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Scene Title Terrible Genie
Synopsis Fedor, friend of the previous Felix makes a bid to pay his debt with the Final Felix
Date February 5 2009

Felix's hotel room

Its a Holiday inn express.

It's a nice little suite. A cheap place, really, but surprisingly roomy, out on the edge of the city. Felix's ancient BMW is parked out in front of the building. The Fed himself is parked in the living room/kitchenette, lazily watching Sean Connery decline to answer, despite the threat of that terrible laser. Real spook watches faux with the blank incomprehension of a chimp confronted with a wall of hieroglyphs. He is not drinking anything more powerful than a coke, and he's freshly showered. His Walther is at hand on the endtable. Felix and his high caliber binky.

He'd picked up a card at the desk, a two bill can do that at a cheap hotel you know. He doesn't bother with knocking, theres no screwing around. Just a click at the door as he swipes the keycard, and he bumps the door open without even the modest cursory efforts to disguise himself. "I do hope I'm not interrupting anything?"Comes a youthful voice. He was dressed well tonight, black, charcoal and a bright white silk shirt underneath his vest. "Its been too long Felix."he offers casually, plucking his fedora from his head and unbuttoning his wool overcoat with the other. He doesnt stare Felix down or anything, no he gives no outward indication anything strange is happening here.

If there were ever any doubt the Felix the elder's descendant is Evolved, it's summarily dispatched. Felix is up on his feet, gun in hand, with the unreal swiftness of a rabbit being pulled from a magician's hat. Funny, really, so physical, because Felix Suvorin was a mentalist with the sort of terrifying coercive powers that'd make Matt Parkman's father twitch with envy. "And just who are you?" he asks, with silky smoothness, pistol aimed straight at Fedor's face. His paranoia is in full flower - he was literally raised on tales of what would happen if/when the KGB finally caught up with them.

"My name is Fedor Ibragimov, I believe you knew me better as uncle Ibragimov?"He pays the pistol little mind, before dipping a leather gloved had to slowly produce a familar package. a brown wrapper with Arabic writing, over a brick sized chunk of chocolate. "You know, I understand you felt the need to vanish operationally. I truly do, but you could have told your mother Felix. Its not like she didnt carry a Sheild and sword the same as me, and your name sake."He shrugs out of his coat, hanging it on a hook and setting his Fedora ontop of it. "Your mother was hysterical Felix. You see, she knew I owed your namesake. To be specific, your grand father saved me from a summary field execution and put me on the track to being a very wealthy man. Well, I never got to repay that debt. So your mother sent me an email, told me some animals had killed you. So she went to the one man she knew could avenge her little wolf, and who wouldn't refuse her. "

Fel's expression is now one of dawning wonder and incredulity. "I thought you were one of Grandfather's fairy tales. Some of his war stories were incredible, even to a kid," he says, slowly. "Mom had to be kept in the dark. If you know my mother, you know how shrewd she is. She sent you out to kill those who murdered me?"

"All of them, well actually I think her language was to educate them. Your to young to know, but I did alot of educating in my day. typically with gasoline, a match and family members of the accused. Anyway she wanted me to educate all of them, and I'd have done so if you hadnt killed them all."He pauses to seat himself, crossing his legs as he finally gives Felix his full attention. "In any case, I have a debt to pay you Felix. I owe your family my life, and my fortune Felix I hope you realize it. Now, while I admit its impolite I would rather insist you ask of me a suitable favor or request or whatever. I would rather not build a new life, only to have you call me because your your son is faking a death."

It's like having a terrible, deadly genie at your beck and call. Felix is not dead, and now he has this completely bizarre ally in his pocket. "I've no kids," he says, absently. "I get a boon, huh, since you couldn't do what my mother asked? I'm going to decline. I don't have anything worth wasting your talents on just yet….how is it you're old enough to have worked with moy dedushka and you look like that?" He slips into his native tongue without thinking.

"If you decline, then this will absolve me of any responsibilities. Your not my kin, and your working for the 'other side' so I feel no need to help you. Your a stranger, do you understand? If you decline, then you will never be able to ask me for any help ever again. "he checks his watch casually, before focusing his attention again on Felix. "You are whom you eat, or at least I am. I'm as old as you expect me to be, just not in this shape."

"The other side?" Felix wonders, quietly. "Then help me be sure a man named Sylar is dead. Kill him. He tried to kill me once. I warn you, he's an Evolved of nearly inconceivable power, and if you decide not to tilt against that particular windmill, I will understand."

"I've killed more FBI agents, than years you've been alive in my time Felix. If you want me to find this man, then so be it I will do so. It may not be overnight, but I assure you I shall see his body in the ground. Just realize, I play the long game in all things. This isn't a sprint." Indeed, it wasn't a sprint. It was a survival match.

You may cast us on, but you may not call us off. Fel doesn't seem particularly dismayed at this. He chuckles at that, a dusty sound, but unafraid. "Runs in the blood," he says, rather obscurely. "Good."

"Now, did your friend tell you how to contact me?"he produces a card, never the less from seemingly thin air. "And what are you involved in right now, I've got some warming back up to do, I have been out of this game for some time now. If I can, get into things in a manner that benefits you then well that helps both of us then doesn't it?"

Felix inclines his head, though he doesn't lower the gun. "Indeed," he agrees, tone broadly amused.

Fedor quietly rises oncemore, and sets a card gently down on the counter. "My yacht is in Jersey, Lincoln harbor. Do you know where that is?"He wasnt about to get Felix out of hotel rooms but he wasn't worried about Felix coming after him. "I would appreciate it likewise, if I could be secured a pass to ignore this curfew. I'm working as a professional pilot these days, and there is actually a legitimate need. It also makes it easier to transport illegal arms."

Felix notes, drily, "I'll see what I can do. I'm a little bit persona non grata, these days."

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