes. Her small hand lifts and the last tranq dart she has is positioned right on her neck, the vein throbbing gently below the needle.

"Dala what you must," Her tone is soft as she eyes Luther, the needle all but injected into Kaylee's neck. "You think she can survive another dose? Could find out…" Tibby draws invisible lines in Kaylee's neck with loose motions.

"Or you get the car, bring it forward." Her face is set, she isn't bluffing and Luther can probably gather that and he might also gather that she isn't the most sane because she came here by herself. Tibby prided herself on being prepared though and thinking quick on her feet, it helped her business run smoothly when she had it.

Had it. She remembers more of those days but just as much is fuzzy, that thought only renews Tibby's determination. "Think quick, cops come… she gets another dose anyway."

Though she's within his range, Tibby doesn't get more than a baleful glare out of Luther's widened, storm-grey eyes. The knuckles of his hand are white, clenched around the Banshee's charging cable tightly as if he were contemplating simply throwing the sonic weapon at the cyborg. His stare moves from needle point to the unconscious telepath, back to Tibby's face. Luther tilts his chin up and left, an animalistic regard for the seriousness of her threat.

Slowly, Luther sets the Banshee pistol down and instead, reaches into the knocked out guard's pockets. Keys are fished out. A cellphone gets palmed. As Luther pushes up and stands, a pained grunt escapes him. A glance down reveals a wet spot against his dark hooded sweater.

"If you hurt her again, it'll be you who doesn't wake up," he growls thickly between clenched teeth. But Luther doesn't further engage in the fight. The man turns away, steps struggling to maintain composure as he makes his way to the SUV the RayTech trio had originally arrived in. In short order, he complies with Tibby's command to bring the vehicle over and the swooned telepath can be loaded in with her kidnapper.

There's no need to smile, she's not the gloating type. Not that this went off without a hitch anyway. And this was necessary, well… maybe not totally necessary but she couldn't just let the telepath tell her no. Maybe Tibby wasn't thinking clearly at all. The mystery surrounding her father, what she had been through recently… all of it maybe too much. There was only one solution though.


As Luther brings the SUV around the tiny woman drags Kaylee by the shoulders, waiting for the bigger man to help her. Keeping the needle all but pressed into the blonde's woman's neck. Emerald green eyes watch the man carefully as she slides in first and wraps her arm around the unconscious woman's shoulders, her breathing is calm. She doesn't seem particularly phased by these order of events, Luther was an unknown variable and since she couldn't shoot the fucker dead, she'd have to make use of him. It's not like she would get much time with Kaylee anyway.

Not yet anyway.


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