Tell Me What I Don't Know


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Scene Title Tell Me What I Don't Know
Synopsis Cardinal calls up Minea to find out what she wants and to trade information.
Date August 24, 2009

Various Locations

In the early afternoon, a phone that belongs to Minea Dahl rings. The other end of it's held in Cardinal's hand as he relaxes back in his chair, feet kicked up on the table, a small sim-card held between two fingers that he's turning over slowly in consideration as it rings.

"Dahl speaking"

Simply spoken. The woman doesn't waste any time at all. Either she's been waiting for a call or the phone is very conveniently near her.

"Agent Dahl," replies the ex-convict on the phone, his tone casual, "I understand that you wanted to speak with me? Kind've funny, actually, I was just asking after you the other day…"

She's only been leaving message for two people and this one doesn't sound like Teo or a female. "This must be Richard Cardinal. How are you this evening? Good I hope" No comment on the fact that he was asking after her.

"There are many people breathing that I would really wish would cease doing so, but I suppose that's always the case, so I suppose I'm doing well enough," admits Cardinal, neither confirming nor denying the identification verbally, "It's good to hear that you're alive, there was some concern in the opposite direction."

"Gee, I hope I'm not one of the ones that you wish would" Minea smartly retorts. Good to hear she's alive, she can't pin down whether that's sarcastic or not. "So I've been told. if it's any consolation, I can't remember a thing. You know how it is. Company so fond of their mind wipes. Let me guess, we met, we talked, we had wine, I loved it more than cats?"

A low chuckle from Cardinal, "Oh no. Our acquaintance was brief at best— but others were concerned. The firebirds are terrible bleeding hearts, for terrorists who've no problems blowing up entire buildings with everyone inside them. Anyhow, I digress. What can I do for you?"

"Little birdie told me that you have an… intimate acquaintance with one Feng Daiyu" Minea lets it hang out over the line

"Feng… Daiyu…" A thoughtful murmur from the other end of the line, the card turned over in hand before Cardinal admits, "I have a passing familiarity with the man, I wouldn't call it intimate by any stretch of the imagination. He's not my type. What do you want to know?"

"Anything and everything. It's not CIA and it's not DIA, so he's something else. Little birdie says you were at the bar over in Greenwich that he was in. Talking with him. He's a black hole and I'm inclined to… casually peek over the rim and take a look, if you catch my drift"

"You might find yourself falling in, if you do," Cardinal states flatly, "I know who Feng Daiyu is, and what he's doing… and I have some suspicions as to why, with two unpleasant possibilities. The question, of course, is what you're willing to give me in return, Agent Dahl."

"What do you want in return" She fiddles with a pencil, scratching something down. "It might be information I already know, maybe not, but, I want to know what you think is appropriate cost in exchange for what you know on our favourite spook"

"It's a very deep hole that you're looking into, Agent Dahl," Cardinal replies, "The keyword 'nuclear holocaust' might get your attention here." A pause, "There's someone's file that I want. Everything on him. It's someone that you people should have quite the extensive file on. Daniel Linderman."

That.. might not be something she can get her hands on. "If my clearance is high enough, right now, I'm a little low on clearance. Something about … doing something I wasn't supposed to do. But I can do my best to see what I can grab for you. As for that hole. Oh honey child, i've already jumped feet first." Nuclear Holocaust. "Where can we meet?"

"Maybe if you asked Denton with that sweet smile of yours and fluttered your eyelashes…" A faint chuckle stirs on the other end of the line, "…how about the Golden Luck Dragon? Triad territory, so neither of us should be tempted to pull anything entirely foolish with each other, and there's zero chance of encountering any of Daniel's people there, especially after last night."

"right, we're gonna discuss the man that supposedly the Triad has declared war on, in the middle of their territory" Sounds about the safest place actually. "45 minutes?"

"Can you think of a better place?" A hint of amusement, there, "Make it an hour, there's a lot of traffic this time've day."

"See you there handsome"

The phone is hung up and quick as can be, Minea's pulling up what she can on Linderman. Likely not much, whatever's public, available to her clearance level. Feng's not an official case, therefore she's not gonna press her luck.

An hour passes…

By the time it has, Cardinal's seated in a booth waiting for his 'companion' to arrive, casually settling a pair of chopsticks into his hand and lifting a piece of lettuce from the small salad placed before him pre-meal. It's brought up, and he takes a bite of it, chewing, swallowing and then setting it down to reach for a cherry tomato.

Here come santa claus here comes santa clause…

Bearing a big purse, and likely a multitude of guns, Minea wends her way through the restaurant by a little oriental woman. There's a bow of her head to the woman before she eases into the seat, get a good look at Cardinal. "Bar on Staten Island. How is Xiulan? I'm contemplating another tattoo and she's so skilled"

"I haven't seen her for a bit," replies Cardinal easily, gesturing with the chopsticks and the tomato towards Minea with a faint smile, "I couldn't recommend her enough, though. I'm assuming, given that it's only been an hour, that you weren't able to get much for me."

"Whatever we have that's public. I'll see what else Homeland has if I dig a bit and discreetly" She'll take the chance, and digs in her purse to pull up the folder and pass it over. "Figured something was better than nothing right?"

"It's a start." The folder's taken by his other hand, and Cardinal slides it over, setting it to one side and noting, "You people should want him to go down as much as anyone— then again, perhaps one of the Founders knows too much to hand over to the government." A smile twitches to his lips, and he sets the chopsticks down, leaning forward to rest an arm on the table's edge, "So you want to know about Agent Daiyu."

"what you have that you can tell me. Already told you he's not CIA and not DIA. I checked. Being DIA myself at one point, I had strings I could pull. What do you know Mr. Cardinal that you were whispering sweet nothings into his ear at the bar? Thank you for that, by the way. You got him so relaxed, I was able to get some good pictures of him. He's not a man that you get a good picture of"

"I can tell you a bit, for what you've given me," Cardinal allows with a shrug of one shoulder, "My information is neither free, nor cheap, Agent Dahl, and I'm not particularly a fan of your organization to begin with." He sounds a bit amused, "I suppose you get that a lot, though. No, Daiyu's neither of those things. Neither is he Interpol, though he likes to flash that badge too. He's part of a… special task force."

"Tell me something else, I know that already. He was part of that task force that took out Vanguard members out in Germany" yadda yadda. She knows he's not a fan. Minea doesn't care. It's a job. She's not fond of his either. "He's running around with three different badges then, I know that much"

"Do you know why?" A slight lean forward, Cardinal's brows raising a touch, "The Vanguard is broken; Volken's supposedly gone, they're just the scattered remnants of an insane militia, right?" A twitch of his lips, "Nice little fantasy, that. I'm surprised. You must not have any precognitives on the payroll these days."

"because he's former Vanguard" Minea's made that leap. "Because he was friends with one Zhang Wu-Long" She drops the syllables on him, watching. "He's playing turncoat"

"For who? The President? Why such a focus on the Vanguard?" Cardinal smiles, faintly, "There's a reason, Agent Dahl. And you can find that reason on the radio, if you've been listening. You need to listen. To watch. The Company's gotten so wrapped up in its conflicts that you've forgotten how to read the signs." He brings both brows upwards over the edge of his shades, "I have a question for you, Agent Dahl. What if Feng Daiyu isn't playing turncoat? The remnant on Staten Island that he's hunting has no interest in Volken's old agenda."

"Oh, Birdy. You are a brilliant man" Minea reaches over, tapping his nose. "Now that connection makes so much sense" She lays down a five to cover the cost of just sitting down at the table as she gathers her bag and makes to stand.

A quiet chuckle at that tap, and Cardinal leans back, reaching over for the chopsticks, "I'll have more on Feng Daiyu soon. That, however, will cost you the named price. See you around, Agent Dahl."

"I'll see what I can get for you Bird. If I don't find it out on my own first" And with that, and a pluck up of that tomato, the agent is gone.

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