Terrorist Bombing Disrupts Filming

MANHATTAN — Just after 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon, an improvised explosive device detonated in Midtown Manhattan's ruins where Paramount Studios was beginning the first day of filming on their blockbuster action film Multiple Man. NYPD officers who were first to arrive on the scene stated that a Kraft Food Services truck had been rigged with an IED that exploded on a set timer. The explosion injured fourteen film crew members and killed six along with three Kraft Food Services employees in the van at the time.

Both Maxwell Quinn and producer Joseph Stetzen suffered minor injuries from the explosion and were treated at Mount Sinai Hospital and released shortly thereafter. NYPD-Scout detectives called in to investigate the scene have told the New York Times that evidence found on the scene indicates that the radical anti-evolved terrorist Humanis First was responsible for the bombing.

Corroborating this evidence, several Humanis First sites across the internet have claimed responsibility for the bombing. NYPD Commissioner Karen Lau provided a statement just hours ago indicating that a full investigation is planned, and that the NYPD vows to bring the perpetrators of this cowardly attack will be brought to justice.

Representatives at Paramount have refused comment as to whether this incident will result in an indefinite halt of filming. Insider sources cite that both Stetzen and Quinn have been ordered to take two weeks medical leave in order to recover from the incident, while the studio gets its affairs in order.

This brazen attack comes just a day following the car-bombing of Mayor Harry Bianco's wife's vehicle in the Financial District, and is one among a number of growing Humanis-First related attacks throughout the United States.

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