Thanks For The Advice, Dr Phil


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Scene Title Thanks For The Advice, Dr. Phil
Synopsis Kaylee goes on a date with a guy she told Adam she'd forget about, it goes badly and Trask is there to help and offer advice. However, it was his fault to start with, they just don't know that.
Date June 15, 2009


The pulsing beat of bass throbs through the walls of Rapture, a high-class nightclub in the heart of Harlem. Rows of expensive cars line up out front of the exclusive club and a crowd of would-be patrons wait outside, cherry-picked by the bouncers to have only the cream of the crop on the interior, while leaving just enough eye-candy outside to entice other patrons. The club serves as a respite for the trendy and the influential from the grind of daily life.

On the inside, Rapture is as much a spectacle as it is a structure. Multiple dance floors in tiered balconies overlooking an enormous central dance floor ringed by plush leather-upholstered booths. Pale blue light shines on the wrap-around bar that curved around the back of the establishment, and the entire building is filled floor-to-floor and shoulder-to-shoulder with the pulsing, flowing sea of people dancing to the rythmic beats of electronic dance music piped through the expansive sound-system.

Evening, finds the place filled with writhing bodies and heart pounding music. Out in the middle of all these bodies is Kaylee and her newest bad idea. An Asian boy, with spiked hair with blue at the tips. It seems the girl didn't forget him like she told her mentor she would. The pair are dancing rather close in the press of bodies, moving to the rhythm of whatever the DJ has playing. There is no doubt that Kaylee can dance as moves with her date.

Trask has been cooped up way to long, he heads out to the club, for memories and just to let his mind veg and not have to worry about anything just lose all his stress and put back a couple drinks.

As the current song bleeds into the next, a panting Kaylee tugs her date off the dance floor moving towards the bar. "I need something to drink before I let you drag me out there again." She wedges herself up to the bar and waves down a bartender.

Her date pulls her close, "I got this, babe." He murmurs to her before shouting at the bartender. "Two beers."

Already shaking her head Kaylee puts a hand against the mans chest. Why were all guys the same? They always seem to think they know what she needs. "I want to actually remember the evening, Ken. Not to mention I told you. Nothing is happening on the first date." She says firmly, turning to the bartender. "Make one of those beers a Coke." The bartender gives a short nod and moves to get the order. Kaylee's date doesn't seem all that happy with her.

Trask sips his own beer, glancing at mister azure haired chinaman next to him, and the woman on the other side, before returning to glance out at the crowd, he listens to the music, just letting himself get lost in it, his ability surrounding him like a protective blanket.

Ken doesn't hide his disapproval. "It's seem so wrong that a woman goes out to a place like this and doesn't drink." He gives her a grin. "It's like a crime or something. Should be illegal."

Kaylee stares at her date in mild disbelief for a moment and she finally says. "Are you kidding me? Could you be more Neanderthal? God.. What were you planning? Get the blond chick drunk and drag her to your cave?" She shoves him away from her, course that sends him stumbling back in Trask's direction.

Throughly embarrassed, Ken scowls at her. "You better watch what you say, girlie." He takes a threatening step towards her.

Okay, so maybe she laid it on a bit thick, and she actually feels a bit of fear. Time to ditch this loser and she knew the best way to do it. "You know what.. your right.." Her hand comes up, her eyes on the guy. Her hand is waved in a dismissive gesture. "Just forget about me and leave." She says those words clearly as if there was an order behind it.

However, whatever she thinks would happen — it doesn't happen. "What the fuck?!" Ken says reaching out to grab her arm painfully, pulling her close pratcially growling at her. "I have taken you to dinner and a movie.. And your going to just tell me to leave?"

Kaylee's eyes are wide, "What? Why didn't…." She waves her hand aain and says with an edge of panic. "Forget about me.. Leave." Still nothing. "Oh shit."

Trask sighs softly, wiping the beer from his shirt from where Ken hit him he rises a little and can't help but watch the by play. When Ken get's handsy grabbing Kaylee's arm he taps him on the shoulder, "I think she asked you to let her go."

Kaylee gives Trask a pleading look, before she tilts her chin up to face Ken. "I'm not going anywhere." She hisses at him, trying to wrench her arms out of his grip. She stares at him and tries again. "Forget about me and /leave/, asshole."


"Bitch." Ken hiss after backhanding her, sending Kaylee's head snapping to the side and making her stumble a bit. The bad thing about a man wearing rings is that it will leave marks. Kaylee's head comes back around and she wipes her fingers across her cheek, it comes away with a small smear of blood where Ken's ring cut her cheek. Of course, all Kaylee can say outloud is. "Dammit. Adam's gonna be pissed."

Trask moves without warning after the slap he grabs Ken's raised hand and twists it behind his back, then a quick move and Ken's head is bashed into bar "I think the young lady said no, Do you need some help with english, or are you just terminally deaf and stupid?"

That was something Ken hadn't expected, his face smashed into the bar. He gives a shout of pain as his world explodes into the red stars. "Ow.. Sonofabitch.. You asshole.. I'm going to fucking you up." He struggles against the grips, kicking back at Trask's legs.

Kaylee jumps at the meaty should of Ken's face connecting with the hard surface and even though she's got a bruised and cut cheek she reaches out to grab Trasks' arm. "Don't hurt him. He's not worth it." She glances back at the bouncers start to approach. "Come on.. leave him to them. Okay?"

"Your so gonna get it, Bitch." Ken snaps out even though he's the one at the disadvantage.

Trask pushes Ken into the bouncers, letting them catch him, he smiles softly, "Your going to go home and sleep it off, otherwise your gonna find yourself rather uncomfortable in a police holding cell" He then smiles at Kaylee, "Sorry about that."

Ken takes that moment as he's being transferred to the bouncers to make a dive for Kaylee. Luckily the big burly men have the smaller asian and he stops short, but close enough that Kaylee takes a step back. She watches Ken get drug away, looking really confused. It takes her a moment to realize she's being talked too. "What? Oh.. No. No need to be sorry." Another curious glance at sent toward the retreating figures. "Thank you." She offers Trask, grabbing a napkin to dab at her cheek. "He fucking hit me.." She murmurs sounding surprised, like she can't beieve that happened.

Trask says, "Yes well some guys do that when they feel that you lead them on. Not saying you did mind you, just he seemed to think that. He comes across as the kind that thinks every woman has a price and once he puts out money, he is owed something."

Kaylee frowns at the blood on the napkin, at least it's not a bad cut. "Yeah, seems that way and I've been told I'm a terrible judge of men." She grumbles a bit, moving to sit on a stool the tender bringing the coke over. "Thank buddy." She sighs a bit. "I shoulda listened to my friend. He said it was a bad idea." She gives Trask a small smile and holds out a hand. "Names Kaylee. "

Trask smiles and takes it, "Norton, Maybe you should listen to your friends more then. Sounds like they know what is up….tell me what would you have done if I wasn't here?"

"Bouncers would of done something I'm sure." Kaylee says quickly, lying. She not gonna blurt out that she would pull an Obi Wan and make the problem go away. "Beyond that. Not sure. I… don't usually have that kind of problem." She murmurs picking up her soda. "Normally they just… go away." She takes a long drink wetting a suddenly dry throat.

Trask raises an eyebrow, "Most men don't just walk away after you have thier dander up." He shakes his head, "Your either very lucky, or very naive."

Kaylee gives him a flat rather unamused look. "We'll go with lucky," she says in rather bland tones. Another drink of her soda and she gives a small sigh. She checks the cut again and gives a bit of a nod seeing that it's stopped bleeding. "Normally, it doesn't escalate that much."

Trask nods slowly, "So it does get out of hand alot?" He shrugs, "Not my business, but you look like a good kid, you should rexamine your prioritys when looking for a guy, step one, no psycho paths. And a hint, if they have blue hair and tattoos…good chance of them being psycho paths." He grins and puts money on the bar.

Kaylee wrinkles her nose a bit at the advice. "Thanks for the advice, Dr. Phil." She bats her lashes at Trask and says a bit sarcastically. "I have tattoos that make me a psycho too?" She takes another drink and then gives a bit of a grimace as her cheek starts throbbing. "I think I'm gonna go back home and put a bag of frozen peas on my cheek and rant on my Facebook." She slides off her stool and offers him a bit of a smile. "Thanks again for the assist, Norton."

Trask smiles, "Take care…you want an escort out in case he is waiting for you?

"Naw… I'm sure if I stick close to the outside bouncer til I know it's safe I should be good." Kaylee says with a shake of her head. "I can normally take care of myself." She gives him a wave and starts heading out of the club. As she walks out of the radius of Trask's ability she stumbles to a stop and grabs her head as a sharp stab of pain in her brain. "Son of a bitch." She murmurs, blinking back tears off pain. "Yeah.. definitely going home." She mutters as she finally starts walking again her eyes on the doors and home.

Trask sees you stumble and he hurries forward to steady you as he steps near the noise and pain vanishes as your power is shut off again.

Kaylee moves to shrug off whoever it is, as her head ache magically clears. "Hey don't.. " she doesn't finish that as she sees who's helping her. She looks confused and then her eyes narrow suspiciously. "What did you do?" She asks slowly and cautiously, gently pulling her arm from his and takes a step back.

Trask puts up his hand taking a couple steps back, as soon as he is out of the range, it all comes back, "I didn't do anything…."

Wincing as the pain comes back again, Kaylee gives a small hiss of pain, a hand coming up to press to her head. "Son of a.." She takes a step or two back. "You.. stay away from me." She closes her eyes against the sharp headache. Turning quickly she has to fight not to run away from the man as she shoves her way out of the club as fast as she can put distance between them.

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