Terrible With Geography


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Scene Title Terrible With Geography
Synopsis Nadia and Cardinal get together for the date they discussed at the date auction. It goes surprisingly well.
Date August 21, 2010

The Corinthian

After a cheerful phone call, Nadia got herself all fancied up for her meeting with Cardinal. She chose to wear a summery type of dress today, a soft beige number that calls to mind faeries and druids and the like; a pair of sandal-style heels adorn her feet, dark brown. Her hair is up in a loose bun, with an intentionally messy flair to it.

She's currently seated on a bench near the fountain, her legs crossed as she watches the water trickle over the multiple tiers, a soft smile on her face.

A dredge through Cardinal's closet came up with an off-the-rack suit that he'd picked up somewhere along the way, and he wore it to the casino; slate grey, no tie, the collar of the shirt he's wearing beneath it a bit disheveled and the top-most button undone. He could use an ironing board, or maybe a laundry service.

The steps of the man crunch softly on the gravel pathway, his hands clasped in a fold behind his back. "Nadia." A casual greeting as he approaches, lips twitching in an easy smile.

The woman turns a smiling face toward Cardinal as he calls out his greeting. At first, she's quiet, her eyes trailing over his outfit. Hmm. Perhaps if things work out in the way she's hoping they do, she'll have to attack his closet and make things look nice for him. Finally, she stands, however, a cheerful smile on her face. "Richard! Good to see you."

She steps around the bench, making her way closer to him as she pushes a strand of hair away from her face.

"And you," Cardinal replies easily as he steps along over towards her and the fountain, "Hope I'm not late, I tend to keep to my own schedule most've the time… one've the perks of running your own business, I suppose. You come to the Corinthian a lot?" Casual conversation, trying to get his verbal footing as he looks around the garden.

The girl smiles warmly up at the taller man, shaking her head. "You're not late at all! I tend to show up early for everything, in any case. Force of habit, I guess." Nadia chuckles softly, waving a hand to him. Then, she glances around the gardens with that ever-present smile. "I come here all the time. I usually do my studying here. Not a lot of people come out here, so it's kind-of like my zen place. Quiet and relaxing."

"I don't come here too often," admits Cardinal with a quiet chuckle, hands spreading a bit as he stops not far from her, "Daniel's people would probably think I was here for business if I did. I'd hate to get the old man all riled up about nothing, after all." A look around, casual, and then back to her with a grin, "It is a nice place, though. Always loved gardens."

Nadia laughs softly, fidgeting with the strap of her purse as he stops near her. "Yeah, that would probably be concerning to some people, having a man who runs a security company frequenting their establishment." She chuckles, turning to peer around the gardens. "Gardens are wonderful. I like just about anything nature-ey." Actually, she just likes it when there's not concrete between her and the earth. Feels much better, that way.

After a moment, a charming look is cast up to Cardinal. "So, Richard. I know from the business card that you gave me that you run a security company with a name that's rather obviously a play on your last name. I know that you have that rogueish charm that draws me like a fly to honey. But…I really don't know much else about you."

Cardinal's lips twitch into a crook'd smile, his head shaking a little. "I used to do some gardening in my spare time, don't have much of that anymore, though…" A hand lifts to adjust the set of his shades, and he gestures to her with one hand clad in a light glove, pointing out, "Ah, but I don't know anything about you at all. You first."

The Moroccan woman smiles, pushing a stubborn strand of hair away from her eyes. "Hmm, I just moved to a really nice apartment. I might try and do some window gardening some time, now that I think about it."

His next remark prompts a soft laugh and a nod. "Well, I was born in Casablanca, Morocco. When I was five, my family moved to St. Augustine, Florida, which is where I grew up. We had a beach house." She tilts her head. "Came up to New York to study Architecture at Columbia University. I'm pretty close to getting my Masters, only a year away. I'm also a sculptor, specializing in classical sculpting." The girl turns to peer at the fountain, a warm expression on her features. "That marble business card I gave you? It's a chip off of one of the marble blocks that I work with."

"It's certainly something that'll make people remember you," Cardinal admits with a hint of humor woven through his voice, "The card, I mean. You don't find many cards made of stone." He steps along over to the edge of the fountain, watching the water rise and then fall in a cascade down its marble tiers, "Morocco, hm? Never been to Europe, myself…"

The Moroccan girl smiles brightly. "That was the whole point of it. That, and it makes sense, with me being a sculptor." His last remark prompts a soft giggle, the girl placing a hand over her mouth. "Neither have I, actually. Morocco is in Africa, pretty close to Spain." She grins. "A majority of the population is Arabic in decent." She tilts her head toward the man. "I don't remember too much about Casablanca, really."

A laugh, and Cardinal looks over with a wry expression, "See? I'm terrible with geography. I was supposed to go on a vacation in Scandanavia once, but— well, that kind've got canceled. Casablanca, eh? Of all the gin joints in all the world…" A full turn towards her, "…so what do you sculpt? People, that modern art stuff…?"

The girl chuckles softly. "Ah, that's okay. The only reason I even know where those things are is because I was born there, and my parents insisted on me feeling pride for being from Morocco." With a grin, she turns to peer Cardinal over for a moment, before her gaze turns back up to his eyes. "I kind of vary, though my favorite would have to be the human body. It's so much more intricate than the modern art stuff in its own way. Plus, clothing is fun to sculpt."

"I've got to admit," Cardinal allows with a shake of his head; his eyes hidden by his shades as he looks back to her, a faint smile tugging up at one corner of his lips, "I've never really 'gotten' that modern art stuff. Just shapes all shoved together. Always preferred true-to-life art."

Nadia tilts her head toward Cardinal, laughing softly. "That why I prefer classical sculpture. That, and it's so fulfilling when you can shape a human body out of stone with your hands and a chisel." She peers up at him for a moment, reaching a hand out to gesture to his sunglasses. "Do you always leave those on? I don't know if I've gotten a good look at your eyes since I've met you."

"Hm? Oh, yeah, usually…" Cardinal brings a hand up to draw the oakleys off, snapping the legs shut — squinting a little as he adjusts to the altered light. "Day blindness. I don't do well with a lot of light, so - they help cut down on the glare. I normally just leave the lights off at home, it's easier."

Leaning forward, Nadia examines his eyes for a moment, before smiling warmly. "That's gotta suck. I remember my brother had photosensitivity, or something…every time he went out in the sun, he would sneeze. Probably nothing like day blindness, though." She blushes softly, rubbing the back of her neck as she leans back once more. "Well, you have nice eyes, in any case."

Cardinal holds still for the examination, a bit amused it seems, and then he chuckles at her story - or blush. The shades are slid back on his face, "Thanks. Sometimes I think they're more trouble than they're worth."

A bright smile on her face, she waves a hand. "I don't see how they could be trouble, aside from the not being able to see when it's too bright out." She almost adds in that all he would have to do would be to fix his somewhat intense gaze on her and grin and she would be putty in his hands, but it seems a bit on the early side to be admitting to such things.

Instead, she claps her hands together. "Well! Would you like to go get some food or a drink?"

"You try holding a business meeting after sunset," Cardinal points out, his head shaking a little, "It's not that easy."

An easy grin, then, and he allows casually, "Sounds like a plan. Shall we head inside, then?"

The woman smiles softly. "That I can understand." Nadia offers a small laugh, shouldering her purse.

Then, she's making her way toward the enterance to the building, turning that cheerful smile of hers back to the man. "Sounds great to me. Want to hit the restaurant?" She pauses by the door, watching him with an almost content look on her face.

"Sure." Cardinal seems fairly easy with where to go; really, it's been a long time since he was just being social and he's trying not to seem awkward about it. Thank goodness for suggestions of where to go, he was starting to run out of 'garden talk'. He heads along after her, admitting, "Never eaten here."

Nadia seems quite content to lead the way to the restaurant, walking alongside him and generally looking cheerful. Certainly, she's in a similar boat with the social scene…but then, she's also trying to get used to being around other people, especially with the contracts she signed with the Department of Evolved Affairs recently. Speaking of, he should probably tell him that at some point this evening to avoid giving him any possibly unwanted surprises.

As he speaks, her eyes are drawn up toward his face. "It's pretty good! Admittedly, I've only eaten here once, but I enjoyed it." She giggles. "I usually go between the garden and the lounge."

"Oh, I'm sure it is. Daniel doesn't spare any expense when he wants to be impressive, and he definately built this place to be… impressive," Cardinal admits as he walks along beside her, slanting a look to her with a crook'd smile, "He's good at grand gestures, I've got to give him credit for that, at least…"

Nadia chuckles softly. "I've never met Daniel, but he certainly runs a nice place." She pauses at the podium, offering a bright smile to the host and holding up two fingers, before turning back to Cardinal. "So, with your day blindness. Does that mean you can just plain see better at night or something?" She slants her head toward him.

Cardinal exhales a chuckle of his own, admitting, "Something like that, yeah. And I've had dealings with him before - returned some stolen property of his awhile back." Which makes sense, given his occupation, after all! He stops along beside her near the podium, "He's an interesting guy."

Nadia tilts her head back for a moment, grinning. "Well, I can certainly feel safe around you. What kind of security do you offer at your company?" After a moment, a young lady comes along, plucking up two menus and silverware, and gesturing for the pair to follow. With a cheerful smile, Nadia moves to follow, her fingers fidgeting along the strap of her purse again. She's doing her best not to seem too nervous, but the fidgeting is a givaway.

"Oh, we do home security, computer security, corporate security… skip tracing, lost people, cheating wives, stolen valuables…" Cardinal shrugs easily, "We contract out with the government occasionally, the police sometimes need our postcognitive." As the hostess leads them along into the lounge, he steps along after her, glancing to Nadia beneath his shades to see her reaction to the latter.

"Ohh, you have a postcognitive? That's really cool!" Once they reach the booth, Nadia slides into her side, crossing her legs and smiling after the hostess. Then, she turns a bright smile back to Cardinal.

For a moment, she just freezes as something occurs to her. Then, she smiles. "Speaking of things like that…I feel you should probably know, before you get any surprises by way of commercials on television, that I've recently been contracted with the Department of Evolved affairs to promote Registration. It's nothing too special…I just talk and smile at cameras, mostly." She rubs the back of her neck, fidgeting a bit more now.

"Oh?" Cardinal's brows leap up over the edge of his shades as he slides into the seat opposite her, "I suppose they'll need some good marketing promotions…" A tilt of his head, "So you're Evolved?"

The girl nods slowly. "Yeah. I'm just doing commercials right now, but they've also said some things about photoshoots and the like. They've moved me to Roosevelt Island, though, and I'm even going to be getting security, I think. Who knows, maybe they'll hire you." She offers a sheepish smile, one hand reaching up to the back of her neck. "Yeah, I'm Evolved. Doubt I'd have the position otherwise." She blushes again. As the waitress comes, she orders a sweet tea for herself.

At that suggestion, Cardinal chuckles quietly. "I imagine they have private security," he says with a shake of his head, "I don't really agree with the Roosevelt Island plan in any case, personally." An easy smile to the waitress, "I'll just have a coke."

"I don't mind it myself…but then, I'm apparently going to be a public figure or something?" She watches as the waitress walks off for a moment, before turning to smile back to Cardinal. "I'll take any offers of safety, especially considering the fact that there's groups like Humanis First out there." Not that she's particularly helpless, but anything extra is comforting.

"Do you know your history, Nadia?" Cardinal leans forward a bit, one arm resting on the table's edge; there's nothing aggressive about his posture or tone, just an affable discussion from his end, "American history, specifically, the domestic situation during World War II."

The young woman blinks as he leans forward. For a moment she studies him, a thoughtful look knitting at her eyebrows. Then, Nadia leans forward in turn. "Not a lot, I must confess. My interests have always been more in creating things." She watches him, smiling slightly. "Why do you ask?"

"After Pearl Harbor," Cardinal explains, assuming she's aware of the general facts of the war, "There was a lot of worry about the japanese living in the country. There were a lot of protestors assuming they were spies, or unpatriotic, or whatever - doesn't matter if they'd been here since their birth. There was even some violence towards them in places. So." A raise of his brows, "They were told that, for their own good, they'd be relocated from major cities. For their own protection."

The woman smiles as the server brings their drinks, waving a hand to indicate that they need more time. Then, her attention is back on Cardinal, quite interested by the current conversation topic. "Which was basically a xenophobic reaction on behalf of the American people." She tilts her head to one side. "So you think that the Evolved-only housing is basically the same thing?" She chews on her lower lip.

"I know that when I read about Mister Praeger encouraging the Evolved to move to Roosevelt Island," Cardinal replies with a shrug of one shoulder, reaching out for his soda and bringing it up in a tilt in her direction, "That I start to wonder when encouragement will become enforced. I know that when I notice that the Department of Evolved Affairs has purchasing neighborhood under renovations and adding police guards, constructing 'security walls' around them and other 'precautions', I'm reminded of a statement by one of the internees in the years after the war."

"'If we were there for our own protection, why were the guns pointing inwards?'"

His words certainly reach her. Nadia pulls her tea closer to herself, sipping at it through her straw as a thoughtful crease marks her brow. As he continues, that crease becomes more concerned than thoughtful. For a long, almost uncomfortable moment, she's silent, slurping down the amber-colored beverage. Finally, however, she speaks. "You have some really good points, Richard. That's…pretty concerning, really."

She leans back in her seat, thoughtfully looking the sunglasses-wearing man over with a peculiar expression on her face. Now, that shiny new apartmentment doesn't seem as nice as she once thought.

"I…" Cardinal skids to a verbal halt there, his nose wrinkling a bit in a slight grimace as he leans back in his seat. One hand comes up to pinch the bridge of his nose, "…sorry, Nadia. I shouldn't have gotten into— politics, and all."

Nadia's brows shoot up, and she waves her hand in a placating gesture. "No, no! It's alright!" She offers a warm smile. "You're passionate. If I can understand anything, I can understand passion about a cause or activity." She tilts her head to one side, offering the man a decidedly fond look. "In any case, it seems like there's fare more to Richard Cardinal than the security company and the bad boy charm you seem to ooze."

The young lady leans back in her seat, running an index finger along the rim of her glass. "So, I feel the uncontrollable urge to ask: What are your passions, Richard?"

"I have a vested interest in not being shoved into a concentration camp, for one thing," Cardinal replies in rue-splattered tones, his hand dropping back down and reaching for his drink, "Obviously the government has to do some shit about what's going on, but I don't think fascism is exacting the answer, and it worries the fuck out of me. But seriously, this isn't really date conversation talk, is it?" He sounds uncertain.

The woman listens quietly, her chin resting in her hand, a fascinated expression on her face. His final question prompts a small smile, the girl dipping her head to sip from her tea glass again. "It's not exactly standard date conversation, no." She giggles, shaking her head. "But it is some food for thought later." Then, she promptly decides to change the topic to something at least a little more cheery. "So, you're Evolved too, then?"

A sound of affirmation from Cardinal as he takes a sip of caffeinated cola, setting the cup off to one side and leaning back. "As I mentioned," he replies with a bit of a chuckle, "I can see quite a bit better at night.

Nadia nods, laughing softly. "Well, that's a pretty nifty one. I…probably should have connected that, but I can be a ditz sometimes." She pulls one leg up under herself, peeking over the menu for a moment, before turning her gaze back up to the man. "I'm what you would call a terrakinetic. I use my ability quite a bit for my sculptures…perhaps, some time, you can watch me work." She laughs. "It really doesn't take as long to make a sculpture as I tell most people."

"A terrakinetic?" Cardinal's brows raise a little, "Interesting…" A quiet chuckle, "I know a terrakinetic once. Haven't seen her in awhile, not since the storms. Hope she's doing alright. Must be useful in your line of work…"

The woman smiles softly. "It's fairly versatile, yes. It showed up when I was eleven." She glances up, chuckling to herself as she remembers something. "I was building sand castles on the beach that was by my house. I couldn't get the sand to stick right and I was getting mad, so I slapped my hand down…and suddenly, the most amazing sandcastle popped up, straight out of my imagination." She offers a happy sigh. "Man, those were the days. Nobody knew about us back then. It was a lot quieter."

"It was going to come out eventually," admits Cardinal with a slight shake of his head, "Whether or not Petrelli held that press conference… although maybe they could've handled it better." A sip of his drink's taken, then, and he gestures with it towards her, "So sand, earth, stone, all that stuff?"

She shrugs. "I know that, of course. It was just…peaceful." A warm smile forms across her face as she peers over at Cardinal, sipping at her tea. "Yup. Sand is the easiest to move. Earth is easy. Stone takes some concentration, but after using it in sculpture for so long, I've gotten pretty good at it." She lifts her eyes toward the ceiling for a moment, inwardly debating. "Earthquakes, too."

The soda glass pauses just before his lips, and Cardinal's brows raise up a little bit over the edge of his shades. "…earthquakes?" He pauses, setting it down and leaning forward a little, "You didn't tell the registration board about that one, did you?"

Glancing about, Nadia shakes her head. "No…didn't tell them about that, yet." She looks down at the table. "I've been perfect on registration up until now. I've been practicing in the Greenbelt…trying to get control over it so I can stop myself, if I need to. But…they were crying for the head of whoever was responsible for that earthquake a while back, and I don't know if I can face that." Her eyes lose focus for a moment, before she suddenly smiles to the man. "Sorry, that's not very date-worthy conversation, is it?"

"Norman White." Cardinal's lips purse in a slight line, "I… well. That's an aspect of your ability you should… just keep to yourself, you know? If you never use it, nobody has to know, and it'd probably frighten some people." A faint chuckle, then, "Well. It's not as if I'm very good at this either."

The girl nods slowly. "Yeah…" She smiles up at him. "Well, you seem like a fairly trustworthy guy, so…my secret will be safe with you, I'm sure. Thanks for not freaking out about it." She laughs, then, leaning back in her seat. "Neither of us seem to be too good at this. That's okay, though…I'm at least enjoying your company, if that's worth anything."

A hand touches to Cardinal's breast, and he replies with a bit of a chuckle, "I won't say a word." A shake of his head, and he admits, "It's hard for me to leave business aside a lot."

Nadia lifts a hand to push aside one of those stubborn strands of hair that won't quite get out of her eyes. "Well, let's do…likes and dislikes." She offers a bit more of a cheerful grin. "I like sushi, being out in nature, the beach, walking my dog Sherlock Holmes, sculpting of course, and New York City sometimes. I do not like elevators, anything higher than the second story, and the ocean." She gestures toward Cardinal.

"I feel like I'm reading one've those centerfold 'turn ons' and 'turn offs' now," Cardinal observes with a low chuckle, leaning back forward to rest one arm against the table's edge in a slouch, "Alright, though, I'll bite. I like cities, gardens, open air, long walks at night, and a few other things that aren't polite to say on the first date…" A wink, "…and I hate snow, the sun, and Humanis First."

The girl is leaning forward as he speaks, smiling up at him with an amused look twinkling in her eyes. "Well, we've already established that we suck at the date talk thing, so I'm trying to keep it corny until we get a better feel for each other." His remark about 'other things' prompts a blush from the girl, and the wink prompts her to giggle softly to herself. After a moment of her inner monologue squealing at deafening volumes (thankfully not audible to Cardinal), she offers a much more shy look to him. "Well, that's a good list you have there. I hate snow, too." Then, there is more blushing.

"I think we all hate snow," Cardinal points out in wry tones, "After this year's storm… fuck, everyone in the city should. I literally ran into a bunch of penguins during the storm."

"Penguins? Really?" The girl shivers. "I don't like it because it freezes everything. The earth is harder to move. I can still move it, but not nearly as easily as when it's warm." She grins, then, sipping down some more of her tea. "Must suck for you, because it makes everything brighter when there's a bunch of snow on the ground."

"God." Cardinal brings a hand up to rub against his face, "Tell me about it. The glare is fuckin' awful, it really… really is. I had a migraine all spring. If you can call that spring."

"Aww, that must have sucked!" Nadia tilts her head to one side, a concerned look on her face. "I could help you by…um…making a cave for you?" She giggles, her cheeks coloring slightly. "You've never seen dark until you've been under the ground. I find it rather comforting, really…but that's because, I guess, my ability helps me feel connected to the earth."

"I've never seen dark," Cardinal replies with just a bit of amusement in his tone, his head shaking, "Dark is pretty much light to me. It's kind've hard to explain - like trying to tell someone what the color green looks like, you know? Probably the same with your connection to the earth."

"Well, then to you, it would be bright as day when you're underground. To me…well, I can't see. It's like if you close your eyes really tight and try to make your way through an obstacle course. I think, if it weren't for my ability, caves would be a really scary place to go without a flashlight." Nadia offers a small chuckle. "It'd be hard to explain my connection to the Earth, so I can relate on that side, at leas."

"I've never been in a cave," Cardinal muses then, brows drawing together in contemplation, "I've been in subway tunnels, even abandoned ones, old basements… never in an actual natural cave, though."

Leaning forward, Nadia offers Cardinal a charming smile. "Well, then I guess, for our next date, we'll have to go out to the Greenbelt, and I'll have to make a cave for you. Won't be much like a natural cave…but it's still got that feel to it. Who knows, maybe I'll even find and open up a real cave for you." She giggles softly. "That is, assuming you want to go on a second date with me."

"Could be interesting," Cardinal admits as he leans back a little in his seat, "Greenbelt's a little dangerous these days, though, you sure you want to take that risk?" A grin, "I mean, about-to-be-famous girl like you shouldn't be prancing around in the Greenbelt…"

"Well, then we'll just have to take a night drive out to Jersey or something. Somewhere that people won't notice a cave suddenly appearing, yeah?" She grins. "Now you have me all determined that I have to show you a cave." She giggles softly. "So, you're not freaked out by the possibility of going on a second date with someone who is apparently soon to be famous? I don't know what to expect, personally."

"Fame's overrated," Cardinal shrugs one shoulder, reaching out - finally - for the menu to flip it open, "I wouldn't be famous if you paid me to be, honestly." A pause, a chuckle, "I suppose they do pay some people to be famous, of course."

The girl laughs. "Well, I'll be sure to warn you if I have any paparazzi storming me or anything, so you won't get famous by association." A musical giggle escapes her throat as she watches Cardinal. "They're kind of paying me to be famous, and I'm a poor college student." She giggles. "Plus, I figure this is also a great way to promote my plan. I want to one day rebuild New York City, make it beautiful again. Statues, buildings…I want to make this city as beautiful as it was before the bomb."

"It's almost a pity you're a spokesperson," Cardinal observes with a faint chuckle, glancing up and over the menu, "I could think of a lot of jobs I could use you for, with that ability of yours…" A shake of his head, "I mean, you could be rebuilding Midtown."

The girl smiles softly, letting out a soft sight. "If only I'd met you a few weeks ago, you would've caught me before I signed a contract. But, maybe I could help you a little bit on the side, if you continue to be so damn likable." She chuckles, turning her eyes down toward the menu, finally, pondering over the choices.

"I'm charming," Cardinal banters easily, "It's one of my many skills. A tongue of many talents…" A private smile as he goes down the menu, musing, "The mignon sounds good…"

"You're also very good at making me blush, Richard, whether you intend to or not. Though I have a feeling it's the former." Nadia says as much with burning cheeks, giggling softly. "I think I might get the same thing, come to think of it…"

"I have no…" A glance up, Cardinal's lips twitching in a faint smile, "…idea what you're talking about. Anyway, where were we… right, dinner…"

An amused smile twitches over Nadia's face, and she shakes her head, laughing softly. "Sure, you're clueless. You just keep smiling like that, and see where it gets you." She giggles again. As the waitress arrives (right on time), she promptly places her order, getting it medium-rare. Then, she turns back to Cardinal, leaning her chin against her hand once more. "I suppose I should ask. You ARE single, right?" Aww, another blush.

"Sort of?" The order's made— and he orders his filet mignon well done, a sin against meat of any stripe, but that's just the way he rolls. Or eats, it seems. Once the waitress moves on, he admits, "I'm not in any exclusive relationships."

A chuckle escapes Nadia's lip as the waitress runs off, offering Richard a cheerful smile. "Okay, just so long as there aren't any crazy stalker chicks who are going to want to kick my ass for shamelessly flirting with you." She offers a wink of her own. "Do you do exclusive relationships, or is that not quite your thing? Sorry for the Spanish inquisition here, I'm trying to determine what my expectations should be." She flashes a charming smile.

A shrug, Cardinal admitting, "Don't know. Never have before. You can never tell what the future'll be, though…" And he chuckles, there, shaking his head a little bit, "…no crazy stalker chickes to go after you, though, no."

Nadia runs her knuckles over her forehead in a mock relieved gesture, grinning. "Phew, that's a relief. Last guy I dated had this ex who would just give me these eerie stares. If I looked in her eyes, I could see her plotting my death. I broke up with him after a week." She laughs to herself, shaking her head, before smiling up to Cardinal. She can't help herself. He's one of those bad boys that a good little girl like Nadia feels the need to 'tame'. "I will keep that in mind for future dates."

"I'm guessing she wasn't really over him, then… never understood that, really," Cardinal shakes his head a little, "A relationship's two people. When one of 'em isn't into it anymore, end it, move on. Of course…" A lean over, and he picks up one of the rolls in the basket on the table, "…admittedly, I'm used to one-night stands."

A brow raising, Nadia picks up her own roll, tearing a piece off and chewing it as she thoughtfully watches the man. Then, she laughs, a bright smile forming on her face. "Well, I'm not much of a one night stand kind of girl, just to warn you." She winks to Cardinal. "If I'm going to do things like that, I'd prefer it to happen multiple times."

A rogue's smile twitches to Cardinal's lips, and he shakes the roll at her playfully. "Oh, and here I didn't think you seemed like the casual sex type, Nadia," he offers, utterly bereft of shame.

A blush and a giggle rewards Cardinal for his remark, the girl shaking her head and looking down at her roll for a moment. "Well…sex is just another part of judging compatability, in my eyes." She grins. "If I don't enjoy that extremely intimate act with someone, why would I want to pursue that person further? I mean…" She takes a bite of her roll, chewing and swallowing. "…Monogamy needs some serious considerations toward compatability, you know? Best to just get it all out on the table."

"A point, there…" Cardinal lays open his roll with a knife, butter added to its doughy guts in a smear, "…never understood the 'no sex before marriage' thing. I mean, what if you aren't compatable? Then you're stuck married to someone who's bad in bed.

Nadia offers a small laugh, apparently content to eat the roll sans butter. "I know, right? I'd rather be a sinner in the eyes of the church than be stuck with someone who can't offer the slightest bit of enjoyment in the bedroom. Or someone whose interests lie in areas that aren't compatable with mine." She shrugs, taking another bite of her roll.

"Exactly…" Cardinal's head shakes, and he takes a bite of roll — chewing, swallowing, "Besides. Just look at the Bible. God-supported, non-married sex everywhere."

A bright smile accompanies a roll of her eyes. "Oh, don't get me started on the bible and the way people take it so horribly out of context! Did you know that Moses was a brutal asshole who murdered innocent women and children? There's so much violence and backstabbing going on in that book, I swear." She shakes her head, laughing softly.

"I was raised by nuns…" A roll of Cardinal's eyes, "…I could go on all day, trust me."

Then he spots the waitress heading over with a heavy tray, and he sits up, "Well, looks like dinner's here…"

The Moroccan woman offers Cardinal a small smile, resting her chin on her hands for a moment. "Richard Cardinal, I think that you and I are going to end up getting along very well…" It looks like she's about to reach out and touch his hand, but then dinner arrives. She blushes slightly, leaning back as the food is set before them, settling back in her seat to eat…

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