Tempting Fate


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Scene Title Tempting Fate
Synopsis In her defense, Lynette didn't know about the HomeSec part when this meeting was set up.
Date October 11, 2010

Central Park

With a cigarette nestled between two fingers and a light jacket tucked around her, Lynette sits on a park bench, apparently people watching. Today, there's really nothing remarkable about her, just your average joan, having a day at the park. Feeding the birds as she waits for her meeting.

There are plenty of others about today, as it's a pretty nice day. Children playing, couple strolling, and on like that. Lynette, or Sara as she's calling herself right now, doesn't seem particularly thrilled with their being, ya know, people around.

One of the people strolling, without a baby but instead a black portfolio that artists might use for their larger works, is Audrey. Suits, homesec badge on her hip, beneath her jacket is a glimpse of leather that would quite obviously be her gun. "Sara?" When she approaches one of the people that had shown up the other weekend and had shown interest in the puzzle pieces. "I'm Audrey, Hanson, from the email I sent you" She offers her hand out to Lynette, using the name that Lynette had placed in the email.

Lynette stands up to her feet when the woman approaches, and she switches her cigarette to the other hand so she can shake the woman's hand. "Right. Nice to see you again," she says with a friendly smile. "How goes the puzzle collection?"

"It goes. You wanted to be kept informed. Well, I'm hoping that you might have the interest to take it over. It was a side project for me while I was on vacation" Well suspended, really. "And my vacation got cut short. I didn't want to abandon it, and you showed a great deal of interest." She's not scowling at Lynette, just schooled neutral on her face.

"Oh, what a shame, about your vacation," Lynette says, gesturing to the badge, "Important jobs do that, I suppose." To her credit, there is no paranoid look around for other people with badges watching, but then, she's pretty sure where one goes, many go. "I would love to take it over. I admit, it's gotten me very curious," she notes with a self-depreciating chuckle.

"I have a condition" Of course there is a condition. "I need you to update me on any new pieces you get, keep me informed of any progress made. I have copies of everything , this won't be something that you can say sure, and then not keep me updated. I need to be updated on this, I'll be trying to make progress on my own, in my spare time and share whatever I can with you"

"Oh, well sure. Hopefully there are more pieces to be found around here. I'll give a weekly update? With photos of any pieces I manage to find and any progress I make on actually putting the puzzle together." Lynette seems to have expected that particular condition, and agrees with a nod of her head. "Is that a good set up?"

"Sounds like a suitable arrangement. Do you have an address that I can forward any pieces that make their way to the PO box to you? I don't know that I"ll have time to meet up to pass them over as they come to me" The blonde homesec agent points out, digging into her pocket for a business card with her name on it and holding it out.

"I'm sharing a PO Box with a friend right now," Lynette says, taking that card and digging a pen out of her purse, "You know how it is. One day you're living with a guy, the next day, you catch him with your sister and he's got the apartment and you've got the dog and a season of very awkward holidays coming your way." She jots down the box, which when Audrey looks into it later, is registered to Tobias Benton-Ward. "So, I appreciate the project to focus on." The card is handed back, with a dry half-smile.

"I wouldn't know how it is" But the address is taken, slipped into a pocket and the black portfolio is passed over. "We're at an agreement then." Hopefully the woman can find out something that a homesec officer really can't, or talk to people who wouldn't talk to her if they found out what her job was. "I look forward to your communications"

"Oh… well, lucky you," Lynette says with a bit of a sigh. But she brightens a bit as she takes the portfolio. "I look forward to it, too. Thank you, Agent Hanson." Hopefully, that is exactly the case. Because this puzzle is living up to its name.

"You're welcome" And just like that, Lynette's fears about someone coming to arrest her can dissipate as Audrey turns, heading away from the woman and towards an exit from the park. She's got an island to go visit and some people to interview.

And they dissipate with a heavy exhale. Whew. A smile comes to her face, though, as she looks down at that portfolio. And apparently she's excited about it, because she turns to make her own way out of the park to go get it all settled. She'll save her relieved laughter for when she's home again.

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