Ted Is The Only One


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Scene Title Ted is the Only One
Synopsis A quiet evening on Pollepel results in more plans.
Date January 18, 2011

Pollepel Island

"This is such a funny movie.."

There is no TV around, obviously. This is Pollepel island. No televisions exist here. No movies exist here. But Brians exist here. And far away from this spot, Brian is in an apartment. Watching a movie. Probably with Anna but that is unconfirmed. Instead Brian and Samara are returning from the bitter cold outside.

Plucking one glove off it's flung into the side of the room. There late night romantic walk was cut short due to the amounts of shivering and shaking Samara was doing. And it was really hard for Brian to keep acting like he wasn't cold.

Back in the castle, Brian is working on taking off the massive jacket. "Why did you come back here?" The mutter comes with a hint of agitation. "Watching this movie without you is annoying."He lets out a grunt. "There's so much less to do here. I want you back in the city." The comment sounds a bit like whining. Leaning down he goes to rip off one boot. The boot comes off with a bit of a grunt. Brian has to hop a ffew steps around to try and ease the boot off. But his desire in wanting to take it off overwhelms his desire to stay upright. Eventually his back goes to slap against the wall when he eventually gets the boot off. "After the party?"

"C-c-c-can't f-f-f-fe-e-l f-f-f-f-fin-fingers," Samara continues to shiver as she rubs her gloved hands together before realizing that taking off the gloves might be more productive. She nibbles lightly on the end of the gloved finger to tug at the glove, loosening it from her hand. The second glove rolls off easier. Once her hands are ungloved, she sheds the coat easily, but she doesn't try her boots the way Brian does. She leaves them on, no reason to bend down.

"If I wasn't so tired I'd try phasing out of them— " she observes as she slides against the wall, and lets herself slide down it to a sit position. She's tired. Days later. She'd pushed her ability far on Saturday, further than she had before.

Her smile grows at the little request, "You like me here though~ You know it~" And she doesn't exactly need to be entertained. It's not in her. "I like the city though too. Honestly, New York is way more fun as an adult." There's a small pause as she cringes a little, "And I actually promised a friend I'd look him up again in the not distant future, so… there's that. And I need to talk to Tahir," about the whole wedding thing. Even though he knows.

"And it's good being near Rue. She was my world for awhile, you know…"

The other boot comes off, pushed over to the side of the room. Rolling his head to the side he lets his head rest against the wall behind him. He goes to slide down the wall as well, sitting next to Samara. Bending over his lap, Winters goes to ease off her boots for her. Being more gentle with her footwear than with his own. One hand on her calf, the other easing the boot off. Getting the pair of them off of her, he scoots away a tiny bit.

And then collapses. Head dropping into her lap, he rolls some to look up at her. "Yeah.. We just can't do as much stuff here. But.. I'm scared." He looks up, showing that fear on his features. "I'm not used to being scared anymore. Now that I'm.. you know. Me. There's not often a whole lot of reason to be scared. Not that I'm a brave warrior or anything just.. With how I am. Not much point to getting scared." He smiles up at her gently. "I was really scared the other night. With the birds. Not for me. But… You know."

The help with her boots earns Brian a grateful smile and a mouthed Thank you almost like those days when she couldn't talk to him. His head on her lap is met with the brush of her finger tips in his hair, running over his curls affectionately. "You're lucky though. You get to be here and be all hardworking and off playing somewhere watching tv all on your lonesome. Simultaneously in company and alone."

The mention of the birds actually has her wincing. She'd made it out of there with a few scratches— nothing that Hello Kitty bandaids couldn't fix. "Hey," her nose wrinkles slightly, "I'm oh-kay." Her tone is quiet. "I swear I'm okay and I could've stayed away, like I was the best off out of everyone." She manages an easier smile now, trying to make light of the situation, "I'm still more afraid of disappearing than I am of birds." She shrugs a little. Quieter she adds, "I'm sorry I scared you."

"I am lucky. Cat told me. You remember Cat right? The girl I took you to, to see if she knew anything when you were ghostface?" Brian's head snuggles in closer to her stomach. "She told me there's this guy.. Ok well. Back story. When I was a company agent, my first assignment." His only assignment. "Was this guy named Tyler Case. His power was.. Scary. He could change people's powers. Switch an ability from one body to another. My job was to catch him. And I did. Eventually. With my partner." Who also happened to be his ex-fiancee. "A lot of other crazy shit happened with him. And he like.. Well word is. He's in the city. Like.. Changing people around. And then there's a future version of Cardinal that apparently has a file on me. I just.."

He shakes his head a little bit. "I really don't want to lose my ability. So.. We've got to watch out for that guy, alright?" He smiles, bringing up his hand to brush over her cheek. "It's okay. I'm just going to have to lock you up in a room so you can never go anywhere and be safe, okay?"

"Yeah, I remember Cat. She kept calling me SamEye. Which only you can call me and not risk serious maiming to their person— " like Sami could actually hurt anyone because of it. She reaches for the hand on her cheek to kiss his palm. "That's a terrible power. I'd hate to make people swap— unless they wanted to change with each other. But then like it can't work the same way for someone else, can it?" Not that Brian can necessarily answer this question. She frowns a little, "So he's just power swapping people he has files on? Why? Like…" there's another pause as her face contorts into a scowl, "Why?"

With a quiet sigh she issues him a smile in turn, "I'm pretty sure I could walk through those walls." Her eyes blink hard as her grin broadens, "Although I don't think I could anywhere today. I'd probably get stuck in the wall or something. Or I could get put in a tower, to let my hair grow forever."

"Thanks Sameye." He smiles up at her adoringly as she kisses his hand. "Did you think I was dumb when I called you that for the first time?" He shakes his head. "No two different people, I just.." He gives a little shrug. It'll take too much effort for him to explain everything.

A bright smile pops up when she talks about living in a tower with super long hair. "That's my favorite story. And you would be adorable." His exuberance causes him to lift up his chin brushing a kiss against her chin before dropping his head back into her lap. "Is Rue gonna be your maid o whateva? Or Adisa?"

"I thought you were weird," Sam retorts with a lopsided grin, and brightened eyes. "I was right~" the last declaration is sung rather than spoken while she taps his nose lightly, all the while still beaming. "Obviously I like weird?" she shrugs slightly as her grin grows. Her fingers return to his hair, carefully running her fingertips through it.

She giggles lightly, "It's a good story, but I always wondered how she managed to avoid split ends. I mean, when I was a teenager, I always had split ends. Not anymore though." Wedding stuff changes the nature of her smile, letting it shift into something a little more reflective, "Rue, I think. We've been friends forever. And like Adisa is a good sister, but she doesn't quite… get me, I guess?" She cringes slightly now, "I'm sorry about that by the way. The whole Eric-Rue incident. I swear I won't tell anyone else. Solemnly. Swear." She holds up her hand, "Scout's honour. And I really was a scout…"

She taps her chin moments later, however, "So this Tyler Case guy, can he be stopped? I mean, won't trying to stop just end in like power swapping or whatever." There's another pause. "If you lost your power what would happen to all of you? I mean, aren't you everywhere at once? Would they just disappear?"

Ferrymen> Barbara says, “How easy is it going to be to hear about this meeting for off island folks, Eileen, out of curiosity. Not that I need to send Quinn since Barbara can more easily be there, but in case Barbara is still on the mainland I'd like to send someone.”

"You're weird." Brian spits back hotly. though he softens some when her hand goes through his hair. "She took better care of all her hair than you. I mean.. it's all she had to do." He gives a light nod at her decision on Rue. "You should ask her.. And I guess we should like. Set a time. That's what people do right?"

"No.. They're bodies. It happened to my sister. She.. she just had another her. Running around with no link in between them. So.." He shrugs lightly. "That would be weird. It would be like.. me but not me. Just people that were just like me.. but.. weird." He gives a little shudder. "And it would be super weird.. If like. I mean. I wouldn't want to share you with other.. me people. That's weird. So.." He pauses smiling brightly as an idea pops into his mind. Springing off her lap, Brian crawls over to a duffle bag on the ground. "If that ever happens. Whoever has this." He reaches into the bag to bring out the Disney Princess Mirror. He had hung onto it, of course. "Gets to keep you, okay?"

"I like you weird!" Sam counters defensively, even as Brian softens. "And I like being weird. I think it suits me." Her chin raises in the air proudly; she likes wearing her quirks like a badge of honour. "Yeah, I'll ask her for real. I thought it was kind of.. just a given. But I guess there is the whole actually asking thing that needs to happen. Or something." She hmmms quietly, "And right, we should set a time. When do you want to get married? I… like spring and fall best. Especially leaves. I love leaves. We used to go camping before I— before I kicked the bucket— and I always liked the leaves. I used to collect them in a book. That and flower petals." She winces although the smile remains, "I even once picked flowers from the neighbour's yard."

The notion of the weirdness is actually a little unsettling. She leans forward and plants a soft kiss on his forehead, "Deal. I'll just look for you." She grins as she reaches out to touch it. "It's so weird to think you could only see me through that for so long— "

"We're not weird." Winters mumbles, smiling as she touches the mirror. Putting it back down in the bag, he crawls over to let his head plop back down in Samara's lap. Eyeing her he folds one arm over his chest. Smiling easily up at her, he lets his shoulder roll over. "I don't know.. You choose a date. I could marry you today." He grins a little bit, tilting his head back some.

"I'm pretty sure one or both of the men in my family would try to kill you if I married you today," Sami reaches for the hand over his chest to give it a squeeze. She sighs contentedly, "Where? I want something small. And just fun. With the people we care about. And— " her lips twitch a little, "Soon." Her smile extends. "Like a month or two? Or… is that too soon? I don't want a circus. I just want… you. Me. Family. Friends. That's all." She pauses, "I bet they think we're crazy."

"Can't die~." Brian sings happily, bringing his own hand up to rest on top of hers. "I was thinking.. There's this place. Kinda special. A friend of mine showed me. She told me not to go up there again because it was special to her." He wets his lips. "But.. It probably won't work now. With the robots. It's a building called the Deveaux building. Has a real nice view off the destruction." Winters lets out a little laugh. "I know that sounds funny. Me thinking about Midtown but it.. Despite it being so ugly. It's kinda pretty."

He gives a light shrug. "I don't know.. Some place else. Church or something. I don't know." He grins a little bit, tilting his head, brow arching. "Month or two?" He gives a little nod. "We don't need a circus. Maybe like.. I don't know… Maybe a month or two is fine."

"I'd like to see it someday," Sami offers. "If I'm allowed. Probably a good idea not to have robots break things up though." And then she shrugs lightly, "Who knows, maybe by then everything will be better," there's a mischievous quality to her smile as she lets it expand, "and the Teds of the world will all declare their love for you and you'll forget all about me. In the tower. Growing my hair." She beams down at him, "Betcha didn't see that one coming~"

"Yeah? It's not like… way too fast? I know some people are engaged for years but I… don't want to be them?" She shrugs a little. "If that makes sense? Maybe?"

"There is only one Ted." He answers quietly, one finger going up to tap her little nose right back. "Ted is the only one for me." He lets out a little laugh. Turning some he goes to push himself up to a sitting position. Scooting over closer to Samara. Leaning in, he goes to rest his head on her shoulder. Brian places one hand on Samara's thigh.

"We can think about it.. I mean. We need to make sure we do it right, right?" Cranking his mouth open, he lets out a slow yawn. Clapping his mouth shut back up. "I love you, baby." He murmurs a little sleepily.

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