The Bianco Bash


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Scene Title The Bianco Bash
Synopsis The mayoral bash, celebrating new years. New acquaintances made, and business somewhat discussed.
Date December 31, 2008

Roseland Ballroom

It's new Years Eve at the Roseland Ballroom and the Mayor's annual shindig. The guest of honour, Harry Bianco, the city's mayor is not present yet. The party's already in full swing, though in true style, the Mayor isn't the only A-lister not in attendance yet. As one would expect, the venue is very classily decorated. The rich and famous mingle with city councilmembers, police chiefs and other city and federal employees. Over there is an FBI agent talking to a starlet. At the other side of the room, a CEO is chatting up the DA.

There's a stage up at the front and a band has just begun to blare out big band tunes with a singer crooning out Sinatra-esque singles. The wine is open bar, but anything else is reasonably priced. There's a long buffet table full of canapes, and smartly dressed waiters circulate with laden-down trays. This is a formal affair. Ties and jackets for the gentlemen (or at least something reasonably suave. Younger men can get away with open collars) and dresses or smart pantsuits for the ladies. A few guests have gone to the nines, especially some of the daughters of the public officials or the socialites.

Strange things, like that invite that was in the little guest bag she got from Sonny's assistant, bring Minea to the shindig. Did she look lonely when she left the office? Minea's been here at least a good hour now, indulging in some wine and conversation. Her business card already gone into ten people's pockets when they find out what it is that she does. The whole art consultant deal. Hair up, artfully and professionally arranged. A chiffon grecian styled dress, beaded collar that holds it up around her neck and a matching bolero hide all manner of tattoo's that might otherwise be visible. SHe's been gracious and charming and comparing stories from south of France with some of the others, but now she's loitered off in search of different conversation, the pleated gown fluttering as she goes.

Sonny is a little later than his mother would like him to be, but still, he arrives and be-tuxed. The others might be able to get away with something less formal, but he's here in an official capacity tonight as the Mayor's son. He walks in with a group of people too similar looking to be anything but his relatives. A young woman in a red silk dress has the exact same curly mass of hair that he does. A few old men in suits come up and shake Sonny's hand too, and he makes plenty of polite smalltalk.

So the good doctor has family. It isn't hard for Minea to notice him. Not when she's seen him before. Clasping silver clutch in hand, red wine in the other, the older woman begins to wend her way through the ton that gathered to toast in the new year toward Sonny.

Someone brings a tray of wine towards the group of fatcats. They're polite enough to let Sonny get a glass. As he's looking around the room, he catches sight of Minea. He blinks. "Miss Dahl. Ah, I'm glad you could make it. Happy New Year!" And if she'll let him, he'll lean in to kiss her politely on the cheek.

One doesn't spend a few years in France and not be fine with various forms of polite affection. So it is that she turns her cheek just so for sonny, the hand with her clutch coming to his shoulder while he does such and a careful kiss to his so as not to transfer lipstick. "Dr. Bianco. Sonny. An invitation found it's way to my hands and I had something to wear so, I thought, why not. How are you?" A genuine smile on her face for the man.

Better late than never the young Harvard woman arrives as she extends the invitation to the doorman and proceeds to check her black wrap at the cloak room. While normally clad in cooler tones, Lysette appears to have opted for a bolder vibrant look for the last night of the year. Classical in its design, the scarlet gown tailors to her form with a deep v-neckline and pleated bodice - yielding to an empire waist accentuated by a beaded diamond. Her hair is swept up into a loose french twist bound by a delicate comb while minimal golden jewelry adorns her wrist, neck, and finally her gentle lobes. She offers a warm smile to a few recognizable faces in passing only to be waylaid by another to engage in a brief conversation.

"Well, welcome. The room's kind of cavernous, but the band is good and my mother has good taste in canapes. This actually used to be my family's get-together, but over the past few years it's…grown. We're Italian. We know how to throw a party." Sonny grins, then motions to the woman to his right with the mass of curly hair. "This is my cousin, Sophia. Sophia Bianco, this is Minea Dahl." The young woman murmurs hellos.

"Happy New Year Sophia" Hands and cheek kisses are exchanged between Minea and Sophie. "I hope it finds you even more prosperous" Minea glances about the room with a soft nod. "I can imagine, and yes, Italians are ones well known to throw lavish affair of which, this would count. The canapes are… well, i'll have to work in the gym three times at hard and increase my will power. You'll have to tell her that it all has one guest approval. And how are you?"

Lips curl into a soft smile as Lysette listens to the older woman prattle on about the latest scandal or something other of the sort, her hand lifting to absently try and tuck an invisible strand of hair behind her ear. Blue depths wander a little about the room, darting back to the older gossip-monger periodically to avoid being caught with disinterest. She nods politely, looking for an ample time to excuse herself only to find herself joined by yet another, this time an older gentleman. Again the cycle starts, as she offers a soft laugh in reply to a joke that was sadly not funny by far.

It's perhaps not surprising that Sonny's cousin is the very picture and bloom of health, despite having the stronger features of an older woman. It pays to be related to a man who performs magic plastic surgery. "And what is it you do, Miss Dahl?" asks Sophia. Her words are ever so slightly tinged with a Sicilian accent, suggesting she might not be a native cousin, or at least isn't hasn't spent all her time in New York.

Sonny reaches out and grabs a few neat canapes off the tray and eats them. "Mmm, the ahi was fresher last year. But still not bad." His eyebrows lift. Out of the corner of his eye, he thinks he spots someone familiar, but Lysette moves out of his field of view before he can confirm.

"I connect people with art Sophia. I keep in touch with many artists from around the world and local, and help clients find art that fits with them and their needs. A intermediary. It pays the bill's and satisfies my needs to pretend that i'm indispensable" Miena offers a wink to Sophia. "I met Sonny when I visited his office. Miracle worker. Couldn't be where I am today without his work" There's a lift of her glass to sonny, looking over her shoulder to see what caught his attention.

"Ah yes, I do remember that show… Paris wasn't it dear? My, my, my that was almost three years ago now. Such a shame, you were a delight to watch," the elder man continues as his wife interrupts every few moments to remind him of the various tidbits from the past. The young Harvard continues to maintain her charming smile all the while, flushing at the compliments, while echoing warmly in reply, "You're too kind Dr. Brenner… Mrs. Brenner, but really it was all the choreography. We could not have done nearly as well without all of the kind contributions the two of you have made to the arts over the years. It is because of your gifts that many of us, myself included, were afforded the chance to gain the studies needed to develop our gifts." Lysette manuevers the conversation slowly, her gaze slipping over towards one of the servers weaving around the room with drinks with a silent prayer that he will interrupt soon. Fortunately she is granted a mild reprieve as the elder couple digress into a playful argument regarding their various recollections of the supposed performance a few years back. Seeing her moment, she offers a polite apology and excuses herself rather quickly while ducking out of their view to mingle a bit more among the growing crowd.

"Oh really? Our cousin Marco is a photographer. He's been looking for a dealer. Salvatore. Your networking skills are suffering. How could you not think to pass this lovely young woman's card along?" Sophia gives her cousin a stern, Italian matriarch gaze.

"You do realize you're the -only- one besides grandmother who calls me Salvatore, Sophia." He sips his wine.
Sophia huffs. "Sonny is a terrible nickname. Salvatore is a strong Italian name." She flips her hair back over her shoulder.

"Oh my dear, that's a fabulous dress," comes a voice from near Lysette. She'll find herself facing a young man with slim features, floppy, flat-ironed hair and a suit far too polished for your average man to wear. "Is that a Falia? It looks like a Falia. Darling, don't tell me if it's not. I'd be crushed. I'd rather go on pretending."

"He doesn't seem to mix business with pleasure. Your Salvatore. But, Maybe you won't be so opposed" the silver clutch is popped open and a card discreetly slipped to Sophia to place wherever the woman might store it. "You can pass it on. I have clients everywhere, and many connections. But, enough business for the night, Sophia, who, is who. I'm afraid that i'm still new to here, and the social tidepools need some learning" She offers her arm to the woman, a glance to sonny. 'Since your cousin is floundering in his duties" Tease.

The voice beckons Lysette's attention to inspire an elegant turn until she is face to face with the floppy-haired fashionista man. His comment causes her lips to curl into an infectious smile of genuine amusement, her own gaze slipping down to her gown with a soft laugh, "Well, I would hate to crush the heart of a man with such an impressive eye for fashion. It is, though I must confess it is from a few seasons prior." Her attentions glide over him for a moment of silent observation before continuing warmly, "I thank you for the compliment though, it is not often I receive commentary on the designs of my gowns. Are you in the industry, a designer yourself perhaps?"

Dantes has arrived.

"Oh bambina, I couldn't tell you half of who these doddering old fools are," Sophia sets a hand on Minea's arm. "That," she lifts a slender finger and points off. "Is the police commissioner. That is the assistant DA. Stay away from him unless you want your ass pinched." She wrinkles her nose. "Those people are just lovely. Hi darling," she blows a kiss to an older black couple. "Fabulous patrons of the arts. Most generous souls you'll ever meet, oh my god." She touches a hand to her chest and flutters her eyelids with what appears to be genuine appreciation. "And over there…you see that incredibly tall gentleman with the beautiful blonde hair? That's Chef Svend. Introduce yourself to -him-."

Sonny, for his part, just rolls his eyes and drinks the wine. Somehow Sophia spots it because he gets a slap on the shoulder. That causes the doctor to crack up. "-What-?"

"Me? Oh, no no no. I'm in the biz,though." he makes air quote. "Fashion Editor for Pause magazine. Mmmm hmm. That may be a few seasons old, but I like Falia's work -so- much better back before she started getting…" he looks around, then leans in to whisper, loudly, "…derivative! She's just copying D'angelo this season."

"His cooking is to die for?" Minea inquires of sophia, glancing to Sonny as well when his cousin does. "Who do you think I should meet then. Dr. Bianco hmm? Who would you introduce me to that Sophia would not" Polite and deep nods are given to those who move past the small group, and grins.

And then there's Dantes. He's wearing one of his beautifully tailored suits in a deep charcoal gray, holding a flute of champagne he's apparently prepared to nurse to the bitter end, and looking impeccably coiffed and a bit lost. He can't talk to the people he knows, even though there are enough law enforcement officers of varying stripes mingling in the herd.

"As do I, though for the fluid and grace of her designs more than anything else. There are other accomplished designers, but I find myself feeling more comfortable in her styles — especially when there is the potential for dancing," Lysette replies cordially, her smile still lingering upon her lips, "Though, I must say that the cut of your suit is very flattering as well. Of course, you likely already are aware of that. Still… the Fashion Editor for Pause, that is very impressive. You must be incredibly good at your job, it is a well-made magazine, not that I have had the time to read it as of late — but that still does not mean it is any less solid." She pauses before deciding to greet the man more formally in extention of a hand, "Forgive me, I have completely forgotten my manners, I am Lysette Harvard, recently returned to the states from time abroad." Even as she does so, her gaze begins to wander again around the room trying to map her next escape route while sweetly engaging in the token small talk with the floppy-haired editor.

"Yes sweetie, his cooking,'" Sophia's tone is sly and her laughter quite vibrant and bright for someone who is supposed to be cultured and restrained.

"Sophia, you're being terrible. And people can hear you," murmurs Sonny into his glass. "Oh, Sophia knows all the interesting people. I just know surgeons and forensics experts. No one nearly as interesting as men named Svend." He spots Dantes. He'd know a face he created anywhere. He nudges Minea's shoulder gently. "Hey, look who's here." And then before she can say or do anything, he's headed towards Dantes. "Edward. Happy New Year." He offers his hand out. "Glad you could make it."

"Angelo Linz," says the fashion editor. He reaches for her hand and kisses it like an antiquated fey gentleman. "My my, aren't you a polite and gracious thing. Please don't let me hold you up, dear. I know there's -so- many fascinating people here. I'm just happy to have a distraction from the looks of the dirty old men in this room. They're just jealous of my…suit, if you know what I mean." His tone is wry.

Odd, isn't it? It makes Sonny a parent of Dantes's, in a sense. Or a midwife, at least. He smiles at Sonny, relieved. "Glad I could. Thanks for inviting me," he says, in his quiet rasp, inclining his head politely.

"Sophia sophia, now i must do the man thing, and leave you the clutches or maybe steer you to Sven. I spot a gentlemen that I must see. Before your cousin absconds with him to somewhere where i'll never see him again" Air kisses are given to Sophia, before she lessons her hold on the other woman and wends her way toward 'Dantes' in the wake of Sonny. Her path crossing that of Lysette's

"Ma mere would not have it any other way, Mr. Linz, and I truly am charmed by your acquaintance," the words flow from her lips with a genuine sincerity as Lysette is again drawn back to the attentions of the fey gentleman. The mention of the dirty old men inspires her to again shift her attentions in search of the afforementioned jealous ones, clearly a little confused. Not wanting to be rude, yet not wanting to miss her chance for the free escape, she does excuse herself politely, "Perhaps, if you are amenable, we might discuss Falia again over lunch some afternoon. I could most definitely use a few inside tips regarding fashion for the upcoming year and can think of no one better skilled to assist me with it than yourself, that is if you so choose."

"Of course dear. I think I'll go corner Svend and ask him for a sample of his petit fours," Sophia winks at Lysette, gives her cousin an indignant look (though at the back of his head) and then moves through the crowd on the way to the chef.

"Of course. I have to say I'm in a bit surprised to see you, but glad as well." And then Sonny leans in towards Dantes, "Minea's here."

Oh honey, my schedule is jam packed, but I might be able to fit you in. Tuesdays are my best days right now. But we'll be in touch," Angelo waggle shis fingers at Lysette, then is promptly side-tracked by a gaggle of socialites just waiting to descend upon the fashionista for advice on the upcoming season.
Then, before conversation can get much further, there's a man at the mic. He's tweedy and wearing glasses, but has a surprisingly commanding voice. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Mayor's New Years Eve Ball." Applause. "We're going to kick off our countdown with a snowball dance. Mr and Mrs Bianco will start," a spotlight clicks on as a slim, yet commanding Italian man and his pleasantly rotund, yet put-together wife. "When I call snowball, the partners will break off until everyone is dancing."

Dancing, not Minea's favourite thing, but she stops near Lysette when the MC takes the mic. The dark haired, not really an art consultant, leans in to Lysette. "Minea Dahl. Enjoying yourself?" Since Dantes and Sonny seem to be chatting. Minea offers her hand to Lysette to shake. "Beautiful gown"

"It is a beautiful gathering, though I had forgotten how overwhelming it can be to navigate so many new faces at once," the young woman replies softly as her gaze drifts to light upon the darker haired woman curiously. The introduction actually warrants a shift in position so that she is angled a little more towards her newest companion to accept the hand and add warmly in return, "Lysette Harvard, and I thank you. I absolutely love yours as well." She pauses for a moment as the MC announces the dance rules before leaning inward a bit to question Minea with a perplexed lift of her brow, "Snowball dance?"

It doesn't take very long at all before a good third of the room is dancing. Somewhere in the first wave, Dantes got snagged. So Minea's going to have to wait to chew him out.

"Oh hello Lysette!" says Sonny as he spots the dancer. "How long have you been here?" He steps towards her to do the cheek-kiss. "I see you've met Minea."

"I have not the faintest clue, sounds like the Mayor and his wife dnace, and then when the MC announces snowball, that they break off and find new partners. Like a snowball going downhill, picking up more snow till it's the size of a house. Eventually, everyone is dancing with someone who wasn't dancing before" Yes, chewing out Dantes will have to wait, for now though, Minea smiles when Sonny makes his way here. "I see you know each other so I don't need to make introductions"

The sound of her name draws her attentions once more, making her a prime candidate for ADD this evening. Lysette is drawn by the approach of Sonny her face lighting with warmth as she leans on in to give and receive the token cheek-kiss, "Not as long as I would have liked. I had to run a few errands for Will that took longer than I had hoped." Looking back to the woman at her side, she replies with a warmer tone, "Actually, Ms. Dahl and I only just met. We were admiring each other's fashions and commenting on the party. Your mother has really outdone herself." She turns to regard Minea in reply to her early comment, "Dr. Bianco and I have met before… though time sadly rarely seems to be on our side for such occasions."

The tweedy man with the big voice bellows, "SNOWBALL!" from the stage. And suddenly the dance crowd has doubled in size. Lysette gets approached by an older gentleman with a kind face. Minea is approached by none other than Chef Svend. Fortunately, there's no time for talking. Only a little bit of dancing happens before the magic word is called again. Sonny's snagged by a socialite. Looks like they'll all have to regroup afterwards.

'Sven, i presume?" When Minea's grabbed in the snowball. Her pleated dess fluttering, the various length waving here and there as the chef moves her away from lysette and sonny. "Sophia has been lauding your charms and your cooking. She was going to introduce me later but it seems that you've taken it upon yourself to do teh introductions. Minea" Her arms held as appropriate for the dance and her feet quick. She doesn't care for it, but it doesn't mean that the woman doesn't know how to do it.

Dantes is…..not a bad dancer, honestly. Not enthused, a bit tentative, but he's had training somewhere, clearly. He makes polite smalltalk, but his attention is clearly elsewhere.

Greeting the older gentleman in proper fashion, Lysette dips her head in a graceful bow of acceptance before taking his hand and gliding out onto the floor to accompany him in the dance. Her feet are remarkably light, making the dance look amazingly easy. She engages in mild conversation with the man, allowing him to completely hold the lead, while sweeping and twirling with a colorful swirl of red. She casts an amused glance in the direction of Sonny as he is snagged by one of the token socialites entertaining a soft laugh before again listening to her partner discuss his latest investment.

The band belts out a lively big band hit. For a moment, a portion of the floor is cleared as Sonny, the socialite and a handful of others (including an older couple) all break out into Lindy Hop. The doc's not too bad, though clearly a bit rusty. Those who don't know it either groove along or clap. The man holds off yelling snowball until everyone's had a good dance.

Chef Svend. "Well it seems you already know me. Have you enjoyed the food?" His accent is fairly thick.
And then it's, "SNOWBALL!" Lysette's hand is grabbed. It's Sonny. "Well. You did say you wanted to dance."

'For the most part. It's been delightful, ingenuitive. I can say that the originality has been by far, very breathtaking" Oh, lindy time. She doesn't separate from the chef to find another dance partner. She eyes Dantes though, before her attention returns to the chef. 'Though, I believe that Sophia Bianco was referring to… a different kind of cooking"

Once upon a time in the distant days of Catholic high school, Dantes had a hipster girlfriend. So he's actually pretty good at the Lindy, though he doesn't try to get his partner to do any more of the intricate moves. His expression is still only politely interested at best, though. Watching it all at one remove.

The infectious smile upon Lysette's lips spreads as the dance breaks into the Lindy, her feet falling into the motions. Yet the dance shifts again and before she knows it, she's being yanked in another direction. The protest is quickly abated though when she realizes it is Sonny, his words inspiring a sly arch of her brow, "That I did, though I don't think this entirely counts. You still owe me a night of dancing, after all." Her gaze travels towards her former partner as he seems to have settled for Mrs. Brenner before again allowing her attentions to settle back upon Sonny, "You have been well, I hope… no more angry husbands of your fair patients to attend to or anything?"

Unless Lysette shows she doesn't know it, Sonny leads her in Lindy. By now everyone's dancing, so the calls of snowball aren't needed quite as often. "Not lately, no," He chuckles. "So," he drops into a lindy circle, then spins her out. "…are you enjoying the party?"

Svend looks quite…embarrassed at Minea's words. "Ah. Well, Miss Sophia is a very…tasteful woman." And then,


"She is, isn't she? pardon me, snowball time" And with that, she's turned, away from Sven and into, surprise surprise. Dantes. "Edward" Amusement and warmth in her voice, the jeweled halter collar twinkling in the lights of the ballroom as the former fed becomes her new dance partner and svens left to fend off random socialite number 2

"Minea," says Edward, with his usual courtly courtesy. "Happy new year to you. And you look lovely,"

"I am, actually, maybe more so now…" Lysette teases as she spins on out and back in the dance, "… I was going to call but thought you might be a bit booked with all of the end of the year surgeries and the like. Nothing quite says I love you like Christmas and face lifts, or was that New Years and nose jobs? I really do forget." She muses warmly, "Actually, you are not such a bad dancer after all. And here you had me thinking I was going to need to invest in steel-toed shoes." Her blue depths slide over to glance upon the others, offering Minea a smile and bow of her head, her brow lifting curiously at Dantes before again returning her attention back to her own partner, "Have any special resolutions for the New Year?"

"Well, this…" says Sonny with a skip-step, "…is the only one I really know. I got into the swing revival in college." And then the song ends. Most people head back to their seats, but it very effectively got the ball rolling with dancing in general. "Well, I don't know about you, but I need a drink," He flashes Lysette a grin. Then he spots Minea and Edward and heads towards them.

"And you clean up well. You never told me you were going out. Much less here. I would have brought you with me as my date" Her hand settles easily into Dante's, moving, letting him lead, the soft chiffon weaving around the floor with them. "I won't be home tonight, I have other plans, so you'll have the place to yourself, if you don't return at least leave a message on my phone? I can't expect you to stay cooped up, but at least let me be able to say where you are to your keeper?" Her lips are close to Dante's ear, so that no other can hear and the image it presents to everyone else is something intimate, to those not in the know.

"Thank you. And I should have thought to. I'm sorry. And of course. We all fear the wrath of Christian," Dantes murmurs in return, inclining his head, even as he half turns towards Sonny.

"I don't fear the wrath of christian. He's a pushover" Minea spots the pair as well, and turns with Dantes, her hand on his arm as is polite and the norm. "Lysette, please, let me introduce a friend of mine. Edward Dantes. Edward, this is Lysette and you already know Sonny"

Cheeks flushed with a splash of color as the dance ends, Lysette nods, "A drink would be wonderful." She starts to follow after him, her smile softening as she catches sight of the rather intimate coupling of Minea and her partner. She greets the other woman warmly with a bow of her head again, before turning to regard her companion and extending a delicate hand, "It's a pleasure, Mr. Dantes." Her head tilts a little to the side as the name rolls off her tongue, brow arching for a faint moment in curiosity before her features smooth once more, "It really is a perfect night, don't you think… the music, the decor, and well the company goes without saying I would think." She winks towards Minea, before inquiring of Edward once more, "Mr. Dantes, your name seems so familiar… do you mind if I ask what it is you do?"

"Happy New Year, Edward. Yes, this is Lysette. A lovely young woman who can mop the floor with me when it comes to dance," Sonny chuckles. "Which is not at all surprising given her career." The Mayor's son is something of a VIP, so it doesn't take long for a tray of drinks and canapes to appear at their little group. Midnight's not far away, so it's now champagne. "Well, shall we grab a seat and some favors and prepare to make a large racket?"

"Dantes. I couldn't say," Ed says, gently, taking her hand and bowing over it, a little, rather than merely shaking it. "Perhaps you're thinking of Dante Aligheri, the poet? And I'm a cop. Transferring in from San Francisco," He nods to Sonny. "Certainly," Minea gets one of those sphinxish smile. "To you, perhaps."

"I met him a few weeks ago. He helped me with the tire on my car. We've gottne to know each other a bit more in that time. I was srprised to see him here, but it is kismet I suppose. That and I do enjoy his name as well" Minea gestures to a table that is empty and nearby, lifting her skirts enough that she can start heading there, steering Dantes that way and with hope, Sonny and Lysette.

"Perhaps, though you hardly seem the sort to write of Purgatory and the like," Lysette adds with a grin, momentarily distracted by Sonny's offering of comfort, "Sounds wonderful to me, though I probably should step outside and make a quick call to my brother to let him know I'm safe and sound. He's positively impossible sometimes, especially when it comes to checking in. One little incident at a shelter a few weeks ago and there goes freedom…" Looking amid the trio of companions, she apologizes gently, "I will be really quick, I promise. Will's probably on duty anyways, but at least I can leave a message. Please excuse me for a moment."

Sonny blinks a bit at the excuse Minea gives, but who is he to blow her cover story? Dantes also gets a look for identifying himself as a cop. Wasn't he going to try and work on another cover. "Of course, Lysette. hurry back though, or you'll miss the countdown." The doc grins. Then, by way of explanation to the other two, "Her brother's in SCOUT."

"Who's your brother?" wonders Dantes, curiously, grin a little crooked. "No, I'm hardly a poet myself, though I like it well enough." He slants Minea an amused look. "Kismet. There's a way to put it." Sonny's explanation has his eyes widening. "Well. Perhaps I'll meet him, then."

"SCOUT? Well, then we're all the safer for it. Go, your excused but if your not back by the stroke of midnight we'll assume you've turned into a pumpkin on us hmm?" Minea turns her attention to sonny and Dantes. "Maybe you will"

"I'd rather not become a gourd, orange is most definitely /not/ my color," Lysette adds with a laugh before excusing herself and slipping away to make her call — vanishing from sight for the time being.

Once Lysette is out of earshot and he's fairly certain no one is eavesdropping, Sonny leans in and murmurs, "…a tire on your car, Minea?" And then a grin. "How're you holding up there, Ed?" He takes a mouthful of champagne. The doc's looking a little in his cups.

"A little tired, I didn't sleep well last night," says Dantes, an absolute picture of innocence. "But good. You?" He's still nursing his own flute of champagne.

Minea smiles. "A daring and dashing officer, coming to the aide of a art consultant. It's believable Sonny. The key to a good lie, is to keep it simple" she whisper back. "Does Minea Dahl, art consultant look like she could change a car tire?" She glances over to Dantes, taking in the man's appearance. "I should have stayed at the loft. Do you need me to stay tonight? I can alter my plans. Or do you need Sonny to prescribe something to help you sleep?"

"That's not what I meant and you know it," drawls Sonny towards Dantes. He knocks back the champagne and grabs another in preparation for midnight. "Though I suppose," he says with a heavy sigh. "…this isn't the best place to discuss it. I have to see you about a little procedure though, don't I?" He squints a bit at Dantes and weaves ever so slightly. "But we'll talk about that later." A knowing glance is shot to Minea. Hush hush and all that.

Dantes's lip curls ,and he has grace enough to drop his gaze. "Yes," he affirms, unhappily. "I may need more work done. More….restructuring,as it were. And well, we definitely need to do the reconstructive project." He shakes his head at Minea. 'No, it's fine, really."

maintained brows rise at the exchanged words, but hush hush indeed. The woman jsut takes a sip from the champagne that's found it's way to her table, a glance between the pair. 'You got the files I hope, and have been able to study them?" Now isn't that bad a spot, most people are occupied in their little groups and the noise covers the low voices.

Lysette eventually weaves on back over towards her former companions a little apologetically, "One crisis averted, even if it was only on voicemail. I swear my New Years' resolution is to find him a woman to worry over, speaking of which, none of you happen to know of any single, law-abiding women I might be able to throw in his direction do you?" She slowly makes her way back on over towards Sonny's side, reaching for a glass of champagne from one of the attending servers, before inquiring curiously, "So, did I miss anything else while out?"

"I did. Still not entirely confident that I can remove it. But I'll need an exam and new x-rays to be certain," though given Sonny's current ability to volume control, this might be a conversation better had at a later date. The distraction of the MC announcing one minute to midnight should do it. When Lysette returns, he does zip his lip. "Well, I know many. But it all depends if he can stand one who is painfully superficial or not," he chuckles. "Well, we'd better get ready for the countdown." Most people in the hall are on their feet with a fresh flute of champagne and a noisemaker.

"I think, with the right help, you might," Dantes says, quietly. "It has to be tried, either way. I, for one, am tired of carrying the damned thing. It hurts." His tone is matter of fact, rather than plaintive.

'If you like, Lysette, I can throw myself upon a sword and offer myself off as a blind date to your brother. I like to think i'm not too superficial and that i'm quite law abiding" But then the count down is starting and the four all turn as the MC starts yelling out, the crowd joining in, and a small disco ball is raised from the center of the room up to the roof whereupon the stroke of midnight, confetti erupts from poppers held by servers, strategically placed about the room. "Happy new years" Minea offers, glass up to clink with the others. For once, it seems, it's going to be a quiet night in this ballroom.

December 31st: You Shook Me All Night Long
January 1st: Still a Lump of Coal
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