Tenement Fire in Lower East Side

MANHATTAN — A fire in the late evening hours of January 1 destroyed a derelict apartment building in the Lower East Side near the ravaged remains of Midtown. According to police, the building has been regularly inhabited by squatters — the homeless, paperless, faceless in the city, both Evolved and not. Neighbors called 911 at 5:42 PM and reported smoke and fire in the building. By the time firefighters arrived on the scene, the building was fully engulfed. Firefighters rolled out hoses to contain the situation so as not to lose any other buildings in the area.

According to sources in the police department, approximately twenty 'residents' got out of the blaze. The most publicized moment of the entire night occurred just as the upper floors of the complex began to collapse into the structure. An unindentified flying woman saved a child from the 4th floor of the structure just before the ceiling caved in on the location. Bystanders, firefighters, and police have all lauded the unnamed woman as the biggest hero of the night — without her timely intervention, the child would never have been seen, much less rescued.

News channels all have small amounts of footage of the blaze, but there were no television cameras on scene yet when it happened, so there are only several photographers' still photographs of the rescue, and one lucky individual managed to get a beautiful full-face shot of a woman with possibly mixed Hispanic/Persian heritage in mid-air with a tiny girl-child in her arms, one of the same woman handing the child to paramedics, and a third of her taking off into the sky.

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