Ten Dollars A Minute


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Scene Title Ten Dollars a Minute
Synopsis Apparently Devi's time is worth a lot of money. Agnes begins to show some spunk and interest when a meeting is held to discuss a business arrangement between The Ravens and Adam's future motives.
Date August 14, 2009

Shooters Bar and Bistro

A place that used to be a cafe and is making a slow progression towards being a dive bar. During the day, the balcony and a good portion of the sidewalk is taken up by outdoor chairs and tables, where people can enjoy a beer as well as a sandwich or whatever else is on their menu - a decent, if simply array of bar food. During the evening, unless it's a warm night, these are taken inside, and the kitchens are closed. A wide variety of beer is available, along with hard liquor and maybe a few wine labels, but nothing fancy. The interior decor is similar to traditional British pubs, with a hardwood bar and brick wall. There's an old pool table towards the back, along with a dart board. The building is actually two storeys high, but whatever is upstairs is inaccessible to the general public.

"Girls night!! Your bikes not done, so you're riding bitch," Devi tells Agnes as she throws her leg over the Ducati. She'd wait for the girl to finagle herself on before the bike strummed into a vibrating life beneath them.
Shooters - Where the two had met. It was quickly becoming one of Devi's more favorite haunts on the island. The bike's parked up onto the patio where the biker can glance out to check on it from time to time. She'd had no problems yet, but the first time she did - wooh boy!
"Care to service me?" she asks of the tender, who grins agreeable. She orders up two beers as she stands at the bar, dressed in a navy blue leather brazier and a pair of skinny jeans that tuck into her knee-high biker boots. She snags the beer with a flirty wink and passes one off to Agnes with a little salute.

It's probably best that Agnes rides bitch for right now anyway, since to judge by the way she holds on so very tight during the ride, she is maybe not quite so experienced with motorcycles. But by the end of the trip, she seems to be enjoying herself rather immensely. When they comes to a halt, she clambers off a bit unsteadily, needing a moment or two to get her feet back under her properly (though the huge platform soles can't help any), and then she follows Devi towards the bar. Taking the offered beer, she grins. "Thanks," she replies, returning the salute as she glances over the place again.

Adam is sitting at a table in the back with four men. Each of them has a beer in front of them. Each of the beers is only half drank. It appears they're on the lookout for something and at some point, a blonde man at the table leans over and elbows Adam in the side, motioning for him to look over towards the bar. Adam glances up and considers the biker and her bitch and hmms to himself. He leans over to a dark haired man beside him and murmers, "Michael, what do you suppose the odds are that these are part of that new biker gang?"

If there is any question about Devi's involvement in the rumored gang, it's dashed when she turns back about, leans her elbows onto the bar's edge at her back, and pulls her hair 'round one shoulder to reveal the starkly blatant, dark Raven tattooed on the forefront of her slender neck. "So, how's business?" she inquires of Agnes. "The only work question I'll ask tonight, promise, Kitty." She winks and raises the beer bottle to her lips before her dark, blue-shadowed, and ebon lined eyes scan the mass of patrons. Adam's collection of hunks does prove worthy of a lingering glance, no doubt.

Agnes leans sideways up against the bar, half-facing Devi, and half-facing the rest of the room. Absently, she picks at the label on her beer with her dark red nails. "Well, I've been keeping an eye out," she replies, lifting her gaze from the slow, steady work peeling back the label. "I, um, I got a line on a gig at some bar. I thought it might help with the whole, y'know, ear to the ground thing." Her eyebrows lift just a little, for while this was a statement, she seems to still be seeking the woman's opinion on the matter. Her gaze lingers there for a moment before beginning to drift about the room again, and she takes a swig of her own drink as she studies the joint.

The men all look at each other at once and shrug almost in unison, then three look towards Adam for where to go from here. He seems to consider the best course of action and flags down a waitress. After she leans over, there's a whispered exchange between the waitress and Adam and money changes hands. Eventually, she makes her way over towards the bar to Devi and Agnes. Pointing in Adam's direction, "The guy over there told me to give you this fifty for five minutes of your time." she snaps her gum and then goes on to the next table.

"A line, huh?" Devi responds before prying her eyes from the group of men, turning to Aggie with a lofted brow. "Looks like you'll do just fine in this biz, Kit." She reaches out and taps an ebon-painted nail to the girl's nose. Yeah, she was strange at times. Drugs'll do that to ya.
"So, what's the joint called?" she asks, but before her 'little bitch' can respond, the waitress interrupts them with the little proposition. When her view of the room is clearing of the gum-chewing bimbo, Devi's gaze settles on Adam. "Ten bucks a minute. Six-hundred dollars an hour. Way to make it worth my time." She does the math with a wicked grin and a husky chuckle before nudging her chin in direction to Aggie and setting off towards the table.
She stands opposite the men, resting her beer onto the table and turning her arms so that her palms kiss the booze-stained surface with her fingertips turned back to cup the edge. "We're not hookers. Sorry, boys. One of the few things we can't offer you. In which case, what can we do for ya?" Her probing gaze skims the group of four in tandem with the line her tongue makes over her purple-painted lips.

Agnes nods her head a few times in confirmation that she very much has a line on this gig. As her nose is tapped, she merely wrinkles it slightly and gives a little laugh. Strangeness she can work with. She's about to reply when the waitress interrupts with that generous offer. Aggie considers that sum herself, her eyebrows raising. "Actually-" she begins, but then breaks off rather abruptly in order to follow Devi over towards the table like a well-trained little bitch, at least. Not entirely sure of her role in things here yet, she just hangs back a bit, holding her beer loosely at her side, and just watching for now as Devi interacts with the gents.

The other men sit back quietly like well trained goons. Meanwhile, Adam smiles. He speaks in a soft British accent, "Well, to be honest, I was hoping you were not prostitutes." he says, "I only made the offer to get your attention. To be honest, we're looking for a motorcycle club. Called the Ravens, if I remember correctly, I thought perhaps you might help me find them."

Words getting around - the fact draws a tilted smile to the biker's darkly painted lips, an expression of captivating sweet, sweet mischief. "Depends," she offers, looking aside to Agnes. Their group was still small. Growing, but small. She was sure she'd just begun to pinch a few toes, and so chose to tread this matter carefully. Her smile is both encouraging and devious as it's offered to her partner before her sharp features are turned back to Adam. "Who is callin' and what do you want with The Ravens?"

Agnes returns Devi's smile with a wry smirk of her own, giving her head a cool toss and flicking her dark hair back from her eyes as her gaze follows the leader's back to Adam and the others at the table. She is, at least, pretty decent at following a lead, and effects and air of cool curiosity, her eyebrows lifting just a bit as she waits for his answer. Her gaze gives one quick go around at the other men before it comes squarely back to the one who seems to be in charge.

Adam considers the question quite earnestly. He takes a sip of his beer and lays it down calmly before he says, "You can call me Adam. And I'm looking for the Ravens because I want to put them on retainer. You see, in my business, you never know when you will have need of a group of rowdy miscreants." he looks up, "No offense intended. You can still go about your own thing, but when I need you to…well, do what it is you do naturally anyway, I would like you to step to. And in exchange, I'll make some lovely payments to you. Assuming, of course, you are part of the Ravens."

"So much for a Girl's Night Out," Devi says aside to Aggie. "All work and no play."
Devi straightens, plucking back up her bottle of beer and turning her body to rest her rump on the edge of Adam's table, torso turned towards the group so that she pulls one denim kissed thigh up onto the tabletop. "I'm Devi. I'm the one puttin' together The Ravens," she offers. "This here is Kitty - my favorite little prospect." Favorite, and there for quite closely protected, no doubt.
The dark haired woman sips her brew, wetting dark lips and smoothing those husky tones before she speaks again. "Sounds like a win-win on my part. But, in this line of work, gotta wonder just who the enemies are that you might be sendin' my people after, Adam sweety. I gotta reserve the right to refuse some work if it conflicts with my own business arrangements, yeah?"

"No rest for the wicked," Agnes agrees with a smirk back to Devi, her own voice kept fairly low, though not so that the men can't hear. She might just stand up a little straighter as Devi marks her as her favourite, and she offers a little nod in greeting as she's introduced. Arms crossing loosely over her abdomen, she takes a step closer, carefully following these business arrangements as things are hashed out. She does, after all, have a bit of a personal investment in it.

Adam considers the question for a few moments, "I would suppose, Devi, that would entirely depend on what is more profitable for the Ravens in the long run, hm?" his head tilts to the side, "Currently, I'm considering what I shall do about other criminal elements in New York City and I've got my eyes on the Linderman group for the moment."

Devi observes the change in demeanor of her younger partner from the corner of her eye. Taking some initiative, showing some spunk. The girl is not chastised for her remark, nor her stake to claim in the business affair. In the absence of such, Devi's approval and encouragement is obvious despite it being unspoken. She knew the girl had it in her.
One of Devi's perfect brows quirks a smidgen higher. "Linderman…" The biker taps her lower lip with the brim of her beer bottle. "The competition. Sounds like you and I have more in common after all." And with that, the beginnings of their deal are set in motion.

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