Test Drive


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Scene Title Test Drive
Synopsis Seamus and Lexi finally succumb to cabin fever, and overcome their (i.e. his) paranoia about getting into trouble in the outside world. Time to go clubbing!
Date October 4, 2010

Miss Aphrodisia's

Upstairs is a bright, open apartment. There's a spacious living room, decorated in greens and whites and serving as comfortable, welcoming seating. There's a TV, a nice coffee table, a cute little kitchenette to the side, and a sliding door out to a little balcony. Where there seems to be a little garden going on. In the back, there's a bathroom, of course, and a pair of bedrooms. Everything seems clean and picked up, if a little cluttered with things here and there.

The fall chill is settling in on New York, making the streets outside howl as the wind blows between the buildings. Gray stone and black asphalt seem to blend together in the dim moonlight, and gunshots in the distance precede the sound of squealing tires. A typical night in downtown New York.
The basement door closes in the empty shop below, followed by the metallic sounds of locks struggling into place. Seamus stomps his way up the steps, letting out a breath as the Irishman steps out of the darkness of the stairwell into the second-floor apartment, rubbing at his hands with a dirty rag. "Oy, Lexi!" he calls, almost automatically as he makes his way towards the bathroom. His sleeves are rolled up, hands covered with some kind of grossness. Looks like paint. "That mirror's a fuckin' writeoff, the wood's warped through and a bucket o' finish isn't gon' make it look any better. Plus, I think it's actually cedar under there, not fir." He wrinkles his nose as he says this, slowing to peek around corners, looking for his roommate.

"If you're going to give me terrible fuckin' news, Seamus," Lexi's voice appears just before she does, stepping out of the kitchen and pulling an apron off to toss aside, "You could at least give me a good beer first." Her hands go to her hips as she regards him for a minute. "Goodness. You look disgusting," she adds with a sudden, rolling chuckle.

As Lexi rounds the corner, Seamus rears back in brief surprise, though he's quickly grinning charmingly and raising his hands in an "I surrender" gesture. "If you want your beer covered in paint, you whining wench, I'll gladly serve you up." He really does look pretty horrible, his flannel work shirt rolled up to the elbows, and spattered with gray and black paint all over. It even looks like he leaned into some wet paint, judging by the band of gray across his stomach.
He tries to slip past her quickly, heading towards the bathroom. But not before swatting at her butt with his mostly clean hand. "I'm disgusting? Your mug reminds one of an elephant with diarrhea!" he quips, laughing and backing quickly out of arm's reach.

Lifting an eyebrow at the reply, Lexi is just about to open her mouth when she swatted on the backside. And he finds a balled up kitchen towel hitting the back of his head in short order, "Oh! Ya daft bastard," she calls back to him, her accent really thick for the occasion, "Now you're just gonna have to stay home alone tonight! For all that!"

Seamus hunches shoulders under the assault, ducking and swinging around a half-wall, putting up an arm in defense. When he turns to face Lexi, he's grinning mightily. "What're ya gonna do? Gonna throw yerself out the window, like ye've always been threatening to do? Go on! Getting to the time that I'd like to see some defenestration, just for the entertainment value." Winking broadly at her, he wipes his hands together and backs quickly towards the bathroom, before disappearing around the corner. There's the sound of water flowing as he starts to wash up. "What's fer dinner?"

"It would be a better time than you've been showing a girl!" Lexington follows, but only enough to lean against the wall outside the bathroom. "Hospital food, at the rate you're going, ya great tosser." She means it in love, really. But there's just a brief pause before she adds, "How'd you feel about gettin' out've the house? Before the curfew starts in and we all gotta be tucked away in our beds."

Seamus snorts, amusement in his voice. It's tradition, really. The verbal abuse works up an appetite. He's scrubbing away, water flowing and soap suds working. When she asks that question though, the water stops and there's silence for a moment.
"…You yankin' my chain?" he asks, joviality replaced with a certain serious concern. His shaggy head pokes around the corner to peer at her. "We've been here how long now? Just starting to get comfortable with being someplace we can't be hunted, settle in, make some real money… We go out, who knows who we'll run into?" Who knows who or what /she/ will run into, is more Seamus' worry.

"I don't see my hands on your dick, do you?" Nope, Lexi's hands are placed firmly on her hips. "It's been long enough. If there were bad men in the shadows, they'd've popped out t'try t'kill us by now. We're in the most populated city in the world… how would they even find us here? And it's been months since there's been hide or hair. If it goes bad, we never have to go out that door ever again." It's a lie, blatantly, but she's bargaining!

"If I did, this night would already be a lot more enjoyable. Who knows? Maybe eventually you'd find something else to do with your mouth aside from whinging." Seamus gives a lecherous grin, and brings his hands up, flicking water from his fingertips into Lexi's face. "Look Lexi…Linderman's got a good deal going for us here. I'm getting cabin fever as much as any becalmed seadog, but…" And yet, he looks to that front door, clearly /very/ tempted by the idea of not spending another night watching Nick At Nite.

"Are you startin', Seamus? Because If you are, you got to know I'll knock your teeth so far in, you'll be shittin' molars tomorrow." The woman huffs, but there's that familiar twinkle in her eye that speaks of her playfulness. "We'll be careful. C'mon, when was the last time we did anything fun? Take your little sister out on the town," she says, the term for herself coming with a hint of amusement still, "Just one night…" Oh, and she's giving him the big doe eyes, too. It's just not fair. "Pleeeease."

Ohhhh, she used the 'f' word. Seamus' lips curl up a little and he leans a shoulder against the doorframe, pondering as he rolls his sleeves down. "Hmmm…." Quietly, he's thinking of the best way to turn her down, how to explain that, no matter how much he wants it, he has to do the smart thing for once and keep her inside. He's opening his mouth to say this when he looks back at her.
The look of those eyes get him to groan however, and he puts a hand on her face, pushing her away. "Jaysus, girl! Don't give me those eyes! Yer looking like they might fall out of your head! Pah…" Still, he's grinning as he gives her a shrug, wiping his hands off on his shirt. "Alright, one night, okay? But if anyone looks at you like they recognize you, you're coming to find me and we're taking the long route home, understand?" And yet, Seamus can't hide the edge of excitement in his voice. They're going out! Finally!

"Well, they very well might, if I don't get to see something outside of this building for five minutes!" Lexi can't help but smile, though, as he agrees. There's clapping. There might be some hopping. "Understood. Now get presentable, would ya? I don't want us t' get mistaken f'r bums on our first night out." 'First' she just slips right in there. And then she's practically skipping down the hall to get to her own room. Quick change!

Seamus sighs, rolling his eyes up to the ceiling, hoping that if he doesn't make eye contact with her, he won't let his huge grin slip out that's threatening to crack his face in half. "You are a piece of work, you know that Lexi?" he calls after her, heading towards his own room, only to slow down partially down the hall. "Did you say "first"?" he asks with a laugh before shaking his head and disappearing into the room next to hers.

"Oh, I know," she calls back to him, flashing him a totally innocent smile before her door closes. She did say first. And all in all, it's not very long before she comes back out. She's not really a primper like some women. And instead of work clothes, she wears a pair of jeans and a sort of pleasant blouse thing. It's simple, but good enough for going out. Her fist bangs on his door as she passes by though, just before she calls out, "If you're not already out've there, you're buying drinks!"

As she pounds on the door, Seamus roounds the corner a bit down the hall, adjusting his collar and giving her a curious smirk. "Now patience, Lexi," he says in a faux, molasses-thick voice as he adjusts his collar, "You can't rush greatness." He's changed from a grimy flannel shirt and jeans to black slacks and a crimson buttonup shirt. Yet he still has his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. "Dinner on the way, then? Or are you thinking somewhere that serves little balls of cheese?" he asks, flicking one pinky and his nose up in the air.

"I can when it's on a deadline," Lexington says with a smirk as she comes over his way. "I've been thinkin' on a place with drinks and a dance floor. "C'mon, ya idjit, you're wastin' precious time just standin' here gabbin' like Biddy Donovan on a Sunday afternoon." Grabbing her keys and a wallet she can slip into her back pocket, she turns to start for the door. She might be a little eager.

"Drinks and a…I like where this is going," Seamus says, turning towards the front door as well. And he gets there first, opening it for her automatically, though he does glance out the window to the sidewalk in front of their shop, a little trepidation turning his features down for a moment. "You'll be wastin' time, if we don't figure out where we're going. Or were you planning to just wander around the streets until curfew, eh? Hmmm…I've been hearing stuff about this "Rapture" club a few blocks down. I think you can hear the bass from here."

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