Thanks For The Advice, Dr. Ruth


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Scene Title Thanks For The Advice, Dr. Ruth
Synopsis Kaylee runs into Sabrina at the Nite Owl. Kaylee's love life seems to be the main topic.
Date August 07, 2009

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

This is the sort of place that's never not busy. People getting off of graveyard shifts or just about to be on them cram the counter while students cram of exams in makeshift study groups in the booths. Booths are prime real estate and Sabrina is getting a bunch of dirty looks for having taken over one just for herself. She's studiously ignoring them, going over the blueprints she's laid out to her right and making notations on both them and the map of New York she's got beside it. There's a cup of coffee off to the side that has long since gone cold.

After a rather interesting afternoon and a long night of serving people at Biddy's, Kaylee decided she wasn't ready to go home. She's been to the Night Owl before so it seemed like the perfect place to unwind and have a cup of coffee or something.

Kaylee steps in with a her helmet tucked under her arm and her jacket unzipped, looking for a spot. With the place pretty packed her odds are not looking so good, that is until she sees a familiar face. Waving of the waitress, but taking the menu, the blond moves over to Sabrina's booth and slides in opposite of her. "Man this place is horribly pack. Mind if I sit here?" she asks even though she's already sitting and opening the menu. "I could totally use something sweet… and some coffee." Glancing around the menu she flashes a bright smile. "Hellooo Sabrina."

"Miss Thatcher." Sabrina looks up as Kaylee slides into the booth, not really bothering to hide her disapproval. "Isn't it a little late for you to be out and about on your own?" She reaches out to turn over a page of what appears to be a drawing of some sort of building, making a notation on one side. "Mister Monroe isn't really going to approve of you getting mugged."

Looking overly amused, Kaylee lays down her menu. "No.. He won't. But doesn't keep me from going out. I am a big girl and all." When the waitress arrives the young woman orders some coffee and slice of apple pie. "Plus, I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself." There is a lot of confidence in those words.

"Mmhm." Sabrina intones dubiously. Before the waitress leaves she asks for another cup of coffee since hers is gross and cold. "You shouldn't eat things like pie this late at night. Though I suppose you don't have to worry about that for a couple of years. You're what, twenty?" she guesses, even though she could probably call up that information if she wanted. No need to start feeling like a freak. "Careful. You hit twenty five and your metabolism is just going to stop and everything goes right to your hips."

"Twenty two." Kaylee offers helpfully, leaning forward her arms on the table. "Well, till I hit twenty five, I plan to enjoy that piece of pie throughly. What are you… like fifty? Your actin' it." She reaches out and taps a finger on what Sabrina is doing. "That some of the stuff, Adam asked for? "

"Close enough." Sabrina replies of Kaylee's guess, shaking her head at the last question, "No. This has nothing to do with Mister Monroe's business. I volunteer what little time I have between dry cleaning runs and meetings to help a non-profit. I thought I might have some time tonight but." She gives Kaylee a thin smile. But she was interrupted! "Twenty two, still haven't finished school and you're thinking of taking a semester off?" She sounds vaguely disapproving.

Sitting back as her order arrives, Kaylee's brows lift curiously. "Non-Profit? Really? As in Charity? Who?" She glances at the waitress long enough to thank her. "And yes. .I'm taking a semester off.. Daddy pulled some strings to get me in there.. I'm pretty sure the green kind." She lifts her hand and makes the universal gesture for money. "I'm sure I can get back in once the field trip is over. Make take some persuading on my part…"

That air of vague disapproval doesn't lift as Sabrina answers, "Yes, charity. I do a lot of volunteering. Did." She corrects as she rolls up one of the papers. "Not a lot of time these days so I do what I can. Mostly I worked with BABNY: Building A Better New York. Architects, businessmen, constuction companies volunteer their time and come up with plans to help get the parts of the city that are still not functioning properly back up and running. Currently they're pushing for home-away-from-home type places to get teenagers off the streets, give them some life skills, keep them out of the line of terrorist fire, that sort of thing." She thanks the waitress and takes a small sip of her new, hot coffee. "…just try to make sure that one semester off doesn't turn into an indefinite amount of time. What's your major?"

"Me it's soup kitchens.. and helping at the homeless shelter.. and animal adoption drives. I like to help. I know that sounds weird considering the company I keep." Kaylee dumps sugar in the coffee as she talks. "But that one sounds really good." She stirs her coffee slowly and frowns. "Thats… another reason I'm not going back at the moment. I can't decide. This year I have to choose. And I can't even decide. I'm not exactly a smart person." She has to cheat to get by as is or so she thinks.

Sabrina gives Kaylee a long, considering look over her coffee cup before setting it down. "Being indecisive doesn't mean you aren't smart. You're young. It's all right to not know exactly what you want to do. I volunteered a lot in soup kitchens and refugee centers after the bomb went off. Hospitals, things like that. Don't let the company you keep define you. The world isn't all that big, you'll eventually find your place in it."

The spoon tinks lightly against Kaylee's mug before she sets it aside and picks up the mug. "I worked the soup kitchen on Staten for a time, but now that Adam has me grounded from there, I just haven't done much." She actually looks like she feels guilty about that. "Anyhow.. Yeah I know I shouldn't let it define me.. But people tend to do that anyhow." Pressing her lips together. "Speaking of people. You know anything about Adam's newest recruit, Brian?" She sips at her coffee watching Sabrina.

Sabrina shakes her head, "Haven't met him yet. I don't actually know anything about him, other than his first name from the mention Mister Monroe gave." There's a pause like she'd like to say something else about Adam, but the moment passes and she picks up her cup. "I'm sure he'll serve some sort of purpose." She doesn't sound all too thrilled about that.

"Little iffy about him.. He cute.." Kaylee gives a sly little smile. "I mean really cute. And he took me to the park and we had kinda a impromptu picnic…. but last guy I went out with hit me. So I'm leery." She takes another sip of coffee looking thoughtful. "I dunno. Probably me over thinking it. He's really cute." Then something occur to her. "Oh! While I got you here. Anyway.. I can get you.. to get me a seat next to Micheal on the plane?" She gives a little wiggle in her seat and leans forward. "I like him.. but I think he might like me.." Delusional much? "..but Adam can be kinda scary. And Adam seems to think he needs to dictate my love life. So I thought maybe.. just maybe I can at least sit next to him on the plane."

Sabrina pauses with her cup of coffee halfway to her lips, "Michael?" She sounds slightly disapproving again. "Isn't he a little old for you? You shouldn't let Mister Monroe dictate anything about your life. I can see that you look up to him and there are certain…aspects…that might make him appealing to someone looking for inspiration but…" she's choosing her words oh so carefully here, "…there are always people out there that want to change the world, Kaylee. But the means are just as important as the ends. Sometimes moreso. And I think this city realized you can't break something and expect it to be built up again. Not better. There are too many pieces and—" and she seems to realize she's talking too much. So she sighs and says before she takes a sip of her coffee, "I'll make sure you're seated next to Michael. And that you're both well away from Mister Monroe."

"No need to put us far away from Adam.. He like having Michael close. I just would be happy to sit by him." Kaylee gives Sabrina a look of appreciation. "Thanks. And why does age matter to people. All the younger guys I meet are pricks anyhow." unrolling her silverware she picks up a fork to start into her pie. "Seems like the older guys are less… boring. And well, they always say experience comes with age." She gives a waggle of her brows. "Michael is.. safe I guess. Ash is taken. Brian is… well, still not sure about him. Though I imagine Adam would shit a brick if he found out I went out with him… Of course, Adam himself.. that just.. Eww.. Be like dating my dad or something. Though I met this one guy today. Dunno what he looks like. But fascinating person. Kinda hoping he shows up at Biddy's sometime."

Sabrina grimaces briefly, "Age becomes much more of a factor when you get older. You're young, though you probably won't appreciate that I keep pointing that out. You've got a lot of your life left ahead of you. People nearing the end of the twenties or beyond are looking more to settle down or are so settled in their own habits as to not mesh well with younger people. I'm not one to ask for relationship advice, though. I'm allergic to them."

Studying Sabrina curiously, Kaylee doesn't respond right away. When she does, she teases the woman, "Thanks for the advice Dr. Ruth. Until I meet a guy my age worth my time and isn't going to beat me… I'll stick with older men." After a moment of silence she asks. "How old are you anyway?"

"Old enough to know better." Sabrina answers, setting her cup down and folding up the remaining papers. Course, the word 'beat' has Sabrina giving Kaylee a sharply concerned look. "I know I'm not particularly…approachable. But if you ever find yourself in a situation where you don't think you have anyone to turn to, you come find me." There's a pause, "…and if nothing else, I'll find you someone to talk to that's not as off-putting as I can be. There's always the option of just not dating at all until the right one comes along. Whatever you do, it's not really any of my business. Just…don't take advice from Mister Monroe. Ever."

"Um… thanks I think?" Kaylee says with an amused smirk. "Your not off putting at all really, Sabrina. " The word that floats through Kaylee's mind is 'Amusing'. But her advice about Adam get's a small frowns. "And why shouldn't I take his advice? He's the only man that's treated me decently. He's been good to me." She shrugs and that easy grin of hers returns. "Either way.. thanks for the chat Sabrina. It was interesting to say the least."

"Trust me. When it comes to life and love, you don't want his advice." Sabrina says as she slides out of the booth, taking her paperwork with her. "Though I'll bet he can tell you a story or ten." MILLION. "I'll see if I can't put you and Michael at least a few rows back. But I'll be in line of sight. Just in case." Like a nun with a ruler at a school dance. "Be careful getting home. Call a cab if you need it."

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