The Blobbiest Blob


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Scene Title The Blobbiest Blob
Synopsis After the grand opening of the lighthouse sanctuary, Brian and Kammy chat about a variety of topics.
Date February 21, 2009

The Lighthouse

While last night was…. more or less successful, there were a number of bumpy patches that Kameron certainly hadn't expected. Those people donating 800,000 to the 'cause', would be one. Her opening her big fat mouth to the reporters to support Brian, would be another. And let's not forget the whole, being pulled into the public light thing. Ah, and the other important thing. Her forgetting to check in with her parents and let them know certain things.
Like, oh, that she was off gallavantin around in Florida with Lori, who apparently had quite the reputation. And not in a good way.
Or that she was involving herself with 'Evolved' causes, something her parents didn't really approve of.
And let's not even go into the /hour long dramafit/ her mother pitched at her about how inappropriate it was for a young girl to be staying in a place with a stranger, looking after abandoned children - which was admirable, but she was BLIND and didn't know the first thing and blah blah blah-
Needless to say it took Kameron hours to finally get off the phone and reassure her parents that she knew what she was doing (she didn't). Sometimes overprotective parents could be such a pain. But at the moment, Kameron is trying to relax, sitting in the doorway of the Lighthouse like a humansized door-stop, Prince flopped across her lap, and a book - Braille, naturally - resting against the dog's side. Hope Brian is already inside, or it might take a moment for the doorwa to get clear.

Brian is inside. And while one of his copies is upstairs playing with the boys, one finally emerges from his room. Dressed in sweats, the young man goes to stretch out his arms behind him as he staggers into the kitchen. Bringing up his fist to his hand he stifles the yawn that exhales through his mouth. Sleepy eyes search the groundfloor of the Lighthouse.

Food still everywhere, they didn't do a very good job of cleaning up. He supposes they'll have to do that today. He gives a low groan. Though for a moment something pops into his head. They could hire a maid. They could hire a whole army of maids. Brian feels confident with rounding up to a million dollars, it's close enough, after all.

His gray eyes fall on Kameron as he pads over to her. "Morning." Or afternoon, whatever it was. "Think we could buy a private jet?" He asks as he goes to flop down next to her, his head immediately going to plop onto her shoulder.

Kameron would probably argue that an -army- of maids were an unnecessary extravagance. One, maybe two just for the size and number of people that might be present, but an army? Don't let the money go to your head, Brian! Still early afternoon, they were probably up late chatting and things. Prince gives a small yawn, but is unwilling to move from his comfy spot to greet Brian beyond a sleepy wag of tail.
"Hi," Kameron smiles, attention shifting towards Brian when he drops down next to her. "Sleep well?" Moving her free hand to idly scritch behind Prince's ears, there's a twitch of an eyebrow at mention of private jets. "…w…" .. try again. "Why would you want to buy a private jet..?"

A lazy smile slides up his lips. "So we could go to Miami to go clubbing at nights. I thought maybe you would like that." He teases, raising one hand to place on Prince, though he doesn't move it around. Just a groggy greeting to the pup. "I'm sorry I dragged you into the picture." He confesses, "I just— I wasn't thinking. And I—" A breath is taken. "I'm sorry."

Kameron makes a face at the teasing, "Not funny." She huffs, with a wry grin. "I never want to set foot in another jet or club again." Looks like all of them are a little tired today, after the fiasco last night. Unsurprising. She shakes her head at the apology, "Ah, it-it's fine, really. Besides, I had already pretty much opened my mouth when they were interviewing as it was. I should be the one apologizing to you." she's silent a moment, "Any news about Cally..?"

"Apologize to me? For what?" Brian asks with incredulity in his voice. His arm slips around her back as he leans against her, taking a breath he shakes his head a little bit. "Not yet. But.. I was thinking, maybe I could ask our new benefactors? Linderman. Zarek. I mean they have to be pretty connected. If anyone could find anybody.." He gives a little shrug. "I'll set up a meeting with him." He murmurs.

"Well, for interrupting your interview," Kameron replies, puzzled. Turning her head slightly at the leaning Brian, she frowns slightly, "Are you sure that's a good idea?" Granted he was probably right, they probably did have more connections to finding people than anyone else. She shakes her head, "I should have asked her to come tot he Lighthouse sooner. But she seems pretty capable- I'm sure she's all right. I mean, she's been on her own for a pretty long time as is, right? So.."

"Interrupting my interview? I was practically begging you to jump in and help me. I was so nervous. I didn't know what to do." He admits, "I mean. They can at least be trusted a little.. Can't they? They're protecting me—us. And funding us. They must like what we're doing." Brian says, looking over to her to see if she agrees with that. "We'll find her Kammy. I promise."

Kameron chuckles faintly, "O-oh. Then I'm not sorry. I mean, I can't pick up on visual cues, but when you were practically clinging to my hand like that, it just seemed like you were a bit out of your depth when she was asking all those questions. I mean, if I'm going to be helping out here it only made sense to help out there too." She just hadn't expected to be pulled into the picture too. "Oh, no yeah, I'm sure they can be trusted to keep their word and everything. It's just…it just seems a little strange. I don't know." She shakes her head.
Maybe she'd been mistaken about them not taking pictures of the people attending, and instead taking pictures of the interior. It wasn't like she could see the exact angle they were taking, but.. "Aa, I'm overthinking." she shrugs lightly, "It's fine, and if they can help us find Cally, then.." She closes the book. "That and the safety for the people staying here is more important."

"I don't know how'd I do this without you." Brian murmurs softly, "I'm sorry I was clinging." He says, with a little grin. He goes to pick up his head off of her shoulder, though he remains close to her. He gives a little shrug. "I mean.. It is strange, there are a lot of—" He gives another shrug. "I don't know. Basically, if HomeSec finds me, I'm screwed. I guess I'm a wanted in that sense. And.. if Linderman can keep me from getting nabbed by Homeland Security." He gives a shrug. "I don't know, I'm just afraid we're going to have to owe favors later, you know? That's what those mob guys do." Waving his hand he does his best scratchy voice mafioso impression. "I'mma do you a favor."

"You'd be fine." Kameron insists, grinning. The grin turns into a soft giggle at the apology, shaking her head, "It's okay, you were nervous. It's understandable - that was the first time you've ever been interviewed, right?" A pause, "I guess it helps not to think about it. I guess that's why I just jumped in when I did." She frowns uneasily, "If these Linderman people can protect you and everyone staying in the Lighthouse from people like -" she catches herself, amending a minute later, "The ones who are against people who are a little different, then one or two favors shouldn't be a bad thing, right? I mean, maybe they're just going to ask you to look after someone? That's what the Lighthouse is all about, after all. Sanctuary." The expression that crosses her face at the imitation is priceless, allowing Kameron to sputter a soft laugh. "That's just awful."

"I think it was good." He argues with a grin. "Well I mean.. usually I'm a good public speaker I just.." He waves his hand with some vague expression. "I don't know got nervous. Locked up." He takes a moment. "Some of the people who showed up last night." He tilts his head, "I donno, some looked like they might not have a place to stay. There was this one girl.." He frowns slightly. "How do you think we should handle older people who want to stay here? Not like old old, but I mean like, teenagers. Should we like have interviews or whatever?"

"Well… a sanctuary is a sanctuary right? If they have nowhere else to go, then they can come here. It shouldn't matter how old they are." Kameron sets her book aside to draw one leg up to her chest and lean on it, thoughtful. "Although, a few ground rules should probably be set in place, I think. Like, no drugs and alcohol, smoking outside - and if they're old enough to, they can probably pitch in with the cooking and cleaning." That way they won't -have- to hire maids. "That sort of thing. It's give and take."

"You make the rules." Brian says quickly. He is the boss, right? "You make a list of rules and what not. And what will happen if you break the rules." The young man suggests. "I donno like a three strike rule or whatever. You come up with it." That way she's the srtict one. Haaah. "My only rule is no one goes into the basement. Except for you and me." He notes, the door to the basement is always well locked, Brian takes a lot of care to make sure it stays locked up.

"Me?" Kameron lifts an eyebrow in surprise. Hmph. Why does she have to be the strict one? "All right," He IS the boss, and admittedly, she is amused at how quickly he came to insist she make the rules. "A three-strike rule will probably be the fairest. I'm hoping that we won't have to get to strike three. I think at that point, … it would be a 'three strikes and you're out' situation. Unless there was a very very good reason the rules were broken a third time.
No one goes into the basement except him or her? "Right," she deadpans. "There are goblins down in the basement." Scary things, those. Anytime a child misbehaves they can threaten to throw them to the goblins. Only not, because that would be cruel. "I'll give it some thought, though. The rules I mean."

"Kay." Brian murmurs. Really, he'll probably being the only one going down into the basement. That's where he'll keep his arsenal, and where he'll hide Phoenix operatives should it come down to it. His hand idly goes to fish and find her hand then goes to hold it warmly if she'll allow him. "Did you give any thought to that question I asked you a while ago?"

It's the usual gesture from Brian, so she doesn't pull her hand away when he reaches to hold it. There is a slight twitch at the reminder of that question, as she falls silent briefly to consider her wording. Very carefully. "About what I would want to see if I could see for an hour?" This being the most recent question she recalled him asking that she'd never given him an answer for. But she doesn't give the answer just yet, waiting instead to see if her guess was correct. Since he may not like the answer.

"Yeah." He answers simply enough, his other hand going to scritch at Prince idly. He wets his lips as he slightly nervously goes to glance at her from his peripherals. Other than that, Brian simply waits for the answer.

Sleepy Prince is Sleepy, his head resting on Kameron's leg, eyes half closed in a state of bliss that can only be received when he is being scritched. Totally oblivious to any human drama, in his own little doggy world. Kameron doesn't look back at Brian when she does answer though - assumed anyway, given she turns her head away slightly. "Nothing." she shakes her head with a faint smile, "I thought about it, I did. For a long while, and.. there's a lot of things I would like to see that I took for granted. Simple things, you know? But being able to see for an hour, and .." then going back to the way she normally sees?
She shakes her head. "I would rather not see anything. It would be too cruel." She swallows briefly, "I appreciate you asking, and everything you've been tryin to do for me, but I ..I wish you wouldn't. I don't want you to be disappointed. And I already let you down once." In a ..strange kind of way. But she is quick to smile, "Besides, sight is overrated."

"Nothing?" Brian asks in return tilting his head. That was definitely not what he was thinking he would hear. And despite what she had thought, he did have a plan. Another person he was assigned to find. He was supposed to find a lot of people lately. "There's a guy I know." He starts, glancing over at her. "He negates people's abilities. Makes it like they don't have them. I thought maybe when I find him," if he finds him. "I could bring him by here. But if that's not what you want, I will keep him from coming around here." He says with a nod, giving her hand a little squeeze. "I'm sorry."

A person who -negates- powers? … so that's why he asked with such a specific time range. "No no, I'm the one who's sorry. I mean you're doing all of these things for me, and I.. haven't really been worthy of that kindness lately." Especially being stubborn. What kind of friend was she anyway? She smiles, reaching to pull her hand away from his, if only to wrap her arm around his shoulders for a brief hug. "You're too kind, Brian, really you are." She chuckles softly, "But don't go to that extent for my account." She leans away again, tapping her finger against her shades. "I keep my eyes closed most of the time, so even if you did bring this man by, I wouldn't notice. And if you do, just.. give me a little warning ahead of time, so I can keep my eyes closed." she adds, with a teasing lilt to her voice. She'd probably avoid the man just to keep from the temptation of sight.

"Kammy." Brian says in a chiding tone, "You've done so much. I mean even if you hadn't done so much for me, and continue to do so much for me, you would still be 'worthy'." Arching a brow he gives a shake of his head. "You're my friend, and I love you. It's not about worthiness, Kameron. You're very special to me, and I want to do special things for you." He leans in slightly when she brings him in for a hug. "I just.. Didn't understand. I'm sorry. I understand now, and I won't make the mistake again." He promises, going to place his hands in his lap.

Kameron dimples slightly at the chiding tone. Hee. She's not entirely certain of her worthiness especially after the Lori_Incident, but she won't argue, leaving the point to Brian again. So far the Score is 2-0. Or something. "I don't blame you for not understanding," she admits, sheepishly, "I'm not exactly very..forthcoming. And I'm not so good with the words and the talking - sometimes. So it's usually easier to just stay quiet and watch." A beat passes. "Only.. Not watch but.. augh, nevermind," she gives up, laughing. "Don't worry about it, okay? Besides, an imagination is just as good as seeing the real thing." And she's kind of glad she can't see the destruction from the neighborhoods still recovering.

"Fine." He gives a grin, "I just wanted you to see how pretty I am." He leans back on his hands as he tilts his head back taking another yawn. "So.. what do you want to do today? Take a walk or something?" He asks, bringing up one hand to scratch at the stubble on his chin a little bit.

Kameron laughs, "It's so good you don't have an ego, Brian, really." She teases. "Well, I could say that out of all the multicolored human-shaped blobs I've seen, yours is the blobbiest, but I don't think that would help." She stretches a bit, still chuckling. "I thought I'd take Prince for a walk, actually. Maybe ask around and see if anyone's seen Cally -" though describing her was going to be classic. "Prince, Up."
The collie gives a small groan as he surges to his feet, shaking himself, and Kameron rubs feeling back into the leg he was sprawled on. "I can't lounge around here all day." Waiting for word.

"I'll go with you." After all Staten isn't the safest place for a very attractive blind girl to go walking around, "Blobbiest? Really? Thank you. What does that mean? That I'm the blobbiest? I'm heat-y or something?" He asks, going to get to his knees. Brian slowly climbs to his feet, going to try to find her hand to offer her help up as well.

"You don't have to," Kameron offers. After all, she has a fierce guard puppy. But since Brian will likely insist, she moves on to the next order of business, which is stifling a laugh at the question of blobbiness. "I'm not sure, exactly. I mean everyone pretty much looks like weird blobs to me - when they don't look like skeletons anyway. Which is very creepy, by the way." Getting to her feet with Brian's assist, she whistles a command to her dog, scooping up the leash. "I guess it means you're a very warm person?" Hee. In any case, once both are on their feet, she's ready to go.

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