The Bitch And The Jackass


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Scene Title The Bitch And The Jackass
Synopsis Yeah, nothing much gets done in the Samson Gray case.
Date June 30, 2010

NYPD Headquarters

"Welcome the KXRT Request lunch hours, what's your name?"


"And what's your request today Nilette?"

"Maneater by by hall and oats"

"Owwwww, interesting choice there Nilene. Who you dedicating it to?"

"To my girlfriends, we're going out tonight. It's warning to all the guys out there"

"Well, they are dually warned Nilene, enjoy your lunch. You heard it guys, if you're out at the bars, careful of Nilene and her friends"

Drums and guitar start to play a saxophone jumping in. "She`ll only come out at night, the lean and hungry type / Nothing is new I`ve seen her here before?Watching and waiting / Ooh, she`s sitting with you but her eyes are on the door / So many have paid to see what you think you`re getting for free / The woman is wild, a she-cat tamed by the purr of a jaguar / Money`s the matter, if you`re in it for love, you ain`t gonna get too far"

Somewhere, some detective has a radio on at his desk turned up just a little too loud that it can be heard over the din of the late minutes of noon.

"Hey, Nash. Use those deductive skills of yours to find out where them girls are gonna be tonight!" There's a brief riotous laugh that erupts in the squadroom. Nash balls up a piece of paper and chucks it at the amateur comic. "If they'd really wanted guys to know, they'd have said something. I think they're mostly just full of shit." Nash goes back to looking at some data on his most recent case. The one snatched away from him by the Eff-Bee-Fuckin-Eye. This whole red tape shit is starting to get on his nerves.

He scrolls through the images one by one. There's one section that really bothers him and that's DNA from some classified source. They'll never be able to touch it. He leans back in his chair, and it swivels him around slowly. He glances at the clock and wonders where his partner has run off to.

His partner hightailed it likely when they saw who was standing there when Nash swivels around. Thank you detective buddies for not informing him of the sour faced dark haired Homesec agent with a file in hand, weight shifted to the left side, right hand on hip and watching Nash. She'd be pretty, prettier, if she lost the stick up her ass that makes her look like she does, all scowly and disgruntled.

"Why they couldn't have just given it to Cooper, but no, they give it to someone else. At least Cooper has a brain, do you have a brain detective Nash? I'd sure hope you have one."

There's no immediate response from the detective being addressed, though Nash does slowly spin his chair around until he faces her. That boyish grin on his face most assuredly means that some crack is about to escape from between his lips. "I dunno, Agent. Are you missing one?" His hands move up and fold themselves behind his head as he seems to eye her nonchalantly. "Don't tell me you're here to beg me to save you from utter failure at handling this case, because I honestly never was much of a Boy Scout. The den mothers kept kicking me out for making passes."

Audrey leans down, hands settling on either side of the chair and bringing her face to within a handful of inches of his.

'I know a few who are. Bit cocky are we?" The chair is pushed back, let it bump against the desk as she straightens. Simple plain suit, navy in color and thin black heels. "Detective Nash. I'm Agent Hanson. I'm the Homeland Agent in charge of the case. Tell me what you have for me Detective" A chair is snagged from an adjacent desk, the owner likely to come back and stare as she settles down to sit in it and regard the detective across from her as the strains of the song still play. "And have them turn the music down please"

When she comes face to face with him, his eyes do not waver from hers one bit. In fact, he would not be ashamed to admit there's an arousing quality about a woman who thinks she's in charge. "Agent Handsome," he just can't help himself sometimes, "It's all fairly self explanatory, but I'll indulge you just this one time. Hopefully it'll be good for you."

Her anti-music request is dismissed as Tommy Tutone comes on to sing a song about a girl named Jenny. He runs through the case evidence on file, sliding image after image across his computer screen, finishing up with the remark about a piece of classified evidence that he can't seem to touch. Of course, he can't help but slip in a crack or two at her expense as he does so. "Now that I've done all the hard work for you, when do you want to take all the credit?"

Audrey isn't one to take credit where credit is due. Nor away from others. She'd seen the scene after the soot had been discovered, but a day late, and most of this she had gone over already, some she hadn't because it hadn't reached her yet and this was why she was down here. "I'm Homeland Security Detective Nash, not department of defense."

The actual paper files in her hand are passed over. "The individual responsible for the scene is a known serial killer. Name of Samson Gray. The use of evolved abilities and a multitude of them gives credence to evidence that was found beneath the pavilion. Residue that this individual leaves behind. His range of abilities, which he recieves by removing the brains of the deceased individuals who are positive for SLC, includes those seen here. The lack of any cranial trauma either means that whomever he was coming for, he took off and likely we'll find their body elsewhere or he damaged their bodies beyond viability to extract the ability"

That name is scribbled down on a pad, "I know where you're from, Agent." He knows well enough. He also is familiar with the name of Samson Gray. "So, Homeland Security, what's your big plan to deal with your little serial killer?" Swiveling around in his chair to face her again. "They've sent you down here because you're the one who's got the handle on this, right?" He reaches over and taps the screen of his monitor where the word "CLASSIFED" is displayed in big red letters, "And what exactly is it that you're not telling me?"

"Don't think you heart me. I'm homesec, that" She taps the screen. "That is department of defense or higher, I can't tell you what that is because I don't know what that is, who that is or why, so badgering me about it, isn't going to get you the answer" Audrey points out. I came down here to find out if you had found out something more, in person, instead of just a voiceless phonecall. I need results, you need results and the NYPD needs to track this man down"

Really. He can't tell if she's pulling his chain or just being a bitch. He figures the latter, since she doesn't look like the type to play jokes. "Seriously? The NYPD needs to find this man? I thought you were here because Homeland Security needed to find this man. Look, Agent Handsome, I can't pull this asshole out of my fourth point of contact. We've got little evidence, and zero witnesses. And someone somewhere is hiding information that could assist us in capturing this jerkoff." He leans back in his chair and smirks, "The way I figure is that someone higher than you knows this case is unsolvable and doesn't like you, though I can't figure out how that could possibly be since you're all charm and grace, but unless you have more than /this/ to go on," he lifts both of his shoulders in a soft shrug, "We're both fucked."

"You don't know me then Detective Nash" Brushing off the constant adultering of her last name. "You're on this case Detective Nash. I'll see what I can do on my end. Sometimes, it just takes a little thinking and getting outside the box. I'll be in touch" smoothing palms over skirt, easing up from the chair, there's one last glance at him as she starts away. "You're no cooper Detective Nash"

Thank God for that, is all that Nash can think at the moment. Detective Donut-breath. "I'll so be looking forward to hearing from you Agent." Nash spins back around in his chair, shaking his head. Bitch.

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