Telephone, Telegraph, Tell Eve


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Scene Title Telephone, Telegraph, Tell Eve
Synopsis Interdimensional games of telephone are always wonderful! (/sarcasm)
Date December 18, 2018

The Forthright

The ship bobs gently up and down along with the waves of the sea surrounding The Forthright, inside the main cabin, Eve's room. A trio of people sit, two of which know one another in another world but not in this place, Mad Eve is becoming acquainted with Elisabeth Harrison, the blonde a mystery as much as Eve's condition is to the two in front of her.

"I wanted to speak with you both, the ones that are Lost like Foxy Walter." The old woman sits in a wide back chair, leaning backwards and puffing on a old fashioned pipe, her hat hangs on a hook on the wall and three cats nest in her lap and the corners of the chair. A plethora of cats, gifts from a good librarian friend. The colors ranging from black to orange, large to skinny, a pot of hot tea sits on the table in front of them. Eve's own small mug of ginger tea nearly drained. Rubbing her belly through the thick material of her robe Eve exhales a puff of smoke.

"I am committed to getting you home, you and the Otter and your friends. This place isn't for you, I wish it was. You are all so interesting. Mmm?" leaning forward her gaze something like a hungry collector of antique items she likes unique things. The ship is full of them but these two are needed elsewhere. "I wish I could see the other rivers, just myself. We have fun the chickens and I." A snort of laughter as she looks over at the two travelers. "You asked about Peter.." a sad look on her face.

A cup of tea was most welcome when it was offered, even though 'tea' is perhaps not exactly what it tastes like. Herbal teas are apparently all the rage around here, what with having to grow whatever it is that goes into the various brews. Sipping from her cup, Elisabeth is willing to answer whatever questions Eve puts to them, but she's also found it to be an interesting situation they're in. "We're lost… but at least in my case, I'm home for the first time since I was a child, apparently." It's a very strange thing, to know that the world that you've always thought of as your own really isn't.

Peter's name brings a stark kind of sadness to her features. Elisabeth has only met Peter Petrelli in person in the most recent world, where the man did his level best to help them. And died doing it, so far as she knows. "I think the fates must honestly hate that man," she says with a quiet regret. "He always seems to get the short straw."

"I knew Peter on at least three occasions. I think that even though we were never truly close friends, we at least understood each other as people. We were similar people who wanted similar things." Magnes averts his eyes from Eve to the tea in his hands, almost in shame. "Because of my mistake, or a miscalculation, whatever you want to call it, one of those Peters was lost to Kazimir, the conduit. The first Peter I met also had the conduit for a while, but he could almost control it in a way, even if in a very poor way."

"The simple fact of the matter is, Peter is one of the most dangerous but viable hosts for the conduit, so I think it's important that we learn as much as possible, anything that you know about what happened to him here." He's silent for a moment, and asks, "Is Gabriel Grey, also known as Sylar, still alive? He's another viable host, possibly moreso than Peter."

"Home.." the rasp hums after the word is uttered and Eve takes another sip of her tea. "Well isn't that interesting mmmm? Welcome home Goldie Locks, you've made it but.. you are not staying?" A curious tilt of her head as the subject changes back to Peter. "Oh the Fates are cruel to one Peter Petrelli, he's not so lucky in the other rivers," echoing their sentiments with a rough sigh and look towards the ceiling, idling petting the black cat curled up in her lap.

It's a fact that Peter is dangerous but Eve in all realities it seems has a connection with the man, "He is.. was.. is such a good person. Deep beneath all that shit." Coughing gently into a closed fist, the woman puts the pipe down for a moment her expression grave, "He was taken by the Black during Apollo, it was.. horrific. The change.. the loss of.. himself." The older woman looks off to the side as tears well up in her eyes.

"He left, vanished without a trace. My ability when forced can pick the pieces apart of the mystery but I haven't found him yet. Not concretely. There's only so much you can go on when the echoes are of rushing water." Waving a hand around to indicate their predicament with the ocean they are floating in. "Left Crowley in his place he did, a cruel horrible monster and he doesn't even need to Special to prove it."

"Peter's a dear friend.. I have wanted t—" Mad Eve suddenly stops and blinks before she hoots with soft laughter leaning back in her chair. "Oh look it's one of my chickens."

Standing in the space between Liz and Magnes both unaware a younger, sopping wet and naked Eve is flailing around in a bathtub. "Oh oh this should really come with a alarm to warn you!"


Mad Eve cackles and slams her fist on the arm of the chair, the cats nesting there quickly running away lest she throws one of them on accident. "Calm your time displaced tiddies they can't see you Egg." Snatching the pipe she just laid down on the table she lights it with a match now and puffs on it while staring intently at the spot between the two travelers.

After another moment in flailing confusion the Prime Eve settles herself in the water and snatches a spliff from the ashtray sitting on the rim of the tub. Lighting the thing she smokes and puts on a clam facade, smoke rising and framing her pale face. "Mmm tell me who you're with, I'm obviously alone with my bubbles and wonder wan-"

"I don't need to know about what you're using to tickle your nethers. Shush I'm with some friends. Ah wait, your friends!" A laugh as the old woman spews out smoke from her chest. Mad Eve's eyes travel over Elisabeth and Magnes and she points to the spot between them, "The other me, the me you know from the river that's not yours and is. She says hiiiiii."

"The Pizza Boy? And Liz?!" Eve leans forward water sloshing over the edge and disappearing, there's nothing they can see of the others surroundings usually though surely it has splashed the floor where Prime Eve is bathing. "Oh I do tell them hello! I do! HELLO MY FRIENDS!! Oh tell Liz I miss her so much, I knew she wasn't dead!! I told Yggy it couldn't be true."

"Prime Egg says she knew you were alive, she told Yggy- who in the cats hell is Yggy." "She's our friend! She can move gravity like the Pizza Boy!" Squinting at the empty air near Liz's shoulder the woman sighs and throws her hands up. "A gravity friend it seems, okay okay. Well it seems our meeting has been interrupted. "HOW DO THEY LOOK?!" Prime Eve desperate as ash sprinkles lightly into her tub.

"They look like they're ready to be received by you back home. Are you preparing?" Mad Eve squints harder at her younger self who blinks and sinks down into the tub, "I have but I've been busy with chasing Adam and that lady Kam I told you about and Boomer's sister and the memories I've been chasing that aren't my own. The Pizza Boy is in the-" Mad Eve slams her fist again on the arm of her chair. "No, no, no. You need to make sure the troops are rallied. They are counting on you and their family."

A casual look to Magnes, "Oh and she's having memories of yours but they aren't hers and they are yours and she's confused by this Pizza Boy."

Elisabeth is almost never anything but confused by Eve, so at first she doesn't quit grok what's going on, giving this elderly Eve a look with a quirked eyebrow. And then she says she's talking to our Eve. "What?"

Jerking upright and leaning forward in her seat, she asks, "How do you know for sure she's our Eve?" She told Yggy… oh God. A hand comes up to cover her mouth for a moment.

"Eve… " Jesus. what to say that won't get lost in translation. "Is everyone there… okay? Are you seeing her now or is there a time slip between us?" Because there was with Dessa, after all.

"What? Memories of mine? She's having weird dreams? I have weird dreams sometimes too, about the Void, a voice that calls out to me and taunts me, the thing between universes." Magnes explains, something Elisabeth already knows at this point, but he's frowning in confusion and intrigue.

"But… this is our Eve? I never met her before. Wait, wait, this is our Eve, so she's in our world… tell her that my daughter Addie and Lynette and Ruiz's son Manuel are there! Eileen has them, an Eileen with Kazimir, the conduit, in her body!" He's suddenly having a rush of thoughts, considering the implications of this, what might need to be done right now, what needs to get across. "She's the one from the Bright universe. What happened isn't her fault, but… they have to find our kids!"

"Tell Cardinal that we're following Edward Ray's plan, Bright universe Edward." he specifies, because he's pretty sure somehow the specifics of which Edward probably matters in some way for how Cardinal uses that information. "And that this Flood world isn't what he might think it is, it's not what any of us thought it would be."

"I'm really bad at thinking of what's important across universes, weighing my emotions against the whole mission here, as if any of us knows…" He then quickly, raises a hand. "Don't say that part."

"And How is everyone.. on their side of the pond?" Mad Eve asks without looking towards her Prime, younger self.

"Everyone is worried sick about the two of them, especially since we heard they are indeed traveling back to us." Prime Eve frowns as Mad Eve delivers Magnes' message. "Edward Ray… tell Pizza Boy that he stinks. Don't trust him. A Brother Seer he is but twisted he sees in numbers," As if that explains why someone shouldn't trust Edward Ray. Eyes widening at the mention of the children and she snaps her fingers, "That's what Bird wanted Elaine for, we've met her. A bunch of us, the Shiny Bird."

Mad Eve relays all of this to Liz and Magnes with a curious gaze, "So there is an Eileen," eyeing Magnes and Liz, "With the Black yes." Shuddering she pauses as Prime Eve waves her hands wildly.

"That void he speaks of, it's the First of us. An Entity that has been around for.. a very long time." Prime Eve puffs on her joint with a nervous gaze off into the distance, "I've encountered it a few times now. It's power is.. they need to stay away. It lives in the space between worlds it wants to be let out." her tone hurried as she looks nervously over her shoulder. "Beware those with golden eyes, they lie. That's the sign of the First."

"It's the First of us, not a Void." Said gently speaking in time with Prime Eve's words, "As wide as the ocean and bigger still. More mighty. It can rip what we are into two, take away our gifts. It's changes us or itself." Rocking forward slightly, a half lidded gaze meets Magnes and Liz's. "Adam is It's Holy Disciple. My chicklet is looking to speak with him in your home river. She has.." Mad Eve frowns in Prime Eve's direction and her helpless expression. "I'm processing!'"

"She's processing." waving her hand dismissively to her younger self's look of appallment. "You really need to learn to deal, look at me." Pointing at her wrinkled face, "It can get worse."

"I love our old face." Mad Eve sighs, "That's not the point chicken!"

She's… processing. That's such an Eve thing to say. Elisabeth just shakes her head and tries to think of the most succinct way to manage with what little time they may have here. "Okay," she says slowly. "Tell her Adam is an asshole in all worlds, and we'll be careful. And Edward Fucking Ray is a motherfucker in all worlds, so we aren't trusting him either. That said, his probabilities have led us this far, so we're cautiously watching for the signs he told us to watch for." One of which was that the Featherweight was safe, and now Elisabeth knows that to be true as well. She really hates it when she has to follow Edward's plans.

She looks at Magnes, a brow quirking. "So … now we know for sure they did make it to our world. And that the kids are all right… Eileen might be pissed at me for getting Gabriel killed or us for … whatever the hell she's mad at you for. But she wouldn't hurt the kids." Not the Eileen they both met. "Volken might, but… if they tried to grab our world's Elaine, that sounds more like a way to try to soothe the kids than anything else." Leaving that aside because there's nothing she can do about any of it from here, Elisabeth sorts out what needs to get passed along.

"Tell her to tell Richard…" Liz debates her phrasing here. "We're on our way to find his mother, and we're hoping she has what we need to be able to get home. Tell him…" She swallows hard. "Tell him to take care of my father … there are things I'll need to tell Dad when I get home. He and I were born here, not there. Prepare Dad as best he can without telling Dad… that my mother is alive here. I don't know if she's going to come with us, and I don't want my father to have a fucking heart attack when we come through."

And then she bites her lip, finally saying right out, "And just in case. If this doesn't work, Edward warned us we wouldn't get another chance. So if it goes sideways… Eve, tell him I'm sorry." Looking down, Elisabeth cradles her tea and struggles with the sense of being choked by her own emotions. "And tell him and my father that I love them, please?"

"If this doesn't work… yeah, I need you to tell Elaine something for me, or if you can't find Elaine, tell Robyn, someone. If we don't make it back, I need them to take care of Addie, I need Addie to be with the band. With Elaine, Robyn, her sister Adel, someone." Magnes rubs the back of his neck as he considers the next part.

"Also tell Elaine that I know it looks really bad that I got engaged to her in another universe, but it's not what it looks like and I can explain. I mean, it is what it looks like in that I got engaged to her, but it's like, I wasn't trying to replace her with another her." He seems to be having a hard time conveying his point here, so, he just continues trying. "They're different people, they're not the same person. I mean, yeah, I fell for the same face, but they're different people."

He thinks on that for a moment, considering. "No wait nevermind don't tell her any of that I'll figure it out, I just have to not die or anything. Just make sure Addie is safe, and tell them that her full name is Adelle Raven Darrow Diego Isabelle Robyn J. Varlane. We call her Addie. And tell Adel, my daughter from the future, that I apologize for stupidly thinking that I conceived the same daughter twice."

He reaches into his coat, taking out a wallet he's had to repair a few times, then pulls out a picture of Addie, the most recent one she had, which is a family Christmas photo. It has Magnes, Elisabeth, Isabelle, Shaw, and the kids. A rare chance they could all get together.

He hands this over to Mad Eve. "Can she see this?"

Mad Eve detailing what Liz and Magnes is saying, the two on the opposite side of a ludicrous conversation as Eve stands in her tub bubbles and suds barely covering her, "Richard's momma.. the lady with the large brain. Michelle Cardinal. …she's a science fairy?" Those words dripping with venom.

"Obviously if she's got a big brain! Don't you go judging the fairies it's not their fault they're untrustworthy swine." The old woman sips her tea as she lectures her younger self and looks to Liz with empathy, "She won't utter a word to your father, Richard will be told to prepare him as best he can." These two ripped from their family and now a host of others, "Exiles.. but you will make your way home. The chickens and I have seen it." Mad Eve radiates confidence on this.

Magnes' spill has Mad Eve's eyes widening and she utters softly snippets of the tale, "Married the same woman, yes.. I know. Daughter same name.. he was confused. Don't yell like that, not a word out of you about it." A gentle smile with yellow teeth, "She won't be discussing your questionable inter dimensional romance history but she wants you to know she's judging you and so is Robyn, when she finds out."

Snapping her fingers together as the photo is passed over, brown eyes study the photo and she holds it up to Prime, the younger woman getting to view it once it was firmly in Mad Eve's hands.

"What a lovely.. THE CHILD." Eve falls over into the lukewarm soapy waters, briefly falling under and flailing underneath. A second or two go by before the pale woman resurfaces and stares at Mad Eve with a wild look in her eye, her counterpart knows that look. "She is the child. The one that runs into the battle, her soundless scream brings red light in the dark. Adelle. The girl with hair of fire. She is here!!" Leaping from the tub, Eve snatches a towel and looks to Mad Eve. "She's important and now we know why."

"Your Addie.. has been seen in the others dreams. The girl with the hair of fire and the soundless scream that brings red light to the dark." Eve puffs on her pipe, "She will most definitely be delivering your message," a side eye to what the Prime Eve is doing and she cackles, "The child is there! The child is thereeeeee, make sure she's safe! Don't you dilly dally chicken or you'll get the hatchet." A manic gleam in the old woman's eyes.

"Is there anything else..? There's no way to know how long these things last."

Mad Eve occasionally sounds rather like Gollum. Don't dilly dally or you'll get the hatchet is rather… uncomfortable for Liz to hear. She looks up as she sees what Magnes is sharing and her expression softens. "How in the world did you manage to keep the ocean from eating that?" She wonders softly.

With her mind whipping through anything else in the way of details that need to be shared, she says, "oh!" Liz isn't sure it's still happening, but… "Tell Richard that Wasteland Mayes was looking to invade us… and that Bright may already have done it. We know Eileen got there, but Cassandra wasn't sure whether others had gone through the portal before the installation in Colorado was attacked. And for God's sake … don't build another damn Looking Glass. If he can find whoever has all that data on his end… he needs to stop them too. It really really could destroy reality."

"Tell Cardinal that I worked on Looking Glass in Bright, with Mortimer Ray and Mason Chesterfield, so I know what I'm talking about as well as Elisabeth that it really needs to not be built." Magnes reaffirms, in case the added support might somehow help. "We need to just not destabilize the universe. We have a lot of the pieces we need to get back, we just need them to coordinate as well as they can on their side."

"I helped build and make it work, and I can say that if I could go back and… have not done that, I would. Don't live with the idea that you might have helped screw the universe more than it needed to be." Though, giving that a few more moments of thought, "Well, build is a bit of an overstatement, Mortimer did most of the work. Tell him to tell his Mortimer thanks for me, he was a good friend even if he was kind of weird."

It's safe to say that Magnes has no real knowledge of Mortimer in his own world.

Eve's brow furrows at the mention of invaders and she nods her head, "We have been invaded, The Shiny and Bright Eileen brought friends, they are the Horsemen. Four." As Mad Eve talks of Looking Glass the younger Eve visibly starts to shake, "The science fairies.." a low growl from her throat as she leans forward. "An abomination, ripper of worlds. The Bird that they've met is hell bent on stopping its reconstruction." Prime Eve looks off to the side, "She will kill Richard if he doesn't stop."

Mad Eve speaks in time with her counterpart, delivering her words to Liz and Magnes. "Mortimer, the chicken wants to know if he's single."

"Perhaps a night cap for that wild man with that big ol Brain, have you seen his eyes? They are so primal." Prime Eve swoons.

"We are of one accord, on the same page." Mad Eve stops and looks towards Liz with a slow smile, "How's Morgan?"

That jerks Elisabeth's attention a bit. "She made it," she breathes. "He knows?" She assumes it's something Prime Eve just said. And she laughs softly. "Morgan… Aurora is okay. Hurting. I'm dragging her through fucking wormholes. But she's holding up. Just tell Richard, we don't need the goddamn machine. Eileen is right about that — it needs to not be built." There's a sadness to her. "Tell him to watch out for her… I … Gabriel's death in her world is my fault. I don't know whether she's looking for revenge or anything, but… watch your backs. Maybe… maybe when I get home, we'll be able to sort something out with her."

"The Mortimer I knew was killed in a terrorist attack, the only reason I'm alive is because I was put back together. It's a long story." Magnes listens to Elisabeth, looking over at her and frowning. "The fact that she's even in that world is partially my fault, because I helped make the Looking Glass work, because I found Michelle's research, I worked on things with them for years."

"We were both just trying to get home, we were in a corner, we both made mistakes out of desperation." He closes his eyes, taking a deep breath before opening them again, staring at Eve. "The reason she chose to punish both of us is because she probably saw how dangerous our desire to get home was. She saw that, at the end of the day, I was doing something against the interests of multiple worlds just to get home, too young and ignorant to understand the consequences. And Elisabeth is no different in that regard. It doesn't make her a bad person."

More relaying, more laughing. A shudder as the two go back and forth on Michelle Cardinal. "The one with the big brain yes yes." Mad Eve looks over at her younger self. "You getting all this in that noggin?"

"Oh yea my assistant Sassy is here to take note— don't sass me."

"She knows about Morgan," a wink from Mad Eve to Liz as to who was asking about Morgan. Her eyes assess Liz and the guilt with being at fault for someone's life. "There, there, with time it all becomes things. Just echoes. The Fates will have who they will, nothing we do will stop it." Gently she reaches over and pats Liz's hand. "I am sorry for your loss."

There's something there on Eve's mind and she goes to speak to Prime Eve more only to discover that she's gone. Blinking the old woman sits back and puffs on her pipe, "She's gone. Bye bye little chicken." Wiggling her fingers at the empty space between them. "She will get your words across the River, I'm sure of it." Mad Eve looks pensive as smoke curls around her hands and face, "You are in such an interesting predicament. Watch for the golden eyes, don't forget what." Kazimir… Peter lingers on the edges of her thoughts but the overlaying with her younger selves always leaves her in a weird contemplative mood. "You've met your others in the flesh? What I wouldn't give.."

That their Eve is gone again brings worry to Liz's blue eyes. But there's little enough that can be done to be sure the messages go. Instead, she focuses on here and now. "I… don't think it's always in our best interests to have contact," she admits, looking down at her drink and bringing it up to sip. Her voice is low. "Seeing myself and what she'd become in the last world… only hurt her. Seeing my mother here in this one? I think that hurts both of us. Perhaps she'd have simply been better off never knowing that my father and I survived… and went on to live a much better life with a whole different version of her than the life she had here, alone, without us."

That is a sorrow that weighs heavy on her. She's brought the mother who actually physically bore her such pain.

"Meeting my other selves has been… I guess a strange mix bag. It was pretty traumatic to meet myself for the first time, he suffered so much, and he caused so much suffering, all because he was weak and hopeless. Sometimes a part of me hopes he was just another clone, that he wasn't really me, but… who knows, in the end." Magnes shakes his head, taking a sip of the tea finally.

"The next version of me seemed kind of all over the place at first, but he more or less got his life together. I don't know how he's keeping it together since his girlfriend died, he was really into her, from what I heard. Meeting him seemed to feel easy, I think it just feels natural to meet myself sometimes. We can just sort of feel it." He motions his arms around, as if that somehow makes it make anymore sense.

"The me in the last world…" He looks to Elisabeth, then to Eve. "He wrote an entire bible about gravity and the space between universes, I think he called it The Art of the Void. Except he refused to show anyone, he said that it was only for alternate versions of himself, so he showed it to me." He just sort of throws his hands up at that.

"And then there's this world… where technically I don't exist, it's the original version of me that I was cloned from. It all feels so… strange, like, what I am, my existence, it feels more complicated than it should. I literally have to guess if someone is really an alternate version of me, a clone, my original self, whatever else. It's a lot." He looks almost exhausted at that, sipping more tea.

"Every struggle is a lesson, behind an obstacle there is a bounty. Sometimes it takes years to get there where you can see it clearly, sometimes the meaning just eludes you for the longest time." Liz is given a small smile and Eve waves the smoke out of her face so she may see them more clearly.

"Do not stress Pizza Boy. Even a clone has their individuality. You are a radical it seems in all lives. Though if you could put a good word in with yourself here I'd be much appreciated." Reaching for a toothpick on the table she turns her head to a dusty, cracked mirror proceeding to clean her teeth. "He's quite handsome, I see it in you. You are him and he is you. You are a piece of many, there is so much strength in that. Why.. you have many hearts." Eve says this with a cackle, the ship bobbing and the sound of women of the vessel milling about, they were to set sail soon.

"We will get to it, you will get home. We will save this multi river, interlaced and patched together." Rubbing her belly, the old woman takes one more puff of her pipe the embers orange and lighting her face, "How about," a mouthful of smoke seeps out from her mouth, "You tell me your receipe for your best pizza."

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