The Better To Eat You With


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Scene Title The Better To Eat You With
Synopsis In which Abby catches cook chewing bottles in the alley as she's closing up and he divulges his ability and she divulges hers. They talk on top of a dumpster after she gives him a cellphone to eat, and he steals a kiss before taking off.
Date May 19, 2009

Alley outside Old Lucy's

It's not long after 9, still enough time before Curfew is going to come into effect. There's garbage bags to be thrown out. Two black bags in hand, the Red headed bartender opens the back door, tosses the two out to go fetch the other two so she's got one less trip sorta, in the end. It makes sense in her head. The may air is nice, cool in contrast to the heat that the bar offered from the press of bodies. It's good to have izzy back but as she comes back with the other two bags, there's an idle thought as to when Al's going to come back. Or if he even made it back. Teo had been silent.

It's almost closing time at Old Lucy's. Cook left a while ago, but he didn't really leave. He's sitting in the back alley behind the bar, back against the wall across from the dumpster. He starts a little when Abby shows up with the bags, and looks at her, wide-eyed. This is the second time someone's caught him doing his thing in the same number of days. Pure nervousness makes him grind his teeth together, the bottle in his mouth cracking. Uh oh.

The Healer pauses, somewhat deer in headlights,t he two bags held aloft. "Uh.. Hello … Jesus"

"Uhmf." Cook tries to smile, but all he accomplishes is more glass grinded between his teeth. Again out of pure nerves, he does the only thing he can think of: he swallows. Half the bottle.

Shit, he swallowed glass. Something. The black garbage bags are dropped as Abigail moves forward, hands extended. Heavens. "Please tell me that was not glass… I can call an ambulance, get you to a hospital, I can keep you fixed till they can get it out of you. Oh Mr. Cook, why in God's green earth did you do that, i'm sure you have a great many things to live for if you just think about it"

Cook starts to scuttle back and then he hears what she's saying. He starts to giggle. "…uh… I was hungry, mostly." No blood from his mouth, even his teeth are unstained. He picks a bit of glass from his lips and pops it in. "Am fine, lass."

"Give me your hand" She's not belie.. oh dear lord he just keeps eating.. glass. "Then.. come in and I can get you some food. I mean, you should have ordered food instead of alcohol. But just.. give me your hand?" One palm outstretched to him, staying right where she is, lodged in the middle of the not so pleasant ally. There's scorch marks up higher on the building, the garbage bags behind her,

Cook raises a brow. "But th'beer was good an' the food ain't free," he points out wisely. "Whilst out here I can eat without hurtin' me wallet." He takes her hand. Hey, he's not going to say no to touching her.

"The light of God surrounds us; The love of God enfolds us; The power of God protects us; The presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is. And all is well." Quickly, quietly spoken. The power flares, she knows it's on, but as Blue eyes search Cook's form, looking up and down, there's nothing. "But your eating Glass.." Her eyes seek out his, questions in them.

Cook kind'a just watches her, amused, and then tips his head. "Like I said, lass: I'm fine." He picks himself up slowly. "S'with the glowin' baby blues, anyway?"

"My eyes don't glow. My hands have, twice, but it's been only when touching someone else who can make tenfold, what I do, work. Your not hurt. Why aren't you hurt, your eating glass" SHe pulls her hands back, sliding her palm into the pockets of the back of her jeans. Waiting for an answer.

"Y'are the one talkin' 'bout bein' able t'"do" things, and you want ME to answer YOUR questions?" Cook tips his head. Aw, crap, he's not as stupid as he looks.

"I heal people .. Jesus. Registered Touch Healer. Make hurts disappear. Why I touched you. You.. were eating glass" Abigail twists this way and that. "And unless your eating garbage, there's no food out here" Does he eat garbage. That's.. an odd ability if he is. Abigail shifts, then turns, plucking up one of the bags of garbage and shuffling towards the dumpster.

"I eat," Cook says. He glances from side to side, and then sniffs a bit. "I just eat. It's what I do. I eat. Anything." Anything.

"you just.." Abigail hesitates in swinging the bag up into the dumpster. "Is there…a specific.. something you like eating. Bottles?"

"Well." Cook shuffles his feet a little, hands in his pockets. He kicks at the ground a bit. "… I like cellphones."

Curious. "Why Cellphones? Do they have a flavor?" There' s pause and she swings the bag over the side and up, down it falls into the dumpster and Abigail turns around. "Do the different brands have different flavors?" She seems dead serious in asking.

"…sometimes." Cook furrows his brow. "If ye get really good aged leather, an' ye put some gasoline on it an' lit it on fire for a few seconds 'fore eatin' it? S'heaven."

"Like steak" She holds up a hand "Just a second.. I have… Can you toss those bags up into the trash, I have something you can have" Because Abby's just that nice. That and one of the throw away phones needs to go. Back into the bar she darts, around the counter and rummages in her locker in the back room.

"Uh." Cook blinks. He shrugs, and says, "Okay," before he grabs the bag and lifts it to throw it away. Before that, though, he sniffs at it. Oooh, oooh! He opens the bag, rummages around, and comes up with one of those little tripod things that go in the center of pizzas. He sticks it in his mouth, and throws the rest of the trash in the dumpster.

She doesn't catch him eating the plastic tripod, but the does come out bearing a cellphone. A prepaid, looks probably nearly brand new, Flip open kind. "Can't use it anymore, so you can have it. Really, your gifted to be able to eat everything? DO you eat normal food too? Do you get hungry? Like, a craving for like…" Abigail looks around then gestures to a hubcap. "Aluminum?"

Cook takes the phone, looking at her. "Oy, t'anks, luv." He flips the phone closed, breaks off the antennae, and starts gnawing on it, saying: "I eat normal foods sometimes. Mostly not, 'coz it's just a waste'a money. But yeah, sometimes I crave a good paperback novel."

This. Is. Fascinating. But then, Abigail's always been fascinated by abilities. She likes hearing about them, how people use them, cope with them. "What do paperbacks taste like?"

"Depends." Cook swallows the antennae, and flips the phone open. He leaps up, to sit atop the dumpster, and smiles at her as he licks the LCD screen like it's candy. "If I'm lucky, I get one a-dem rich fantasy books 'bout pirates or knights'r summat. But sometimes I jus' gotta swallow a rancid romance novel, ye know?"

"Romance novels are rancid. please tell me you've never eaten a bible?" She should go in, he's a veritable stranger, but Abigail's perhaps feeling a little too good about herself. Up goes a hand, wiggling for him to help her up. She lives two feet away. Curfew won't be that big a deal.

"Well yah. If you leave'em out too long they go bad, like anythin' sweet an' saccharine." Either there's some really fucked up metaphysical shit that people just don't know about and Cook has first hand experience with, or his ability has seriously fucked with his psychological reasoning skills. He takes her hand and helps her up. "Up ye go, luv."

Last time she was on a dumpster was in the hallucinations of some evolved gun runner who looks like he always needs a shave. Up she goes, maneuvering until she's sitting on the edge, feet dangling over the edge. "HOw long have you been eating everything?"

"Years now." He counts in his head, looking up at the sky. "Since I turn'd seventeen. My mates back'ome would find the strangest t'ings they could an' have me et'em."

"Four years" Heh. "I've been healing for.. 8 now? round about that. Almost" Abigail's hands rest on her knees, attention to the crazy Irishman beside her. "I know a bunch of folks, different ones. all with different gifts. One can make fire. Another he could do stuff with sound. So many different gifts. Do you… like yours?:

"S'okay, I s'ppose." Cook shrugs and then takes a huge chunk off the cellphone. His teeth much be made of iron and his jaw's tensile strength must be measured in horse power, because it's almost a clean break, right through the plastic, metal, and silicon. "Never gonna go hungry," he points out.

"No, no you won't. Who needs Wall-E when they can have you" Abby points out. "So, James cook, not Jesus. Why did you introduce yourself as Jesus to me in the bar? Cause, last I knew, the nickname for someone named James is Jim"

Cook grins. "If ye wanna get in a Nun's pants, I figure ye gotta be Jesus." He shrugs. "And ye got nice pants." Leer.

"No one gets in my pants. But that was a nice try James" Reverting to using his real name. "Finish your phone" A gesture to the electrical device. "So burnt leather. Huh. I would figured you know, maybe… Steel? Woulda been better tasting"

"Dun call me James," Cook says with a brief glower. "Cook. Just Cook." He pops the rest of the phone into his mouth, and the apparatus shrieks as he crushes it between his horrendously powerful mandibles.

You say, "Cook it is" She offers her hand. to shake. "Abby, or Abigail. I don't mind Nun, but, that's really just a bar thing""

Cook shakes her hand with a smile. "Nice t'meet you, luv." He taps his heels against the side of the dumpster awkwardly, picking off pieces of rusted, green-painted metal from the dumpster and pushing them between his mouth. He eats when he's nervous! … and when he's anxious! … and when he's happy! … and when he's scared! … and when he's awake!

"I should get back to work. Close up. But, it was nice to meet you Cook. Your uh, welcome to come around, for stuff to eat. I might be able to get you more cellphones, to munch, if you want" The red head offers with a cheery grin.

Cook closes one eye, and then he leans over slowly, non-threateningly, and kisses Abby's cheek very softly. "T'anks luv. I'll keep tha' in mind." He winks, and bounces off the dumpster, hands sliding into his slacks' pockets. "Lates!"

He stole a kiss. On top of a dumpster in the ally. She didn't see it coming frankly despite that he moved slowly. So the kiss on the cheek surprises her and causes cheek to flame up. She should yell at him, but she doesn't just sighs, one worthy of being a Ben Fletcher sigh, and shakes her head. "later Cook. Come back again"

Cook hops up and does a little heel-tap at the edge of the alley, grinning at her over his shoulder. He lands, and disappears around the corner, humming.

'Aren't you an odd duck" Abigail murmurs, hopping down from the dumpster. Time to get back to finishing up closing up the bar. Get home. Shake her head over the person who is Cook. Eating anything. "Father in heaven, such stange gifts you have given to so many. I hope someday he finds out the reason why you gave him that one"

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