That's a Shitload Of Money


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Scene Title That's a Shitload Of Money
Synopsis Thalia pokes her head back in, but this time, she wants to buy half the bar, with cold hard cash.
Date August 20, 2009

Old Lucy's

There's something on Abby's mind. There's a lot of things on Abby's mind these days. A couple various people, this and that. She's not behind the bar to serve alcohol this evening, but more just to stock stuff while the other serve. Someone in the background really. Finals are finally over and she's in wait mode. Wait and see if she can move forward with EMT school.

Someone comes limping in. Her escape not that she was really being kept prisoner from St. Luke's has left her tired. Thalia leans against the door frame and nods at the bouncer who silently nods back.

When she gets the strength to move again she walks slowly towards the bar and sinks into a stool. Wearing the same clothes that are dirty and a little burned from the incident the other day.

Her hair is now in a ponytail and her messenger bag is held on her side, she winces as she sits and looks around the bar. Why did she come back again?

Someone nudges Abby when Thalia comes in and the blonde looks over. Lip thin and she barely keeps herself from rolling her eyes. 'Listen, I told you, your going to have to go deal with her Lawyer if you have questions about her estate" Called over as she settles a stack of ashtrays down on top of some others.

The darker haired woman on the other hand very easily rolls her eyes. "Look.. I didn't even know Isabelle was dead. I just found out about her almost a year ago.. but they wouldn't let me come to her." Thalia's eyes are locked onto Abby's. "What the fuck is wrong with you? " She tilts her head, the pain becoming too much for her.

She pulls a bottle of painkillers she nicked from the hospital out of her bag and tilts her head at Abby, "Slide me a glass of water." She says as she takes two of the pills out. "Please." She adds as an afterthought.

"So you didn't call?" It's not said snarkily, but it's something one could obviously do. "Write?" Let it never be said that Abigail's a bitch or something else like that as she pours a glass of water from a nozzle and passes it over so that the woman can take her pills. "What did you do to yourself?"

"Sometimes, it's not that easy to do those sorts of things. Not when they can be tracked." Thalia says darkly and her gaze narrows at Abigail. She takes the water and the pills, nodding her head in thanks to Abigail. "I was in the park when that psycho from Humanis First decided to go blow himself up." She says and looks up towards the T.V. playing the news.

"I was the closet to the blast seeing as I tried to stop him." she chuckles and shakes her head and then stops. She still hasn't been able to process what exactly she did on the that day.

Right, that one too. Lots of explosions these days. "You should rest. Not be walking into a bar of your supposed dead sister" Speaking of which. Abigail leans against the bar, regarding the dark haired woman. "why did you come back here?"

"I have the sense that you don't like me, well fuck you." Thalia says as she drinks the rest of her water. "I came back her because I wanted to talk to you obviously and this is the only place I have to go right now." She admits. With a sigh.

"Look, you have somewhere else we can talk?" She raises her eyebrow at Abby.

Boy, would Mrs Hadley be surprised. There is someone who likely doesn't like her. "That's not it at all. Just.. sure. Come on, into the back room. Try anything funny and Tanya will be electrocuting you to the end of your life" And with a finger pointing towards the appropriate door, Abigail starts heading that way.

"Yeah yeah, and I'll blow her ass all the way to Staten Island." Could she really do that? Thalia gets off the bar stool and goes to the backroom. "Honestly, look at the shape I'm in. What could I do to you? You look like you can handle yourself so well in a fight." A light joke with some sarcasm.

"You'd be surprised what you could do" A chair is moved to make it easier for the injured woman to sit down in and not need to hobble far before Abigail takes her own seat. "So. Speak"

Thalia slides into the chair and leans back, the painkillers already starting to take effect. She gets few things out of her messenger bag. A piece of paper that shows to be her birth certificate and a few photos. The photos show two baby girls, both with striking pretty eyes, both are laughing and holding hands.

"That's me and Iz.. a few months after I was born." Thalia explains and then gives Abby the birth certificate showing she was born right in New York. "My mother gave me to my aunt and uncle, it was for the best. At least that's what they said."

Abigail takes the proffered paperwork in hand, looking it over, following the pictures. "I don't have Izzy's birth certificate to compare, i'm sorry. I don't even think there was one in her stuff. But, what are you hoping to prove by showing me this? what do you want or hope to have me do, with this information?" It's an honest question. It's twice the girl has showed up.

"I didn't want anything." Thalia throws her hands up. "I needed help from Isabelle. She was the only one that could protect me, I lost my aunt and uncle. They may be dead by now, I don't know."

"Wouldn't you want to at least be near the place where your sister that you never knew spent all her time? I look around and wonder what she was like.. what she did here.. who her friends were.. who had her back." Thalia looks down. "So the only excuse I have for being over here all the time." Thalia takes something out her bag and lays it on the table. It's money.. and it's a shitload of it, all wrapped up. Close inspection would show those are hundred dollar wads there. "I want to work here and buy half the bar from you, partners." She says with a sigh and shakes her head.

"I still can't believe I'm doing this."

Holy, lord. Holy Lord from on high. She's just… pulled out a whole bunch of cash. Abigail's eyes don't rest on the money, that's very rude and uncouth and that's just.. "Listen, I don't even know your name, and I can't decide that over just one day. I mean, I still need to find out if you're really her sister. I hope you don't take offense, but she never mentioned a sibling. If you are her sister then.. I need to consult with a lawyer and see how badly this is gonna bite me in the butt tax wise"

"There can be no DNA test done.. look for her birth certificate, see that the name of the parents match mine and then talk to the lawyer. I'm not offended." Thalia shrugs lightly. "How could I expect you to believe me so fast? I didn't take you for a gullible one." A light grin crosses her lips.

Then her eyes are downcast, "Do you mind.. telling me something about her?" her gaze a little hopeful. Maybe Abby has something to share with her about her sister..

No DNA test. Why would the woman not want a DNA te… oh. Abigail's looking at the woman in a whole new light. "What if I could get one done by someone, who.. won't pay any attention to anything different about your genetic structure?" Aka, won't check for the SLC in Thalia genetics. "I don't feel comfortable, unless I can do that. No offense, birth certificates can be forged. I have a fake set of everything myself. But if you are her sister, for real… I will happily and gladly do this, and consult my Lawyer and have this place evaluated and tell you how much to procure half of it would be" Cat would be proud of Abby, she's sure. For being so thorough and business minded like this. Or maybe not. Likely Abby's missed something.

"Ok, I could work with that." Thalia nods her head. "Who does this person happen to be?" she inquires and places a hand on her stomach. Wincing just a bit, the pain is all but gone for now.

"I'm sorry if I'm springing this all up on you so fast.. but I didn't know what else to do. My uncle always said the Ashford women are quick to act but sometimes we don't think it through entirely." Thalia runs a hand over head.

She guesses that was a no on story time about Isa.

'Now, that sounds like Izzy" Abigail smiles. "It's a lawyer friend of mine, and i trust implicitly and at one point she kept the bar afloat for reasons, if you are her sister, i'll tell you later" Abigail offers her hand out to the woman to shake. 'I swear, on a stack of bibles, that I'll do what I said"

"Well, you can't beat that now can you?" Thalia says and she takes the offered hand. "Ya know.. you aren't so bad after all. Excuse my 'fuck' youing and all that. Been stressed." Thalia grins softly, "I'll leave a number you can contact me by. The motel I'm staying at." She nods her head and prepares to leave.

"You're not the only one either. I was at the Columbia 14 and was with the two cops" Abigail commiserates. She whips out a black notebook, scribbling down her cellphone number and the number of the bar. "These are my numbers, if you have questions, or anything and uhh… Just a moment, I need hair from you"

Taking the paper, Thalia takes her hair out of the ponytail and lets it swing free. "Do your worst." She jokes lightly and untangles her hair with her fingers. "This so needs a wash tonight." She says and lifts up a strand. "I'm sorry to hear about that." She says about the Columbia 14, "Those bastards.. need to go down."

She just needs a really good root, and so abigail singles out a hair, pulling just enough to get a hair. Nope, not good. "Sorry, try again" and it takes three more before she finally gets the one she needs, with root attached. A clean napkin from her apron is plucked and the hair wrapped. She's still got Izzy's stuff stuck upstairs, she can surely get something of hers.

"Ow!" Thalia rubs her head. "Ow!" She rubs her head again. "Ok I hope you got it. Jeez." She wrinkles her nose and then moves to stand. "That was fun." She says with a nod and her ties her hair back into her ponytail.

Because pulling hair is always fun. besides, it wasn't that bad. "You'll be fine. Listen, I gotta get back to working, I'll try and get this fast as possible, but, I mean, it may take a week or even two, depends" Abigail cautions. "You might want to like, get a safety deposit box for all that cash"

"On it! Thanks Mama Angel." She calls out and begins to move out the door, she's feeling pretty good, she makes sure her bag is all closed and she opens the door. "I'll be in touch." She calls and winks as she walks out of place. Injured or not.. there is a certain aura about her, something that was similar the way men look and whistle at her.

She doesn't really pay them mind, winking at a few of them but keeping straight ahead out of the bar, waving to Brenda on her way out. "Something about that girl is familiar, I swear Nun." Brenda says to the owner of the place.
Abigail follows out the door, falling in beside Brenda and watching Thalia go. "She still hasn't given me her name" Abigail points out. "But she just offered to buy half the bar out, in cash"

"To be honest, I like the girl. Looks like she's got some energy to her." Brenda observes and shakes her head. "Needs to wash that hair though." She chuckles softly and bumps elbows with Abby.

"Yeah, well, first, to see if she's really Izzy's sister. If she is.." Well. Abby can't turn away the woman having a part of her sister and the bar, the bar is the epitome of Izzy. "I'm gonna go upstairs and do some unpacking. If there's anything, come get me"

"Alrighty!" Brenda calls and off she goes to pour another drink, while she flirts with the man who ordered it. She flips her hair and winks. Just another a normal night at Lucy's. Still lacking the fire it once had.. it just might always.

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