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Scene Title Textuality
Synopsis Two technopaths, two cell phones and a very boring afternoon..
Date July 14, 2009

Alia's Workplace & Wade's Workplace

Sitting in a very boring meeting, being presented by the two most untalented hacks the advertising business could have ever seen, Wade is so damn bored. He has to give a presentation that will lay waste to this mess, but for now he has to sit through the other offers. He fingers his phone idly as he does his best attempt to stifle a yawn. Without touching a key, his phone flips through the address book when he comes across Alia's number, which he sent to his phone when he added his number to it.

The fun thing about being a technopath is that without touching a button, he pulls up an instant message and fires off a quick note to her:

Wade: Hello there!

On the other hand, Alia is having an equally dull day. Work as a tech at a library is low paying, but sometimes that's because there's not much to do, particularly if the maintence is kept up. Which Alia makes sure it is. The sound of 'The Ride of the Valkyries' however, informs she who is in the back rooms that she has a text message. She looks at the phone's screen, then punches a few buttons to reply.

Alia: Hello.

Wade: Learned any new tricks since I saw you last?

He doesn't ask her if she remembers him, which could say alot about his personality.

Alia remembers full well. She chuckles a little.

Alia: No time. What do you know about registration?

In the future, Reed was registered. But in the current timeline, Reed as Wade is not registered. It's one thing that gives him his confidence that he's not about to get caught by Detective Harrison any time soon.

Wade: What exactly do you need to know? I can probably answer it, or look it up.

Alia starts the next message off with an emoticon, namely an uneasy looking face, then adds to it.

Alia: History. People 'register'. People get rounded up. People die.

History books would have told this story, or at least embellished the story. It's true. But then the bright future came and it wasn't so bad.

Wade: Are you thinking of registering?

Alia: Someone knew before I did. Asked if I was. Awkward.

The words she sends might also seem awkward. It's a lot of work for her to send these, even if she could pull the trick of buttonless texting.

He's not quite sure what she means by that. So..

Wade: Someone asked you if you were registered? Were they the police or something?

Alia: Yes. No. But she -knew-.

Wade: That's wierd. And she didn't see you do something with your ability? I wonder how she knew?

Alia sighs as she sets aside what she was working on, which was basically just a little wi-fi finder.

Alia: Not a thing. No idea.

This concerns Wade just a little bit. Someone can go around identifying those who have abilities. He's going to have to watch himself in public.

Wade: Do you know who she was?

Alia: Wendy Hunter, she said. Can walk right into Rapture. Painter too. Said she was registered

Wade: Well, she hasn't disappeared, though they know who she is, so if they wanted to find someone who could do something specific, they can find her now. I guess be careful out there.

Alia freezes. Something in the wording…

Alia: Disappeared? They?

Wade: Homeland Security, or whoever is in charge of that registration stuff. You said 'they register, then disappear'. Didn't you say that?

Alia freezes even further as she adds to the above set of thoughts.

Alia: History. World War Two. Romany, Jewish…

Wade: Registration is used to keep track of where those with abilities are. Just be careful. I would avoid it if I were you for as long as you possibly could. But I don't think there's anything to necessarily be afraid of.

Alia: wise words.

Alia pauses a moment, then hooks her phone up to her laptop, and sends an image file. It's way too big to fit on a phone screen sadly. There is a message that follows however.

Alia: You hear about the bank robbery last week I think it was?

Wade: I think I saw it on the news.

There's a pause then he asks:

Wade: You robbed the bank, didn't you? I wonder if there's a reward?

Alia: No. It was my bank. I was there. Drawing is mine.

Wade: Drawing?

He takes a moment to navigate the net on his phone and pull up the information about the bank and the drawing.

Wade: That's a drawing? You drew that?

Alia: Yes. The hard way with paint shop pro.

Wade: Wait. You did that from memory with on a computer art program?

Alia: did it right after. laptop. but yes.

Wade: That's actually pretty good. I think you are starting to get a grasp of this gift. Can you type on your phone without actually typing? That's how I'm talking to you while in this hella boring meeting.

Alia: Been trying. Still only code-reading. Though…

Alia pauses mid thought as she hits send, looking for words. She's trying also to hide how much effort just basic communication can be for her. Most don't understand it.

Alia: Random 25-letter string. Encrypted 128-bit. Doesn't slow me down.

Wade: And doing super Paint Shop Pro stuff. Nice. It's a start and it's more than most can do. I'm fairly certain there's more to what you can do. If you ever want to meet up sometime, let me know. More than happy to help. It's nice to find someone like me.

Who's not trying to wipe him from a RAM chip, anyway.

Alia: Paint shop is normal skill, nothing 'special' yet. and sure.

Wade: Still. You're better at it than I am. That counts for something.

Alia: :-)

Alia sighs as she leans back and rubs her forehead, wishing it would dispel the headache that talking this much takes.

The presentation is just about done, and it'll be Wade's turn next. He moves to finish up the conversation.

Wade: Well. I have to work. Can we meet up sometime?

Alia: Name place and time. I'll be there.

Wade: Okay. Not sure when, but I'll text you when I'm free. You're doing fine, btw. :)

With that, Wade sets down his phone as he gets up to present his idea for an upcoming ad campaign.

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