The Back Room


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Scene Title The Back Room
Synopsis A shopping day! Complete with accidental insults!
Date October 07, 2010

Miss Aphrodisia's

A warm afternoon in the early fall of New York City has people on foot and the sidewalks crowded with shoppers this afternoon. The shops along the streetfront boast their products, and a respite from the car exhaust and horns just within the door. Miss Aphrodisia's window especially attracts the eye, with vintage dresses and dapper suits on mannequins posed in the window, as well as a promise of all kinds of antique furniture just within. Anything of value you can be looking for, you'll find in Miss Aphrodisia's! And their charming staff will make you never want to leave!

The door to the basement busts open, followed by Seamus' jean-clad butt. He's grunting and straining as he carefully hauls an antique loveseat up from his workshop. Finally cresting the landing, he drops it for a moment, leaning against the arm of the seat and panting for a moment. "Phew! Sometimes, I want to kill the people who decided oak was a good wood to use for making furniture."

"Goodness gracious, Seamus! Ya make more noise than a heard of elephants, you know that?" Lexi, standing behind the counter as she checks someone out, smirks over at the other half of the store. "Don't mind him, he's just going f'r sympathy," she says to the woman as she hands over the receipt, "Enjoy the coat," she adds with a wave as the woman heads out of the store.

And no sooner than Seamus sets that enormous vintage piece down but the bells on the door tinkle invitingly, and a vaguely familiar voice filters in. "Helloooo?" There's teh soft scuff of nails on the floor heralding not just Toby's arrival, but his squat canine companion as well. "Seamus and Lexington? Oh— darling!" This time the word is not a moniker but an exclamation over one of those vintage dresses.

Today the man is dressed today in a light Dulce & Gabbana long sleeve with a stylish scarf around his neck. Dockers, and a very snazzy pair of Italian leather shoes commplete the look. Spying Lexi as the customer walks away, he brightens and moves her way, with Rugby trotting in tow. "Oh good! I have the right place! I hope you don't mind that I brought Rugby in — he's extremely well trained. Right, boy?" And Rugby barks, and lolls his tongue.

"At least I don't look like an elephant, y'fat pig. How much Crisco did ya have to use to get into those jeans this morning?" Seamus says with a groan, hands on his lower back as he straightens up, before looking over at Lexi with a smirk. "Oh sure, sympathy. That's the only reason my spine is popping like a bowl of Rice Krispies." And yet, he stoops right back down and wraps his arms around the midsection of the loveseat, hauling the whole thing off the ground with a loud grunt. "Come back soon!" he rasps out to the exiting woman, starting to stagger towards the show floor, where a spot had been cleared for that seat.

Looking over at the call of his name finally, Seamus grins over the top of the loveseat and grunts out, "'Lo…Toby, right? Like whatcha see?" Hobble hobble hobble… Wait, is that dog? Seamus' expression turns concerned and he tries to crane his neck as he goes, looking for whatever dog it is that followed Toby in.

"If that's your opinion, Mister Lane, I guess I better stop cookin' so much food, huh?" Lexi is unsympathetic at his groans and such, as she rests her chin in her hand and uses the other to cover an overdramatic yawn.

But Toby's entrance gets a smile out of her, and she replies, "As long as he's a cute dog. And doesn't slobber all over everything. Seamus hates to mop." But clearly, it would be his job.

"Yes! Toby," Toby clarifies for Seamus. "Rugby doesn't drool, I promise." He's about to say more, but he does rather notice Seamus' predicament, so he frowns and looks the Irishman's way. "Let me help with that!" The man scampers over to lift one side of the furniture, but of course, fat lot of good that did for him. He's only slightly better than a damp paper towel for things like this.

Rugby, meanwhile, sniffs around the base of the counter, padding back and forth a little bit as he sorts through all the Cool! New! Smells!

"Hey hey, now! Let's not jump to any hasty conclusions! I'll just take your share." Seamus snorts at Lexi's remark. "If he chews it or pees on it, you bought it. That includes the floor. Other than that, he can run around as much as he wants." The bulky Irishman can't really be all that brusque to a man like Toby, even while he's hauling a huge antique oak loveseat towards the the shop floor, across the shop from the counter. He's moving ponderously, carefully not knocking any of the ancient vases or other expensive stuff on the shelf. Watching him over the racks of clothes, he looks like some monstrosity moving through a sea of hangers.

At Toby's offer of help, Seamus grunts from behind the loveseat. "S'okay, I got it," he grunts. But there's no argument when Toby takes the other end of the loveseat, letting Seamus resettle his grip and give Toby a grateful grin. It may not be much, but it's enough to let Seamus focus on aiming rather than hauling, and they make it out of the jungle of clothes to the furniture area. "Just set it right here, I'll walk it back to where I want it." Here's hoping Rugby doesn't get underfoot.

The little tinkle of the bell announces Kristen as she struts into the store. Her stiff posture is made a little more severe by the french knot at the back of her head that's secured with a couple of sticks. Dressed in a grey business suit over a rather demure pink camisole, she clips into the store. The brunette pauses for a moment and leans against a table as she inspects the bottom of her left heel. With a small scowl, she places her foot on the floor and nonchalantly tries to scrape whatever it is on her sole off. This is done as she inspects a small vase with a considerable amount of interest.

The vase won't be purchased, it won't even be looked at for a second more than is necessary to get whatever the thing is off her shoe. When it springs free it bounces and rolls toward Rugby, and with a smile, Kristen places the vase back down and resumes her sashay into the store.

"The hell you will," is Lexi's so heartfelt reply to Seamus' first words. The woman behind the counter watches as the pair of men go about moving the loveseat. There really couldn't be two men more different. It seems to be somewhat amusing, judging by the hint of a crooked smile on Lexington's face.

Kristen's entrance gets a lift of an eyebrow in the woman's direction, and a bit of a smirk at her scraping. "Can I help ya find anythin', luv?" she asks, her tone friendly, but placed with that amusement as she addresses the new customer.

Toby helps with his limp-noodle strength to place that heavy oaken furniture, finally letting it thump down as he straightens and smiles. "There you go! Now, where might you have your hats? I've been looking for a good hat."

Rugby, meanwhile, perks at that thing bouncing towards him, and he lets out a low whuff, and scampers towards it with his nose outstretched, stubby little corgi tail wagging his whole body. What is this thing? Smells interesting!

Having sympathy for the skinny fruit, Seamus keeps the weight off Toby's side of the seat as best he can, letting out a rush of breath as the seat finally settles to the floor. "Phew! Thanks much, mate. You made that a lot easier." After wiping his forehead off on his sleeve dramatically, Seamus drags the loveseat into place before patting it and turning to Toby. "Hats? Back o' th' store, c'mon I'll show you." Glancing towards the front of the door, Seamus smiles when he sees the new customer, and raises a hand in greeting, "'Lo there!"

The store is well sectioned off, with areas for big furniture, smaller antiques, women's wear, and men's wear. The men's wear is a veritable mecca of vintage suits, and at the center of it all, a huge rotating rack of every kind of old style hat you can think of. Seamus plucks a rakishly cut fedora off the rack and spins it on his finger before flipping it onto his head with a cocky grin. "What're you looking for? Something in fuschia?"

Abby needs an apology gift.

She made the mistake of thinking that she could stop by where her brand spanking new husband works and bring him and afternoon snack and see him while she's awake and not half asleep and he's crawling into bed after a long day. Apparently, it doesn't work that way, and she has learned something crucial. Always call ahead. She also learned the name of his secretary and programmed her number into her cellphone. Sensible flats, GPS anklet, khaki skirt to knee's, simple brown belt and a blue version of the oh so sweet shirt, She's parked way down the street and hit up some new place that promises vintage things. Old expensive things. Things that might be of Roberts taste of which she's still learning what he does and does not like.

She can't afford to get him a wine cellar. That would mean buying a house and she has no room for furniture, and she's pretty sure with the hunt for Peter on, Homesec will soon come ripping through her apartment and asking her questions since she was his EMT partner. BUt maybe, just maybe, there are pocket watches, or the like. Bonus if its working. Right? Maybe. Regardless, there's a blonde, easing her way into the store, looking about cautiously.

"Hmm? Oh, hello… just browsing right now." Kristen's small smile as she regards the rest of the people in the store is interrupted for a moment as she glances behind her at the blonde woman behind her. The sweeping glance given to Abby has her focusing on the anklet for a moment before she smiles a little more politely and moves away. Nothing like making a quick exit when there's convicts in the room.

She doesn't leave the store though, Kristen simply wanders to a different area. Her long fingers trail across the surface of a shelving unit as she passes by it. Eventually her travels take her into the area of the clothing where she fingers through some of the undergarments, the lacy ones. Nothing like a pink bustier to make a costume a little more complete.

With Seamus handling Toby, Lexi is free to chat with the women as they come in and look around. "Well, if ya need anythin', just give a shout." And then Abby comes in. And boy howdy is she an interesting figure. Unlike Kristen, Lexi isn't put off by the anklet. And since it's Lexi… she's not going to ignore it, either. "Ya know what that needs, luv? A little Bedazzlin'. I've seen some really adorable stuff done with 'em. Unless they're countin' that as tamperin' these days."

Toby does his best to help Seamus along, until that loveseat is put firmly into place. Then he follows cheerfully to the hats, a clap of excitement as he views the selection. "Oh, excellent!" But Seamus's question gets a little scoff. "It's Autumn," he says in mild exasperation, but with a hint of amusement too. "Fuschia is most certainly not an autumn color. My dear man, let me educate you in the ways of color." With a little flick of his wrist, he plucks a chestnut brown bowler from the rack and puts it on his own head. "This is an autumn color."

But of course, as Kristen moves away, Rugby moves in towards Abby, piece of dried gum in his mouth as he trots to sniff at that anklet and her shoes and her legs and anywhere the stubby dog can reach, really. People! He likes people!

'What? What does the season have to do with the color of hats?' says Seamus' confused look to Toby. "Um, right. My bad." Oh shit, what has he gotten himself into. Rubbing at the light stubble on his chin, Seamus takes the hat out of Toby's hand, and drops it right on the other man's head. "Well, it looks good on you, for sure. Not very colorful, though."

As more people come into the shop, Seamus looks up…but only gets a glimpse of blonde hair over the clothing racks. So he looks back to the hats, picking up a white fedora with a long feather stuck in the brim, and he fits it on his head. "How's this? Good for autumn?"
Bedazzle a GPS. Sounds like something Gina might do. She's a little taken aback by the suggestion from the woman, red rising to her cheek. "Pretty sure the judge won't be happy if I show up with a rhinestones all over it. But thank you for the suggestion" Apologetic sounding, the blonde for a few moments looks like she just might very well back out of the place with the polite smile tossed her way by Kristen. She's seen those smiles down south where she's from.

Her fingers tighten on the strap of her messenger bag, easing further in to the store proper. "I'm looking for a pocket watch or something for a man. Something masculine and hopefully in working condition?" Many old things, just aren't in that good a condition and she could get him a new one, but there's just something about the real thing and not some modern material version of an old thing. There's no story or imagining what went on with it, with the previous owners or how it came to be here.

and there's a dog sniffing at her ankle. OF which, there is trace scents of another dog, and a cat, so there is really no surprise. "Hello there" Murmured to the corgi. "Get your sniffing in"

The two men comparing colors earn a curious glance from the shopper in women's wear. Kristen's raised eyebrows as she eyes the pair betray the wheels turning in her mind. "Uncoordinated Gay Couples Shopping? No… to Povich… last thing we need is to be compared to him." She murmurs to herself as she edges a little closer. "Pimping Couples… Keeping it in the family… Too Springer."

The white hat complate with feather gets a wide eyed stare as it's alighted to the top of Toby's head and the brunette has to purse her lips into a tight line to stop from laughing. Instead, she clears her throat and then again, this time with her fist pressed to her mouth. "Uhm… there's a rule about autumn and white. You don't wear it after Labor day. Until the first day of winter… then it's fair game. So — White can't be an autumn color because you can't wear it."

"Somethin' t' spice it up. They look so dreary." Lexi comes out from behind the counter, though, as Abby explains what she's after. "Over here, we've got a few. About three in really nice condition. Seamus restores everythin' here himself. But I did take them to a watch repairman for the inner workin's."

There is a glance back toward the men, eyebrow lifted, before she looks back to Abby. "This section has all the time pieces, have a look around and don't be shy if ya got questions."

Toby opens his mouth to say something when Kristen supplies hsi words for him. "As the lovely lady said," he grins, offering a little bow her way. "And the season has everything to do with color, Seamus. There are rules. As well as your own personal season." He eyes the man up and down skeptically, hemming and hawing for a moment. "You're an autumn," he decides. "You have warmer tones in your skin and your hair is a redder brown. Now /I/ am a spring, because my hair is blonder, which is why white looks terrible on me anyways. Washes me out." He picks up a few scarves nearby and gestures with them: "Because I'm a warm spring, I look good in mid-range greens, blues, lighter red colors, and a light grey." And he gestures to the appropriate colors, as he says this. Then he picks up a few more scarves. "Now, you are a warm autumn. So your colors are similar to mine, but generally a bit darker in shade." Yes, it's a fashion lesson.

Rugby wriggles a bit as he's addressed by Abby, and he sets the gum down at her feet before looking up at her hopefully. Throw it! Throw it! Please? But then she's walking away, so he snaps it back up again and trots after her, looking hopeful at her. Please? Throw it? Please?

Seamus looks up at Kristen's comment, and he gives her a grin that's just as white as that hat. "Gay? Well, I am in a pretty good mood right about now…" Catching Lexi's glance over, Seamus' smiel spreads even wider and he cocks his hat rakishly, firing dual fingerguns at her. Though as he realizes he's starting to get a fashion lesson from both sides, his eyes widen with a look of creeping horror. "Ummm…" Looking between Toby and Kristen, the big lug just delicately takes the hat off his head and sets it back on the rack. "Okay okay, no white for me. I get it. Can I help you find anything, Miss?" he asks of Kristen, eager to find some way to change the subject.
"It's not meant to be a fashion statement" Abby points out with a bit of a smile. "It's meant to find me if I do.. something… " And she's shutting up now, cheeks even redder. Once the dog is done sniffing her top to bottom, she's heading for the counter to get a glance at the three available pocket watches, oblivious to the dogs desires. "Thank you, uhm if you could bring them all up so I can look at them? I want to get something for my husband"

The information about white after labor day is stored away for future knowledge. Good thing to know. Don't wear any white till Christmas, when going out with Robert. Was there some book or manual out there with these rules? A glance down at the cold nose, and there he is hoping for a game of toss. Kneeling down, Abby picks up the gum, regardless of slobber or who knows what else and with a quick look around to see where it's safe to rolls/toss the ball, she's doing it. And getting in a fashion lesson by proxy.

Rubbing her chin absently, Kristen's dark brown eyes drift over the myriad of items in the shop as she ponders Seamus' question. "I'm looking for something, I don't know what yet. For the host of my show, he fell off the wagon again so I need to get him something that's — Like a kick in the teeth." She angles her head delicately as a winning smile spreads over her features. "I don't think a muffin basket will do it, if you know what I mean." Because a basket of warm muffins is a desparate plea for attention, or a writer's breakfast meeting, not for the guy that smells like a distillery.

Pointing over to where a few little glass bottles are, she cranes her long neck to get a better look without actually walking over. "Maybe something like a little silver case for gum, breath spray, or eyedrops? Because he's not a true alcoholic until he can hide it properly."

"But it can be. I'm a rogue and I'm cute as hell," Lexington says, reaching over to pat Abby on the arm. "Nothin' to blush about, luv. Things happen." But, she does go about unlocking the glass case, so she can pull out the display shelf with the pocket watches. And they really are beautiful pieces, if costly, with etching or engravings and such details that you just don't see on modern work. "Now these are from the early 1900's. 1912, 1922 and 1925. Swiss. Open them if you like, have a look."

Looking over toward Kristen, her ideas get a laugh from the Irish girl. "We do have some cigarette cases that might work. Or, there is a selection of sunglasses. And coffee sets."

Toby smirks, and then looks back to Kristen since his fashion lesson was taken just as he'd expected. Sigh. "Oh, dear," he comments with a frown. "That's unfortunate. Perhaps they have something here from the Prohibition era?" But, there's a sudden chiming of opera from his pocket and he holds up a finger, "Oh! Pardon me, I must get this…" And he hurries away to answer his phone, hopeful.

Rugby, meanwhile, scampers after the thrown gum, ears up as he jumps on it with both front paws and snaps it back up. Hooray!! Throw it again! Throw it again! He bounds back to her, much more energetic now that he expects her to actually do something. Wigglewigglewiggle! He even jumps, briefly, onto his hind legs, but he's too potato-like to balance that way, truly.

Seamus's expression lights up when Kristen mentions another alcoholic. "Maybe he needs a drinking buddy?" he suggests with a chuckle, coming out of the clothing area, slipping past Kristen towards the area where the smaller, more expensive baubles are kept, near Lexi and Abby. Catching Lexi's first words, he grins at her. "Don't let her start talking like that," he says to Abby, though winks at Lexi, "Or her head will start swelling and we won't be able to get her out the door." His long hands run over the glass case, muttering to himself and looking over the things within, apparently disapprovingly. "Hmmm…well, there are a few things here… Lexi, can you help her out? I think I saw something good in one of the crates downstairs." Tapping briefly on the glass and smiling winningly, he holds up a finger to Kristen before heading downstairs, his heavy footsteps swiftly receding into the darkness past the door beyond the front counter.

"A pill case" Abby pipes up, lifting a watch, looking over at Kristen. "One of my bartenders, she had a boyfriend who was a terrible drunk, you'd never tell because you couldn't smell it on his breath. He'd carry around altoids and chew them religiously she said. You could find a pill case and have him do the same. Not that I advocate being drunk as a standard way of getting through the day."

"Or you get him on a pill that will make him feel sick if he takes alcohol. There's some kind of pill out there. I has a customer who was on it, and we stopped seeing him after a while, I guess it was working" She pops open the oldest of the watches, carefully handling it. The dog is winced at, too busy now to throw the … gum.

"Hmm… pill case, that does sound absolutely perfect!" Kristen smiles toward the 'convict' and the proprieter of the store as she moves closer to the two of them and away from the men. Along with the watches are a little collection of enamel and silver boxes that clasp in various forms and fashions inside the case. They look quite antiquish and of course valuable, not that Brad would care what it looked like as long as it was somewhat masculine.

Stroking across her chin with one finger, she scratches a line acros it lightly as she ponders the various little boxes. "Hmmm something that doesn't look like a woman would carry it. I'm trying to enable him, not embarrass him to stop, although I think those little pills that make you sick is a great idea. I might start slipping them in with his vitamins every day."

Lexington just shakes her head at Seamus, letting him run off on his errand before she looks back at the women again. "We do have some pill cases. They seem a little more to the feminine side, but there might be one or two that would suit." While Abby looks over the watches, she ushers Kristen toward a section with a lot of little odd doodads that don't seem to fit into a category. Cigarette cases, pill cases, cases for glasses, business cards, even flasks and rings with hidden compartments.

The second watch is picked up, an offered smile to Kristen. She has no clue who the woman is or who the lucky recipient of the pill case will be. "Doens't have to be a pill case could be a cigarette case too, you just can't pop em full of the altoids as much as you can a pill case." She offers anecdotally. The second watch is dismissed, put down and the third picked up so she can examine it. She this one the newest in age but still fairly old. "There's more apt to be more masculine cigarette cases"

Flicking her index finger at quite a few of them, Kristen's tone is that of an experienced shopper. "I'll take a look at those three cigarette cases, that pill box, and … can I see that ring there? Am I wrong that it would hold poison?" One eyebrow is lofted high to the ceiling while the small screen and radio producer puckers her lips lightly, giving her a rather sly countenance. "You don't have to answer that, I'm sure it could… but that's not what I would use it for."

She wouldn't use it for cocaine either.

"Tell me, how do you price these things? Is it by how they look or what they're made of? A bit of both?" Curiosity into the price of things is either a bid to dicker down or an admission that one can't afford something. People with more than enough to spend usually don't negotiate prices at a second hand store. It's not as though the vintage boutique is Sotheby's.

Lexi pulls out the items Kristen asks for, smirking over her shoulder at the woman. "Any small amount of liquid 'r power could be kept there. What ya do with it is all your business, of course. But if ya have a mean husband, could come in handy." Spreading the items out on a little display fabric, she chuckles a little and nods. "Age, quality, materials, time spent restorin' the item… some things can get very pricey, but we keep the big ticket items in the back. Things out on the floor are a little more common, more fun than for a real collector."

Oh, pricey stuff in the back. The oldest watch is picked back up, opened up to study it before she pushes it over carefully. "I'll take it" No question about the price, or haggling. She doesn't even know if Robert will carry it around at any point in his life, but it's the thought that counts right? He usually wears a watch on his wrist.

Oh god, should she have looked for a wrist watch instead. Panic chases across her face and she looks for wrist watches before shaking her head to herself. "No, yes, I mean, yes, I'll take it. Sorry, momentary panic and all that. But that. please. Thank you. I'll… stop babbling" She points to one of the cigarette cases. "That one looks handsome"

Both of Kristen's eyebrows perk up slightly as she hears those little words, in the back. "You wouldn't just happen to have any of these types of things in the back, would you?" The brunette straightens and waves away the other items, in favor of the holy grail of goods. Then her hand stops and she plucks up one of the rings before shooing the rest away again.

The silver piece is set with bits of glass that are supposed to resemble gems. Not quite a fake as much as a faux, there is a difference. It's angled in the light before she holds it out to Lexington and nods. "I'll take that and I'd like to see some of the other things in the back, please."

Letting Kristen look over things, Lexi steps back over to Abby as she makes her selection. "Do you want a moment to think it over? Have a look around the rest of the store?" Pushy saleswoman she is not. "I don't want ya t' be second guessin', luv." She does take a moment to put all the unwanted things away, before she nods toward the back. Even Abby seems to be included in the invitation. Showing off, after all, is fun.

In the back, there's the door to the basement, a dressing room area and then this one locked door that actually has some good security on it, which Lexington gets through and opens the door to a cooler room with dimmer lighting. "Don't mind the lights, there's a wine shelf. It's good to keep it dark and cold. But come on in." And this stuff is impressive. Expensive liquor, weapons, cases, all old and all very well persevered. Everything's a little less structured and a little more random, since it's all very rare. "Let's see… something for mints…" She slides open a few drawers before she comes to one with some items that really probably were used for cocaine, liquor, and other such illegal things over time. Including a gaudy cross necklace that the top comes off of. In the next drawer, there are some puzzle boxes, from wood to stone, that might also suit, but are less portable.

"I wouldn't mind… seeing the other stuff, I can afford to splurge" The youngest of the trio confesses. "If you wouldn't mind me coming" She hasn't forgotten the look that Kristen threw her way and she doesn't so much look to Lexi for permission to follow as she does kristen.

Blinking a few times, Kristen looks back at Abby with an air of confusion and points to herself as though asking who me? Quickly, shakes her head and leads the other woman in the procession down to the basement. She ducks her head a little to the side as they make their way into the dimly lit cellar and a grimace of discomfort passes momentarily over her features.

"There's no spiders, snakes, or rats down here, are there?" She asks, trying to keep the quiver of fear from her voice. In order to ward off the creepy crawlies, the producer waves a hand in front of her face, an action likely to sweep imaginary cobwebs from in front of her.

"Not unless they're golden snakes encrusted with diamonds," Lexi says with a smirk. Pulling out a few things, she carries them to a desk in the middle of the room. And these items come with letters of authenticity, copies of appraisals, to prove their worth both to the customer and the customer's insurance company, no doubt. She also puts out some watches, of pocket and wrist variety.

"Rats would just as soon leave you be, that come at you, snakes aren't common in the city unless someone got one as a pet and spiders, well." Abby lifts her shoulders. "The really bad ones don't like cool places." She tries to offer in comfort to Kristen, picking up the pocket watches to start looking them over, comparing them with the visuals in her mind of the ones out front. "Does your boyfriend have a bit of an issue with drinks?" SHe's not presuming that the man would be Kristens husband. The other items in the back here get a glance at, surprised at the contents of this back room, lips forming a soft 'o'.

Stepping over to looks at all the finery, Kristen shakes her head at Abbey with an easy going smile. "It's not my boyfriend, at all." The little roll of her eyes is going a bit overboard on her denial of anything going on between the two of them. While it's true in his case, the little flush of excitement in her cheeks as the woman talk about him, well…

"we're just friends, that's all," the brunette insists, "We work for the same company." Her company, which is owned by a bigger company. "I guess you could say that I'm his boss, but … " The woman's voice cuts out as she sees a rather elegant silver case among the ones pulled out. "That one! Look at it! It's perfect!! I'll take it!"

Lexington smiles when Kristen makes her choice. "Great! I'll get a box and bring it up to the front," she notes as she steps over to open a cabinet and pull out a box with an inner padding and a nice spot for all the paperwork. Lexi's happy. That pricetag does have four digits, after all. Her glance travels over to Abby as she carefully, almost lovingly packs that silver case away, "How about you, luv? Satisfied with the one ya picked 'r did something else grab ya?"

"I think.. I think I should maybe try to figure out better whether a pocket watch or flowers is a better apology for showing up at your husbands work unannounced. I'll get the one, out front for sure. Maybe.. tuck it away for a Christmas present or.. something" She says husband, but there's a lack of visible wedding or engagement rings. "I like your choice though" She offers to the other woman again. "It beautiful, i'm sure he'll appreciate the thought behind it. Where do you work?"

"Studio K," Kristen replies amicably, proudly in fact. It's quite common knowledge that the production studio is owned by the Lingerman Group, though they separate themselves by name. "I'm the K," she explains a little further, holding her hand out to the other woman. "Kristen Reynolds, and you are?" Obviously someone very interesting is the look on the producer's face as her eyes drift down toward the anklet again. This time, she's not so uncomfortable as she is curious.

"I'm afraid I can't help ya with the delicacies of romance, but the pocket watch, that I can do," Lexi says to Abby with a friendly smile. She starts to usher the ladies out to the front again, carrying Kristen's box for her and locking up behind her as they go. She doesn't interrupt their conversation there, although the question of Abby's identity does get a curious glance.

"It's not for what you think it is" Abigail's gaze follows down to the anklet, shifting one leg behind the other, try to hide it from view. "Abigail Beaucha" She cuts off mid last name. "Abigail Caliban. Sorry, getting used to saying it. No offer of a hand though. 'Studio K. A radio station?" She is sadly, one who's television tastes don't quite skew to The Advocate. Not yet. She's been trying, to make a better arm candy when out and about with Caliban for his work socializing party duties. The ushering towards the front is accepted, part and parcel with a store. Who wants to leave customers in the back with the expensive stuff where you can't make sure they don't take it.

"Radio, television.. mostly talk radio and news-ish programs. I produce The Advocate personally, most of the others are left up to my staff. As long as the numbers stay up, they get to keep their jobs." There's a gracious smile from the brunette as she begins to walk up toward the front of the store and begins to peruse through the watches. "Abby Caliban… so what is it that you do?" Again, the something interesting is implied just by the lilt of her voice as she questions the younger woman.

Setting both items on the counter, Lexi seems to be letting them talk and browse while she preps a couple bags and so forth, filling the time until someone's ready to check out. She, however, is not rushing either woman toward the register.

"Used to be an EMT at St. Lukes, driving an ambulance. Got fired. Now I own Oh So Sweet, a dessert shop in Soho" She moves her cardigan enough to display the name that's across her chest. "Coffee, desserts, alcohol. It just opened" Abigail steps forward, digging for her wallet as she nears the register. The credit card slipped onto the counter for LExington to take and start ring up.

"SoHo, hmmm… Interesting…" Kristen flips open her own wallet to reveal a modest number of credit cards. All together, they number less than five, though all of them are either black or platinum. Perhaps that is the reason why they are the color that they are. Tapping one of them, she furrows her brow before plucking it out of her wallet and then flipping to the little transaction register blooklet in the same wallet.

While most people use telephones or personal organizers, this small booklet is meticulously kept. The endless columns of numbers have almost as many deposits as withdrawls, "And how much is everything?"

"That sounds like a perfect bar t' me. Desserts and alcohol?" Lexi whistles and rings Abby's watch up, swiping her card and wrapping up the piece before she sticks it all in a bag to hand over to her, with credit card. "Good luck with it. And ya tell that husband, he's crazy if he stays mad at a sweet girl like you." Lexi, soft spot for criminals maybe.

When Kristen's turn comes up, she rings her up, too, at a much higher price, but hey. The number she rattles off is sitting close to two thousand, but Lexi just treats it like anything else, placing the box in a bag and handing it, the receipt and the card all back to their owner. "Thanks so much f'r stoppin' in. I'm sure your respective menfolk will be happy with their gifts. Even if he has to wait until Christmas."

"I don't know if he's mad, I'm just…" It's just Abigail. She feels guilty and that's enough. In truth it will be tied with a blue ribbon and left on his pillow to get when he crawls into bed. "I'll get the hang of this marriage thing at some point right? All about baby steps, but please, Oh So Sweet, it's in soho. Please, come in whenever. We're open from noon to eight." She digs around and finds the business cards, slipping a couple on the counter. One for Kristen to take if she likes. "Good for half off any dessert but they're so good you'll get two" She grins to Lexington and then to Kristen. 'Good luck with your little show, maybe I'll tune in tonight when I get home"

Kristen is still writing when the cards are placed on the counter. With a swirl, she finishes a loopy 0 and then pulls one of the credit cards out of her wallet. She hands it over to Lexington before sliding one of the business cards over to lift it up and into view. Abby's words catch her off-guard, mid-word, truthfully and the producer seems somewhat stunned. A fairly tight smile pastes itself across her face just after the baker gives her well wishes. "Thanks, and you too…" The words sound a little hollow, in fact, Kristen turns away from Abby the second she finishes talking.

"Hey, great! If ya want, bring some fliers by. I'll leave them up here. I'm a firm supporter of anywhere that encourages people to eat while they drink." Lexington looks between the two women, a silent whistle as Kristen turns to walk out. She does not laugh, to her credit, but Abby can see she'd really like to. And probably will when she retells this story later.

"I can do.. that" Cold shoulder. She watches Kristen walk away, confused by the change and looks to Lexington, querying look on her face. "What did I do?"

"Oh, well, luv… you hit her right in the pride is what you did. Her show's pretty popular, actually. Political things… Matt Parkman was on this week." Lexington helps her out with. "I don't think she realized there was someone who wasn't familiar with it." Kekekeke.

"Secretary Parkman? Matthew Parkman?" Abigail looks towards the door, and there's the red cheeks. "Oh my lord I just done stuck my foot in my mouth again. I'm sorry, I need to go… apologize.. I'll uh, I'll drop flyers off another day or.. another day" ABby's gone, taking off quick as her GPS thethered feet can take her, hoping that she can catch up with the producer and apologize.

"That's him. And don't worry, luv. She'll get over it." Lexi gives her a wave, though, as she starts off. Ah, New York City. Never dull. Successful sales in the books, she owner sits back to relax until the next customer comes in.

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