Thanks Beefy


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Scene Title Thanks Beefy
Synopsis Lucille is saved from a mugger by an unlikely hero. They don't even realize the connections they have to each other.
Date April 8, 2010

Greenwich Village

It's a slow night. A real slow night actually. Lucille hasn't made that much in tips tonight, thank god she's started her modeling career again. The faux blonde is currently pouring the last drink of the night. Sliding down the bar towards the patron. "Closing soon." She says softly and then she's counting out and wiping down the bar. She needs to get the hell out of here, she has a shoot in the morning.

With a look over her shoulder, the model/bartender takes a glass of water and pours her pills out. Taking them fast and then shoving the bottle back into her purse.

Dressed in a pair of low rise black jeans and a dark blue tank top. Her knee high dark brown boots clunk on the wooden floor as she walks up and down the bar putting things away.

Ash is walking down the street at the moment. The man huddled into his coat as he moves. As he walks he shakes his hand around, something metallic rattling within his palm. His footsteps carry him onwards, through the snow, intent on wherever it is he's staying these days. He stops though, turning his eyes as he comes upon Old Lucy's from across the street. He looks at the building, but sees that it's being closed up, and makes a mental note to return sometime soon and ask about Isabelle.

"Alright Jimbo. Out." The regular makes a few passes at Lucille as always but she's not really paying attention. As Jimbo leaves the bar, Lucille walks out from behind the bar. Turns off the lights and pulls on her heavy coat. She takes one look around and then exits the bar, turning to lock the place behind.

Now comes the trek home, you can't drive in this freaking weather and she's a big girl. She can brave the snow on the ground. As she makes her way down the street, she doesn't notice anyone around her. Maybe that's why what happens next, happens. A hand appears from a alley she's passing and she is pulled in with a yelp.

"Well, well, well.." a husky voice says. That belonging to a man dressed in dark clothing and wielding a knife. "Let's see what's in your pockets." He says as she pushes Lucille against the wall and begins to move in on her. "Shit.." she breathes out as she stares wide eyed at the man and then at the knife. "Don't.. do anything stupid." She says, as her hands raise in the air.

Ash has started walking away from the bar when he hears that yelp. He saw the woman make her way out of it, so when he hears the yelp he stops. He grits his teeth a bit and prepares to take a step and just keep on going, but the next footstep doesn't fall. He shakes his head and sighs heavily. "Getting soft Ash, and it's going to fucking get you killed." With that the man turns and moves across the street, quickly, but also quietly, not wanting to alert the man in the alley who grabbed the woman.
Ash moves across the street before pressing himself to the building, which he'll then sneak down along the side of, nearing the edge so he can peek around and into the alley, get a sense of what is going on.

"Change of plans. Jacket.. off.. now." The dark clothed man says with a wicked sneer. "Do I know you?" he asks, pointing the knife loosely in her direction. Lucille winces and then she shakes her head. Maybe he's walked by a magazine stand where her face is on one of those high fashion magazines.

"Yeah, who cares anyway." He shrugs his shoulders and then goes back to leering at the woman. "I said.. take it off. Before I cut it off." He says with a soft chuckle, to which Lucille blinks and begins to slowly take her jacket off. She looks down at her hands and then back to the man. She isn't fast enough for him apparently, because he's just about to move forward and 'assist' her with the task.

Ash hears the man's order, and just shakes hsi head in disgust. His right hand reaches behind him, to the sheath that holds his combat knife. He slips it free, holding it in his right hand. Ash twists his neck a bit, popping it, and waits until the man is stepping forwards, listening for the crunch of snow before he moves. Once he hears that movement, he spins around the corner of the alley, moving /fast/. A hand reaches out, grabs Lucille by the back of her coat, and yanks her backwards rather hard to get her clear of the alley, if successful, this will put her behind him, more than likely on her butt in the snow, and him facing off with the mugger, cold steel in his hand, and an equally cold look on his face.

"What th-." Both Lucille and the mugger say at the same time. "Oof." Lucille continues as she lands on her butt in the snow behind Ash and stares up at the two men. Scrambling to her feet, she looks around for something that can help.

"Pretty boy to the rescue? I'm going to have to scar that nice face of yours." The mugger laughs and then he's lunging out towards Ash with his knife.

Ash doesn't look back to see if Lucille is okay or not. He figures the snow will cushion her fall, the good lord knows there's enough of it on the ground. Ash tilts his head to the side, a predatory gleam entering his eyes. He smiles, his lips pulling back to flash his teeth at the man. When he mentions scarring his face up Ash laughs and turns his head, showing the man the good set of claw scars that run across his left cheek from his ear to his chin. "Already happened you piece of shit…" he advances on the man, not showing a single hint of fear. Ash sees the lunge, and simply darts out a hand to catch hold of the wrist to the hand that5's holding the blade. His hand squeezes down, hard, putting the kind of pressure on it that only a world class weight lifter can manage, his eyes boring into the mugger's. "You know… mugging a woman is one thing you shithead. But what you were about to do?" He tufts softly and waggles the steel in his right hand at the man.

This wasn't expected.. oh nooo. The muggers eyes grow wide as he wenches in pain and shakes his head. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Just please let me go." He begs as he cries out in pain and sinks to his knees. The knife clattering to the ground. Lucille bends forward and picks it up.

"Nice." She says as she looks down at the knife. A pretty nice looking blade, curved slightly and long. This guy wasn't playing any games. Luci looks at the man and then at Ash. "Maybe.. you should let him go." She says softly though she's now back up against the wall again.

Ash turns his head, his eyes settling on Lucille's features, a faint smile on his lips. "You're going to take that knife, and you're going to give it to the police okay? Cause they'll fingerprint this guy and go pick him up for battery with a deadly weapon. Just tell them he tried to mug you, and some guy scared him away." He turns his head to look back down at the wanna be burglar, and possible rapist. "Now…you…" He crouches down to put his eyes on a level with the man's. "I would suggest you find yourself not in New York very quickly. And I'm going to go with a real classic movie quote here. If I ever… find out, that you've pulled shit like this again. I will come, and I'll ram this length of steel through your fucking temple. And I will walk away from your corpse without a second thought. Do you understand me?" He glares at the man, but waits for him to answer.

"Um.. yeah." Lucille says and then she's looking at the knife. Tell the police? Her dad is bound to find out that way, right? That's a thought for later and Lucille only nods her head as she watches Ash deal with the other man. "Okay! Okay! I'll leave tonight!" he says, begging Ash to let him go.

Luci runs a hand through her hair and glares at the mugger/would be rapist. "Next time.. just ask a girl if she wants a drink. Sick fuck." She mutters the last bit and looks over to Ash.

Ash nods his head to the man, rather slowly. He stands up again, and then delivers a rather crushing kick to the man's stomach. Not enough to damage any internal organs, but enough to possibly bruise some ribs, and definitely knock the wind out of the mugger. The force also carries the distinct possibility of making him lose his lunch all over the snow. He stares down at the man, for a few moments, then turns his head, and eyes, upon the woman he's rescued. He offers her a light nod of his head before his combat knife disappears behind his back and into it's sheath again. "Have a good night miss." He comments off handedly before he turns and starts to make his way out of the alley.

"Wow." Lucille says as she watches the other man indeed lose his lunch on the ground. As Ash walks away the bartender looks down at the man and then back over to Ash. "Uh wait up!" Lucille says jogging to catch up with the blonde man. "So, you- oh shit." She notices she's waving a knife about and she quickly puts it safely in her purse.

"Anyway, thanks for back there." She looks over her shoulder for a moment to make sure the man isn't trying to seek revenge. "You know karate or something? Those moves were nice." The kick and bending of the wrist she means. "I'm Lucille, by the way." She says softly and then she's tying her hair back into a high ponytail.

Ash turns his head to look over at the woman as she starts following him. he sighs softly, and turns his attention back to where he's going. He knows the man won't be coming for revenge. Not unless he's really, really dumb. And if he is that dumb, well, he won't be walking away from it. Ash keeps on walking, his hands shoving into the pockets of his wool coat, his shoulders hunching some. "Kick boxing, but that wasn't about kickboxing, that was about brutality. It's the only thing people like that understand. That and I'm really fucking fast, and really fucking strong." He turns to look over his shoulder at her. "Why don't you head on home? He won't bother you again."
Ash continues on down the sidewalk, turning his head back to look at the sidewalk before him.

"Really fast and strong, huh? You Evolved or something?" she asks with a raised eyebrow and she puts a hand in her pocket. "Okay, I'm sure he won't. Actually.. I'm positive that he won't." Lucille shrugs lightly and walks a little bit ahead of Ash.

"My apartment is this way, so you can keep my company. And I wouldn't like to think that someone as brave and courageous like you would let me walk the bit home alone, now would you?" she chuckles slightly. Okay, so she's still a little bothered. But who wouldn't be?

"And also.. I didn't catch your name." she puts her hand on her hip and turns around, walking backwards to view Ash.

Ash snorts aloud at the question tossed his way. "You ever heard of an evolved with two powers? All the ones I hear about only have one power. Strength and speed would be two powers miss." He doesn't use her name, that would be personal, and he's not trying to make friends here. His footsteps continue on, walking away from Old Lucy's at a steady pace. "Actually… I would. I'm not brave. I'm not courageous. I almost didn't stop and help you." He looks up towards her, seeing how that might affect her opinion of him. He smirks when she mentions not catching his name, but the big man doesn't offer it, just keeps on walking along, broad shoulders hunched into his coat.

"How do I know that there aren't any abilities out there that allow people to do many different things? Like.. superhuman reflexes and then add in the part that you're buff." She shrugs lightly. "Uh.. no miss. Just Lu. Everyone calls me that. Lulu would mean a heel to the face." See? Friends and non friends call her Lu.

"Hm, I think any other woman would be offended," Lucille says as she turns back around to continue walking a little bit in front of the man. "I think you'll smart to debate it. You could have been killed." She points out with a look over her shoulder, a few strands of hair fall into her eyes and she swats them away. "I sense that you're trying to do this whole.. I'm Batman, let me disappear thing." She smirks as she says this and turns backwards once again. Confident in her backwards walking skill huh?

Ash lifts his shoulders a bit, though the action is mostly lost beneath his heavy coat. "You don't. I don't. Not sure anyone knows whether that's possible or not. Some of those abilities have a rather wide variety of uses." He continues to trudge on through the snow, leaving large tracks behind him as he moves. When the woman continues to badger him his head lifts, his eyes narrowing in slight annoyance. "Look lady… I saved your ass. Be thankful and move on alright? Batman?…. yeah I guess it fits." He lifts a hand, pinching the bridge of his nose before he rubs at his forehead, but still he keeps on walking. Not offering his name, but not being especially rude or anything.

"Um alright." Lucille says with a soft shrug and she begins to move forward. Then she's stopping and writing something out on a piece of paper from her bag. Turning around to look at Ash she moves forward and puts the paper in his coat pocket. "Look, I'm not normally a friendly person like this, at least not to random strangers but you did save my life. So you call me, alright? I'll fix you dinner. In the not trying to get in your pants kind. Just the thanks for saving my life and.." she chuckles, "Innocence?"

"Plus, I'm sure my dad would want to meet you and shake your head. Do this as a favor to me, Beefy?" he didn't give her name, so she had to make one up.

Ash doesn't stop her from tucking the piece of paper in his pocket, he's a bit too busy eyeing her like she's weird for doing it. He looks down towards his pocket, then back to her with a rather sharply arched eyebrow. "I appreciate the offer, but you’re better off not knowing me, trust me on that…." He looks to his pocket again, then back up before he sighs. "Yeah, we'll see. Don't get your hopes up Lucille." He continues to walk though, shaking his head at the name she comes up with for her. "Really? Lady the other day called me Dick, that worked pretty well." He snorts and rolls his eyes. "Where's your apartment?"

"Why don't you let me decide that for myself, hm?" Lucille smiles softly at Ash and continues to walk a bit. This is a strange behavior kind of.. she doesn't usually hand her number out.. not even to handsome men. "Ah ha, you've used my name. It's a start, I'll take it." She nods and folds her arms. "And Dorchester, you just call me and we'll set it up."

A breeze blows some of her hair that's not in the ponytail. "Dick? Well that's just.. boring and also very vulgar." Two things, err one thing that Lu just happens not to be. "Did you tell her to fuck off and have a nice day?"

Ash gives his head a light shake in response to the question. "Nope. Told her that before she even sat down at my booth. Didn't stop her unfortunately. And that was the name she gave me as I wouldn't give her one, just like I’m not giving you one miss." Yep, back to miss, no more Lucille's for her. His scars come into view more prominently as his head turns and his eyes settle on the other side of the street, feet still moving in tandem to carry him forwards. After a handful of moments of watching that way his eyes pull back to watch where he's going. "We near your apartments yet?" His voice gruff as he asks it.

"Hm, well at least you didn't try to make me leave you alone.. or did you?" she teases with a grin and she nods. "We're be there in a sec." she says and then she's looking back towards Ash. "Oh come on Beefy, no fair. We made it to Lucille, you can't retract." Lu mock pouts and then shakes her head.

"How'd you get the scars? Rough night with a kitty cat?" she asks with a tilt of her head.
His hand lifts upwards, fingertips brushing over the scars as his mind flashes back to the raid on Pinehearst. A smile, and not a very friendly one at all, touches his lips, pulling up on them. "Oh… you could say that…" He chuckles, a light and airy sounds that holds no real mirth to it. The hand falls back down and the moment passes. "I can retract all I want to." He remarks with a rather loud snort and a quick shake of his head. "I do believe i have tried to get you to leave me alone. I saved your life, now move on? That's… me trying to get you to leave me alone lady."

"So.. I can put you down as Polite Gentlemen and also Man That Doesn't Get Sarcasm." Luci chuckles and continues moving. "Fine, retract all you want. I.. I don't really care." Is Lucille's witty comeback and then she's turning around and walking still. The apartments will be coming up soon.

"Ya know Beefy.. I'm getting the idea that you don't go out much." She thinks a loud.
Another quick shrug of his shoulders gives the answer to her statement about him and sarcasm. He just keeps on walking, though that last statement… that gets his attention. "I don't, and for good reason. My life isn't the kind of life that allows me to be out in public a whole lot. So no, I don't get much social interaction. But I do good things that allow others to do so." He turns his eyes away, down to the sidewalk, and he keeps on walking, a heavier walk, feet coming down a bit harder onto the concrete.

The model stops and turns so that she can stare at Ash. "Well that's not really fair. Why should you suffer for other people's happiness?" Lucille walks up closer to Ash and stands in front of him. "Hey.. don't get down about it. You don't have to live your life the way you're living it."

She gives Ash a gentle look, "I wanted to kill myself after my mother died in the Bomb.. but I learned to deal with it. To adapt. You just need to adapt.. and I mean adapt in getting a social life." She says with a soft smile. "It's not that bad, you can have one friend to start out with and if that doesn't work you can say," Lucille squares her shoulders back and tries to look stoic and serious. "Told you so miss." She continues that serious look and then continues, "To which I will then sigh and admit defeat and I'll never press the issue of having a social life again."
Ash doesn't speak in response to the statement about living his life and such. He shakes his head slowly, then mutters under his breath. "What is it about fucking women in this city telling me how I can and can't live my life?" He lifts his head, blinking a few times in astonishment. "You are the third woman in two fucking days to try to tell me how I can and cannot live my life." He closes his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose again. "You have no idea who I am, and what my life is like. I cannot have a social life, not like most people. It's simply not possible. I've tried, trust me I have. It's not that simple. But, I may or may not take you up on dinner… so… for now that's going to have to do." With that the man picks up the pace of his walking, snow kicking up behind him as he moves.

"Hey.. I didn't mean to offend-." She stops as he walks away and she shakes her head. "Sorry Beefy, I didn't mean any disrespect.." she says as she follows after but only for a short period of time. She comes upon her apartment and begins to walk inside the building. "See Lucille, that's what happens when you try to be friendly. Don't try, just.. be like you usually are.. a bitch!" she berets herself.
Ash glances over towards her and he nods his head. "You didn't mean to." Doesn't forgive her for doing so, just admits that she didn't mean to. He sighs heavily, which she'd be able to hear, then turns and walks away, his shoulders slumped that much more, his head hung that much lower.

"Yeah, well I'm sorry." She calls out before she enters the apartment building and closes the door. Now Lu is off for a hot shower and bed and to contemplate, why the hell did she just try so hard to get to know Ash?

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