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Scene Title Thanks Tracy!
Synopsis Awww… Magnes gets to make out with a girl!
Date August 17, 2009

Magnes' Place

After his talk with Elisabeth, Magnes spent a few more hours at Police Academy 11: We've Just Plain Run Out Of Ideas, helping to set up graduation stuff. He arrives home late, landing in the back of the shop, the entrance to his apartment. When he spots Claire it suddenly dawns on him. "Oh, crap, Claire, I'm really sorry. I had to help with graduation stuff, and today's just been really busy, I completely forgot…" Of course it's only 15 minutes, but being the awkward guy with a lack of dating experience, he predicts this could very well be the apocalypse.

Leaning against the wall outside the stores back door, Claire's head comes up as Magnes lands. "Hey," she says simply, not looking at all pissed. "I only jut got here really." She gives him a soft smile. "Graduation? For your academy class?" Pushing away from the wall, she moves to slide arms around him for a hug.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to come." Magnes says as he slides his arms around her waist, hugging her close. "It'd mean a lot to me, but I understand if there's safety reasons or something."

Pulling away enough to look at him, Claire gives him a small smile and rolls her eyes skyward in thought. "I'll see what I can do. No guarantee, but I'll try." Then she moves to slip out of his arms. "I should tell you. I'm probably going to be moving. I'm still trying to decide."

"Why are you moving? And uh, you're not leaving the city or anything, are you?" Magnes asks with a touch of worry, possibly momentarily forgetting that he can fly. "And let's go inside." He heads for the door opening it for her so she can go up the stairs that lead to his apartment door.

"Just needed a change of scenery." Not the truth from Claire, but she doesn't want to say it's cause of him and being Company. She has friends to protect, just like him. "Got a friend who offered a place to stay." She moves past him and up the stairs.

When they enter, he closes and locks the door behind him. Everything is the same except there's a covered cake dish sitting on the nightstand next to his bed. "I can understand that. And man, that girl I broke things off with seems really bitter about it. I don't really understand why, she didn't see it as a serious thing, but I think she was treating me like crap today when I was trying to be friends with her. I even made her a cake, but she said she was allergic. When I left the room I think she called me a doof to the guy she was about to uh, do things with. And this guy…" He shakes his head, walking to the bathroom to change. "I'm not jealous, I mean, I'm dating you, but my ego is just a bit bruised by this huge buff guy, y'know?"

"Well.. if she's gonna be that bad about it." Claire turns to give him an apologetic smile. "Sounds like your better off, Magnes. If she is so easy to get over you?" She gives him a somewhat brighter smile. "And I'm sure he has nothing against you. So I wouldn't sweat it."

"I know she's got some problems, but I really did think she was a genuinely nice person. I didn't think she'd just do a one-eighty on me, especially since the only reason we were dating was to get to know each other." Magnes shakes his head, closing the bathroom door where he can be heard changing his clothes.

"You can have the cake, I put a lot of effort into it since I don't do pastries much. It's banana cream." And for some inexplicable reason, the completely white cake has cyan blue electricity designs all over it. When he comes out of the bathroom, he's wearing a plain white t-shirt with a motivational of Chloe from Smallville. It's Chloe simply sitting there with her head tilted cutely, with the caption reading:

Chloe Sullivan

Hotter Than Lana

One wonders why the person writing this went through the trouble of that description.

He heads over to her, barefoot and stepping on the back of his baggy jeans, just yawning a bit. "Had some crazy work days. You'd think seven highly trained people could catch a squirrel without bloodshed, but nope, squirrel kicked our ass, well, mine. My cut's gone though, think I got healed."

"Sure. I like banana crme and I'm sure some of my friends do as well." Claire murmurs, a small smile on her face. She glances behind her, eyes going to his shirt, making her smile a bit more. "A Squirrel kicked the asses of Company?" she chuckles softly and shakes her head. "Oh that must have been a sight to see." One she probably would have liked to have watched.

"Hey, squirrels are powerful animals. Y'know, Squirrel Girl beat Doctor Doom and Thanos with squirrels. Totally canon." Magnes explains, information that's likely completely lost on Claire, but he's very casual about it. He sits down on the bed, then pats the spot next to him. "But yeah, it's been a rough few days, glad we could get together again, it's like a vacation with you here."

Moving over to the bed slowly, Claire turns and settles on the bed next to him. Her hands fold and rests in her lap. "Well, only a vacation now, cause all this is new." she teases him. Her head ducks down and she turns thoughtful. "Anyhow, I am sorry she was so mean and bruised your ego."

"Hey, I'm dating a presumably bendy ex-cheerleader who probably kicks all sorts of butt because I felt a gun under your shirt the other day." Magnes snickers, having not mentioned that he felt the gun before, but he doesn't seem all that concerned about it. "If I were spiteful I would have told her that I broke it off because of you, but, I'm not like that. If she's happy, then, she's happy." He shrugs, apparently feeling better as he moves an arm around her waist.

Feeling the arm behind her she scoots a bit closer and rests her head on his shoulder. "I am not commenting on the bendy ex-cheerleader." She says blandly and yet amused, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye. "I had the gun for protecting myself. You know.. in case you were playing me and planning to capture me and take me in."

"I can't even imagine myself thinking about capturing you, even to save my own life. I heard things, Detective Harrison said to keep my ears open, well, I heard things from a guy who apparently worked for the Company but escaped…" Magnes goes quiet for a moment, working up the nerve to actually say it out loud. "He said years ago, they tried to create synthetic evolved, and children died in the experiments."

"Well, at the time I couldn't take the chance." Claire says her tone apologetic. His mention of synthetic evolves makes her frown a bit in thought. "Really? The Company did that?" she purses her lips and silently wonders if daddy knew about it.

"I don't know for sure how reliable the information is, but I have someone making an inquiry with some people for me. Now, I wanna relax and stop sounding like a cop, you'll be the first to hear if I learn anything more." Magnes snickers, then his cheeks flush when he looks down at her, suddenly curious about something. "Hey, uh, can I ask you one of those awkward questions that I probably shouldn't have to ask?"

Looking suddenly suspicious, Claire studies him with small smile. "What awkward and personal question might that be?" She leans into his side more, sliding her hand behind his back.

"I uh, well, let's say this guy has kissed a few girls, but he's never had anything like a full blown makeout session. And uh, let's say this guy was dating a really nice and very attractive girl…" Magnes, nervously dropping a gigantic hint, finally asks, "H-how would this guy go about initiating this makeout session? Man, do they even call it that anymore? I don't know.."

Okay, that question makes Claire's cheeks color a bit, but also it makes her chuckle. "Wow… um." she looks down at her folded hands and ponders the question. "Well," she starts finally looking up at him. "I don't think there is a clear cut way of going about it. You just go with your gut feeling I… guess?" She looks uncertain at her answer, she's never really thought about the mechanics. It just.. happens.

"It's strange, I mean, I know I'm awkward and all, but my stomach has never been in so many knots about kissing a girl, except maybe that time I jumped out of a window…" Magnes trails off, still looking down at her, working up a nerve again. "Claire…" is all he says, not knowing what else to add, he just goes for it, arms around her, trying to follow the best of Tracy's advice as he attempts to ease her into possibly the most passionate kiss they've had so far. And if not the most passionate, certainly the first french one. He's not bad! Thanks, Tracy.

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