The Blonde Plague


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Scene Title The Blonde Plague
Synopsis The cutest little plague carrier doesn't know she's spreading potentially fatal germs around the city, and is rewarded with an adrenaline-rush of speed when she runs into a fellow Dream Walker.
Date March 4, 2010

The Streets of New York

It's still cold.. and snowing.. and did I mention cold? That's why Molly is leaving a local café with a hot chocolate and donut. She hates this weather, it's worse when you're sick. The young teen coughs loudly as she exits the café and comes out on the street in front of it.

Dressed in warm clothing, the teen begins to walk towards the bus stop. Sniffling and coughing. She really hates this weather.

Bus stops are for chumps. Daphne is zooming around, a blur of gray and red and white and cream, rustling the overcoats of those she passes, zipping in and out of the pedestrian traffic that seems to get even thicker and denser in times of bad weather. More people walk when their cars don't start or when the snow plows are backed up. At the crosswalk, everything bottlenecks, thanks to one lane of traffic being closed and some dumb book store having a sidewalk sale of all things. There's just now way around, unless she decides to jump in front of a bus.

The blur tries to come to a subtle slow, mingling in with the shoulder-to-shoulder miserable and clad masses… putting her right next to Molly. "Move it, people," Daphne mutters under her breath. Patience is a virtue but not one that Daphne possesses.

Molly recognizes her, the blonde speedster from the dream world. "You." She says and pokes Daphne in the side. "I never thought I'd run into you." The teen says, rubbing her eyes which are red and have dark circles underneath them. "But, hey, it's a small world right?" Molly says to the speedy woman.

The girl looks around the sidewalk and street. "This sucks." She says, she hates when this happens on the sidewalk.

Daphne's brows crinkle in confusion. "Me?" she says, turning to look at the half pint beside her. Molly was smaller, younger in the dream — but then so was she. "Oh, Matilda-Molly, right? I remember you. And then the other you — creepier you. Not that you don't look kind of creepy right now. You look like crap." Daphne was an only child — no brothers or sisters for her, and it wasn't like she had any one ever ask her to babysit as a teen. She's not good with kids. "What are you doing out in this cold weather? And shouldn't you be in school or something?" Wow, she sounds old, like the cranky old men who yell at kids for walking on the grass. "Come on, let's go this way." She nods to an alley that is less occupied.

"Matilda to the public please." Molly says with a light and weak grin. As they move into the alleyway. "Thanks, I feel like crap too. Well shouldn't you be working?" she coughs weakly and puts a hand on her hips, snapping her fingers. "Don't even start with me girlfriend." She says with a mock attitude.

"With all that's happened. I'm being homeschooled.. again.. which means.. no school until next year." Molly sighs and closes her eyes.

"That sucks. Though when I was a kid, I would have loved to have been home schooled. School truly sucked for me," Daphne says with a shake of her head. "Aaaaaand, as far as work goes, I'm my own boss, 'girlfriend.'" She mockingly imitates the girl's tone with a smirk, but the speedster the little clairvoyant's vim and vinegar. "So homeschooling entails coffee and doughnuts? What are you studying, nutrition or maybe economy?"

The younger blonde snickers at Daphne and shakes her head. "Biology!" she takes a piece of the donut and holds it out to Daphne, she'd taken a bite of it before, but it's not the piece that was bitten.. right? "Take some, I shouldn't eat the whole thing anyway."

"Your own boss? What are you? A working girl?" she teases in a innocent voice and a grin up at the woman, look someone is shorter than you Daphne!

"Geezus. How old are you, forty?" Daphne says, shaking her head at the doughnut. You don't know where the child's hands have been! "Where are you headed? I know short cuts. And I promise I won't stick you in a van or something. I don't even drive." She begins heading down the alley, to get away from the throngs of people stupid enough to trudge along like so much cattle.

'Suit yourself." Molly says and shrugs as she pops the doughnut into her mouth. "Uper Wist Side." She says with her mouth full as she follows after Daphne. "You know shortcuts?" Molly tilts her head after she swallows and then she's grinning at Daphne. "I know shortcuts too, it pays to be a kid nowadays." She sagenods.

"Well, I can help you out and make it a real short cut," Daphne says with a grin, holding out a hand to the young girl. "You like roller coasters?" Her eyes sparkle. She loves speeding people around for the first time. Of course, it's usually a last time, too.

"Are you serious?! Hell yeah!" Molly jumps up into the air and then takes Daphne's hand, the hand she was coughing into. With a look of pure excitement and joy she nods her head. "Let's go!"

Daphne takes the sweaty plague-bearing hand. "Careful you don't burn yourself or anything… brace yourself!" she warns, and then she is off, her power extending to the small blonde teen, as they rush through the alleyways, darting now and then between cars and other pedestrians, until they slow to a spot right outside Central Park on the upper West side. Daphne leans back, looking pleased with herself, as she appraises Molly's reactions. Hopefully the sick girl won't vomit up her lunch on Daphne's winter boots.

"Wow.. that was.." Molly pants as she looks at Daphne and then behind them. "So cool!" she jumps up and down. "Let's do it again! Let's do it again!" she says with a grin and laugh. "I so wish I had your ability, it would have been freakin awesome!" she bounces up and down but then the coughing fit comes and then she's holding her head. "Okay.. maybe less jumping up and down."

The speedster grins. Most people don't like it — but leave it to a kid. "Some other time. I think you should probably get inside where it's warm. Speeding around and sucking in cold air at a bazillion miles a minute isn't good for midgets with colds, or so I hear. But I can get you home — what street you live on?" She'll speed the teen to the right street, so the girl will get at least one more hit of speed.

Grabbing the woman's hand Molly says the name of the street that the Petrelli Mansion is and she waits for Daphne to take her home. Too get warm and not be outside in this cold, not smart of her to be outside!

The speedster knows the street, though she doesn't realize which building the girl plans to go to, and suddenly the street is a blur of rushing images as they all but fly along the sidewalks. "There you go," Daphne says, coming to a stop. "Now don't tell anyone you met me in real life, okay? It was good to meet you, 'Matilda,'" Daphne says with a grin.

"You got it Sassy Momma!" Molly says and she waves before rushing towards the warmth of the mansion. She can't wait to be inside, maybe she'll read or something. Or run around the house, to try and be as fast as Daphne!

Well shit. Petrelli Mansion? "Great, now the people in black suits come out, right?" Daphne mutters to herself, giving a shake of her head and speeding away before anyone can come out and ask why she's harassing the itty-bitty Clairvoyant. Fly away home.

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