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Scene Title Textual
Synopsis A tale of two texts.
Date September 24, 2018

It's in the evening that a text message hums through Huruma's phone. The phone number that it's registered to is easily recognizable as belonging to a certain chessmaster.

hey Huruma, you around?

Chance has Huruma lingering on the outskirts of Elmhurst when she gets the message. The walk home from elsewhere is not a long one, but she likes to take her time. It's fortunate that she does. She considers the number with a heavy look before responding.

I'm always around, Richard.

There's a quiet chuckle in a darkened office, Richard's thumbs moving over the screen of his own phone to reply.

Two things. First, more important. That thing you said you were going to look for? It's a more important search than I thought. Make sure to talk to French.

Huruma settles against the corner of a brick building, remaining in the field of the cell tower for as long as she needs.

Things have been busy, but that is still on my mind. I took your advice on Dalton too. I have an appointment :} :}

Richard nods slightly, smiling ever so slightly. "Good," he murmurs, tapping out a response.

Glad to hear it. Next… Beckett stopped by. Apparently nobody has ever briefed her on who I am. Kind of funny. Her calling me selfish and unwilling to help hunt down the Institute, less so.

The next part strikes her less amusing, at least on the intel scale; Huruma frowns at her phone screen, checking her reception and moving accordingly.

Shocking that she wouldn't brief herself. She really called you selfish??? She is better than that.. do you need something done about it, or are you just enlightening me?

A snort from Richard, and he taps out another message.

That I was only willing to help 'if I get something in return'. As if I'm going to give intel out about my

Richard pauses for a long time before finishing the text.

biological father's location without knowing /why/ she wants it.

Huruma, unlike Berlin, is intimately familiar with how Richard operates. She may not command in Wolfhound, but being commanding is something else. Sharing certain things is not as much off limits, whether intended or not.

She intends to, this time.

A CI operative we had in custody had ties to him. Most databases say deceased, but I take it that's not the case

A frown purses Richard's lips, and he considers the phone for a moment. Then he taps out a message in return.

No. Went underground after the 1982 incident, was going by an assumed name in upstate New York. Walt Stockton. What exactly did Gilmore have to say about him?

Gauging what else Richard knows without asking seems to go well enough. He knows about Gilmore, anyway. Huruma's tongue runs over the edge of her teeth, pressing harder against canine. She opens a split screen to start notes.

I don't know the finer details, but I know Gilmore claimed to be his handler.

Richard's frown deepens, furrowing his brow as she confirms what Berlin had already said.

Obviously I have a lot of reasons to help hunt him down if that's true. He's not /really/ my father anyway. If you can get me /details/ I'll be willing to do just that — you can ask Hana officially if you want.

Huruma's head tilts in silence between the message and her open note.

I confess I'm more curious now but we can save that for later. I'll send Hana a transcript of this, if it's fine with you. Likely she can divulge what you need, then maybe Beckett will learn a thing or two ;)

A reluctant chuckle from Richard, and he nods. Not that she can see him.

That's fine. I don't have anything against the girl, but she needs to do her homework before going to interview someone.

"Not all of my children take after me…" Huruma murmurs to herself, crossing the street before pausing to answer.

She's still learning. She'll get it sooner or later. You're a learning experience now, don't you realize?

At that, Richard does grin, tapping a response.

She's eager to assert authority. Trying for that hard edge. Probably to be like you and Hana and some of the others. She needs to learn to be more like water.

A grin that echoes on the other end is a good one. Huruma smiles to herself. He's not wrong.

I think you are right. The blade is not her style. She and Lucille are best friends, so I am not surprised she tries to be like us. She just needs to be like her.

There's a bark of laughter that awakens a kitten, that Richard soothes with a hand to stroke over hear and ears before responding.

Oh. She's trying to be a /Ryans/. That explains /everything/. ;)

Hff. This one has Huruma sucking on the back of her teeth.

Nothing wrong with trying to be a Ryans. Anyway, learning curve. Is there anything else you'd like from the boss?

Richard's smiling as he responds.

Nothing at all. But they're stubborn as rock, and you can't deny that. No, although I'm going to be holding a meeting soon to explain… current events and what might be coming soon. Wolfhound's welcome to send some reps if they like. I'll let you all know the details when they're hammered out.

Huruma has the feeling she knows what the meeting might be. Current events aside, there are other things lurking behind.

Sounds lovely. What I needed in my life was more mystery, absolutely. (Let me know and I'll be there, as a rep or just otherwise.)

Richard absently strokes the sleeping kitten as he waits for her response, and then answers finally.

Thanks, Huruma. You're a good friend. Redbird out.

I try to be. Wendigo out? (=ↀωↀ=)

Huruma takes a while to send the last, mulling over the words he'd sent. It's not something she hears a lot, perhaps. With that finished, she sends Hana the transcript before heading back to the Benchmark.

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