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Scene Title Teachers And Students
Synopsis Dina goes to pay Amato a visit, and ends up with a lecture instead.
Date November 16, 2008

Amato's Apartment

The current resident of this apartment has either just moved in or lacks the time or motivation to decorate.

The result of this is pretty much a blank slate of a space. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, and both bedrooms retain their blank, waiting white walls, but there is a great deal more furniture in this living space than there was in the last one this specific person occupied. The living room houses a small FM radio in addition to its table and paired chairs, each obviously picked up at a flea market like the rest of the furnishings. The only appliance added to the kitchen, along with a rudimentary set of dishes and cookware, is a coffeepot. The bathroom has a compliment of nondescript necessities and a single towel which has seen far better days. Each of the bedrooms has an iron bedframe and a simple mattress.

It is clear that whomever lives here does the primary amount of living outside of these walls.

The mid-morning light shines through the windows of the living room, providing ample light to see and, in Amato's present case, read by. He is, and for all accounts has been, dressed for the day in a herringbone suit not of black, but charcoal grey. It is paired with a white shirt and the usual red tie, but Amato's suit jacket hangs on the back of the only other chair at the table in his modest apartment.

The man is seated in the other, a simple ceramic mug of coffee in one hand and the corner of the newspaper spread before him in the other. He reads like so few still do (at least the common folk) these days - with thoroughness and committed interest in each and every small black word.

And suddenly there came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at his chamber door. Dina's outside, standing at the door to his apartment. Her attire isn't really that different, as she tends to be a creature of habit. Dark jeans, black turtleneck, black leather jacket, black boots. She does, however, have a brown paper bag in one arm, the other one being used to knock.

As far as any of his neighbors are concerned, Amato's name is Benjamin, and he is as much a full-blooded American as any other man who looks like he works on Wall Street and goes to get several different newspapers each morning. So when he calls, "One moment!" from inside the apartment, it is in a flawless American east coast accent, though it has been carefully honed not to be geographically definitive beyond that.

Amato opens the door against the chain, but once he sees Dina on the other side, he smiles and removes the barrier in order to open it all the way. He doesn't speak again until she is safely inside and the door has been secured once more with both chain and deadbolt. "Good morning, piccolo agnello," the Italian coos with his naturally odd and muddled accent. "To what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from you?"

The dark-haired woman is actually a bit surprised at the initial "One moment", since THAT certainly doesn't sound like Amato. But once he opens the door, she relaxes. She steps inside, and smiles. "I don't know that a visit from me is all so much a pleasure," she states in her Irish lilt. "But I'd not seen you proper since I got over to this side of the pond and th' other day was all full of pi—" She stops. Amato is the one person she makes a point of watching her cursing around. "Full of problems." She offers him the bag, which turns out to hold a bottle of wine. "Guest gift."

Amato doesn't drink, but that doesn't mean that the gesture doesn't go unappreciated. "That's very kind of you, Dina," he says once he's peered into the bag and started to make his way into the kitchen to stow away its contents in a cupboard. "I would apologize that you witnessed that," he comments idly, his face, though turned slightly away, creasing with a frown. "Though it would mean questioning our Master's judgment." Which Amato is not in the business of doing. "Outside of that ugly affair, how are you keeping?"

She shakes her head. "It is what it was. I'd as soon he'd put a bullet in Ethan's head…" She makes no secret of her dislike there. "But things'll be as they'll be. And not too bad, though I need t' find a place to stay other than that warehouse. Livin' out of that place isn't somethin' I'd choose to do if I can help it."

Amato turns his head to look at Dina before he closes the cupboard, which is done with exaggerated slowness. "I would have thought you would join the gaggle staying with Ethan," he remarks with a slightly more distant tone. "Now that Munin is elsewhere, he has an empty bed, I'm sure." Unless Odessa has already filled it, though Amato isn't entirely convinced she isn't sharing Ethan's. Dina's comment regarding bullets and heads remains either ignored or unacknowledged.

That gets an honest laugh. "Can y' see me stayin' with Ethan? Sure'n one of us would be dead in a day. Don't suppose'n you'd be lookin' for a roommate. Or have any good suggestions in that vein?"

It's true that Amato has an extra room, but he doesn't glance toward that particular door. His eyes remain on Dina, his eyebrows furrowed slightly in contemplation. "I do not know where Elias and Wu-Long, or even Sylar have settled. Though I will suggest that you move out of the warehouse as soon as possibly. It is getting colder by the day, and you will not be of much use to the Work if you catch cold."

Dina thinks about it. "Met Elias yesterday. Sure'n he's trouble on two legs, though. Sylar…he makes me worried." She admits. "He's nice enough sometimes. And other times I look in his eyes an' it's the devil himself I see lookin' back." A smile at his last statement and she admits "You're the only one'd be worried about something so simple as me catchin' cold. Don't know what I'd do if not for you." She reaches out to clasp his hand in friendship. One of the only people he'll ever see nothing from.

Though he may see nothing, Amato is still hesitant when that hand comes toward his, though he gives Dina's smaller extremity a small squeeze and smiles at her before he lets it go. "To quote an age-old and somewhat cliche phrase, God works in mysterious ways, agnello. Sylar, Gabriel has done many deplorable things, but he is not as bad as they come. You will have to trust me on that."

She smiles, and nods. "He does. And you're right. And when have I ever not trusted you?" She asks with a slightly teasing smile. Truth be told, she trusts him more than she does Kazimir. Then her expression turns more serious. "Do we know how the wee bit's doin'?"

Amato shakes his head, though his posture stiffens at Munin's mention. "I have not seen her in a few days, and when I saw her last, she…I fear for her well being in the drafty den where Gabriel has seen fit to store her." Closing his eyes tightly for a moment, Amato sighs. "I worry for her faith. But she is not very…open to my words regarding the necessity of the Work." He opens his eyes once more, and his expression becomes one of hesitant pleading. Perhaps…perhaps she would listen more to you?"

A frown at that statement. "Sure'n it'd be better if she had a place of her own. Or anyplace that's safe and a wee more proper for her to live. And I'd love t' talk to her…I'm not sure where she -is- of now, though."

Were the situation any different, Amato might divulge the information himself. "Perhaps…if you were to ask it of Kazimir, explaining why you wish to see her, he would tell you?"

She frowns a little. "Y' think he would? You know him better than any of us. Somehow I always feel th' child beggin' permission from her teacher when I talk to him. He's a harsh taskmaster of times."

Amato wordlessly folds his arms across his chest and stares down at Dina for a moment, much like the displeased teacher. "Our Work requires discipline, commitment, and devotion, Dina. Kazimir Volken does what he needs to do in order to help us retain our focus. He is a man to be admired and imitated, not feared."

Oh, goodness. Well, she was already worried about stern taskmasters. She blushes and looks down, a bit sheepishly. To continue the metaphor, just like a chastized schoolgirl. "Sure'n you're right, Amato. I'll talk to him. Yer right; I'm sorry."

The once-would-be-priest's stony face breaks into a smile, and lifts a hand to place it reassuringly on Dina's shoulder. "No need to apologize to me, agnello. And I do hope you will be able to do Munin some good. I have no doubt that should he know your mission is to help her with her head-straightening, he will be completely supportive of you visiting our vacationing compatriot."

She smiles. "I'll give it a try then. Y' think he's about at the warehouse this mornin'? Not that I wish t' run off, but it's not the sort of thing that should wait overlong, I think?"

Shaking his head, Amato glances out of the kitchen window. "I have no idea, Dina. My best suggestion is to go and see, but even if you do not find him, I'm sure he will find you. Eventually."

Dina nods. "Sure then. I'll not impose on y' longer then. I'll be on m' way. Thank you for th' hospitality. And the advice." A genuine smile, and then the Irishwoman turns to be on her way.

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