Teddy Bear-O-Gram


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Scene Title Teddy Bear-O-Gram
Synopsis As Elle recovers from her injuries, she gets a non-surprise visitor.
Date July 21, 2009

Fort Hero - Infirmary

The medical wing. Always a nice, sterile, homy place, especially in a facility designed for military use — no? Also one that Elle is ready to get the hell out of, suffice to say. Her one-on-one visit with Gillian last night hadn't turned out so well, but given the potential of dealing with a hoard of uncontrolled powers, it could've gone even worse. There's a bed with rumpled-looking white sheets, the very last one in the row, but it's currently empty. The blonde is striding slowly beside it, arms folded, gaze looking out the cloudy-paneled window. There's a bandage encircling the top of her head, around her brow. One gets the feeling that she should probably be lying down right about now.

"Elle!" Magnes exclaims as he suddenly bursts into the door, floating about five feet off the ground, looking needlessly heroic and concerned, with a bouquet of sunflowers in his right hand. "What happened? How bad did you get hurt?" he asks with great urgency in his voice, as if she just got hit by a car.

Holy mother of moses—- Magnes' sudden entrance gives Elle a momentary scare, to say the least, and she takes a moment to recover herself, slowly turning her gaze up at the gravitokinetic and blinking once or twice with a wry smile. "I'm fine," she answers, her tone placatingly nonchalant. As if to emphasize the truth of this statement, she raises both her forearms into the air and lets them drop to her thighs. "Don't worry about me. I've had a lot worse."

"Sorry, I just heard you were hurt, and, well, we're agents, I assumed the worst." Magnes takes a deep breath and gently lowers himself, walking over and offering the sunflower bouquet. "Who hurt you? Tell me what happened. I promise not to do any crazy revenge stuff, I learned my lesson about that."

Elle's eyes follow Magnes down to the ground, and she takes the bouquet carefully both hands. "Thanks," she remarks chipperly, one hand coming up to delicately run its fingers over the petals of one of the flowers. After a pause, she turns around to she can stride over and move to place it on her bedside table, mindful of Magnes still behind her. "You can probably forget about the revenge. It was an accident, as far as I know."

"An accident? What exactly were you doing?" Magnes asks, looking her up and down, then walks over and raises a hand to gently touch her cheek. "Does it hurt anywhere?"

"No, I mean it was accident from the person who did this to me." Elle's mouth quirks into a slight smile when Magnes lays a hand on her cheek, but just she moves it off again with a playful nudge of her hand. "It doesn't hurt there, silly. But yeah. I have burns all over me, a head injury, the works." Clearly, from the look of her.

"Damn, I wish Abby still had her ability. I forgot to ask if she knows any other healers." Magnes frowns a bit helplessly, sliding his hands into his pockets. "Is there anything I can do at all? Chinese food from China, teddy bear?"

Reiterating "I'll be fine," to him with firm, reproving insistence, Elle screws up her nose a little. "Chinese food from China? Teddy bear? Magnes, I'm a big girl." She takes a seat in the middle of her bed, wincing a little as she settles herself into a sitting position. Ow. "Here, sit down."

Magnes takes a seat next to her, wrapping a gentle arm around her waist. "Yeah, I know, I'm just trying to be, uh, well, romantic I guess. I really could get you Chinese food from China, y'know." Turning to look her in the eye, there's a brief lick of his lips, then an awkward cough. "This might be a random thing to ask, but, what do you look for in a guy? I wanna know if there's something I should or shouldn't be doing, I'm still new at this dating thing." He, of course, is changing the subject from her injuries, figuring she's sick of discussing them.

"Magnes, Magnes." If anything, Elle sounds more reproving than ever, but she drapes an arm around his neck, fingertips doing something akin to little idle, stroking motions. "For starters — you shouldn't ask a girl on a hospital bed about how you can break out of your awkward funk. Save that for when I look like I'm in the mood?" Here, she gives him rather meaningful look and a demure little flutter of her eyelids. "Second of all, let me finish." Nope, looks like she's not sick of discussing injuries after all.

"Sorry, I thought you were getting annoyed with me asking if you're alright. Abby always gets annoyed when I get all concerned and protective and stuff." Magnes audibly swallows when her arm goes around his neck, going quiet as he waits for her to finish.

"It's okay; you're supposed to be concerned. Protective's a no-go, though." According to Elle, anyway. For all her matter-of-factness, she still seems inclined to be affectionate enough. "As I was saying. I ran into somebody who's apparently with Phoenix the other day. I didn't know what her name was, when I talked to her, but I looked her up in the file room afterwards."

"Concerned, yes, protective no, got it." Magnes makes a mental note with a firm nod, then raises a curious eyebrow when she mentions the file room. "And?"

"Her name's Gillian. Dark-haired, kind of annoying. Funny thing is, and I still don't really know how, but she has Peter's power." Elle pauses musingly, looking over at Magnes as though trying to discern whether he knows what Peter's power is or not. "She must've absorbed mine—" She lifts her hands in front of her face, wriggling her fingers and letting sparks of electricity flicker and lance off them, "And lost control. I basically got stir-fried by my own lightning. If I don't know what's ironic." Lucky that she does have some limited immunity.

"Wait, Gillian?" Magnes asks, sudden surprise appearing on his face. There are only so many people named Gillian, and certainly not too many with abilities. This explains a lot, especially the 'it's complicated' thing that keeps coming up in conversation. "Let me get this straight, Gillian has Peter Petrelli's ability? The guy who somehow has telekinesis, can blow up a city, and god knows what else? How did that happen? And if Gillian is somehow absorbing powers, we have to help her! Fuck, what if she's absorbed mine? She could lose control and fall into the atmosphere or something…"

With no small amount of surprise herself, Elle arches her brows at the reaction she gets. "Yeah, the guy who can blow up a city. Wait a second; how do you know her?"

"I've known her for a really long time on the internet, and we recently started meeting. We would kind've talk about every aspect of our lives except the fact that we both have abilities." Magnes rubs the back of his neck, a bit awkward at the next question he has to ask. "I uh, know you're in the infirmary and all, but, is she alright?"

"She's fine. It's me that — got all the hurt. Lucky me, right? For her own good, you know we'll have to try and bring her in. So she doesn't explode anymore." With a grimace, Elle withdraws her arm and sets it back in her lap with the other one.

"I, well, I guess so. I don't want her hurt, or locked up forever or something, she's not a bad person." Magnes appears genuinely concerned, and when Elle takes her arm back he gently moves to drape one of his over her shoulders. "I hate seeing everyone I care about getting hurt. Are you really used to this, Elle? Just, getting hurt like that?"

"Like I said, I've had a lot worse," is Elle's glib reply, letting herself be cradled by Magnes's arm. For some internal reason, her blue eyes take on a kind of wry, ironic pensiveness. "Yeah, I've been an agent since you were still pimply and having wet dreams. Being hurt comes with the package. There's just— other things I guess I'm not used to after all." She doesn't make herself very clear, perhaps on purpose.

"I didn't know you were much older than me." Magnes admittedly hasn't checked any files, though it doesn't seem to bother him, since his hand begins to lightly stroke her arm. "A-ah, yeah, were…" He coughs a bit awkwardly, then shakes his head. "What is it that you haven't gotten used to? And, if you don't mind me saying, as happy as you always seem, I sometimes feel like you're lonely or something."

But Elle isn't willing to give Magnes the benefit of the doubt, it looks like. With a suddenly bright smirk, she rolls over on the bed, onto her back and away from Magnes's arm. She settles herself up against the headboard, one knee hiked up, the other leg straight. "If that's what you think, you don't know me that well yet," she remarks, studiously picking a fleck of dirt out from beneath one well-manicured nail. She does glance up at him after a while, though. "You said you and Gillian have started meeting?"

"I wanna know you." Magnes, with his slightly disappointed look, is quickly distracted by the suddenly hiked up knee. He is still male! A-ah, yeah, we meet sometimes. I mean, not frequently. I, well, I couldn't betray her, if that's what you're getting at. I don't wanna lose her as a friend. Let me talk to her, try to get her to come in for help."

And Magnes isn't the first to have wanted to. It's rather hard to tell what works with Miss Bishop and what doesn't, though. "You do that," Elle answers agreeably enough, but then her brow furrows. "…Actually. No. Don't do that. I think I wanna talk to her myself, but there's something I gotta do, first." Her gaze sharpens on Magnes. "Can you do that for me? Wait for me."

"I can. I think I can trust you." Magnes thinks, because Elle has been awfully mysterious so far. "Just try not to hurt her or anything, alright? Or, maybe I could go with you. I mean, I coud stay off to the side or something, hidden, y'know?"

"I'll take you with me if I can," Elle murmurs. Without much warning, she reaches for one of Magnes's hands so she can place her own over it, eyes austere. "But you might get in trouble for it. There's a lot I can't control right now." There's a pause, just a beat. "I'm probably not making much sense now, but it all will later, I promise."

"Elle, you're not in trouble or anything, are you?" Magnes asks, suddenly concerned as he scoots a bit closer when she takes his hand. "If you need anything, just, tell me alright? Dating or not, you're my friend, and I don't let my friends down."

"If there's anything you can do, I'll be sure and tell you." This is said with some amusement, as the last thing Elle could do is really believe it. But her fingertips play softly across the surface of the top of his hand, and she gives it a little squeeze. "But thanks."

"When you're better, and we really have time, well…" Magnes leans in, obviously going for a kiss. He's being assertive! "Wanna go out somewhere?"

"Maybe." And Elle obliges with a flash of a smirk that appears out of nothing, curling her hand around the back of his skull and planting a short kiss on his lips. Then she pulls away, distractedly itching at her bandage. "Now go away and let me rest."

Little does Magnes know that the last thing she intends to do, after he leaves, is rest.

"Alright." Magnes says with a suddenly perky smile, then just floats up from the bed, heading out of the room. "Call me if you need anything!" he offers before quickly opening and flying out the door.

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