Terminator 2 - Ryans Faceoff


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Scene Title Terminator 2 - Ryans Faceoff
Synopsis Duct tape, swearing, popcorn, and phones. When the Ryans girls fight, they do it up right.
Date April 20, 2010

Lucille Ryans' Apartment

It's quite possibly just before 10pm and baby, it's cold outside. Very cold. In response to the horrible weather, Delia has set herself in front of the television. She's dressed in a pair of flannel shorts and an old high school t-shirt, the kind with the graduating year on it and boy it's faded. To offset the chill, the heat in Lulu's apartment is ramped up to a balmy 80 degrees. Something that might just piss off the sister who is paying the bills. Not like Delia cares… She's kinda peeved today.

The movie on television is doing wonders to lighten her mood though, it's one of those action ones where fifty people die in the opening credits, so of course it's got to be good.

"GO ARNIE!! Get that little — Wait what are you doing?! NO!! NO!! You're supposed to be — AAAAAAAHHHH!!!" She's watching Terminator 2 and it always surprises her that the big guy is shooting for the other team. "Stupid kid… Stupid kid from the future sending the stupid terminator back… Stupid terminator for not having a brain of his own…"

She's actually throwing pieces of popcorn at the screen.

In walks the older sister in question, closing the front door to the apartment. She is dressed for the cold weather and is unwrapping a red scarf from around her, her blonde hair with the pink streak falling down to her shoulders. "What,"

She fans herself and walks over to the thermostat. Turning it down about 10 degrees, "The fuck Deli." She eyes her younger sister and sighs as she shakes her head and throws the scarf and jacket onto the bar stool. She's then putting a hand on her hip and staring at the screen. "Never gets old. I'll be back." She chuckles.

Lucille, dressed in a pair of tight dark jeans and a dark blue sweater, she tilts her head at her sister. "You've been doing this all day?" Lu's been out, running errands and then having a meeting with her modeling agency. "Here." She throws a bag at Delia, inside Del would find a really nice looking black and red top. Something nice you'd wear out to a club or party. "Gave me some clothes."

"No, some of us have school to better ourselves so we don't have to rely on our looks." Comes the snarky reply from the little sister, bad mood much? Quite. She jumps up off the sofa and ramps the heat up again, this time to 85 degree and sticks her tongue out at Lucille as she returns to flops back down on the couch. She never claimed to be a gracious guest.

When the bag is tossed at her, Lia pulls the top out and sneers at it. "You goin' to walk on a street corner in this or something? It's hideous. Plus, you're going to have to stuff your bra a bit more than you already do." Then the shirt is tossed at Lucille with a self satisfied smirk. Laying down on the couch, the tall redhead claims the entire thing as she stuffs another mouthful of popcorn in her gob.

"Ge' oudda the way.. Yer ruinin' mah show!" She yells, with her mouth full of course. Then Lucille might just find a few puffs of corn tossed in her direction.

"Well.. the shirt was for you.." Lucille says and then she sighs and cracks her knuckles. Are we gonna have to do it the hard way? I think yes. With a soft chuckle she walks to the drawer and pulls out thick duct tape. She turns the heat all the way off and then she's taping the whole thing. "Mine." She says simply and then she's walking over to the TV and unplugging it. "You can watch it online now, sweet cheeks." She says with a wink and then her sister is given the finger.

"And I am very happy that people like my looks. I don't think brains are all that nice too look at." The older sister says as she trails into the kitchen and brings out a few ingredients. She's ready to eat some dinner.

Turning the heat on the stove on, she looks over to Delia. "Talked to dad? I haven't in a little bit." She says, and then she's walking back over to the living room to fish her pills out from the purse and she's quickly swallowing them down. Not looking over towards her younger sister. She doesn't want to see the sneer.

"YOU JERK! Turn that back on!!" Delia ramps up off the couch and grabs the smaller woman in a headlock and grinding her knuckles into the top of the blond head. It only lasts for a very satisfying half minute before the redhead releases Lulu with another smug grin. She saunters over to the television and plugs it back in.

Then Lucille is in the kitchen, probably hiding from Delia as she tries to heat up over that tiny little flame. "Uh.. no, I tried calling but there wasn't an answer." The student is practically glowering as she says it. She's worried and as Lulu well knows, her worry, sadness, all the emotions people don't like manifest in Delia as anger. Then she shoves another mouth full of popcorn in to keep herself from either a) complaining about her father not answering his phone or b) thinking that he's on a date. Daddy's not allowed to date, it's just too gross to think about.

Then she drops her second handful of the puffy white snack, and slumps her shoulders some. "You don't think he's trying to get some space or anything, do you? Do you think I should go over to his hotel? Maybe he forgot what I looked like." It's not logic running through Delia's head, it's something else entirely.

"Bitch!" Lu screams and she glares at her sister through the little space from the kitchen to the living room. "Don't go to sleep tonight, you'll wake up without hair." Lucille grins devilishly at her younger sister. "Don't worry, we'll see him soon." Lucille says as she puts oil in the pan. "He's been through a lot. Looking twenty years younger, coming out of retirement. He's got a lot on his plate sis."

She ruffles her hair back into place and then she's twisting it into a loose bun. "Don't just go over." Lu advises her sister, "And.. he's been looking at your face for how long? I don't think he could forget. You look so much like mom." She looks sad for a second and then she's quiet.

Sighing softly, "It's.. I don't know. I've been feeling weird lately Del.. I.. I'm not sure." Lucille doesn't usually confide in people but if anyone, it'd be Delia. No matter how snappy they are at each other.

"Shut up.." Delia says quietly when Lucille mentions their mother. It's a sore subject for her, even four years later. The rest? Well the poor blonde is ignored as the redhead stares at her phone. Then Lucille is given an extremely pathetic look and Delia's knees are hugged to her chest for a while as she sits in silence.

"Join the club," she finally murmurs, though the weird feeling that Delia is getting is not being at home, in her room, with her stuff and her dad. Then with an extremely long and pained sigh, she looks toward the kitchen and furrows her eyebrows. "What, you turn the heat off so you can light it on fire? Make sure you warn me before you run out." Then her voice drops to a grumpy utterance, "Wouldn't surprise me if you left me here, alone, again."

The cell phone is picked up and the youngest Ryans presses the speed dial to the first number … again. As she waits for either a pick up or the voice mail, she trots into Lucille's room and closes the door. Lucky for Lulu, the walls are thin enough that she can still hear. "Dad, it's me.. Can you please call tonight? I mean, I don't care if you're — " Pause. " — No, I do care if you're not talking to me because you're on a date. I'm your daughter and I'll be pissed if you're ignoring me because you're — " She presses the end call. "Gross… that's just… gross."

"Fuck you." Lucille says to her baby sister with a glare as she throws some oil in the pan and cuts up a few vegetables. "I'm.. I'm serious Del, it might be the meds? I don't know." The oldest shakes her head and blows a loose strand out of her eyes.

Then she's looking at Delia's display of crazy and she's shaking her head. "Delia! Will you quit it! Dad is allowed a life, he fucking deserves one." She screams and then she's rounding the wall to stare down at Delia. "God, you are so bitter. Like you're the only one that's going through something. Do you ever think that maybe dad and I have just as bad as you?" She throws her hands up in exasperation.

"He has a life!" Delia yells back and wags the hand with the phone in it as she tries to decide whether to throw it at Lucille or the wall or just hang on to it. Right now, she opts to hang on to it and her shoulders sag as though she's burdenned by the weight. "What do you know anyway — You're out living it up with your modeling and that bar job of yours…"

Slumping on the bed, she curls up onto her side and hugs a pillow. A long and pained sigh is drawn out of her body and her blue eyes focus on her older sister. "Sorry, I know, you have your crazy stuff going on," she mumbles quietly as she stares holes into Lucille's skull. "So your pills aren't working? Why don't you do something else? Like… I dunno… maybe try taking some classes or something?"

"I.. I.." Lucille decides to let it go like Delia has. She slumps against the wall and puts her head in her hands. "I think I will. I'll go and talk to my therapist about it tomorrow." She says and then she looks at Delia through her splayed fingers.

"You think it's a good idea? Modeling? I mean… What're you gonna do when it's over? Go back to Old Lucy's?" Delia rises from the bed and stalks into the kitchen where she grabs an onion and begins to chop it into tiny little bits. Onions are great when you already feel like crying. "I mean, you're not exactly tall enough for really good modeling. No offense, but you're not. Why don't you go back to school? I bet dad would like it if you were home more."


The splash of oil as the onions hit the pan covers the sound of Delia sniffling back her tears. Onion tears. That's her story and she's sticking to it. "Please don't leave again, Lulu. I know I'm kind of a shit sometimes… but I really don't want you to go anywhere."

"I think if I'm smart," Lucille doesn't hear her sister's sniffles but she does take a quick peek before going back to cooking. "And if my smart sister helps me out, I won't have to depend on modeling forever. There are a number of doors that I can go into. I've been asked to be the face of this new makeup line. I'm thinking.. my own make up? Perfume? It's time to be an business woman, right?"

"I.. I'm not going to leave you. Not again." She promises to her sister. "I might go on trips around the world, but I won't be going to live there. I promise Del." Luc smiles softly towards her sister. "And you're my little shit, I wouldn't have it any other way. I would think dad would think we're imposters if we weren't horrible to each other."

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