The Backdoor To Heaven


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Scene Title The Backdoor to Heaven
Synopsis Not entirely archrivals anymore, Elisabeth comes to visit Katherine.
Date April 29, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

The room is silent, except for the wooshing sounds of the ventilator, and the steady blips of Katherine's heart beat. She lies there, like a stone, unmoving. It has been four days since she was shot in the chest by Adam Monroe, mostly due to her own overbearing, overzealous, 'never retreat' attitude. She never wore a vest, nor did she care to. Now, this is what it has all come to. The prognosis is not good. In fact, the doctors are already in a conference about her condition, along with legal counsel, to determine the best course of action.

There are a few vases of flowers nearby. She had few friends, but the ones she did have have been by to see her. Left things, and stayed talking to her. Perhaps hoping it would help. Whether she sees them or even can acknowledge them, no one will know. She is currently alone.

Elisabeth's not sure she'd ever have classified what she and Kat had as 'friendship,' but in recent weeks, there'd certainly been a thaw. The 36 case had at least given them a common ground to work from, and the acrimony had been a little less. Still, she wouldn't have wished this on the other woman. Closing the door quietly behind her, Liz looks at Kat's body and grimaces faintly. "Damn it, Marks," she says softly as she walks to the side of the bed. "Always told you not wearing vest would get your stupid ass dead," she murmurs softly.

There's a long moment of silence from Elisabeth and she says quietly, "The nurses don't seem real optimistic for your chances. The way I figure it… if you can hear any of us, you'll rally and find a way to show us pretty damn quick, just to spite all of us." She smiles a little bit, looking at the agent's face. "I was kinda hoping to come in here and find you bitching a blue streak, you know. I don't know how to actually talk to you when you're not being a bitch." She sighs heavily. "Shit, Kat…. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't there to back you up this time, and I'm goddamn sorry it came to this."

If there is a response, it's neither in the change of a heartbeat or brain activity, which has been very low for several days. Her chest rises and falls, mostly due to being feed oxygen by force rather than of her own free will.

You know, it's rather ironic that you're here visiting me like this. Not that I think you wouldn't have come had you known, but for the longest time, I figured it would me looking at you instead of you looking at me. You always seems to get yourself in way over your head, Harrison. Not that I would want for you to be here. I can honestly tell you, I've had better fun.

She looks around the room at the flowers, and then Elisabeth looks back at Kat. "Didn't bring flowers… flowers are for a funeral. I'll bring those soon enough. I thought about bringing you the most expensive chocolates on the market, but…. well, I'd just sit here and eat them and I thought it'd be mean to tease you," she says with a faint grin that says she's just giving Kat shit. With a heavy sigh, Liz bends down and says quietly, "If you can hear me… I've said a lot of prayers for you lately, Kat. The nurses said Abby's already been to see you and she can't help… which means you're probably not even in there and hearing this. But…. before you go… I just wanted you to know that in spite of our differences, I've come to respect you. Your viewpoint when it comes to Homeland's policies are just dead wrong." Liz grins a little. "And I even get to say that where you can't argue with me. Haha," she says gently, not really laughing about that. "But you were doing the best you could with the information you had. And that's all any of us can do. I respect that, and I respect that you believed in it enough to fight for it."

Well, chocolates sound pretty good right now. Of course, so does a fifth of vodka. You didn't happen to bring some of that, did you? You can put it right into my IV. The doctor's won't know a thing.

That beep continues. It can be somewhat soothing, in that it shows life.

Don't worry. Though your views were somewhat simple-minded and even pathetic at times, I knew where you stood. I didn't agree with you either, but you know — that's what this country is all about. Everyone is allowed to believe what they want, ya know? So, keep on with that you're doing. As infuriating as it can be for me, as least you are passionate about your beliefs. You're a good person, Harrison. I may never have told you, but.. I always did respect you, even if we didn't see eye to eye.

Elisabeth smiles faintly, "If they don't drop-kick you away from the pearly gates, I'd be much obliged if you'd put a good word in for us at this point." She shakes her head. "I've got some friends missing. They went to rescue some other friends of ours, and things are … complicated." She looks at Kat's body and says quietly, "I hope if you do get to heaven and get to know all things… you'll think more kindly of my views when you have all the facts." She grins a little. "I saved the freakin' world, you know. Or helped anyway." She squeezes Kat's arm and says softly, "Go with God, Katherine Marks." Because even now, she can hear the nurses talking outside about the fact that there is no hope of Kat recovering.

Apparently the decision has been made, yet it lies entirely on one individual who is being contacted as Liz is there with Kat. It's a decision that does not require envy. Minutes, perhaps even as much as an hour or two remain and well…

Look, just make sure you don't come visit me too soon, alright? I will find my own company. Stay down here where you belong and take care of those around you. But for crying out loud, stop being such a sniveling whiner. Sometimes you just have to let it go for a time. Just like it's time to let me go. And perhaps in time you'll see that what I believed was not entirely inaccurate either. I'll see if I can grease a few palms when I get up there. Can't make any promises about getting in there, but maybe I can sneak in from around the back or something. Be careful out there, Harrison. Be careful.

Remaining only a few moments longer, Elisabeth turns and leaves the hospital room. She and Katherine Marks would likely never have been friends, but they weren't mortal enemies anymore either. And she doesn't envy the person who has to come turn off life support. That's the part of this line of work that sucks shit. She'd rather get blown away on the streets than leave someone else to make that choice. She closes the door gently behind her and nods to the nurses on the way out.

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