Terrorist Cell Arrested
Date November 8th, 2010
Relevant Logs Keys To A Kingdom. and Como Curar a un Hombre Loco

Channel 4 news
Nov. 7th, 2010

"After days of unsuccessful attempts to open the vault under midtown that housed the members of a local terrorist group dubbed The Locos, Homeland Security apparently raided the underground location, finding evidence leading to the virtually overnight arrest of the entire gang. 24 arrests were made, 16 men and 8 women. Though names have yet to be released by the authorities, it has come to light that the majority of these individuals were people who now one ever though would have been associated with any terrorist group. The Loco's have been previously identified as complicit in the destruction of Primatech Paper out in the Bronx and two surviving members are currently serving time in Rikers State Prison."

"A statement was made by Agent Audrey Hanson, who lead the wave of arrests before she entered into the DHS facility located in Battery Park. The screen switches from the newsdesk to Audrey in her suit and flak vest, Homeland emblazoned across the front, blonde hair tucked behind her ears and pale skinned to the degree that her freckles show, reporter moving fast to keep up with her as she heads up the steps towards a door..

"I am glad that we are able to remove a very dangerous cell of individuals from the street with the help of people who came forward with important information that was key in apprehending these terrorists. Their actions with little regards to and for the lives of individuals in the city that they murdered and hurt as well as the fear that they instilled through their actions are never going to go away and should never be forgotten." Audrey keeps walking, profile to the camera, microphone keeps just within the frame of the screen. "The families of those that were hurt by the arrested individuals have my deepest and sincerest condolences and while bringing them in is only part of the job, I will work hard to bring them to justice now as will the rest of Homeland. The actions today cannot bring back those who's lives were lost at the hand of the Loco's but at least now the streets will be a little safer and one less worry in the coming days. That's all I have to say"

The screen flips back to the newsdesk and the female anchor. "These arrests were carried out on Sunday, with a representative within the agency stating that they were able to connect these individuals to the terrorist group through evidence found at the midtown scene. Multiple Homeland teams worked in concert to swiftly bring people in, lead by Agents Audrey Hanson and Thomas Cooper. They didn't go off without incident, reports of a few of the arrests involved an exchange of gunfire that resulted in two agents being admitted to the hospital for gun shot wounds and one of the Loco's attempting to take his life. all three are reported as being in stable condition"

"Focus on the Loco's began when the copycat killings resembling the victims of the midtown man perpetrated by the terrorist group and leaving cryptic messages, began to surface. Susan will have a report later for us on why the this terrorist group, which some call a cult, suddenly became so active again after the long hiatus in the wake of Primatech disaster? Susan will have the answers and much more when we return"

Department of Homeland Security Operation Director Jason Pierce cites that the growing trend of cellular terrorist activity in the United States is the fault of anti-registration groups serving as breeding grounds and safe-havens for violent anti-government activists, many of which have roots in the southwestern United States and in Canada.

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