That's My Dad


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Scene Title That's My Dad
Synopsis Amadeus comes over to Keira's place, and tells him about Delia; Keira, in turn, finds out the whereabouts of the man who she believes to be her father.
Date September 14, 2010

The Speakeasy

It's morning, and Amadeus didn't even bother knocking. He picked the lock, closed and locked the door behind him, and slipped into Keira's bed while she was sleeping. He actually ends up falling asleep for about an hour after that, but when he starts to stir again, he says, "I need sex." after nudging her a few times. But then he adds, "And you were right."

When he entered, Amadeus was greeted by the loud bark of a very unhappy Great Dane, who wouldn't allow Amadeus past the door at first, growling. It took Keira yelling at the dog, who returns to her side of the bed and lays down with a low growl. Keira didn't stir much beyond curling up once more, after that, always the heavy sleeper.

When he nudges her, she lets out a low groan, slapping at him. "Mmf. Fuck off, I'm not awake yet. Make me some damn coffee then we'll talk about fucking." She grumbles this out, rolling over and draping an arm over Amadeus's chest. "What was I right about?"

"Delia Ryans and her freakin' father who threatened to kick my ass if I didn't leave her alone. If she don't like me then fine, fuck those straight-laced bitches." Amadeus slides his hands behind his head after tossing his shirt to the floor, then stares at the ceiling with a grumpy expression. "I don't fuckin' need to change for her."

Keira idly runs a hand over his chest, blinking tiredly as he speaks. However, that name…it rings bells. Keira doesn't say a word a suddenly, still dressed in panties and a tank top, she leaps out of bed, tearing her way over to the dresser and throwing a drawer open, her eyes wide. "Ryans…what's her dad's fuckin' name?! Tell me, right the fuck now." She throws a few of the contents of the drawer on the ground in her hurry to find whatever it is she's looking for.

"How the fuck should I know?" Amadeus asks as he turns over, grunting and closing his eyes against the pillow. He's apparently not very concerned with this line of questioning. "You're supposed to be doin' your crazy stalker shit so I'll feel better."

Keira lets out a little shout as she finds whatever it is she was looking for. Then, her feet can be heard against the floor, followed by the quaking of the bed as she promptly leaps on top of Amadeus, attempting to roll him over so she's straddling him. But it's not the kind of straddling he may be wanting right now. The second he's on his back, she shoves a picture of one Benjamin Ryans into his face. "Did you see anyone who looked like that?! That fucker's my dad."

"That's Delia's dad who was gonna beat me up." Amadeus answers with a raised eyebrow, really giving that some thought. His brain makes all sorts of complex connections as gears spin and steam at their full power, and finally he says, "I'm fucking Delia's sister… awesome."

Keira's hands slap down on Amadeus's chest, and she leans really close. "Where does that fucker live? I need to find him and give him a piece of my mind for fucking leaving me with that crack-whore of a mother of mine." She grits her teeth. "You're serious. This is Benjamin Ryans. My dad." She points at the picture again, apparently not quite believing all of this. "This is your stupid fucking Delia's dad." She taps the picture.

Then, she slaps Amadeus, albeit lightly (for her). "You're not fucking allowed to go near Delia now, if she's my fuckin' sister. I'll beat your ass too."

"I don't fuckin' want to go near her. Fuck, you won you stupid bitch." Amadeus slides his hands behind his head, grunting whenever she slaps his chest. "They live in Gun Hill, that's where I'm stayin' with that lesbian chick, Sable."

"I just gotta say that shit, motherfucker. If that cunt's my sister, that means she's off limits." Keira leans down, kissing Amadeus's cheek where she slapped him. "I never had a sister I could be protective of or anythin' like that. Or get pissed off at my man for fuckin' around with." She sets the picture on the night stand, hugging close to Amadeus. "How th'fuck did you just find my dad like that, when I've been lookin' for the fucker for 27 fuckin' years?"

"I don't fuckin' know, he's my dad's partner or some shit, and I found my dad." Amadeus wraps an arm around her back, gently stroking up and down. "We can go find 'im later, if you want."

"I'm gonna make some coffee, then I want to go meet my dad." Keira smiles down at Amadeus, planting a few kisses on his cheeks and lips. "Fuck, I've already said it once, I'll say it again. I love you so fuckin' much, Amadeus Deckard, it fuckin' hurts sometimes." She's smiling as she says this, her fingers trailing over his cheeks.

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