Texts About A Library Cutie


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Scene Title Texts About A Library Cutie
Synopsis Liz texts Cassidy about taking a sick day. Ft Lee and a certain cutie at the library are discussed.
Date July 24, 2009

Cassidy and Elisabeth's Cellphones

Taking a sick day. Fell on something. Let Capt know? Thx. —Liz That is the text message that blazed across Cassidy's cell phone at, according to the time stamp, somewhere around 5am.

She's been on edge for a few day, ever since that one particularly nasty day with Detective Harrison. Cassidy knows something is suppose to go down and her friend was in the middle of it. It bothered her. Maybe that's the cop in her wanting to watch the others back.

Standing in the kitchen, Cassidy holds a bowl of Frosted Flakes and watches TV. Normally it's the Today Show playing but the disaster at Fort Lee has disrupted the normal morning routine. A small frown on her face, she listens to Anne Curry drone on about the whole thing. That's what she's doing when her cellphone clatters on the kitchen counter. The bowl is sat down as she picks up the phone, sliding up open. Fingers play across the little keyboard as she answer..

Fell on something?! U ok, girl? Need anything?

The return message is perhaps a bit cryptic. All's well that ends well, Cass. Elisabeth is sitting in the car with Alec, heading for Cat's penthouse. Heard my friend's okay, too, though would rather see with own eyes. Maybe that will give the information that whatever it was that was supposed to happen has gone down.

Cassidy lets out a long breath that she didn't know she was holding. Library Cutie? That's good. The relief is plain on her face, even if Liz can't see it. Thnk god ur okay too. Don't want to tell Coren that there would be no drinks this weekend. A smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. The old man would be bummed.

In the car, Elisabeth chuckles silently. Library Cutie indeed… Richard will get a chuckle out of that. With no vocal cords, she can't call the other woman and talk to her, but just that reply makes the day a hint better. Drinks still on, though may not be able to have more than one. She's not sure where the doctor will move her injury to, though she knows of his skills. What news this morn?

Good. Partner will be glad to hear it. Course, Cassidy is too, she just doesn't text it. Glancing at the TV, Cassidy replys. Collapse of building at Ft Lee. Lots of conflicting info.

Anything useful? Elisabeth sends back, slanting a glance toward the driver as she does. She can't tell him what's being said, though she knows he's paying attention to the fact that she's texting.

Nah. News can't decide what it is. Another glance to the screne. Some say Earthquake. Others say Terrorist. Talk of explosion and fire. She shakes her head and adds. Nothin conclusive. Nothin official. She rolls her eyes at a thought before her thumbs put it to text. Feds will prob take it. not sure I want it on my desk anyhow.

Wouldn't land on ours anyway — out of our jurisdiction. New Jersey. Thank God, Liz thinks to herself. Cuz that would just be… bad. Yeah.

True Cassidy agrees, she hadn't thought of that. She must need more coffee. Thnk heavens for small miracles. Scooping a spoon of cereal she takes a bite. Immediately she wrinkles in disgust. Ug.. Soggy cereal… sooooo gross. Still looking like she is gonna be sick, Glad your okay, lady. Been worried.

Elisabeth is sorry for that. It's done. No worries. Tell Captain I'll call in when I can today, don't know how long I'll be waiting to be seen. By the doctor, she means. Will call you later, K?

Yeah, I'll make sure he knows. Cassidy confirms after dumping the bowl of cereal in the drain. Such a waste. Turning to lean against the counter. I'll keep my phone on. You better call. She almost stops there. Tell Library Cutie glad he survived when you see him. You get better. Things to do still. They still had a kid to save. Cassidy tosses the phone on the counter and moves to get dressed for work.

That makes her laugh silently once more. Will pass on msg, Elisabeth sends back and closes down her phone.

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