Ten Years Coming


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Scene Title Yen Years Coming
Synopsis Magnes and Isabelle meet for the first time in ten years (For him) after he returns from Hawaii, then they do it about ten minutes later.
Date April 10, 2019


Magnes' place, there's some nerd stuff and it's a studio apartment.

It's fairly early in the morning and Isabelle, despite what Abby asked cannot just stay inside forever and not at least explore /a little/. This is the future for crying out loud. So Izzy walks down the street, not many people are around. Wearing a pair of dark jeans and a red top along with a black hoodie with the hood up, she isn't really recognizable. She looks around and up to the city, so far she has seen.. two people use their Evolved Abilities. The first time it was a woman with her dog, just started to up, up and away. The next was a man talking to a plant and as h did, it started to grow greener and such.


Isabelle never would have thought this would happen, that is was possible. People living in harmony with Evolved, some even Evolved of their own choosing! It almost makes Izzy want to shed a tear but.. she doesn't because she just doesn't do that. Tough woman, right?

Hawaii sucks, that's the lesson of the day, there's nothing for Magnes to do there, so he has to come back to this city. He doesn't want to be here, he wants to be anywhere else but here, he just doesn't know where else to go. Then there's someone who looks vaguely familiar on the ground, and he swoops down, just landing right there in front of her. "I-Isabelle!" he exclaims in complete surprise, voice almost cracking. "Where were you?" he asks, face full of shock and surprise, possibly even close to breaking down. She was one of his first true friends, and she vanished. "You still look the way I remember…" Of course, she probably doesn't remember him with facial hair and a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

"Fucking Christ! Don't do that!" she nearly shouts to Magnes, it takes her a moment.. wait.. double take. "Mags?" she asks in and leans in to get a closer look, her hood almost falling off. "Oh my.. you're a real.. man now." She chuckles and folds her arms across her chest. She looks at Magnes again.. yes, he is /hot/ now, in Isabelle's standards. "Look.. we can't really talk here. I'm not suppose to be making a scene anywhere, told Abs I wouldn't. You have some place we can go?"

"Yeah, sure, just don't tell Abby you spoke to me, she's kinda pissed right now. I had time to think, I should probably apologize." Magnes admits, the memory of last night temporarily making him forget about his old friend, but then he smiles and reaches out for her hand. "Just take my hand, I'll fly us there. It's safe now, I know how to use my powers and all that."

"What did you d-." she will wait to ask later. With a grin she takes Magnes' hand. "Mmm haven't went flying with you in a while." To her it's only been a short while, to Magnes, that's a whole other story. She interlaces her fingers with his and smiles at him. "Up and at 'em, Fly Boy."

Magnes protectively takes her hand, and up they go, high into the air, then they're soaring over buildings quite smoothly. It's not like when he was younger, sure, they're still technically falling, but he seems to have basically put it on cruise control. "I still can't believe you're here. God, you know I had a thing for you? I mean, yeah, I really liked Abby, she was basically my ideal girlfriend, but you were a freakin' wet dream."

"Magnes.. I'm from the past." Probably something you don't tell when you're up in the air. "I was imprisoned and then there was this raid and then.. I'm here somehow, the time traveler. Hiro, he did it." Isabelle chuckles at Magnes, "You say it like you don't like me anymore." She pouts playfully.

There's a slight gravity shift, but Magnes seems to quickly correct it; that shift was surprise. He reaches into his pocket, pressing something with a beep, then a distant apartment window slides open and he flies right through the curtain, pulling her in close so she doesn't smack against anything. "Hiro, I've heard of that guy. Shit, you're the real Isabelle, like, from back then. I definitely like you, I mean, if you were still around, my first would have probably been you instead of a prostitute."

Izzy looks appalled. "Mags! You bought a prostitute!" she blinks and shakes her head. "That won't do, no sir." She says and since they are finally in his apartment she removes her hoodie and her tight top which shows a bit of midriff can be seen now. She lounges out on the couch and shakes her head at Magnes. "I don't understand, I'm sure there were other girls.."

Magnes closes the window again, making sure the curtains are covering the window; people fly, and he hates it when they look at him. His studio apartment has no bedroom, she's sitting on his large futon that can fall back into a bed. There's plenty of bookcases lined around the walls with his large graphic novel collection, and the kitchen is on the other side of the room. "I didn't really feel comfortable with them. I never knew what to say, I still barely know what to say to a girl, but I don't get all tongue tied and stutter anymore. Bebe was a prostitute, but she was nice, so I suppose I don't really regret it. How many guys can say they boned the president's son's fiancée?"

"Not many I suppose." She says with a slight grin and folds one leg under another. "So tell me.. what else have I missed? You have finally grown into.. yourself." Isabelle admits with a wink, the bartender looks around the studio with a grin. "This is where all the magic happens.." she chuckles softly.

Magnes takes his jacket off, throwing it against the wall; it just sticks, who needs hangers. He walks over to sit next to her, then elbows the back of the couch to make it easily fall back into a full futon. "I'm still working on actually getting magic to happen here, Gillian set me up with someone. But so far, it's been a few years for me, since Bebe." He grabs the remote, appearing rather casual, none of the awkwardness she might be used to. When the TV comes on, the picture is insanely clear, it's practically like staring out of a window. Star Wars: Episode 7. "Hey, if you get back to your time, make sure I don't find out that Abby and Deckard are fucking in the future."

Isabelle curls up on the futon and smiles up at Magnes. "Who's the lucky gal?" her head tilts and she looks to the TV, wow future TV is awesome. Her long auburn hair is on Magnes' arm as she grins at him. "I'll make sure I do that."

"Fuck, I think I forgot her name, but it's not like we were gonna get married or anything." Magnes stares at Isabelle, he doesn't hide it at all, he's checking-her-out. He puffs his cigarette, looking almost exhaustedly from her to the TV. "It's crazy, remembering how I used to be. I was so fucking happy back then, I didn't even know it."

It's the checking out that leads Isabelle to believe that it's ok for her to do what's next. She slides up to an upright position and then slides onto Magnes' lap. Straddling him and smiling down at him. "Why aren't you happy now? Mags.. the world, it looks beautiful." She admits.

"I don't know anymore. It's not Abby, it's really not, and a lot of people think it is…" Magnes seems to be going with the natural flow of things, he doesn't even acknowledge it, he just starts unbuttoning his shirt when she straddles him. "Even back in your time, I always felt like I was outside, looking in. There was the life where I'm Abby's friend, the life where I kinda knew some people at comic shops, and my life as a delivery boy. But there was never a life where I didn't feel like I was just squeezing myself in, temporarily."

"Sounds like to me, you need to find yourself. You're a lost sailor, trying to find himself home." Izzy moves Magnes' hands and unbuttons the rest of his shirt. Her eyes travel over him and she snickers. "Have you dreamed of this?"

Magnes has two guns strapped to his bare stomach when she unbuttons his shirt, but he quickly undoes the strap and lets the guns fall to the floor. "Yeah, I was just too much of a pussy to realize I was never gonna get Abby…" He sounds as if he just very recently realized this, staring into Isabelle's eyes to show a hint of the vulnerable pizza boy he used to be. "I didn't realize how much I missed you until you were gone…"

"You were just head over heels for her, nothing wrong with that." Izzy says and removes his shirt completely, next goes the buckle of his belt and she begins sliding those off too. "You really missed me?" she asks and excitement enters her eyes as she stares at Magnes.

"Yeah, but fuck…" Something suddenly occurs to him, of course he doesn't seem to be making an effort to stop it, but he's still wondering, "What are you gonna tell me if you get back, after this?" he asks, grinning, apparently amused with the whole idea.

"Just that he finally got his wish in the future." She chuckles and leans in close to Magnes. This is when he should kiss her probably. "I mean, this is what you've wanted.. right?" Izzy needs to release, get away from the craziness her mind has experienced since coming here. Magnes is here so..

"I've wanted it, it's just so surreal. You're from the past, makes me wonder if I've finally lost my mind." Magnes moves to wrap his arms around her waist, then passionately lock his lips with hers, not saying anything more.

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