The Audition


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Scene Title The Audition
Synopsis Roselyn went in to Old Lucy's to audition for a job.
Date January 18, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's. Delightful. Loud. Noisy. It's a fun place to work, and a fun place to visit. The start of it all, and an auspicious night to be auditioning to work at the Bar. Abigails behind the counter, toothy grin in place and making small talk while slinging booze to the people who come up and put in their requests.

Roselyn walks into the bar wearing a white button up shirt with a read plaid pleated skirt. She's wearing a pair of knee high combat boots with a black trenchcoat that reaches down to her ankles. She walks over to the bar to where Abby is standing, "Hey. How is your night going?" she asks Abby smiling.

"Hey Roselyn. Regular drinks?" Out goes a few glasses of beer, money exchanged and tossed into the till. "Isabelle's in the back, talking with someone, but she'll be around. What are you up to tonight?" She's in jeans, always in jeans, red tank top, blonde hair loose and ever present crosso n chain dangling at her throat.

Roselyn shakes her head, "No, not gonna drink yet. I have an audition to do and I really don't want to do it drunk, wouldn't turn out so hot." she says with a smile, "Okay, I'll wait here until she comes out." she says looking at Abby, "You look nice tonight, I really like your necklace. I sorta have an obsession with crosses." she says with a grin.

"Do you? Then i'll be here in my corner watching you. Likely far better than me" Everyones far better than Abigail. She's not doing fancy things like twirling bottles and other stuff. Her hands drifts for a moment to the delicate chain but smiles. "Probably in a fashion sense, more than a religious sense yes?"

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Hopefully Isabelle will like what she sees." she says before looking to Abby again, "No I'm religious, just not as much as you are. I go to church like maybe once a week if I'm not out somewhere." she says with a guilty look on her face, "It's not good to not go to church, but I try to go as much as possible." she tells Abby out of confidence.

"Isabelle will like what she sees" Abby assures the other woman. "I have just the one cross. I lost one a couple months back, in an accident, and got this one. What's yours like?" No comment about attending church. It happens. That and, she goes twice a week instead of just once. 'Come around the back, get aquainted with the stuff, that way you know where everything is a little bit, before she comes out.

Roselyn smiles and nods. She walks around to the end of the bar and behind it looking around at all of the bottles getting acquainted with everything that is behind it. "My cross I have is on a silver chain, with a silver cross on it. It's on my dresser at the moment, left home in a rush wanted to be here on time and didn't want to get here too late." she says looking at Abby.

Abby nods, moving to the side, let her see the cubby holes behind the counter and the coolers. Bowls of lime wedges, lemon wedges waiting for tequila's and corona's. "You've been bartending how long?"

Roselyn looks around at everything studying everything there could be studied, "I've been doing it for about 3 years, but I've been looking around for a job, my last job didn't go so well for me." she says looking at Abby.

"Any reason it didn't?" Abigail keeps shoving out drinks, skipping around Roselyn ot grab a bottled beer from the cooler, pop the cap with bottle opener then pass it over to the businessman who's waiting.

Roselyn nods, "The boss tried to do things, I really didn't want to do." she says lookin down the back up the bar at everyone then back to Abby. "Need me to help you with anything?" she asks Abby.

Nicolas has arrived.

'Well. You won't need to worry about that here" ABigail answers. "I'm good, really. Slow and steady wins the race. I'm not fancy like the others, probably like you, but you won't need to worry about Isabelle making moves" Well, possibility of en flambe, but.. that's another story.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Okay, if you need anything let me know." she says looking at Abby, "Well I'll be sure to watch out for Isabelle." she says jokingly. She moves out of the way and watches Abby work her magic.

Nicolas opens the front door to the bar, stepping inside. He looks around the area before he moves towards the bar, heading straight for his usual stool. He takes off his jacket as he moves, setting on the stool next to him as he sits down.

"Nicolas!" Abby smiles when the man settles into his butt groove. "See, not so bad, guy didn't ruin it too much for you" She's looking for signs of lipstick on Nicolas, but gives up after a moment or two. " Roselyn's getting her audition tonight. So she'll probably get to serve you, instead of me. Which means, better service"

Roselyn sees Nicolas walks in. She sees Nicolas take a seat in his usual seat, "Hey there Nicolas, How are you?" she says with a smile. "I'm doing my audition tonight, so I'm a little nervous about it. You'll get to see me dance tonight though, hopefully you won't think less of me especially from the way I dance." she says giving him a wink, "What do you want to drink?" she says with a grin.

Nicolas looks down at the stool as he moves his hips slightly as if trying to fix the groove. "Yeah, but he stretched it all out." He says with a grin before he looks to Roselyn. "Congratulations. Well, then I'll take my usual then." He says, leaning up against the bar top, offering her a smile.

"Car bomb, shot of something, anything, and a beer in a bottle" Abby informas Roselyn, since the woman might not know what his regular is. "You'll work it back, don't worry. Hagan's butt groove is where your jacket is, and then Mike's is to the other side" She steps back though, to let Roselyn work, study, watch.

Roselyn smiles, "An Irish Car Bomb, a shot of something, and beer in a bottle right?" she asks as she looks at Nicolas and grins, "Or am I missing something?" she asks looking at Nicolas.

Nicolas nods his head and chuckles. "Yup. The shot is bartender's choice." He says as he looks between the two. "Looks like I've already become a regular here." He says with a chuckle.

'Not tequila. He's not a tequila guy" Abby cautions the other woman, before she pushe sback from the rear of the bar and goes to filling hte other orders from customers as they sidle up to the bar, but watching, always wathcing.

Roselyn pours a pint of Guinness into a glass then pours Bailey's Irish Creme and Irish whiskey into the shot glass and sets it down in front of him, She pours a shot of Godlschlagger then pulls out a bottle of beer popping the top and setting them down in front of Nicolas, "Anything else you would like?" she says smiling at Nicolas.

Nicolas shakes his head as he smiles to Roselyn. "Nope. That should be fine for now." He says as he looks to Abby. "How do you think she's going to do?" He asks her.
"Won't know, till she's been here a few hours, and Isabelle gets the final say, not me. But, I've liked her since she came in the first time" Abby grins, giving nicolas a wink. "I'm gonna be moving, you knew that already. In two weeks. I could use some strong hands, and anyone with like a car. Volunteer? I'll pay in beer and pizza"

Roselyn smiles, "Kool, I've liked you too. You are very nice." she says still smiling. "I could help you out. I won't be doing anything." she says turning to Abby. "You won't have to pay me with beer and pizza or anything else. It would be like just helping out a friend." she says before turning to Nicolas. "So how is the drinks?" she asks looking at Nicolas with a grin.

Nicolas glances to Abby and nods. "Yeah. Sure. I'll help out. Just let me know when and where. I'll be there." He says as he looks at the drinks in front of him. He picks up the shot glass from the bar top and drops it into the guinness before he starts to chug it. As he finishes, he sets the empty glasses on the table. He nods his head, looking to Roselyn. "Not bad. Pretty fuckin' good."

"Too many hands ruins the stew, but yeah, between you him and my roommate, we can get it done. Get serving, knowing isbaelle she's watching from someplace to see how your doing" Abby grins, shoving a coke and rum across the counter. "Your tips, are yours tonight" as she pops a jar up in place of hers and switches her own further down the line.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Thank you." she says to Abby before taking a few orders, reaching into the cooler grabbing a couple beers and popping the tops on them. Handing one to a man sitting a few stools down from Nicolas and another to a business man. She makes a dirty apple martini for a woman sitting a little further down and offers her a smile when she gives it to her. She looks to Nicolas, "Thank you, hopefully I won't do too bad on your drinks." she says with a grin.

Nicolas shakes his head and smirks. "No problem. You'll know if it's something I don't like. I'll let you know." He says as he looks to Abby. "Yeah, just give me a call whenever you need my help." He says as he pulls out a napkin and writes down his number on it, sliding it over to her.

Abby's number is written down, passed over to Nicolas. "Same deal" She breaths deep, sliding back to her section of the bar, About to reach for a bottle for someone when the music is kicked up a couple dozen notches and the bartender at the very end start whopping and heading up onto the bar. "and… it's your turn Roselyn"

Roselyn looks to Abby, "Okay, sounds like fun." she goes to the end the bartender went up and starts dancing on the bar like she has done this before. She follows along as much as possible along with the others having a great time. She looks down at Abby and gives her the thumbs up, she then turns to Nicolas and smiles.

Nicolas laughs softly to himself as the music kicks on, taking up the shot and slams it back. He coughs a bit as he swallows. "Holy fuck." He says setting the glass down and sits back to watch the girls dance on the bar. "Yup. Just like Coyote Ugly."

"Yes Nico, just like that. I haven't seen the movie still, but.." She shrugs, leaning against the bar, watching the others as she declines to pour alcohol into the mouths of people. Not yet so far. "Turned 20 today. One more year and i'll be legal to drink what I serve"

A whirlwind of motion enters the bar as Isabelle slides on in from her apartment. With a loud cheer, the woman hops on to the bar to dance with the other girls. She is dancing next to Roselyn. The pyro is wearing a pair of tight black jeans and red halter top. She throws her head back and winks at Abby. "Happy birthday!" she calls to the Nun and continues to dance. Her movements fluid.

Roselyn continues to dance having a blast she turns and smiles to Isabelle "Hey." she calls out then turns to Abby, "Happy Birthday girl. I'll have to do something for you to celebrate." she says with a grin turning back and dancing more.

Nicolas offers a nod to Isabelle as she appears before he looks to Abby and smirks. "It's your birthday?" He asks her as he looks to the bartenders. "I want to buy the birthday girl a couple shots."

Abby says, "At eight oh five this morning" But Abby's hands go up at the order to the other bartenders. "Not happening, i'm not old enough and i'm working. Another year Nico" She grins to the other two dancing up on the bar top, apprecaiting the fun thier having."

As soon as she started, Izzy stops dancing and hops down from the bar. "Well my dear Nun, let us hope you are around for that next birthday. Then I can get all types of fucked up" She laughs and leans against the bar.

Roselyn continues to dance on the bar and looks around smiling, and having a damned good time. She looks down at Nicolas and grins then turns to Abby for a slight second, "I want to throw you a party after work alright." she says with a smile before turning back out to face the crowd.

Nicolas nods his head to Roselyn. "Yeah. We should throw her a birthday party. It could be so much fun." He says with a chuckle.

"I don't need a birthday party. I consider this whole night my brithday party and my rpesent, well, Isabelle, hire her. That can be my present. It will make me happy" Abby tosses out to them, stopping with her leaning and serving those who aren't distracted by dancing women whopping and grooving on the bar top.

With a moment's pondering and then a shrug. "Ok, Roselyn. You're hired!" Izzy shouts and the bar erupts in cheers. Isabelle hops onto the bar as the music stops and the other girls stop dancing. "I would like to introduce our newest member here, the Huntress, Roselyn!"

Roselyn smiles, "Thank You Isabelle." she says with a wide smile. "I would like to buy the whole bar a round as a celebration." she says with a grin to the whole crowd.

Nicolas claps as Roselyn gets hired. "Congratulations." He says with a grin before he downs the rest of his beer. "I'll take another beer then." He says with a grin.

"Another beer" as people start to make thier way to the bar, claim thier free round. Down the blonde kneels, plucking a couple from the cooler, popping off caps fast as she can and handing them over to those who want them. Nicolas first though. "Get down here and start working huntress. Berr doesn't serve itself!" the soutehrner teases.

The pyro just nods her head and grins at everyone. "Well looks like Roselyn will become a favorite here if she keeps this up." She chuckles.

Roselyn smiles and hops down and starts to reach into the cooler popping off tops and handing them out left and right. Mixing a couple drinks and handing them out here and there. She looks to Nicolas, "Thanks." she says with a smile her eyes resting on him for a second before handing out a few more drinks to a few more customers.

Nicolas nods his head and smiles. "Welcome." He says to Roselyn as he gets his drink from Abby. He takes a drink as he looks around. "Hell yeah. The guys like her enough already." He says with a grin before he puts a couple bills in the tip jars.

Abigails happy, another person in the flock, a veritable stable of women who are, as darius says, dealing in drugs every night. Another bottle passed over, ABby call sover to the owner. "Going out to get a starbucks, take my break. I'll be back atfterwards Isabelle"

"Ok Abs!" Izzy says and pours a drink to give to a customer.

Roselyn smiles and waves to Abby, "Take care. Think of me while you're there. Starbucks is my favorite." she says with a grin. She turns to Nicolas and smiles, "Only because I dance up on the bar and buy rounds." she says with a smile on her face. Handing over some more beers to a few more people, "Thank you for the tip." she tells Nicolas looking at him with a grin. "When do you want to go and play another game?" she asks Nicolas as she pours a shot of Tequila and hands it to one of the customers.

Nicolas waves to Abby as she takes off. "Later, Abby." He says to her as he looks back to Isabelle and Roselyn. "I don't know when. I just hope you don't hold back on me this time." He says with a grin.

"I'll be back in a bit as well!" Izzy doesn't explain where she is going but she does in fact make her way to the bar's entrance and leaves the bar without a backward glance.

Roselyn nods and turns to Nicolas, "Okay. I promise I won't go easy on you. Even though I didn't last time either." she says with a grin.

Nicolas nods his head and offers a wave to Isabelle. "I'll see you later." He says before he looks to Roselyn. "Okay. Good." He says, taking a drink from his beer.

Roselyn smiles, "So, I've decided on where I'm going to take you out to dinner." she says with a smile. "Oh and there is something I want you to know if we are going to be hanging out more. But I'll tell you when there isn't so many people around us." she says looking Nicolas in the eyes.

Nicolas nods his head as he chuckles. "Oh yeah? Where's that?" He asks as he looks at her. He takes a drink from his beer before he looks to her. "Alright. Tell me some other time then." He says as he looks at her.

Roselyn smiles, "I'm thinking Olive Garden. I love their food, their Chicken Alfredo is absolutely amazing." she says still smiling at Nicolas. Nods, "Okay I will tell you next time we're alone." she says looking at Nicolas.

Nicolas nods his head as he drains the last of his beer. "Sounds good. I love Italian." He says with a smile, draining the last of his beer.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Good. I'm glad." she says looking at him, "Want another beer?" she asks looking at the empty bottle. "Actually you know what I could show you what I have to tell you, As long as I'm careful not to let anyone see." she says with a grin.

Nicolas shakes his head as he looks at the empty bottle. "No. I think I'm good for now." He says as he looks at Roselyn. "Show me?"

Roselyn nods, "Okay." then looks at him in the eyes, "Yeah, show you." she says watch your empty beer bottle and watch me closely. She looks around to make sure no one is looking she concentrates and phases her hand throught the beer bottle.

Nicolas' eyes widen as he watches, an eyebrow raised slightly. "Interesting. Very interesting." He looks at her and smirks. "Can you ring up how much I owe you?" He asks her.

Roselyn grins and pulls her hand back out. "Yeah, that's what I wanted to tell you." she says looking at him then nodding, "Yeah, I'll ring you up." she walks over to the register and starts to ring him up.

Nicolas looks at the register and concentrates, the screen on the register flashing for a moment before a line of text scrolls across the screen which reads: 'This is what I can do'. A moment later, the screen returns to normal and Nicolas looks to Roselyn.

Roselyn sees the text then looks up to Nicolas and smiles. She returns to Nicolas forgetting about what she was doing and just looks at him. "That is amazing." she says still looking at him astonished. "Wow."

Nicolas grins and chuckles softly to himself. "We'll talk more later." He says as he stands from his stool, fishing his wallet out of his back pocket. "What's the damage?"

Roselyn nods and smiles, "Alright, kool." she writes down her number on a piece of paper and hands it to him. "Just call me when you want to go out again." she says with a grin her cheeks a turning a little pink. "Oh don't worry about it, I'll cover it." she says with a grin.

Nicolas smirks and nods. "Alright. He says as he looks at her. "Cool. You'll hear from me soon." He says, pulling out a twenty and stuffs it into Roselyn's tip jar. "Later." He says as he heads out of the bar.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Kool. Sounds good." she says still smiling. "Thank you for the tips." she says waving to Nicolas, "Later, take care." she says as she turns and gives a customer a beer. She pays for the drinks and all of the stuff she owes. She takes her tips and counts them, she thinks to herself not bad. She grabs her coat and heads home for the night.

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