Textually Active


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Scene Title Textually Active
Synopsis A series of texts between Helena and Teo after the theft of the formula.
Date May 30, 2009

Teo: You should make a statement about 17. Are you checking out Hartsdale?

Helena: Working on Hartsdale. Why did you do it?

Teo: No plan to issue a statement?

Helena: Told you, working on it. Tell me why you took them. Do you know what you've done to S?

Teo: Told me you were working on Hartsdale.

Helena: That's part of it. Why did you take the samples? Why all of them? How did you know where they were?

Teo: Watching you. Watching over all of you.

Helena: Those might have been the only leverage we had. Now we have nothing. How is this better? Who are you?

Teo: You have a house to keep clean.

Teo: I am Teodoro Laudani.

Helena: Clean means nothing if the house is destroyed.

There is nothing for what seems like a very long time.

Teo: I won't let them.

Helena: It's all gone wrong. We have no leverage now. We have nothing.

Teo: The Formula made shit leverage.

Teo: If you have nothing now, you started out same, and you know better than that.

Teo: Rise Up.

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