Tell Me What Happened


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Scene Title Tell Me What Happened
Synopsis Megan swings by Brennan's office when she finds out that he's back.
Date April 23, 2010

Suresh Center - Brennan's Office

Brennans office looks like he's preparing to head out into the woods, go camping. In truth, he's just dug up more winter gear under the guise of having to hoof it to get to his wife. Late morning, breakfast already had at the center and he slept in his office as evidenced by the blankets and pillows on the floor. He's slept in worse truth be told.

But Megan knows where he's really going if the Ferry bulletins are any indication and knows too, what the two cases that are sealed and stuck in a fridge elsewhere in the facility are by Eileen's instructions that flew across the wires too. Getting off the phone, door open for anyone to come harass him, Brennan's signing off on a few things and jamming his foot into a warm boot and grabbing a sweater so he can haul it over his head and slide arms through the sleeves.

The fact that he's been let loose made the rounds, and Megan beelined for the only place she thought she might have a chance of finding the man. Standing in the doorway still dressed for outside, the redhead looks strained. "Are you okay?" are the first words out of her mouth. The second being, "Have you spoken to Michelle yet?"

Once his head is through the neck, Brennan's looking towards the door. Megan. Surprise. There's a gesture for her to close the door since the subject is a sensitive one. Lets not inform his employer's that he's actually not been with his family, taking care of family issue but instead cavorting with a 15 year old and then taken in a raid.

"I spent the last week negated, interrogated, offered a new job, given an ultimatum and get to play messenger. I'm actually pretty good. But let me tell you, if a nurse comes at me with three needles all in a row again, I think I might just uppercut someone" He grins, trying to make light of it all. "Michelle's at a shelter, helping take care of folks. I told her to stay put, that I think reprieve for the weather is on the way" Despite that there's a supposedly imminent deep freeze predicted. "How are you?"

"Worried about you," Megan admits. "Worried about Michelle, who's rightfully pissed off about what happened. Angry." At a lot of things. "Harve… " She bites her lip, uncertain how to even ask the questions that need asking. She steps further into the office and closes the door behind her. "Tell me what happened?" The new job, the ultimatum… everything. "What kind of message?"

"What happened is that someone tipped off that we were in the midtown safe house" Brennan fusses with the sweater, then drops back down into his seat, gesturing for Megan to take a seat as he finishes fishing around for his other boot and putting it on. "People everywhere, was chaos. Utter chaos. I had a ferry operator yelling at me to stay, but I didn't. The path I was taking out was blocked, NBC suited guys were coming down on us. Melissa grabbed Liette and went back up, got her out it seems but.." He lifts his shirt, displaying the fading bruises from the rubber bullets. "Non lethal. They were going for extraction only. Megan, I tried to get the ferry folks released. It's not happening, not right now. It was non-negotiable."

The cup of half drunk coffee on his table is picked up, rim pressed to lips as he sips a mouthful. "Doctor Luis is demanding the return of his daughter to him, or else he is going to sink the coast, the country, or more, into an ice age in retaliation. He knows full well what the consequences of it are and lied to the government about his other daughter being responsible. He wants her, or else"

Jesus. Just…. Jesus Christ. Megan sinks into a seat, looking appalled. "And your response to this whole thing?" she asks quietly. Because nothing comes for free. They want Liette, and they're holding the entire East Coast hostage to get her. People are going to die. This is so far above her pay grade Meg's drowning.

"That I'd see what I could do" Brennan leans forward, forearms on his desk and regarding the woman carefully. "I have a set amount of time to secure her release or He's going to do that, and they will come in force to get her, and from my understanding, it won't be negation gas and rubber bullets but a full out slaughter and hunt. The last is not from Doctor Luis. Doctor Luis's reaction is.." He presses his lips together. "Is what I would do, if someone took either of the twins or Marlena. I would move the world and kill anyone who took them Megan. Doctor Luis.. Is reacting like a father. As a father, I can understand it and sympathize"

Megan simply nods slightly. "So…. you do plan to give her back?" In spite of the fact that he knows she's being experimented on? The line on this situation is so murky as to be nonexistant. The girl wants to go home and home wants her back. What right do any of us have? "They held a vote to not turn her over," she informs him softly. "I heard about it when I got back to town after I fled the raid. I gather from the grapevine that it's now a matter of containment, but I don't…. " She bites her lip. "Harve, I don't really understand what's going on with this girl."

"I intend to return her to her father. Return her and hope that what we've instilled in her, and taught her here, will help her, when she's of age, to understand what's being done, and to make her own decisions. It was.. proposed to me that I still be involved in her life since I have taken an interest in her well being. But in the end, in the end Megan, the Ferry need to decide whether she's wroth the cost of network, and the coast or more. These people are not fooling around and I harbor no illusions that if they wanted to, had an modicum of desire, that I would not have been released. Period." Palms are spread in a who knows fashion.

"I don't think that Doctor Luis is who they have to worry about. I think, like other people there, he's having strings pulled as much as others. I saw how he interacted with his other daughter, when he didn't think I could understand what he was saying. I have no doubts that those girls, while not biolgically his daughters, who knows, are his children and he will do what he said" No surprise that the Ferry opted to keep her instead of trading her. "I was informed that if they returned her, they would put serious thought and discussion into releasing the others that were taken. I intend to lay this down before the Ferry, when I meet up with the rest of them. I was told to go to the Garden to meet. I don't know frankly if they'll listen to me, given that I was the one released and no others"

Megan sighs quietly. "Well…. let me know when you go, and I'll back you." Her tone is regretful, but the stakes are too high. "I don't care what they voted on this matter. I'm not willing to compromise the network or the people who will die in this weather. Harkness is so concerned with protecting the Ferry, then he'll get his ass on board with this." Her tone is stern — no matter what people's individual feelings about Liette and her situation, we can't afford to compromise the entire program for one child. "We don't have the resources to fight off a fucking ice age."

"I don't think the Ferry have the resources to take on the government Megan. And that's who this is" Brennan seems resigned too. "I have no doubt they would have not woken me up if they didn't think I would be successful in getting her back. They showed inordinate interest in me and my ability. Apparently, I'm the only pinpoint Negator that they have met and now of" Which in and of itself doesn't scare him, just makes him puzzled.

"I want to avoid bloodshed. Not just to protect the ferry but to protect Liette. To protect my family because I know that if she's not given back to him, that retribution will be swift, calculating and without remorse." But he has Megan, on top of Liette and whomever the mysterious time stopper is. if push comes to shove.

"Do you know where they've stashed her? How she's doing? She was scared shitless in Midtown. I'm hoping they'll at least, at the minimum, let me see her. I still need to take care of her till the Ferry decide once again, what they're going to do with her"

Megan shakes her head slightly. "I'm not sure where they've stashed her, I just heard that they're keeping her negated and sedated. And no… we do not have the resources for any of that." She sounds grim. Scott's going to probably shit a brick over all this. "When is your meet at the Garden, and who are you meeting? Ruskin has put around notice that no one is supposed to accept your vaccine until after the meeting, but I'd like to get to Harkness and tell him what you've told me. I can't see another way out of this. Personally, I think if the girl has to be negated and sedated to be kept in the Ferry, she needs to go. I understand the argument that she's a kid and doesn't always know what's best for herself, but then again…. if someone were to just waltz in and take my kids, my neices or nephews, or your girls…. I'd kill for that too. So we're in a tough spot here. I don't even quite know why we're hiding the girl."

They're keeping her negated and sedated. It's hard to describe exactly, what it is, that's going across his face. Unhappy, anger, dislike and disgust. "Did she hurt anyone? What was the reason for drugging her and how exactly are they negating her? Why haven't they just done one and not the other?"

"I don't know, Harve. I only got back into town three days ago. I got told what happened and I got asked to let Michelle know what happened — no one had contacted her since you were taken." Megan shakes her head. "I took one of the kids somewhere else. She didn't have any relatives and I didn't want to chance her up at the Lighthouse. So I was out of town in the immediate aftermath. As far as how they're negating her, I'm assuming chemically because you're the only negator we knew as well, and she was — from what I can gather — uncontrollable after the raid. But that's extrapolating from the information that I was told."

He'd find out more. Later. Right now he just needed to focus on getting through the fucking snow and cold to get to the safe house in question. "I'm bringing the cases to the Ferry. I was going to advocate random sampling of the vials to ensure that they're not contaminated with anything else. They seem fine to me, but, some things you can't see without a microscope. I'd try it here, but there'd be too many questions and I'm sure that it would be brought into question"

Up from the desk, Brennan pushes away, leaning down to tie up his boots. So he can fume behind the desk at Liette's circumstance. "Negating. Any trust she had in them has been obliterated, any trust she had in me, might very well have been obliterated and constant sedation at that age is not a good thing"

Megan's aware of it. "I don't' know if it's constant sedation. I only know they sedated her initially. Whatever else is going on, I'm pretty much in the dark, Harve," she admits. She sighs heavily and shoves a hand into the red mass of hair. "Go see Michelle. She's……" There's a pause. "You've gone above and beyond what I ever would have asked of you, Harve. I never…." She stops. "You should talk to your wife. She's beyond upset. And has every right to be."

"We talked over the phone. I'll be with her soon enough. She already told me that you spoke with her and brought her the news Megan. Thank you for telling her and I'm sorry, as little as I am, that she blew up at you. They said there was hail around the area for a while afterward" Brennan nods, standing up so he can start gathering stuff. "This will be over soon enough, Can you take the cases to the Hangar and leave it there for Grace and Scott to deal with. If it's not Vaccine, I'd like to know. But… I'm of the mind it's the real deal and unadulterated"

"Don't be sorry. I deserved far worse from her for bringing you into this in the first place," Megan says quietly. "For putting you in a position to make these choices at the risk of your own children." She moves to stand. "I'll take the vaccine as soon as I finish my shift here." She'll talk to Scott while she's there, too. "Tell them I said hello, all right?"

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