Terrakinetic Concerns


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Scene Title Terrakinetic Concerns
Synopsis Dante calls on his supervisor for ideas on what to do about Nadia and her control over her ability.
Date July 20, 2010

Over the Phone Lines

Things are finally settling down for Agent Ryans, so you know what that means? Time to get back into work! Which must be why his work number is ringing with Agent Lupinetti's number.

Eyes cutting to the cellphone sitting on this desk, Ryans picks it up and hits talk. "Hello? Is there something I can help you with Agent Lupinetti?" Tossing his pen on the desk, the older agent leans back into his chair, happy for the distraction from paperwork.

"Yes sir," comes Dante's level tone from the other end, cutting through the background chatter of the office, "I've made up a dossier of a Registered Evolved I've met recently who I believe could do with some extra attention, and I'd like your opinion on the matter. Do you have a moment?"

Brows lift a little at the other agent. "Do you now?" The Assistant Director's own neutral voice rumbles softly. His eyes drop to the stack of paperwork, brows dropping slightly. "You have my attention Agent, what do you have for me?" A foot comes up to rest on it's side on his knee, as he settles in to listen.

There's the rustling of a paper file being flipped through on Dante's end of the line, along with the familiar creak of a desk chair. "Nadia Fadwa Ba'albaki," Dante starts with all the enthusiasm of someone reading the stock market section of the newspaper out loud, "Registered Evolved, Tier 2. 25 years old and currently a student of Architecture at Columbia University. Her power is that of Terrakinesis, the telekinetic control of earth and stone. I've met her in person and seen her Ability in action when she's sculpting from raw marble. When we met, she admitted to me that she hadn't yet explored the limits of her Abilities, and hasn't yet had training for how to handle it should she have an episode where she loses control."

A flip of a page. "She has also expressed to me the circumstances of her Flash Forward, which involve the destruction of Staten Island, involving the complete disappearance of the Lighthouse and half the island. In her Flash Forward, she claims she was convinced it was all her doing."

A few more flips of paper in silence before there's the creak of Dante leaning back in his chair, the man letting out a low sigh of finality. "I've told her I would look into the possibility of connecting her with someone who can help her come to better understand her ability. She seems very frightened that her Flash Forward will come true and is willing to take steps to prevent it. I believe it's in the best interest of the Company and the public to help her with this. What's your take on this, sir?"

What Dante probably didn't expect was his report to be followed by silence. A long pregnant pause as the Assistant Director struggles with what he knows. Finally, he leans forward and pulls out pen and paper, scribbling some details down. "Well, these flashes… or visions or whatever they are… they are most likely not something to really worry about. If it was a vision of the future, just knowing it'll happen can change it."

Lips press together for a moment of thought, tip of his pen gently taps against the paper. "If she is really concerned about what might happen, I know there are courses and support groups offered at the Suresh Center. So I recommend pointing her there for starters." Dante can't see it, but Benjamin Ryans shrugs slowly. "Beyond that, keep in touch with her o she wants it and keep an eye on her."

"…sir?" Dante offers after a few moments of that silence. As Ryans goes on, Dante makes noises of acknowledgment over the phone. He gives a small grunt when he suggests Dante keep in touch with her. "Understood, sir. Now…ah, how do I put this? I'm concerned about the possibility of an underdeveloped terrakinetic losing control of her powers. In your experience, are these fears unfounded? And if they aren't, is there nothing else we can do to ensure she won't lose control?"

"Anyone of those people out there could be underdeveloped, but being 'worried' is not enough to bring her in." Ryans explains softly, "There was a time that… yes we would, and make sure, but those times have changed. Stuff like that is taken care of by other organizations."He's not a fan of that, but… "If she goes to the Surresh Center and tells them her worries, they may be able to prescribe pills to help her negate her ability. Trust me when I say, she will be in very good hands with them."

Leaning over to pull open a drawer, Ryans starts thumbing through some papers. "The Center is watched, and I imagine it wouldn't be hard to keep up with what she's doing there." A paper is pulled out of a file.

"Understood, sir." Another canned response, and Dante's voice is a little tense with uncertainty. But he does have faith in Ryans' experience and judgment, so that's a small weight lifting off his shoulders. "I'll direct her to someone at the Suresh Center, then. Thank you for your time." A classic "wrap up" remark.

"Anytime, agent." Ryans offers in return. "Please, keep me informed on any developments will you?" It's a polite query, the Assistant Director would possibly have no problems getting updates if he truly needed them.

Dante can't help a small smile at that request, though there's a silent wince as well. "You'll have written reports of anything notable on your desk by the next day, sir." Still straight forward and curtly professional.

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