The Apostle Paul


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Scene Title The Apostle Paul
Synopsis Brian gets down on one knee to propose fake marriage to Abby with a real ring. The usual head butting ensues.
Date December 18, 2008

Belvedere Castle

Boots crunch on the snow as Brian makes his way up towards the old castle, he pauses in his trek upward to look back over his shoulder at the young woman walking with him. He flashes a smile at the healer before jerking his head back up the hill. "C'mon."

A black pea coat, a pair of dark blue jeans and a gray scarf to match his eyes. For Brian, he's dressed nice. He is freshly shaven and actually looks presentable. No beanies, no baggy jeans. He's not trying to look like a thug tongiht. The young man's hands are tucked into his pockets as he walked up. He hasn't yet told her exactly why they've come up here, perhaps he just wants to give her some time to relax.

The sun has been down for several hours, and the lights below them are bright. Christmas light have been raising up gradually around the city. So tonight is particularly pretty. A deep exhale is given, steam rising out of his lips. "You sure you're not too cold?"

"No, i'm good. Really" She is, blue toque, thermal lined gloves, scarf. Winter boots underneath her jeans and a heavy duty black jacket designed for really cold weather. The now blonde follows beside him, hair spilling in a golden sheet from under the scarf and she scoops up some snow in her hand to start fashioning a snow ball.

A puff of steam is given as Brian eyes the castle, walking through the outer sections of it. "Can you whistle?" He asks out of sheer lack of conversation. His back is still to her, his gray eyes scanning the lights below. "Pretty." He murmurs quietly.

Abby pops off a glove, sticking her forefinger and middle finger in her mouth as he asks that question. A few moments later the shrill part whine, part bark comes out which answers that question. "Great for in the bar and they're starting to fight"

One hand raises to his ear, as if to protect himself from the abrupt sound. "Ok, ok. You don't have to rupture my ear drum, it was just a question. I can't." He says, a little sadly, looking around to find something like a bench or something just as sittable.
"Sorry" Abby replies apologetically, taking a seat after dusting off a bench near the castle, since obviously that's what brian is wanting to do. 'how are you?"

"I'm just kidding." Brian says with a little smile, walking over to the bench. "Don't apologize." He gives her a playful and gentle punch to the shoulder as he goes to plop on the bench next to her. "I'm fine. How are you?"

'good. I have a few days off work, got my wrapping done for presents, and sent to my parents" Abby digs her hands back into her pocket once the glove is back on. "I'm meeting up with Victor for a movie tonight. I think we're seeing Bond, not sure, it's not a comedy so he may choose something else. other than that, i'm good. Rested"

A brow slowly climbs up. "Victor?" He repeats. It's kind of the only thing he hears in her words. He inclines his head a little bit. "Who's Victor?" He asks curiously.

'Guy who came to the bar and tried to use a fake ID. I took him out to the starbucks on my break before everything happened, and caught up with Owen. Just a guy" Abby cants her head the right. 'he's just a friend Brian. In fact, he's utterly convinced that i'm marrying you, no matter how much I deny it"

"Oh. Well, I wasn't being jealous or anything." He says quickly as a disclaimer. "Just wondering." Brian forces a small little smile. "He's a friend of Owen's?" But then he furrows his brows. "You told him we're not getting married? Abby, what's the point of a cover story if you tell everyone the truth?"

"because the guy won't go see a movie with me brian if i'm 'engaged' to you. Becuase he called my phone three times while i was kidnapped cause he saw us on the news and was worried. It's not like I've run around at the top of my lungs screaming Brian. It's just one person and I trust him to keep his mouth shut" Abby answers defensivly.

"Easy, easy." Brian says, sliding his arm at the top of the bench around her shoulders as if to keep her wrath at bay. He gives a little hm. "Okay.. Well I hope you have a good time at the movies." With a different guy. Jealousy does flick in his eyes for just a moment, before he hurriedly changes the subject. "Anyway.. How's Teo?"

"Drunk as a skunk last night. He's asking for boats for christmas. So I got him a huge box filled with all these different boats that I found at a bunch of different dollar stores, and some soaps" She changes the subject too, unsure really how to handle the other guy. "He only spoke in italian last night before he ran off to something else, but, he's doing good."

Well at least he's not still raving about how Brian got him stabbed. That's a plus. "Gotcha." He puffs, bringing his hands back into his lap. He flicks his gaze to her for a moment, eyeing her out of his peripherals for a moment then returning his gaze to the view. "So…"

'Soo, what did I get you for christmas? That what your asking? And no brian, it's not a date I have tonight. I'm jsut trying to make friends that don't run around in sercret evolved vigilante groups" The latter coaxing a smile from her. She digs into her pocket though, producing a small envelope.

That gets a little chuckle from him. "Sure." Then she clarifies the not-dateness with Victor, and relief sweeps over his face. "Okay good, I was getting really nervous." He says with a little grin. His brow arches a bit as she gets the envelope. "Oh, an envelope. I've always wanted one of those."

'Why were you getting nervous?" But the envelope is relinquished to the other guy, it's contents hidden for now, but when opened will reveal a 20 dollar gift card for starbucks. For Brian to get his caffine on.

"Just kidding." He says quickly, taking the envelope. "Thanks, Abby." He says with a smile, opening it slowly. A smile on his face as he looks at the gift card. "Thanks." He repeats, giving her a bright smile. "We can use this later." He tucks away the card and envelope with it in his pocket. Leaning back he goes to reach in his jacket pocket. "I got you something too."

"Oh no, that's for you to use. Sot here's enough for about.. 5 of you to have a coffee" Her eyes dart to his hand and a roll of her eyes. "I don't need anything Brian. Or much want anything. I just like to give smomething out, to a few people. We're still on for christmas mass yes?"

"Yeah, of course we are. Wouldn't miss it." Brian responds to their plans. A little grin to the coffee for five of him. "Yeah.. But.. I got you something anyway." From his jacket pocket a small black box is produced. He averts his gaze from hers on purpose. Though he slides down from the bench to one knee swiftly."So.. I was wondering if you would be my fake wife." He says with a little grin, popping open the black box to reveal a thin white gold engagement ring, complete with diamond and all. "Merry Christmas."

Abby rolls her eyes at the whole getting down on one knee schtick, little black box and all. They stop rolling though at the sight of the ring. "Please tell me that's not real Brian?" Worry suddenly clouding her eyes.

"It's real." Brian murmurs, pushing the little black box forward. His smile fades at her reaction, as he quickly gets off of his knee to sit back down on the bench. "Not really expensive.. But." A little shrug of his shoulders. "I just thought it would make you feel nice."

Abby's fingers come out to run over the gold and the diamond. "I had thought you'd get some little cubic zirconia thing. You know, fake ring for fake engagement" Not to say that she doesn't appreciate the gesture. "I can't accept a diamond, from a friend Brian. I am… eternally grateful and in awe that you would do it and I have probably never owned something of that quality but…" Abby looks up at Brian. 'It does. It makes me feel really nice that you'd go and do that"

"It's not like money is hard to come by." Brian explains. "Just keep it." He urges, easing back onto the bench, placing his hands on his knees.

'Wouldn't feel right taking it" Abby murmurs softly, still looking at the ring. She's by no means a very flashy person and it's not a flashy ring. Abby looks up at him. "You need to find a girlfriend ben. So you can spoil them with things like this"

"I wouldn't feel right taking it back. I know what I'm doing, just take it." Brian urges, tilting his head a little bit he shakes it. "I'd rather spoil you." He grins lightly, leaning back on the bench, stretching his arms out on the back of it.

"I'd rather not be spoiled. I'm spoiled neough with friendships that I don't need things" She takes the little box though, if only just to make him happy and so there's not a scene. It's balanced on her jean clad knee and Abby reaches beneath her scarf to pop the clasp on her chain and cross. The ring is plucked from the box and the chain threaded through it so that falls beside the cross. back behind her neck she works it till it's secure around her neck.

Brian brings a hand up as if to help, but decides that she has it well under control and drops his hand instead. "It's impossible to make you happy." He concludes, giving her a little grin.

'What brings you to that conclusion Brian?" SHe curious. Far as she knows she's really quite easy to please.

His lips flash into a smirk. "It's easy for me to make most people laugh. It's like a challenge with you. I get you something really nice, and I'm still doing things wrong."

'Really easy to make me happy. Don't catch me when i'm tired and lacking sleep, bring me a red bull and just sit and talk. Admittedly, lately, yeah, I haven't been a most agreeable person" She reaches up to finger the ring hanging beside the cross. "Friendship ring. I'll consider this a friendship ring. No more than that, though to others it'll be something more obviously, but.. thank you" Abby leans over, planting a very brief and chaste kiss on his cheek.

"Alright." The young man concedes, his cheeks slightly reddening when she plants a kiss on it. He keeps his smile shallow, leaning forward to place his elbows on his knees and clasp his hands together.

'She'll be a lucky girl whomever you meet and take to wife Brian. Really. If you treat her like you treat me. She'll never want for anything" Abby leans forward too, the now empty ring box is closed and held in her hands

"I've heard that a lot." Brian says, tilting his head to the side. "An unbelievable amount. It's just funny. Every girl in the world views me as great for somebody else." A little shrug. "It used to keep me awake at night. But I don't care that much anymore. Whatever. The Apostle Paul lived his life and bore his destiny alone. So will I, I guess."

'your a handsome man, and who doesn't want a man who could cook, clean and wash windows all at once. I just.. I don't have the want, desire, or energy to focus on someone other than myself right now. I need to get my life in order first before I find a nice christian guy. But your not him brian. Your, a nice christian guy, but your not one for me. I want a guy who's not going to keep me like a pet. A well spoiled pet, but, I prefer you as a good friend Brian, than as a boyfriend" She doens't know how to put it any other way.

"I wasn't asking you out Abby." Brian murmurs, trying to resist glaring at her out of his peripherals. "We have a cover, I gave you a ring for the cover. Money's easy to come by, especially because of Jennifer so it's no big deal." Brian mutters, pressing his back against the bench. "That's a really good rejection speech, but you can save it for someboyd who's actually trying for you." Placing his hands on the bottom of the bench he shoves himself to his feet. Taking a step away, he pauses in his storm off though. "Do you need a ride home?"

"then.. stop acting like your going to Brian. You look funny when I say that I'm going out to the movies with someone and the someon happens to be a guy.. never mind. No. I can make it to the movies on foot. You just get home safe Brian. I'll see you around. Thank you, truly, for the ring" ABby doesn't get up, just remains sitting in front of the central park castle.
Brian's face contorts into something that looks like anger before he turns his back to Abby and walks away swiftly. "Whatever, Abby. Have a great time with Victor. I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow Brian" Abby murmurs with a frown. She looks at the little black velvet box in her hand with a wrinkling of her nose.

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